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Government to investigate acquisition of Mulobezi railway line/Zambezi saw mills

General News Government to investigate acquisition of Mulobezi railway line/Zambezi saw mills

PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu, greets Headmen at Senior Chief Kalindawalo’s palace when he paid a courtesy call on the senior chief in Petauke
PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu, greets Headmen at Senior Chief Kalindawalo’s palace when he paid a courtesy call on the senior chief in Petauke

President Edgar Lungu says his government will investigate reports that an investor who bought off Zambezi Sawmills during the privatisation process has also acquired public assets such as the Mulobezi Railway Line, institutional houses and schools.

President Lungu says there is no way an investor can take over vital assets meant for public good.

The President said if the reports are proved to be true, he will have no option but to invoke powers vested in him as republican President to effect compulsory acquisition of the assets and give them back to the people so that they continue enjoying the facilities.

“Be assured that you have a caring government that is not scared to reverse decisions of past governments that were made in error,” President Lungu said.

The President was speaking in Mulobezi today when he addressed a series of campaign meetings to drum up support for the Patriotic Front (PF) candidate Patricia Mulasikwanda Mambeya for the June 30 parliamentary by-election.

And President Lungu has urged the electorate in Mulobezi constituency to vote for the PF candidate Patricia Mambeya to allow the PF administration deliver development to the people.

President Lungu said the PF administration has an ambitious programme to develop the whole country.

He however told the people of Mulobezi that his government will find it easier to work with a Member of Parliament from the PF.

President Lungu said the PF has been finding it hard working with some opposition parties that have been refusing their MPs from serving in the PF administration.

The President reiterated that he and his government are poised to bounce back in the 2016 Presidential and general elections because of the inclusive approach he has taken since assuming office.

He reminded the people of Mulobezi that it was for this reason that the constituency should give his administration a PF MP.

“If you give us an opposition MP, it will be very difficult to work with us because the opposition don’t want to work with us,” he said.

PF candidate Patricia Mambeya apologised to the people of Mulobezi for the wrongs she may have committed.

Speaking at the same campaign meetings, PF campaign manager for the Mulobezi parliament by election Jean Kapata assured President Lungu that the PF is confident of scooping the seat in Tuesday’s polls.

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  1. So the lazy bum Lungu is now going to investigate since there are by elections around the corner? The lazy bum has not been in his State House office for weeks busy wasting…what shambolic myopic leadership!!

    • Wants to investigate only because some of the people involved in the transactions are close associates of his perceived enemies. He is not as “clean” as he tries to portray himself to be. We shall also investigate how Dalbit is getting contracts on a single sourcing basis.

  2. No any tangle msg.he is suppose to explain to pipo modalities his govt is undertaking to reduce the cost of living.he should xplain his what his govt policy to make local business more profitable and room for expansion.its not difficult to worj with opposition mps as long your govt is willing to compromise,in such areas as bloated cabinet and too much borrowing.

  3. Everytime there is an election he comes up with cheap statements of revenge. Real leaders solve real issues concerning people’s affairs not this cheap campaign talk that won’t come to anything

  4. But why are we being shown Petauke pictures in the Mulobezi rally? What is LT trying to do? We have already seen them in other media outlets, put them here also don’t lie.

  5. why do u want the picture if u have seen them already? And if u see them on LT, then what? Ar u going to make them win or luz the elections? As if u ar going to vote. Read the news that’s enough.

  6. Blackmail talk from the President. How can a genuine MP block development? Any MP would welcome development. I have never seen or heard of an MP in the whole of my life who has blocked developmentjust because they belong to an opposition party. Sililo who is UPND fought hard in Parliament to convince PF Minister of Transport to VISIT Mulobezi railway line and train so that the PF government could do something about it. Is that not working with the government? Come on Excellency. Does Sililo have to be appointed Minister by PF for development to go to Mulobezi? How many Ministers will the PRESIDENT appoint? Hon Mabenga was a full Cabinet Minister for years but did Mulobezi develop? Is the President saying only PF members pay tax? This statement by the President is unfortunate indeed.

  7. Ba Lungu That information is not supposed to be investigated. It should be at your fingertips. Ba Pulezidenti!

  8. Is there a sane blogger out there who can’t agree that opposition leaders and some of their followers and a good number of government officials are crooks!! The politics in Zambia boils down to my tribal crook vs your tribal crook!

  9. By Prince Elvis Malumo Kapunda.


    We heard so many comments from both Opposition UPND and the ruling Party PF all were meant to divert electorates to vote,at the centre of this was the only Industry in the region since 1920s, ZAMBESI SAWMILLS LIMITED which currently its MD and proprietor in Prince Elvis Malumo Kapunda who is also heir to the Mupengu Moomba in the same region.
    insults and delegatory remarks were made against the Prince and his Company and some hired guns attempted to harm him and his employees.
    During June 2015,it was not a good idea to respond to His Excellency’s comments misguided as they were because if we did respond at that time,It would have…

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