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Chipimo blames Sata for Zambia’s debt as Dr Katele Kalumba supports borrowing

Economy Chipimo blames Sata for Zambia's debt as Dr Katele Kalumba supports borrowing

President Michael Sata listens to Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba (left) at the launch of the African Peer Review Mechanism report at State House in Lusaka
FILE: President Michael Sata listens to Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba
(left) at the launch of the African Peer Review Mechanism report at
State House in Lusaka

National Restoration Party (NAREP) president Elias Chipimo has blamed late former president Michael Sata for the budget deficit.

Mr Chipimo told radio Phoenix in an interview that the current debt woes that Zambia is facing are as a result of unplanned projects and expenditure by the government.

“The late president Micheal Sata, may his soul rest in peace, created 20 new districts without financing from the budget and this in turn has led to unexpected expenditure on the part of the government,” he said.

Mr Chipimo has since appealed to the Zambian people to brace themselves for economic hard times ahead as a result of more borrowing by the government.Last week, parliament voted in favour of the increase in the debt ceiling to K60 billion.

Meanwhile, former finance minister Dr Katele Kalumba has said the raise in debt ceiling does not mean Zambia will have to borrow to the limit of the ceiling.Dr Kalumba explained that what Parliament has done is to give the Minister of Finance Alexander Chikwanda room to maneuver around.He told Qfm News by telephone that Zambians should appreciate that the major
infrastructure projects government has embarked upon in the country require some room to maneuver.

Dr. Kalumba stated that this therefore entails that unless the infrastructure projects are completed, productivity in the country might be affected negatively.He has implored critics to be balanced in their assessment of government’s decision to increase the country’s debt ceiling.


  1. Just to let you know,

    I will be a mum end of this year
    #a coloured child


    • Its funny how Chipimo now starts demonising Sata a dead man, yet when Sata was alive, Chipimo was agreeing with every thing the late Sata did and stood for.

      What Chipimo is saying is what some us have told you since PF got into power. When most of you were excited about Sata and his rotten PF winning elections, some of us who have worked closely with Sata knew that Zambia was headed for big Sh1t with Sata at the helm of power.

      Laudable though what Chipimo has said, but its a bit to too late because he had a chance to advise Sata when they both went to Brazil. But instead he decided to keep quiet for fear of being told to go back.

      Its a shame really for people who supported every move Sata made when he was alive to start demonising him now that he is dead.

      Viva UPND and HH

    • Folks

      Just to remind you of what a snake Chipimo is; when HH and some us condemned Sata and PF ‘s polices, Chipimo was receiving accolades and praises for not condemning PF’s recklessness. Some of the PF minions even called him a sensable opposition leader.

      To be frank all what he has said is nothing new. HH and most of us said it many times over through out Sata and PF ‘s reign.

      We will still continue to remind the PF minions of their recklessness even if this time they have resorted to using guns to intimidate us.

      Zambia does not want these gun totting thugs post 2016.

      Viva UPND and HH.

  2. Ba katele what you are supporting is like having your under age daughter who was raped by this guy to stay at this same guy’s place Lusaka because that is where the court case will take place. What is he going to do with your daughter again? Common sense says “once beaten…. Meanwhile continue yapping as you try to buy your freedom for stealing public funds. In Zambia you can buy freedom.

  3. That’s very true, Sata is to blame for the current situation Zambia is in. He is also to blame for the current crop of leaders in Zambia at the moment. He got everything he wished for when he became president and brought in his fellow rogues to come and destroy the little that Zambia had. With leaders like Kambwili, Nsanda, Chikwanda, Lungu, GBM and many others did anyone expect Zambia to succeed? He’s presidency was a farce and now Zambia is paying big time for it.

    • Chipimo is right. Now he should use that info to try and get a single councillor or MP for his party.

    • And the Zambian golem, Katele, is wrong because Chikwanda will go for maximum borrowing. Give him an inch, he will take a mile.

    • Its true that Sata created this mess but remember we put him into that office to make the decisions he made. Since our constitution says one man one vote, the illiterates – kaponyas and marketiers will always have an upper hand on who should be president. Knowing how their brains operate, we will always have wrong leaders of the likes of Sata and E Lungu.

    • if we go the route of cancelling one man one vote for fear of having the so called illiterates making unwise decisions on election day,we will end up creating a ruling social class.What will stop this social class from exploiting the so called illiterates?these are problems again.My suggestion is,every citizen to be registered as a voter should undergo some weeks or months of training whose curriculumn will be developed by the ECZ.With this training, they will acquire the right to vote. this would not have been necessary had our education system been properly fine tuned to adress governance issues and voting as well as it being all encompassing. So because of this lack in our education,this crash course as prescribed by ECZ would cover up for the enlightenment of the uneducated voter

  4. They both right! Good that they have put on hold new projects but also needed to halt or alter some of the on-going projects. Some Districts can be abolished while some roads can only be upgraded to good gravel roads. There were very good (all weather) gravel roads that were constructed in the past under the feeder roads project during KK’s time. They were very good conditions even during the rainy season and they served well the farming areas. There is no logic in all roads being of same importance and getting tarred at the same time!

