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PF Celebrate as they Grab Mulobezi Seat from UPND

Headlines PF Celebrate as they Grab Mulobezi Seat from UPND

Former Gender and Women in Development Minister Patricia Mulasikwanda is welcomed by UPND cadres when she joined the party at a press briefing in Lusaka yesterday, Dec 27th.
FILE: PF Candidate Patricia Mulasikwanda

The Patriotic Front (PF) has scooped the Mulobezi parliamentary seat by-election held yesterday.

PF candidate Patricia Mulasikwanda polled 3,337 against her closest rival Hastings Sililo of the UPND who scored 3,313 votes in a tightly contested race.

ADD candidate Collins Mbangu came third and polled 69 votes while UNIP’s Alfred Mandumbwa and Esau Mwanza of the Green Party are both at par with 61 votes each.

Presiding Officer Fred Kapusa announced the results at Sichile Secondary school at 09:00 hours this morning and declared Mrs Mulasikwanda as the duly elected Member of Parliament for
Mulobezi constituency.

Mr. Kapusa said there were 6,953 ballot papers and a total number of rejected ballot papers were 112 in 32 polling stations and two streams in the constituency.

And PF newly elected Mulobezi MP Patricia Mulasikwanda pledged to develop the area.

Mrs Mulasikwanda, said she would prioritise the improvement of water and sanitation and the
tarring of the Mulobezi/Livingstone road in order to open up the area because a good road network was cardinal to economic development.

But UPND losing candidate Hastings Sililo in a separate interview said he would re-contest the seat next year during the 2016 tripartite .

The elections victory in Mulobezi is means that the ruling PF has scooped all the three parliamentary by-elections held yesterday in Petauke Central, Malambo and Mulobezi constituencies..

The ruling PF now has got three parliamentary seats in Western province following the victory in Mulobezi ,Nalolo held by Vice President Inonge Wina and Mongu Central by the Southern province Minister Nathaniel Mubukwanu .

PF Mulobezi constituency campaign Manager Jean Kapata said in a separate interview that the
people were appreciating the good policies of the government.

Ms. Kapata, who is also Tourism and Arts Minister, said the PF is the only party that is closing the gap of SADC gender protocol of women inclusion in decisions of making.

She warned the UPND to desist from acts of violence which she said were barbaric and have no room in modern politics.

Meanwhile, there was jubilation at Sichili Primary School as PF cadres took to the streets in celebration.

Addressing the PF members at the PF camp, newly elected MP Patricia Mulasikwanda urged
her supports not to relent but go flat out to explain the PF policies to the people of Mulobezi and beyond.


    • Yes people should face the fact that PF is just as popular as it was from the onset, come 2016 it will get most of the seats. Watch this space in 2016……

    • Of course they had to shoot their way to victory. Shooting opposition supporters in broad daylight. If the arrested people were allowed to vote UPND would have won.

    • Well ; congratulations PF for perfecting Mugabe’s rigging formula of stuffing ballot boxes with marked ballots after heavily intimidating and shooting UPND ballot guards and arresting them to send fear to all those who could have stepped in to do the job of the jailed colleagues.

      In the East, utter tribalism and voter buying did the job for the PF and Lungu’s camp knows this fact. Lungu is on record encouraging tribes mate that only wako ni wako will help you if you vote for PF.

      Any way days are numbered. PF has managed to dupe the villagers who do not understand a single thing about the economy. But for how long will PF continue to cheat the town dwellers with University closures and massive load shedding unprecedented since independence.

      Without reliable power Zambia is doome

    • The donors are watching Zambia politics and monitoring all PF ‘s clandestine activities very closely.

      In the light of all that has transpired since PF got to power, donors are very reluctant to lend any more money to PF because its recklessness.

      PF borrowed money on behalf of Zimbabwe to fix the Kariba dam so that load shedding is a thing of the past.

      What happened,to that money borrowed from ADB?

      PF has borrowed a lot money but no one knows exactly what happened to that money.

    • Kolopa dot com, wonder why these gullible idyats are still clinging on to a dead party with a dead President HeHimself! As usual dull Wanzelu (chikopo last) the hired Vuvuzela cannot read the mood that Zambians don’t want to be asociated with thugs pepertrating the Mapatizya formula with pangas!

    • @1.3 Wanzelu

      You said this…PF has managed to dupe the villagers who do not understand a single thing about the economy.

      Well aren’t these the same people your party was soiliciting votes from and had you won it would not have amounted to duping, right? I am sure if your party tried to make them understand issues to do with the economy (which am certain the PF did, hence the victory!) they would have given you a vote. Sometimes you try to make sense but more often that not you DON’T. Sad but true! Maybe your brain if at all you have any has become constipated by numerous losses….pepertual losers!3-0! Kolopa dot com. Westerners have realised it does not pay to belong to the opposition when they can see capital projects being implemented! Up and Down zwaaaa mwa Bulozi!

