“We won’t let anyone turn Greece into Zambia”- Samaras


Ex-Greek Prime Minister and current leader of the opposition New Democracy party Antonis Samaras lashed out at prime minister Alexis Tsipras.

Calling for a pro-European alliance to form amongst like-minded Greeks and public demonstrations, he said “We won’t let anyone turn Greece into Zambia.”

Samaras accused Tsipras of dishonesty with the Greek people. “You are not telling the Greek people what a “no” means. No means bankruptcy and euro exit,” he said in parliament, in reference to the referendum that Tsipras announced over the weekend.

Samaras added that a “no” vote means bankruptcy, euro-exit, suicide— something he accused Tsipras on not mentioning when he claimed he represented the “drachma lobby.”

“You failed dramatically and loudly Mr. Tsipras,” Samaras said, adding that “I state it clearly, us Greeks want to remain firmly in the heart of Europe … The referendum drags the country out of Europe,”

Source: The Pappas Post


  1. What audacity.
    Zambia is a prosperous country…..Under this PF administration!
    Come on guys, let us boycott Greek owned business in Zambia.

    • Zambia has a president with no vision and that is now being aided by the ZESCO blackouts. Preoccupation of PF is re-election. They have so far shot at, and wounded 4 people in Mulobezi. CBU students are rioting. What a country!

    • Zambia is prosperous only in your dreams. We are poor and the sooner we admit it the better for our nation. Even the so called rich people are middle class in Europe.

      Boycott of Greek goods? Greek clubs even discriminate against local Zambians, e.g. the one in Kitwe by Coptic church near TBN. Only black women accompanied by white males are allowed in. Whites enter without query. Blacks are turned away bcoz they “were not invited”.

      Vote wisely next time.

    • Your idea is not welcome to and by all well meaning Zambians. How do plan to attack innocent Greeks. Were they part of that man’s defense?

    • What arrogance for you to keep denying the fact that Zambia is a failed state run by corrupt and sick leaders! You Zambians know it, and the world knows it, hence the Greek leader’s comments! Olo nisebana wulye teyiyi ba PamaFi!

    • Koma ba Antonis Samaras utulo!

      He meant Zimbabwe – no wonder he lost the election and is now an ex-premier, with no geographic intelligence confusing Zambia with Zimbabwe!

    • What for kachelo? Are u mad? What has Melissa got to do with it? Walitumpa? Samaras has only stated what is true about pf and its maggots. The truth hurts indeed. Lol!

    • You don’t understand what he is talking about. He is referring to the debt repayment method Zambia used to clear its debt to the IMF and World Bank some years ago. Only Zambia has used that method so far and there are proposals that Greece should go that way too.

  2. Very funny, but I think its too late for Greece.

    Zambia being the last country to default @ IMF in the 80s.

    There are many similarities between the two countries.

    Corruption, greed, laziness, impotent leaders etc. etc.

    We both have leaders that lie to get into office.

    • Quite right @IndigoTyrol. While the UNIP government was asking us to tighten our belts (Chikwanda has started that call already as they increase their borrowing) they were busy living in gluttony and hypocrisy as leaders. In Greece what has become clear is how the rich and political elite have called for the poor to sacrifice as they continue to loot and evade tax! Very, very African (Zambian, I daresay) behaviours!

    • This guy must be UPND, some mighty say. Well, that is how the world views Zambia now. An international laughing stock. It has achieved this status in the last three and half years.

  3. icho ichintu icho.. tighten your belts…mukala tightener fye ama belt epo bwachelo..uko..HH for 2016 make no mistake..tell your neighbour

  4. What a silly statesman!

    What have we got to do with Greece?

    I said it, it must be the South African racist artist we said no to who was invited by the Greeks in Kitwe.

  5. A few months ago, another Greek was captured on one of the news channels pleading with their Lenders not to “treat us like Africans”. I wondered what he meant and only understood it in the context of gullibility to accept hook, line and sinker structural adjustment programs. This is the result of careless borrowing to undertake projects of appeasement of the masses ‘batione kuti tisebenza’. It does not impact the economy in a manner that results in increased state revenues to be able to repay. I hope Zambians who have been cheering the PF and sarcastically retorting that they will eat the roads, can see the end point of this borrowing for so called massive infrastructure projects

  6. If this story is from either ZWD or the Post, just know that it is not true. How can the chap (Ex Prime minister) pick on Zambia when there are countries which are far worse off than Zambia. The chap probably doesn’t even there is country called Zambia. Yes he may not, just remember that USA prudential candidate Sarah Payne who said Africa is south of Mexico.

