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France offers its radio and television channels to boost content on Zambia’s new digital platform

General News France offers its radio and television channels to boost content on Zambia's...

France has congratulated Zambia on her successful migration from analogue to digital television broadcasting under phase one of the country’s digital migration programme.

The country has since offered its radio and television channels, among them France 24, as a way of assisting Zambia boost its content as the country migrates from analogue to digital television broadcasting

French Ambassador to Zambia Emmanuel Cohet said this in Lusaka today when he paid a courtesy call on Information and Broadcasting Services Minister and Chief Government Spokesperson Chishimba Kambwili at his office.

“France is interested in widening its cooperation with Zambia as the country migrates from analogue to digital broadcasting. France 24, for example, has a very strong focus on Africa which we feel could be a good channel to have on the Zambian digital television platform,” said Ambassador Cohet who was flanked by French Head of Media, Film and Music for the Southern African region Frederic Chambon and Head of French Partner Radio Network, Anne Roger.

Ambassador Cohet said France is also keen to explore areas of cooperation with the Independent Broadcasting Authority, IBA, with a view to assisting the organization’s regulatory capacity of the broadcasting sector under the new digital dispensation.

“Digital migration will entail a high demand for content. It is therefore France’s desire to work with the IBA in stimulating the production of local content so that Zambia’s television channels under the digital platform, are not saturated with foreign content,” said Ambassador Cohet.

The Ambassador also hailed the excellent and long-standing relations between Zambia and France, saying the two countries continue to cooperate in many areas of development for mutual benefit.

He said over 20 French companies are currently operating in Zambia in various sectors and more are keen to invest in the country because of its attractive investment climate.

And Mr Kambwili said Government is excited with France’s offer of television channels such as France 24 under Zambia’s new digital television broadcasting platform.

“We have begun our digital migration on the line of rail with four channels out of the potential 20. This means that we need more content to fill the remaining gap. Your offer of channels on our digital platform, therefore, is timely.” said Hon. Kambwili.

The Minister also requested France to consider assisting Zambia News and Information Service, ZANIS, with television cameras to enhance the organization’s collection and dissemination of news and other informational programmers in rural areas.

This is contained in a statement released to ZANIS by Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Press and Public Relations Unit.

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  1. As much as this sounds nice and educational, always remember the self interest of Europeans that we have noticed these last 600 years…focus on Africa etc are shows designed to show how the French are busy doing ‘projects’ helping Africa and showing how superior they are thus enforcing the idea of Africa as need and further keeping alot of our people in that dreaded aid and mental slavery! Cultural cooperation is fine but be on guide…

    • Well said. Kambwili is already begging for cameras…sure. What a shame! Everything is beg beg beg. Health Sector ati we beg so and so to come and modernise it. Here we are again begging for broadcasting equipment. While other countries included modern equipment in their plans for digital migration, all GRZ rep can think of is begging at the last minute. Shift your mindset Kambwili and start thinking like CEOs as you gov the country. It appears you GRZ politicians want to remain beggars for life. You mean the whole GRZ has no idea of how to generate some income to source new cameras for ZANIS? Every time I hear a politician beg for something I sense a corrupt mindset. Be wise and avoid begging in public for Zed. You will never hear France begging Zambia for something in public.

    • Chalitumpa! He is a Beggarmbwili!Nensoni iyoo. Every white man he sees must be begged. How can e emancipate ourselves with such ministers?

  2. Don’t take too much from France.

    Look at their former colonies.

    Learn from Rwanda who are turning English. There must be reasons.

    • So go to the English colonial master in preference for the French one ..what a warped mindset you have. Its this mindset that is taking us nowhere as a people!!

  3. There is nothing like a free lunch…Afrikans never learn all these channels France 24, Russian TV, BBC have their own agendas to brainwash them …they should be looking for content that encourages knowledge of self and Afrikan consciousness. In short these channels are like religion they are meant to make you docile and look up to your colonial masters.

  4. bah! i would rather we get Chinese channels so our youth can learn from the Chinese who are working here and learn ways to negotiate with them ………the west havent done anything economically for africa outside loans the other form of slavery

    • Chachine these colonialists just want influence in our impoverished countries- It is neo-colonialism

  5. They just want to bring anarchy to Zambia through misinformation.
    This is a doorway for the muslims and then later all….chda to enter our christian nation.

  6. We need to be watchful so as not to import programmes that might engender promote evil in our society

  7. Polish up your French. But can we get some American content? They do content sooooooo well! And it’s in English….our Official language.
    I am being trait. Seriously, we are On Digital now! HurrAh!

  8. WHY Kambwili has to beg for cameras is because his State Broadcaster ZNBC is not viable in a free market. It is always subsidised by government and as such cant compete; it just skews the available market. Let private stations compete with each other and there wont be any need for the French to fill empty voids by State broadcasters who dont and wont have the capacity. We are now missing the opportunity to create employment by continuing with ZNBC in its current form.

  9. This dull thief kambwilli begs from every white man he sees. PF congratulate him for that. What a shame

    • Most likely Kambwili went to a school that taught him to fear and adore white people. The slave mentality was inculcated in him. This made him think all good things come from the white man. It made him look only in awe at the white man and he began to think he could only beg a portion of what the white man has. As a slave he couldn’t make these goodies so he could only beg for them

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