    • Iwe chi Mweetwa aka Wanzelu just keep quiet. When are you going to go back to Simulangu village to help your brother Ralph and Stem… You are busy making noise here. You are losing again next year. Ndiye problem ya imwe vibantu muna choka kumunzi then mwazibako chizungu then mwa yenda na ku London. Go back to the village. Macha road has been tarred now

    • Testimony that most Zambians still find grace in suffering and glorify poverty. The status quo remains not for better!

    • If you’re in power and you’re winning by 0.72% then there must be something wrong. With all the rigging machinery you should be doing far much better. Days are numbered for Pee F**kers!

    • Neo Patriot, you are another dull chap like Larry Mweetwa despite him pursuing his PhD. How do you make conclusion based on one result? What about the other two area where they won by more than 50%? The problem with you UPnDown party is that you rush you show your ignorance in public. Sit back and take a chill pill. No wonder I left because ukopo Una chilamo from the head, HH to the bottom kuli bene Nkombo and Cornelius Mweetwa

    • Finally, Mambeya got elected to Parliament after many years trying.

      Which is cheaper to tar? Livingstone – Sichili (aka Mulobezi, now being the headquarters – (the only district in Zambia with a different name for the Boma!!!) and Simungoma Sichili? For over 50 years every MP who has come has promised to gravel and not to tar this stretch.

      Does Hon. Mulasikwanda really know what she is talking about? I think she is celebrating the Ministerial position she expects to get and not really the task ahead. Let us wait for the miracle of men/women.

  1. Unfortunately the Zambian does not care whether the PF are borrowing to buy GX, whether ZESCO will not load shade or not, whether the kwacha is holding ground..Lord have mercy

    • @ Visionary, for sure those arrested would have voted but this has taught your cadres a lesson that violence does not pay

    • Hat trick!!…we have told you time and again that elections are not worn by tireslessy punching keyboard keys in the comforts of your small smelly rooms! Ifintu ni pa ground mwanya mukali kulila bar fee color!

  2. PF won by 24 votes and they were 112 rejected ballot papers. Just thinking just a bit supposed the rejected were upnd votes.

  3. Well done PF for penetrating western province cry baby is crying now excellent you have put under 5 boy the place where he suppose to be.

  4. congratulation to my PF we have done it in style again,shame to small dreamers UP and DOWN,were is hyana ..hyana?

    • This is a victory for PF and NOT the people of Mulobezi Constituency. Hastings Sililo was the first opposition MP to win Mulobezi Constituency, yet the least of the least developed.

  5. Congrats to PF for scooping the Mulobezi Parliamentary seat.

    The people of Zambia should realise that the Lungu Republican Presidency has changed the political landscape which is fast eroding off this country and nation the phenomenon of tribalism. The uniting philosophy exhibited by President Lungu is reassuring the diversity of Zambians that they are part of this great nation – and development shall be equally spread to all parts of Zambia.

    Meaningful development programmes will make the people of South-western region of Zambia feel they now have a leadership that cares for all Zambians. Africa and the rest of the world will have reason to respect Zambia.

    Congrats to Ms. Mulasikwanda and the PF. I too feel proud to be a Zambian.

  6. in PF we do practical politics in……… UP and DOWN its politics of a book,james hardly chase,fantasies,day dreaming …………ichipuba chikonkafye……ukwabula amenso………join the winning party now PF

  7. Whereto UPND? The writing is clearly on the wall-a definite very deep gave for the party of tribal pastoralists!

  8. Finally the commander in chief of violence Jean Kapata has come out following the success of her scheme. We are soon closing in on you and your thugs!

    • And what rank are you going to give to William Tekere Banda? CHIEF commander in Chief of thugery with his Lieutenants like Jonash “b!tch slaughterer” Shakafuswa?

  9. When MMD was in power, they were winning a lot of bye-elections and even mocking other opponents as though it’s only them who were the baston of knowledge in developing Zambia. So being in the ruling party and in control of state machinery from Police to Finance is no measure of popularity.
    Countrymen, let’s not be fooled by this cosmetic victory. PF’s government machinery literally camped in Mulobezi throwing around all the money the country can afford to have. On the day of voting all polling staff and campaign team of UPND were thrown into jail. No one from UPND was able to monitor these elections. Even the media, the police are always on the side of ruling party

    Besides what can an MP really do to develop an area other than cheap construction of latrines and the like?

