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DEGHA at pains to comprehend the conduct by Dr Kaseba

General News DEGHA at pains to comprehend the conduct by Dr Kaseba

SADC Executive Secretary Stergomena L. Tax during her visit to First Lady Dr Christine Kaseba at State House on November 10,2014 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA
FILE: SADC Executive Secretary Stergomena L. Tax during her visit to First Lady Dr Christine Kaseba at State House on November 10,2014 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA

THE Democratic Governance and Human Rights Advocates (DEGHA) has spoken out so strongly against former first-lady Christian Kaseba over the manner she has conducted herself concerning accommodation.

DEGHA president Gerald Mutelo said that in fact, Government has spent colossal sums of money on the former first family in ensuring that they lead a comfortable life as permanent accommodation was being sought.

Mr Mutelo said was commenting on the issue of accommodation surrounding the former first-lady where she is said to have been evicted from Eight Reedbuck Lodge.

He said in an interview in Kitwe yesterday that the K2.2 million is a huge amount which could have otherwise been spent on other need areas such as poverty alleviation.

Mr Mutelo said his organization was at pains to comprehend the conduct by Dr Kaseba to have turned down alternative accommodation made available to her by Government in preference to a rented expensive lodge.

“This nation needs resources to go towards poverty alleviation and if Dr Kaseba was considerate enough, she should have accepted alternative accommodation that was offered to her by Government,” Mr Mutelo said.

The DEGHA president cautioned Dr Kaseba against playing politics in the matter involving her accommodation.

“It it is not fair for her to refuse alternative accommodation that could have helped the nation save some resources for other need areas and in fact she has love for this nation, she has to be reasonable enough to help Government address important issues affecting the general citizenry,” he said.

And Evangelical Youth International president Moses Lungu has appealed to former First Lady Christine Kaseba to strengthen the legacy of late President Sata by not politicising her issue of accommodation.

In an interview with the Daily Mail yesterday, Reverend Lungu said: “The former First Lady must not embarrass President Lungu by making him or the Government appear as though they are not caring.”

Rev Lungu said Dr Kaseba must support the programmes her late husband started by rallying behind President Lungu.

The clergyman said President Lungu has taken a sincere position on the matter by letting Secretary to the Cabinet Roland Msiska respond to allegations that she was evicted from a lodge where Government has paid up to June 30.

“Dr Kaseba is still in Government hands. We believe there is a cartel that is holding her hostage. Let her redeem herself and defend the legacy of her late husband,” he said.

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  1. Where was she staying before Sata became president? Omelo Mumba road in Rhodes Park. What happened to that house? And the Sata’s have houses spread around Lusaka. Surely after all these years she plays being a destitute homeless First Lady? At least she has her parents home in Libala to go back to while many Zambians have the streets.

    This all tells you how greedy and foolish she is. She wants us to have sympathy on her? Didn’t she want to run for presidency while mourning her husband so quick just to maintain residence in State House then?

    And some foolish MP in parliament stands on her side against government using her as an instrument of opposition and embarrassment to government?

    Please spare us this stupidity we’ve had enough of her drama.

    • Gvt is meant to provide accommodation, they should have been sensible enough to find something appropriate!

  2. Add to that K1.3 Million that was used to buy a car for 20 year old son. PF and Dr Kaseba have been irresponsible. How long shall the people of Zambia tolerate this? Hoe could Dr.Kaseba’ standards change so dramatically in 3 years that all houses govt found for her were unacceptable?

    • As citizens of a Christian nation Zambians should be in a position to know better than non-Zambians what Jesus Christ said. He said that to those who have more shall be added and to those who do not have even the little that they have shall be taken away…. Citizens are taxed heavily to support the lavish life styles of the few well to do. The cases of former Zambian presidents and widowed First Ladies sums up what Jesus said. Are former presidents and former first ladies treated the same way in developed countries? Or is it the usual fo0lish Zambian selfishness on which even the Zambian constitution is hinged?