    • … you don’t read my friend; this story is on international media. Zambian politicians are gullible, same like their illiterate and stupid cadres.

    • The truth hurts. That’s what zambia has become under these maggots you call Pf. The characteristics of maggots are similar to Pf. Samaras has said right!

    • @Ndanje Kahks, bro. These Greek guys have been studying and using the Zambian IMF experience of the 80s to survive and manage their negotiations. The result of course is that they are not too far from disaster. One of the templates they used was to postpone the weekly payment to the end of the month like Zambia did back then. Unfortunately for them, like Zambia in the 80s, the elite has continued to loot and externalize their wealth while the poor continue to sacrifice.

  7. Apparently, it seems the poor opposition leader does not know that Zambia and Zimbabwe are two different countries!!!

    • unfortunately the poor Zambians are even clapping at this guy who is insulting their country. Their only aim is to see HH become president. What a bunch of meaningless eediots.

    • Bosses, don’t mix things up, the opposition leader, actually, meant Zambia, not Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe may have their own economic issues but the debt thing it’s Zambia.

    • @Observer
      The man was actually talking about Zambia. In the 1980s, Zambia found herself in a similar situation as Greece today. Instead of making part payments, Zambia decided to bundle several payments together because we didn’t have the money when the part payment was due.

      That is exactly what the Greek government is trying to do. Greece doesn’t have the money to make the part payment. They are asking to bundle four payments together for a later date.

      Zambia was the last country to do what Greece is trying to do!!!!

    • Ndaje or Kandanji or whatever they call you, do you think you are more knowledgeable than Samaras. Just wait , people will start eating shiiiit in your country.

  8. At least the Greeks brought the world civilisation. And the greedy world is watching them go down to the level of ALUNGU.’s ZAMBIA. NAWAKWI, the IRON LADY sort things out.

  9. On my, oh my
    We Zambians ought to be ashamed to always be used as reference points for failed states. There was another prime minister of Japan, who said and I quote: “If it was not for nuclear weapons, North Korea would be another failed state just like ZAMBIA”.
    And then there was this white guy on ZNBC commenting on Zambian roads and their effects on cars and I quote: “Zambian roads are like plowed surfaced” What did you expect!

    • Zambia has amongst the the most costly roads in Africa according to the World Bank; roads more costly than the roads in Egypt!

  10. We all know this kind of rhetoric always comes from the (online upnd government/cadres). It’s long time you changed your strategy, a few planted bloggers in the UK, Scandinavian counties, Australia, and the USA won’t win you votes in Zambia. You have to deal with real voters in mwansabowe, kwana chewe, kabwe rural…etc.

    But sadly baka mushi don’t have access to the internet… So your party will keep losing. You will see mailo!!

    • Mr Soko
      I respect your opinion. However, it is people like you who see everything on PF-UPND dichotomy and thesis-antithesis who are missing the point. Whether PF or UPND, the debt thing is gonna backfire. You may be too young to remember how the Zambian government and NGOs went grovelling before the multilateral lenders for debt forgiveness and for HIPC registration. For me, this is neither PF nor UPND thing. For heaven’s sake the issue of unbridled borrowing will come to haunt us or our children and you bet this time there ain’t gonna be HPIC 2. So let’s be real and debate issues as they stand. I know no UPND or PF cadre who is paid to debate and to reduce such an issue to party politicking is to miss the point big time.

    • @soko, you have said nonsense! The observation has been made by world bank, IMF, Fitch and the EU. It has nothing to with UPND or other opposition parties. Just tell your fellow maggots the truth. Kaili ifintu ni lungu. Lol!

  11. Dear Mr. Samaras,

    The *****ic amateur gambling of the current and past Greek governments makes our Zambian politicians look like geniuses – which they are clearly not.

    Now go away!

  12. Greece is what is waiting for Zambia after PF and Chikwanda have finished squandering the Eurobonds and Zambians have to repay the money!