    • No nonono, Media are not on the ruling party. UPND have MUVITV and ZWD . MUVI TV is laway present where UPND members are .

    • Please ba UPND,point of correction,MMD was only winning by elections in their strongholds.Tell me if am lying,did MMD ever win a by election in PF stronghold? Yesterday your President for southern Province,HH said the same shit ati even MMD were winning by elections before 2011 general elections.Your analysis is very bad.The best thing you can do is to go on the ground,campaign not these useless analysis you are posting. Thanx

  10. kafupi kabimba you claim to be popular why did you field a candidate in these three by elections?we know that you ka friend mmembe has given you a journalist you move with taking photo of you even in the toilet…..come out we meet in the field………

  11. These by elections are being conducted through hook and crook. There is too much violence and bribery to even qualify them anywhere near free and fair. Such elections yield nothing in terms of development for the poor masses for lack of commitment and legitimacy of the elected. Such elections never achieve lasting gains because they are based on hidden motives to usually enrich oneself at the expense of others. Such are MPs who upon ‘winning ‘ just disappear only to return at the next election richer and with more bribes and lies. Such is the unending tale of the misery of Zambian politics.

  12. I’ve no doubt I’ll be shouted down for these comments – if they are published, that is – but, hey I am not alone.

    Only the UPND faithful can’t see that HH is a liability. They are so naïve to believe this isn’t UPND’s most shameful political episode ever – total sham and farce. He has single handedly destroyed UPND’s reputation.

    • I am yet to get a comment from Hon. Garry Nkombo. These revelations were made by Richard Kapita that a suggestion was made to try someone else other than the Hypnotised Hyena, but he quickly floated his name yet again for the 2016 elections. Great son of Zambia Andy Mazoka must be turning in his grave MHSRIP. His party is being finished by a liability in the name Hakainde Hichilema. No wonder Hon. Request Muntanga is no longer very vocal. Soon and am saying soon many will be joining PF leaving gullible and spineless parliamentarians like Cornelius Mweetwa all alone. Watch this space! Eish what a wonderful feeling to be a victor!

  13. The Purpose of politics is to improve the welfare of the people of the country.
    What makes sad reading is the shooting of innocent people arresting 19 of the name of the polling day and we say we are a democratic country.
    Moreover in a country with morals these elections were un called for.
    Its upto the Zambians to accept this type of governance were the wounded are arrested but those who shoot are let free.
    I congratulate PF and UPND for putting up the fight but we need the President to deliver what he has promised to these people as we continue with load shielding

  14. Mmembe Will you shut up now?
    I guess not. The purveyor of malice and hatred, like the devil his master, will not rest until he is thrown into the lake of fire.
    Meanwhile I suggest Lungu throws him into jail for fermenting insurrection in the country.

    • I salute you arm chair critic, This Fred chitole Mmembe needs to be taught a lesson of a life time. “To shut him him up once and for all”. He has traumatized a lot of people for far too long. Nothing remains permanent, time for him to go will never be better than now.

  15. Why is it that UPND cries foul all the time? PF was formed later than UPND and they are ruling today! Congrats to PF. The writing on the wall is very clear. 3:0

  16. PF must really thank the illiterate people who vote for them! These are people who cannot see anything wrong with massive careless borrowing and who don’t know or understand anything about the state of our economy! To them its business as usual! If they can get a chitenge and a pack of shakers, they are home and dry, life continues! God have mess on your people..

  17. PF must really thank the illiterate people who vote for them! These are people who cannot see anything wrong with massive careless borrowing and who don’t know or understand anything about the state of our economy! To them its business as usual! If they can get a chitenge and a pack of shakers, they are home and dry, life continues! God have mess on your people.

  18. Congratulations PF,

    You have demonstrated that with unity of purpose, all things are possible.

  19. Piece of advice to newly elected Mulobezi law maker, please never again dare beat your mother, you should be above board in all aspects of life! Kozo!

  20. UPND has no direction, lets just change the leadership. HH has expired, he has nothing to offer. Us Tongas are not thinking any more. Lets replace HH with a Bemba or some from the Eastern province or else we have no chance in 2016.

  21. The answer to upnd winning any election lies entirely with them. The day they will stop insulting people with opposing views and disrespecting the leadership for the other party is the day they will start gaining politically.
    This is what I don’t want them to become because they will easily scoope the presidency. I would love them to continue with character assassinatios and insults so that they forever remain in the opposition.
    When pf was in opposition it used to win by elections and that was the indicator for them to win the presidency. Now upned in opposition is losing both seats and by elections. I rest my case!

    • @spongy Bob. Well said!

      @UPND. Here are a few tips:

      Political rule number one: never blame the electorate.
      Political rule number two: never call the electorate stup!d.