  5. The biggest mistake was to change the tax regime with the mines.Reducing our earning power while dreamt up projects by Sata kept on being announced everytime he opened his eyes.One example of his bad dream was to go Chiluba’s grave and ordered an immediate construction of a monument without even knowing where the money was coming from.
    Thank God EL is in to correct the situation.Which he is doing anyway….The only thing he should work on now is fire Chikwanda.That

    • Cindy spot on! The electorate is to blame. Of course Kalumba would support more borrowing. Given his history and he wants to win favourite!

  6. The biggest problem affecting infra structure projects is corruption. Government contracts have become a cash cow for unscrupulous businessmen in Zambia especially those connected to the ruling party. I have no doubt that a forensic audit would reveal inflated costs to siphon money from the government by individuals resulting into an overrun on the budget. Sadly because of corruption, some if not most of these projects are likely to be of poor quality and wont stand the test of time. We will Soon be repairing them. We are doomed as long as corruption prevails over Zambia.

  7. It is about time Katele kalmar went to hell who told him that any one is ready to listen to convection in Zambia?

  8. Borrowing to do projects is okay but borrowing for consumption is a mistake.Sata was just okay therefore viva Lungu.viva EL

  9. Dr Katele is correct.

    However the citizens of Zambia must have confidence in the measures in place to prevent corrupt misuse of borrowed funds.

    PF is slacking in creating confidence in that arena. Again and again we see corruption cases fail. To date We have not seen any clawing back of funds from corruption related criminals.

    PF must be careful and must respect the citizenry inside of smoke screens mirrors and lacklustre stabbings at dealing with corruption.

  10. Sorry to say but democracy is bad for a poor country like ours, the illiterate and uneducated will always be exploited by these conniving thieves and fast talkers. Zambia will always have bad leaders because of this. That is way they will always scream “Pabwato”, or “infintu ni Lungu even though it is clear the country is heading for destruction. Very soon the momentum will swing to another conman like Kabimba will his socialist BULL who remember was also instrumental in bringing these buffoonss into power.

  11. Some Zambians are used with the durst this why the are not in Fever of the road infrastructure or proper housing . Reason larzeness all there what is drinking beer . And blaming the govememt . Do somthing constractive .

  12. Look at development don’t see credit, if it is in your means , there could be not development with out borrowing , and you can’t do business without credit . That is why you are poor you don’t know what makes people rich. Any rich person you know has borrowed the USA is the greatest borrower all developed nations have credits . A president who never think of borrowing for projects is not fit to be .

  13. You katele, chikwanda can increases his room for movement how ever he wants, what we the pipo of Zambia don’t want is a huge unsustainable dept. When you katele were last in GRZ how much dept did you leave?

    • HIPC decision point by 2000 and debt cancellation program from 2001and an economy growing from a negative 2.8 in 1999, turning the trend from July 1999 positively and leaving at 4.8% in 2001 and has been growing since. Went on to unite Divided Africa over the African Union and launching AU in July 2002. Then resigned. Please speak from knowledge of the man . If historical facts are not useful to you political cheerleaders, leave the analysis to academics. Check these facts on this man. By July 1999 Zambia was just about to collapse and zamtrops were already overpaid. Not under his tenure. Staff.

  14. Kalumba is a sexologist/sangoma who has zero appreciation of how the economy works and he should just shut his damn stinky a.rse as opposed to supporting things that are dead wrong just because he wants a job! This debt they are busy contracting is a one way road to Greece, we are doomed! Any one who cannot live within their own means is a fool, the same principle applies to nations. And as for Sata, there cannot be a more worse st.upid ***** than that lumpen, I’m so glad he is dead and may his soul fry in hell for eternity. He is the one who engendered all this tribal bigotry bedeviling Zambia today, he was such a vile ***** and thank god his soul is left in England roaming the Tube stations of London, forever.

  15. Ask HH how much he borrowed for his businesses , unless you have stolen you can’t have reasonable enterprise. People who feel they don’t owe any one are deceived look at the electricity you pay bills for, the water you use all is borrowed money . You can’t mention the TV in your house if it is casat or , or any other provider

  16. It’s sad to see people who purport to be educated and progressive blaming the dead for unspecified “problems” – an unfortunate tendency in modern Zambia, along with blaming old people for being witches and bringing misfortune etc. Should we just abandon infrastructure development until Chipimo Jr gets off his superior back side in Kabulonga and sorts it all out?

  17. Katele is a fake Dr.i wonder what he uses to think.may lilomba please ask him to go and hide near that small branch No one will look for him this time around. His mouth is stinking

    • As an educationist Katele graduated with an Award in Public Health from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto. I was a student there. He has published than Zambian professors and left UTH professorial Dept as a Senior Research Fellow in Community Medicine and once was WHO Executive Board member and Chair of many scientific committees include The one on HIV, Health and Econpmy, and we read in our papers he became The only African member on the pioneer panel of advisers to the World Bank President on Health, Population and Nutrition. His writings are authorities in many subject areas on health systems. Each time I go back to our Alma Alter University of Toronto, they ask about him. We destroy our best men and women for want of power in Zambia. It is just a factual biography of him.

  18. Katele is a typical example of a dysfunctional case of education! He is one of the people who stole in Chiluba’s regime!!! What can you get from a thief- only reasoning consistent with thieving!

    • Just for curiosity, how much is he accused of stealing if you have followed the case in court?

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