    It is time to stop these thieves right now before it is too late!

  13. Looking at how Lungu is governing Zambia and the friends he is keeping (Mugabe), it will not be long before there is no difference between Zambia and Zimbabwe! In short, Antonis Samaras has foresight, he can see where we are going – Zimbabwe!

  14. how greece going to turn into zambia when it owes th imf 1.7 billion dollar and 285 billion dollars to ecb which it can’t even pay.

  15. Zemuntu changed to Jacombian Transform Reply

    June 29, 2015 at 12:05 pm

    You guys should be reading.
    ‘Greece goes Zambia’, ‘desperate scramble’ — what analysts say on IMF payment delay
    By Sara Sjolin
    Published: June 5, 2015 6:14 a.m. ET

    Greek PM Alexis Tsipras and EC President Jean-Claude Juncker ahead of a crunch meeting in Brussels this week.
    The Greek debt crisis has been cranked up a notch, after Athens on Thursday performed a 180-degree turn and decided to delay a scheduled debt payment.

    Greece was due to repay 303.3 million euro ($341.85 million) to the International Monetary Fund on Friday, but after days of drawn-out negotiations, the country asked to bundle its four June payments into one, due at the end of the month.

    The move comes after Greek Prime…

  16. The move comes after Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras earlier in the week rejected the international creditors’ reform proposals, arguing they were too harsh.

    Some see the choice to bundle as a gesture of defiance and a step closer to the eurozone exit, while others interpret the decision as a sign an agreement is near.

    Here are some of the initial analyst reactions:

    “According to the IMF, the only other country which has ever used this obscure technical provision to bundle principal payments at month-end was Zambia in the 1980s. Back in January, we had warned that the policies of Syriza, if fully implemented, could turn poor Greece into a populist paradise like Venezuela, just without the oil. Did we look at the wrong continent?” — Holger Schmieding, chief economist at…

  17. “The government’s request for postponement has at least bought it a few extra weeks. As such, the Greek demand for delayed repayment was not surprising (even though IMF chief Lagarde seemed neither aware of it nor was expecting it earlier in the day). In essence, the postponement represents a cost-free option allowing Greece to continue negotiating with creditors in the hope of shifting the final outcome in its favor.” — analysts at Daiwa Capital Markets

    “The move is seen by some as an expression of confidence on the part of the Greeks that a deal will be reached in June to unlock much needed bailout funds, with such a move previously rejected on the grounds that it would indicate Greece had no money left.” — Mike van Dulken and Augustin Eden, analysts at Accendo Market

  18. These PF devils MUST be made to repay these loans they are contracting when they lose next year!We will advocate for an ODIOUS DEBT REVOLUTION as youths till these thieves are critically investigated & repay these huge loans they are hiding & corruptly contracting! Jameson Lungu & Chikwanda as well as Kandeta Chileshe must know this-We can’t be made to pay loans which were/are corruptly contracted & misapplied!

    • And if they cant repay, we starve them in jail until they tell us where they have the hidden bank accounts.

      Starting with KASEBA!

  19. In fact this bastard of an ex pm is the one who left the debt. The current pm has just been voted in to clean the mess left by this bafoon

    • @ndanjekas, the ex pm u r referring to also found the debt. You must read widely and listen to news. Dont attempt to mislead some of us who are widely read.

  20. Of all countries in the world, why the Zambian example? There is more to this than meets the eye, it seems.

  21. What the opposition MP means is that Zambia unilaterally pulled out of the IMF support programme in the 1980s when Kenneth Kaunda was president and the result that that all credit was shut down, the country was isolated, and we had to go back getting to the IMF, with stricter conditions. This is history, for those who were old enough at that time. It is a warning to the Greek people that their government is being irresponsible. This fact is recorded in IMF history. So, don’t get emotional.

  22. Greek into Zambia. Very funny. Not ha ha funny but weird funny. I wish someone had asked this greek man to elaborate. Was he referring to Zambian leaders’ penchant for buggery or what?

  23. Zambia should stop importing foreigners in the boat load from failed states, states besieged by corruption; greeks, indians, lebanese, east europeans, somalis are highy corrupt and racist! Having said that I dont blame him for categorizing Zambia as the epitome of a stepping stone, a downtrodden mat for foreigners, NGOs, and corrupt govt officials. Greeks here in Zambia piss all over us on a daily basis whilst their fascist groups such as golden dawn attack and chase African business owners in greece.