  22. Well done PF for the victory, this shows you are on the right track…………All the best

    Livingstone 2015

  23. Well done H.E. EDGAR CHAGWA LUNGU, YOUR HONOUR VICEP RESIDENT INONGE WINA AND ENTIRE PF FAMILY. Lets continue on this path on One Zambia One Nation and develop the all corners of our beautiful country Zambia.
    This is a true indication that the leadership of our President Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu is being appreciated even more by true and genuine Zambians.

    As for us in the urban areas, we salute you our brothers and sisters in those far flung areas and be rest assured development is on your under PF. Lusaka is the fastest growing city in Africa and only a jealous person cant see it. I predict here and now that come 2016, H.E. and PF will get clean 80% resounding YES VOTE from the Zambians. Lets develop Zambia NOW under ECL.
    SELA TUBOMBEKO NI KOLOPA.COM BANE. Mr Kapita, you are the man!

  24. Upnd wawa, congrats to pf for scooping all the three seats. Come 2016 its very clear that it will be colopa.com.

  25. Interesting you pf thug Jean how u can celebrate 24 votes victory…. Violence and bribing voters with tax payers money is your major food. U took your rubbish Livingstone formular of shooting and killing people to mulobezi…shame on u. This is barbalic and time is catching up with u thugs…2016 things will be a different and do not think that it will be easy.


  27. The margin in Mulobezi,mmmmmmmmmmmm ,that’s why the kwacha is faliing everyday. Investors have no confidence in PF

  28. Looks like the regular upnd clowns are today blogging under different names. Don’t hide bane that’s the party you chose yourselves. Imagine they never win any single seat under pf reign so brace yourselves for more losses to come.

  29. I now understand why the white man was reluctant to allow the black man to vote. I envy the Arabs who don’t take ma nonsense.

  30. Lets no celebrate this victory, 2016 it will be tough. UPND (HH) have pumped a lot of money in MUV TV and purchase a lot of Decoders and distribute them country wide for readiness to campaign for UPND in 2016 general election. ZWD is a dead media it has campaigned UPND by always reporting PF has done that Lungu has done that. They are not selling UPND manifesto and other activities.

  31. PF must really thank the illiterate people who vote for them! These are people who cannot see anything wrong with massive careless borrowing and who don’t know or understand anything about the state of our economy! To them its business as usual! If they can get a chitenge and a pack of shakers, they are home and dry, life continues! God have mess on your people

  32. PF must really thank the illiterate people who vote for them! These are people who cannot see anything wrong with massive careless borrowing and who don’t know or understand anything about the state of our economy! To them its business as usual! If they can get a chitenge and a pack of shakers, they are home and dry, life continues! God have mess on your people-

  33. For as long as the opposition – UPND, FDD, Milupi, Watchdog, Eric Chanda, Munkombwe, Mpezeni, Mmembe, continue to heap the worst of insults on Edgar and RB instead of engaging in constructive criticisms and providing checks and balances, there will be consequences. Call the Zambian voter foolish, illiterate and all the names you want – just remember that this is the same voter that has kept our country peaceful for 50 years.

  34. @Wanzelu, so in Mulobezi it was rigging that won the seat for PF while in Malambo and Petauke it was tribalism. Uhmm interesting, you must have a lot of fertile imagination still left in you!

    My worry for you is that losing the Mulobezi seat shows that the PF has gained a solid foothold in a UPND stronghold. I wish we could test Pemba or Mazabuka or Kalomo too!

    • Do you really mean you cant see what went wrong in Mulobezi? Didnt you see the massive voter buying by PF? Didn’t you hear or read about the gunning down and the arrest of UPND supporters on the the voting day? Are you really a Zambian or you are just an online hired gun? Shu mm… Even if you are in the diaspora it doesn’t mean that you are no longer a Zambian. Love your country and its people. It is clear that you taking every thing happening at home as a joke, shooting others in no laughing matter. One day you will be shocked to learn that your own family is directly and negatively affected and you will fail to laugh as you are doing now.

  35. You mean it was disapproval of the Pilato debacle by voters that lost UPND the crucial votes? Plausible….can’t rule that one out. In 2016, the voters will react in a similar way to teach the Post newspaper and all those who allow themselves to be used or abused by Mmembe a bitter lesson. Those who have ears hear me as you strategise for 2016!

  36. The under five should have lost even appetite and may not eat his lunch today.The useless online propaganda mouth piece for UP and Down including some well known news paper which is always writing lies about PF are ashamed.

    You cant fool the people of Zambia who are able to see the massive developments going on in the Country.

  37. stupid people dancing to continue wallowing in poverty, what a shame, I they are content with their stations in life

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