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Government dissolves NYDC Board following corruption allegations

Vincent Mwale Sports Minister at Nkana Golf Club
Vincent Mwale
Vincent Mwale Sports Minister at Nkana Golf Club
Vincent Mwale Sports Minister at Nkana Golf Club

Government has announced the dissolution of the National Youth Development Council Board with immediate effect.Youth and Sports Minister Vincent Mwale announced the development at a news briefing today.

Mr Mwale said the move is aimed at paving way for investigations into corruption allegations at NYDC involving Chairman Dr Savior Chishimba.

“The Council’s reputation and image has been questioned. Both electronic and print media have published and broadcasted a story questioning the integrity of the Council based on the allegations by TIZ that the NYDC Board have misused public resources,” Mr Mwale said.

He added, “Following public outcry over these allegations against NYDC, an institution regarded as principal advisor to Government on youth matters, I find it appropriate to dissolve the NYDC Board with immediate effect in order to pave way for investigations to be conducted by various security wings.”

Mr Mwale said a management team will continue with the day-to-day operations of the council.

Last month Transparency International Zambia gave Youth and Sport Permanent Secretary Agness Musunga a 72 hours notice to take appropriate action on well documented evidence of public funds wastage taking place at the National Youth Development Council (NYDC) which she has been fully aware of from 18th August 2014 when TIZ officially notified her in writing.

TIZ informed the PS that among the Auditor Generals findings and TIZ’s earlier reports are that the NYDC was involved in double payments to its Chairperson Saviour Chishimba amounting to K153, 134.41 which the Auditor General’s Office report have clearly stated that this was wasteful expenditure.

The report clearly showed that the total budget for the financial year ending December 31st 2014 for Board meetings was K154, 710. The report noted that the whole budget was applied towards the payment of the council Chairman’s allowances totaling K153, 134.41 (K95, 384.41 daily subsistence allowances and K57, 750 sitting allowances). That a total of K294, 596.37 representing 30% of the funds released to NYDC were applied on Dr Chishimba’s expenses against a Board Meetings budget of K154, 710.

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  1. The youth are always complaining about corrupt older Leaders, one hoped organisations representing youth development would be free from corrupt practice.

    Our future is doomed.

    • Any one know if Mwale is hitched? He is so fine. He makes me clutch my pearls every time I see him.

    • If HH had a face like Vincent Mwale’s, he would be president by now. I can vote for Vincent a thousand times without even a manifesto!

    • @Kolwe, no one says a word when you guys swoon over a picture of a pretty girl. Vincent Mwale is eye candy, period. You can call all us girls complementing Vincent as hules,prostitutes, katobanganda, street walker, bit-tch, Zambia opener, iswau…it still won’t change the fact that Vincent is fine!

  2. Good decision and I hope the people with the youth at heart will be appointed. Meanwhile intensive investigations but be done without sweeping anything under the carpet. Well done Vincent.

  3. Is it Dr Chishimba or Dr Mwambwa ba Lusaka times. So Vincent chose to dissolve we shall wait and see.

  4. All these corrupt scandals my question is who appointed such people with questionable character into these organizations?
    The investigating wings can only come out when issues are raised in the media?
    How much resources are we losings as the county thorough these cadres cry my beloved country?

  5. WHAT’S NEW??
    The whole country is failing, & rotting, while Government officials make decisions that only benefit their families & bellies. Corrupt officials are acquitted by corrupt judges, & corrupt imprisoned officials are pardoned by fellow corrupt leaders. The country cannot sustain a continuous 24hrs flow of electricity, despite having the best hydro electric potential on the continent. Contracts are are awarded to cadre’s wives & girlfriends, who run away with the cash before completing the work they were supposed to undertake. Medical institutions are ROTTEN TO THE CORE, hence our leaders evacuate themselves abroad, @ the slightest hint of a headache, or itch.
    Keep Voting for these Criminals, & You will be happy.

  6. When did PF abhor corruption?? They just felt they do not have enough PF cadres on the board of management and want to infuse some

  7. Let us just sell the country back to the British. As long as they do not oppress us or make us buy through the windows in shops. I cant trust our own any more. Do you think corruption will end with our own, people are paying money direct to police officers for traffic offences and there is no word from the Police command,all appears normal. Not even a strategy in draft form of how to end this vice. Or to even say we will match traffic offence amounts to what is affordable(bribes), or something, completely nothing. I hear the monies collected are shared with seniors, meaning it is ‘legal’, it will continue, the legalised parrallel payment method(LPPM) for traffic offences

  8. And when do we dissolve government due to corruption to pave way for investigations into cabinet messing up the country???

  9. Well done handsome young man, just as you indicate that and I quote..”Both electronic and print media have published and broadcasted a story questioning the integrity of the Council based on the allegations by TIZ that the NYDC Board have misused public resources,” ..in the same vein let the findings and action taken be in the uplic domain. We shall keep asking/reminding you on this one.

  10. Do we still have the Anti Corruption Commission? Iam not aware of any case of corruption they unearthed and successfully prosecuted. It seems the press are doing this job…efficiently I may add.

    • 90% of the PF government is corrupt, so is ACC. You can not investigate your boss. The best that can happen in the fight against corruption is to have an official whistles blowing media, where citizens can report corruption anonymously.

  11. Ka Saviour Chimbwili thot he was smart, and we know how you got that job. Work well done Vincent. That fool wanted to drag innocent and hard working people in the mud, all along baby elephant supported you but there is owez the end no matter what.

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