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Libongani calls for ‘ truce’ in tomorrow’s three Parliamentary by-elections


Inspector General of Police Stella Libongani
Inspector General of Police Stella Libongani

The Zambia Police Service has urged all the political players in to abide by the laws of the land in tomorrow’s three Parliamentary by elections.

Inspector General of Police Stella Libongani says political parties in tomorrow’s by-elections in the three constituencies should allow voters to freely exercise their democratic right of casting their votes.

“ We want to assure the electorates in the three constituencies that the Police will be at hand to ensure that they exercise their democratic right freely without any intimidation or threats from anyone, “ said the I.G in a statement obtained by ZANIS this evening.

She added that her officers are investigating the matter regarding the shooting incident in Mulobezi Constituency this morning which left three persons injured.

“ The Police Service has deployed enough manpower to quail any disturbances that may arise from unruly political players. We will sternly deal with anyone who will be found fanning violence during and after the voting period, “ she said.

Ms. Libongani said that Zambia Police expects all political parties to conduct themselves in a peaceful manner and that we will receive maximum cooperation from all the stakeholders during and after the by-elections.


  1. Currently Zambia has no national police force, Libongani and her team are just PF security guards looking after the interests of their party and their president. A professional police force does not have to wait for orders from the appointing authority to arrest or not to arrest a suspect. For example, Davies Chama is walking the streets a free man, not investigated, not locked-up and Libongani is just a powerless stooge. Shame!

    • No wonder that each party that comes into government will retire the police IG and entire senior staff for professionalism has been replaced with cadre mentality! Thus to ensure continuity the police have to exhibit the bias we are experiencing.

  2. phew! for a second there I got so excited because I thought this article was about the auto maker of Lamborghini was setting up shop in Zambia.

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