Mongu residents shun VCT Day


This year’s commemoration of the Voluntary Counselling and Testing (VCT) day in Mongu District was characterized by a low turn -out and apathy.

The celebrations held yesterday at the Community Development hall was mainly attended by the District Task Force members and hired entertainment groups.

Mongu District Medical Officer Francis Liyali stressed that there was need for stakeholders to raise awareness on matters concerning HIV/AIDS.

Dr. Liyali explained that the commemoration of VCT day is an intervention created to enhance the fight against HIV/AIDS saying that the statistics at hand on the infection rate of HIV is alarming.

He said knowing ones status is important as it puts oneself in a better position to take care of their health properly.

And Mongu Council Deputy Mayor said the lack of adequate funding was the main challenge in the implementation of HIV AIDS activities in the area.

Ms Muleta noted that affirmative action is needed to combat the risky behaviour that predisposes the infection of HIV and to improve on the adherence to treatment and care through behavioural change.

Ms. Muleta urged stakeholders to scale up the HVI/AIDS work place programmes and ensure that best practices are shared with the communities and district HIV/AIDS task force to promote and share information to strengthen the HIV/AIDS programming and promotion of VCT.

The Deputy Mayor appealed to stakeholders to take up the task of contributing towards the realization of a nation free from the threat of HIV and AIDS by increasing accessibility of VCT services.

This year’s VCT Day was commemorated under the Theme: ‘Universal Access to annual HIV Counselling and Testing’.


  1. HIV/AIDS NGOs pay good salaries mweee. So many Zambians has got rich from these NGOs, every after 2 years workers receive gratuity!!

  2. Kaili the whole thing is meaningless, you go test pipo and then what ? do you give them food supplement..? NGOs want to achieve target for funding ,salaries and allowances.

    Its better you don’t know and dies peacefully.

    They did well, next shun other useless gatherings such as president, minister , MP’s visits.

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