  3. Hmmm so pf and kaseba are playing politics using the media gallery . This will soon be fully blown out and lther hidden truth will pop ou

    • There is no need to runt over this. It’s not her fault. It’s the silly politicians who make and approve the laws. Change the constitution so that after tenure of office, no one should feel they are owed anything by govt. If fact it should be made a requirement for those seeking high Office to have a decent house before bidding for presidency.

    • How were these rates arrived at? The government should be ashamed of itself for wastage. How do you spin out of this? These fools they treat tax payer’s money like an offorn. No one cares even if it does not make sense. Where are these so called decision makers from? So all those in cabinet they don’t see anything wrong with this amount. How many people get cuts from this arrangement?

  4. what is a prblem here? Is it the eviction or 2.2b or refusal for a house? Whenever pf errors it creates a fault against the victim.they agreed to pay for her since she left state house until zwd exposed them and now they blame kaseba.on the issue of saving money pf isn’t the right party to talk about it looking at the number of ministers,budget deficit at 50%.the issue at hand is that kaseba was evicted! If she had refused the house they wanted her to stay in,they should have asked her to look for a house herself and agreed on what govt can afford.I know pf could have given her a house from chibolya or misisi and even me can refuse.

  5. I blame PF. They wasted too much money in 5 months which could have saved many lives. Yet the same crooks did not want what what was being pain on prof Chirwa’s accommodation. this Rev Lungu should keep his mouth shut and enjoy his 3 pieces of silver from PF. PF has its spokes person, let them speak for themselves.

  6. As usual no proactivity from all these groups. They just come to condemn after the damage is done. Yapping and yapping only. I am fed up with this talking republic. So what do you want Dr Kaseba to do now,pay back the money or what.Come on, say it. This is a government issue, If Dr Kaseba rejected the other accomodation, it is within her right. Government should have looked for alternative accomodation that was cost effective. Dr Kaseba did not dictate how much government should have paid.

  7. If you think maintaining Dr Kaseya is costly what about maintaing more than 70 Ministers, over 64 permanent secretaries and increased number of diplomats? Why do you think grz would not disclose figures it spends on embassies. If you knew how much it costs to run the Zambian embassy in Angola for example, you would cry. We all agree that running grz is not cheap but it is annoying when corruption is abated coupled with lack of transparency and arrogance.

    • @Let me …
      I give you marks here. Lets escalate this debate by providing some figures for people to see. I know Angola for one is damn expensive!

      Quite frankly how do embassies account for their existence?

  8. Sata is gone and will never come back. This mukamfwilwa should realise that. She is no longer first lady and she should realise that. She should therefore not gobble state funds. What about my mother who lives in a ramshackle in Mutendere? Kaseba please !!!!!!

  9. This country – its just kaluweluwe every where. The PF guys are mismanaging the countries reources, very evident and crystal clear.Come 2016 they will be chi ma person giving them the vote. I know we dont have clear alternatives in terms of parties and Leadership but lets just chance by changing. Lets go down to pick pick pick na pick doli, if it falls on Nawakwi, lets go, if its HH lets go, if its Muliokela so chabe lets go. Atleast something else not PF, if the guys we choose fwaula, lets do the pick pick pick na pick doli again

  10. Leave Dr Kaseba alone.You Degha do not comment on issues you don’t know much about.Do you know how much the government spends on embasies,ministers and permanent secretaries?Now that there two permanent secretaries in each ministry makes it very expensive.Its not Dr Kaseba who dictated the expenditure on Reedbuck but the system.She deserves to be well looked after.You are in power today because of what she accomplished with late husband.Pls appreciate her.Shes not the only former lady the government is spending money on.Shes a wonderful woman so do not express hate speech and belittle her out of envy for her achievements.

  11. Why are opposition leaders like N Mumba supporting the former first lady? The government has explained clearly how she refused the houses opting for a more expensive house. Am surprised at how this leaders are being so hypocritical on financials matters concerning the PF government. Right now Mumba is saying it alright to spend such amounts on accommodating the first lady.


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