  24. The Samaras family were in Zambia in the economic difficulties. We pulled through them. I guess the point he is reffering to is that Zambia was the last country to attempt this. Making political capital out of this is silly. Zambia is a destination country right now. Zambian people are much more alert and aware. Thanks to 1991, ‘all change please.’

  25. Greece?
    Katy Barnato | @KatyBarnato
    Friday, 5 Jun 2015 | 8:10 AM ET

    COMMENTSJoin the Discussion
    Greece delayed a key payment to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) on Thursday, opting instead to bundle all its June payments into one big lump sum at the end of the month. Only one other country has negotiated such a payment plan—and overnight its name is trending in Greece.

    Over 30 years ago the sub-Saharan African country of Zambia asked the IMF to delay its repayment. Now, #Zambia has become a top hashtag on Twitter in Greece—along with #takarasians, which is a Greek television chat show and #onlinemega, a major Greek television network.

    Lusaka, Zambia
    Tom Cockrem | Getty Images
    Lusaka, Zambia
    News emerged Thursday that Greece…

  26. Here are some of the initial analyst reactions:

    “According to the IMF, the only other country which has ever used this obscure technical provision to bundle principal payments at month-end was Zambia in the 1980s. Back in January, we had warned that the policies of Syriza, if fully implemented, could turn poor Greece into a populist paradise like Venezuela, just without the oil. Did we look at the wrong continent?” — Holger Schmieding, chief economist at Berenberg

  27. The fact is that Greece, Italy were better off before Europe,because the SME’s were the back bone of their economy. The decision to join Europe and ‘go large’ has lead them to this folly.

    Like Zambia indeed…….at least get your Elgin marbles first to prove what worth your joining euro has done for you!

  28. It’s not a misplaced comparison. Zambia was equally on the hook of IMF and World Bank in the 80s but there are also discrepancies.

    Contrary to the Greek crisis, the financial problems that Zambia has been facing were partly fuelled by segregative economic policies of European countries (including Greece). The Greeks have considerably more economic freedom and have been getting more financial support from the EU.

  29. UPND cadres amaze me a lot!!for them any nonsense against PF means creating chances for their tribal Kachema HH to win in 2016!!UPND would be very happy hearing Somalian president saying Somalia is richer or peaceful than a Zambia under PF!!or any nonsense from a very poor country would be welcomed by these kachemas-shocking!!UPND MUST CHANGE THE WAY THEY DO POLITICS!!MAJORITY VOTERS ARE ABLE TO SEE THAT THIS PARTY DO NOT MEAN WELL FOR MOTHER ZAMBIA!!NO MATTER HOW POOR MY FAMILY IS,I WOULD NEVER SMILE AT ANYBODY INSULTING MY POOR FAMILY AS POOR OR RICH,WE’RE ALL EQUAL IN GOD’S EYES!!SO UPND WAIT FOR MORE LOSES TOMORROW!!!

  30. @eddy and ndaje! Muli fikopo! So you think PF mean well for the country! I fail to find a reason how a normal person can see development in PF led Govt! How do you manage to be so DULL and STUP1D! May be I shouldn’t blame you much, you are just simple semi illiterate cadres!

  31. “We won’t let anyone turn Zambia into Greece”, Myself. Now I understand what the formet Premier meant. I have also coined my own version.

  32. I am very happy that Zambia at least set an example for the stupid Greeks to follow. Shows that we are decades ahead of them. Let them test the same IMF medicine the EU supported to impoverish African people in the 80s. Its payback time for ‘Zorba the Greek’ casino and boating freaks.

  33. Zambia, and Africa in general, will continue to lag behind the rest of the world because of the penchant of our leaders to mismanage whatever they touch. It is no surprise that Africa is a reference point by our European (and Asians) counterparts of how not to manage an economy.

    One really gets concerned and discouraged to see how these so-called politicians have only one thing in their minds; ‘Get elected, amass wealth and enjoy your life’! No concern for the plight of the citizens. And oh my goodness, there are sooooo many (politicians) of them!!!

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