NAC denies Steve Hofmeyr clearance



Following objections by the public, including local musicians, to the planned shows in Lusaka and Kitwe by controversial Afrikaans singer Steve Hofmeyr, the National Arts Council (NAC) has acted by denying him clearance to perform.
NAC director Adrian Maanka told the Weekend Mail in Lusaka that the regulatory authority has received a number of objections from the public, and as such, has used the powers vested in it to reject an application for a permit.
Hofmeyr has made headlines in his home country, South Africa, for his remarks that are laced with racial overtones, prompting protests from the African National Congress (ANC) and festival organisers and sponsors to shun him.
However, the Greek Olive was planning to have Hofmeyr perform at the Hellenic Association of Zambia in Makeni and at Kitwe Playing Fields as well as making a cameo appearance at some event in Mufulira.
“We received a number of objections, so we decided not to give him clearance as the arts mother body. This is within the provisions of NAC’s Statutory Instrument number 129 of 1995 section 29 to 31. The rejection is based on his remarks which have angered people,” the NAC director said.
“We can’t guarantee his safety, and we have written to the police to inform them in case the shows go ahead. There is no guarantee that he will not repeat his remarks at the show. The organiser, if he so wishes, can appeal to the Minister [of Tourism and Arts].”
On Monday, veteran musician and arts administrator Brian Shakarongo officially wrote to NAC objecting to Hofmeyr’s intended performances.
Shakarongo said Hofmeyr has made headlines in South Africa for his remarks which border on.
“For example, he once tweeted on social media that ‘sorry to offend but in my books, blacks were the architects of apartheid. Go figure’. “And this has angered a lot of people, organisations, institutions and even the corporate world. As a result, he has been shunned by a number of organisations and sponsors,” he wrote.
“It is in this regard that I write to urge your good office not to issue clearance for Mr Hofmeyr to perform in this country, as doing so would be tantamount to supporting his views, which to some extent demean the black race and promote division and racism.
“It would also be defeating the whole purpose of fighting racism and apartheid to which all progressive artistes, people, institutions and governments have committed themselves. And you would appreciate that even in sport, racism is being condemned.”
Shakarongo advised the institutions that wish to invite Hofmeyr to consider getting another musician “among the many positive-thinking musicians who we believe are in abundance in South Africa”.



  1. Ba NAC are you sure you can stop him on these trivial grounds. He will sue you for discrimination. It is not the job of NAC to stop him but the dept of immigration has that authority.

    • Since when was racism a trivial ground? the man is a racist let him go and sing to his fellow Boers in South Africa.Let him sue if he wants but he is not welcome here.

    • NAC has denied him permission to perform.

      The immigration will or will not deny him a “work” permit or entry clearance.

      The two are separate issues.

    • Stop being so simplistic. Here’s a guy who is known for his stance on apartheid coming to perform in Afrikaans to white South Africans about songs that mock black people. If people don’t want him in the country, there’s every reason to stop him performing. Can’t the will the Zambian people ever matter? I’m happy he’s been turned back!

    • In my view, they have done the right thing!!!!

      I think this is the action that is needed to prevent such things in the future!!

  2. We don’t want racism in Zambia. The organisers were just after money. SUrely how do you invite an individual shunned in his own country for racist remarks?
    Well done NAC!

  3. Keep the Boors out of Zambia please. We don’t want South African xenophobia being preached in songs in Zambia. We have enough of our own problems without importing some more.

  4. Well done NAC this person has made same very inflammatory , offensive and derogatory remarks against black people. This is not a case of free speech he has a clear racist tendency. If you have issues with black people stay away from them!

  5. We have to continue showing these muzungus that we are not scared of them.
    Let him go and perform kwao.
    Well done ba NAC!!!

  6. Thank God common sense has prevailed.
    This is the type of Person thats Gunning down your un- armed brothers on the streets including Churches of the U.S, then proceeding to burn down Black Churches.
    If these Hellenic Greeks want Hofmeyer to sing to them, let them invite this Bigot to Greece, where they can freely wine, dine, & break plates with him.
    Not in Zambia, just like the west would rightly NOT entertain an Isis sympathetic Mullah to step on their shores & entertain like minded folk., Chapwa!!!

  7. this should create a precedent for an other musician who preaches hate speech ,fyi there Afrikaans people in South Africa who hate Hofmeyr but lets also remember the things his says are on par with things Julius Malema has said about white people ……anyone who preaches hate speech should be barred from the country regardless of whether there black,white,indian,chinese etc.

    • The mention of the term Muzungu is not acceptable in this context. The colours are derogatory too! They are superficial and shallow way of addressing anyone. They must not be encouraged in this sort of debate. By the way I am Zambian, proud and indigenous.

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