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Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Check yourself before talking corruption- Chama tells Kabimba

General News Check yourself before talking corruption- Chama tells Kabimba

Patriotic Front Secretary General Davies Chama says Rainbow party president Wynter Kabimba should check himself first before accusing the ruling party of habouring corrupt elements.

Mr Chama has told QFM News that Mr Kabimba’s formation of a political party is aimed at protecting himself from some hidden agenda.

He says it is Mr Kabimba who has been flashing out monies and distributing vehicles which he allegedly got during the time he served as Justice Minister and PF Secretary General which he has not accounted for.

Mr. Chama has also advised Mr. Kabimba to report any perceived corrupt elements in the PF to the Anti Corruption Commission and prove his allegations.

Mr. Chama states that the PF is open to be investigated by the law enforcement agencies on the allegations being made by Mr Kabimba.

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  1. Kabimba’s Trafigural oil scandal comes to mind. I can’t forget how he threatened the ACC director and how he was eventually ‘cleared’ without any investigation taking place.

    • Kabimba challenged the ACC director to conduct the interviews in public. He even gave the ACC a 7 day ultimatum to make public their findings. He is not corrupt.

    • Mwanawasa and DR guy Scott only people have never been in any corruption scandals . We are poor because of those foolish and dull people in government. Mulenga Sata from selling dogs to have property in around the world in 4 yrs . Chama you bandit , 13 months we are counting

    • Also lets not forget that he corruptly sold a council house in Lubu Road Longacres opposite the Italian School to a Mr. Rodger V Lee a national of Hong Kong contrary to resolution of council to sell council houses to sitting tenants but not to foreigners together with Silvya Maroads they manipulated the system jointly with Sata ‘picked’ out lucrative properties and sold them to themselves cheaply …mulandu doesn’t rot!

    • Report to whom? The policing systems in Zambia are all compromised, they only act at instructions of the appointing authority when a non PF cadre is the one accused of some mischief.
      Mr. Chama was caught with a smoking gun and a victim laying on the ground with gun shot wounds. What did the police do? Absolutely nothing against the suspect but harassed the victim. So what makes you think they will arrest any corrupt individual in PF that Winter may report?

    • Chama is not worth than the paper his is name is written on. All he does is talk trash and never constructive.

  2. Chama is an unprincipled corrupt “Belly Politician” however truth be told, hes got a point here.
    Kabimba is such a hypocrite, he only began to see corruption in P.F, after Late King Cobra unceremoniously ejected him from P.F. Before his eviction, corruption was fair game to him. Unfortunately some Zambian’s will cast their vote for this Wolf in Sheepskin, though the comforting fact is Kabimba will NEVER rule Zambia.
    Kabimba is a bigger chancer than Chama!!

  3. So this Chi-Chama has hope in that PF wing called ACCC is defunct & obsolete!Who doesn’t know that PF harbours & embraces all elements of bad governance of which corruption is one!Chief tribalist Sata once commanded & threatened the ACC to seek for his permission before probing or investigating anyone in PF’s ranks & file! Zambian government now has now clue or idea on how to tackle corruption as the vice is everywhere & it even lead to Jameson to ascend to that presido seat!PF is so corrupt to the core,just look at the people surrounding the PF!Moreover,Chama can not define & let alone comprehend as well as conceptualise corruption,the man,& his cronies are simply illiterate & dull my foot!

  4. Kabimba….Zambia’s Leading Henchman, now presents as Leading Political Moralist.

    Some famous crimes:

    Arranging election violence against opposition figures. How ‘short memor-ide’ and flawed is the Zambian mind?

  5. Kabimba used to tell PF members that they should sacrifice and yet he was busy stealing funds meant for the Party.He is a shameless leader and no one will vote for him in 2016.

    • @Jerry. It would be interesting if you told us about the money that he was stealing. More so, you can report him to the law enforcement agencies. I believe they would be glad to sort hum out given that he is giving them sleepless nights with his socialist party. Or are you just waffling without any evidence. Typical Chama type.

    • @Jerry

      Are you the conscience of the more that 4 million voters to say no one will vote for Kabimba. Are you serious that absolutely no one will vote for Kabimba?! Incredible!

      Kabimba and Membe will be difficult for you tribal supremacists to deal with as you don’t have any lever of attacking him as tribal, regional etc. And yet Kabimba is Bantubotatwe whilst Membe is Nyengo/Bemba. I love this combination!!

      Kabimba/Membe….go ..go….go…..we the sane part of the population that abhors tribal hegemony are with you and WILL VOTE Rainbow!!!!!!!!!!! Viva Rainbow, Viva EQUITABLE development, Viva Meritocracy, Viva corrupt-free government/society!!

      Kabimba for PRESIDENT!!!!!

  6. What positive impact has Kabimba made in people’s lives apart from misery and self propagation and aggrandizement? Maybe in some people’s lives. Does he really think that I can waste my vote on him? Opportunist!

  7. Listening to ANC Secretary General and to our Chama I tell u we are in trouble. On a scale of 1 to 75 the ANC SG is on 70 our Chama -55

  8. Kabimba cikala u hv nothing 2 offer 2 this country apart from da sin u committed of poisoning Sata. Yo days are numbered cinyo canoko

  9. Socialism is a lifetime ideology, you don’t just wake up and claim to be a socialist. Look at that pseudo socialist named Kabima, barely 9 months ago he was in PF and his ideology was simply to follow Mr Sata nothing else. A few months after Sata kicked his ass, he has suddenly become a socialist hailed by the Post. Please Mr Mmembe, spare us the agony is…..are you not supposed to be the know it all, the only intelligent person in Zambia, the wisest man, the one whose ideas make sense and the rest is rubbish? We look up to you for guidance, but you are not living up to your name at all!

    • The character is an arrogant, very confused little fellow who overrates himself so much. Even Gen. Chinkuli has laughed at the man’s level of political immaturity.

    • @Pseudo socialist Kabimba

      Obviously you don’t know who wrote the PF manifesto nor were you with the two gentlemen at UNZANDO/UNZA.

      If you were, you would know that Fred Membe and Kabimba were die hard socialists. Those of us who went to Yunza with the two remember their association with ‘Gwata’ Phiri, now Minister of Local Government in those hay days of UUUUUUUUU…….UNZASU…. ..UUUUUUUUUU…….UNZASU…..!!!! Them days, were revolutionary!!

      If you were part of the progressives of our time, you would know that Membe, Rodgers Chisambi and Okello (that particularly dark Ugandan comrade) were authors of the vanguard revolutionary ‘Bulwark’ magazine! UUUUUUUUUU…….UNZASU…. !!

      That is why KK and Membe/Kabimba are pals – they are socialists!!

  10. I have serious difficulties with tribal supremacist who see any challenge to their perceived ‘theft right’ of occupying govt positions for sole purpose of nothing but personal aggrandizement.

    Kabimba was not an issue as long as he followed and served these supremacists through Sata. Their vernom was targeted at one HH. Now that Kabimba has joined the political fray, who else than one from the tribal supremacists concave of Congo would go for Kabimba’s jugular?!

    NWR/Barotse, Lambaland arise!! Kabimba is being attacked for being Bantubotatwe, he is Sala right there from Chief Shakumbila.

    Those who know Kabimba and Membe know that these two gentlemen has socialist leaning and that was what Sata’s PF was until Lungu/Rupiah wako-ni-wako snatched PF.

  11. Socialist of what? May be you mean socialising at night would make on a Socialist. Lets be serious please. Socialism is a God that has failed lamentably.

  12. It is amazing to read about two political 1mbeciles arguing who is the bigger crook.
    But then, theft, corruption and deceit are the “holly trinity” of Zambian politics.

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