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Government is lying to the people of Zambia about load shedding-Nawakwi


Edith Nawakwi
Edith Nawakwi

FDD leader Edith Nawakwi says Government should not be lying to the people that the increased load shedding is due to low water levels at the Kariba dam as that is far from the truth and has further accused government of using the utility company as a cash till for government salaries.

Speaking when she featured on a live discussion program on UNZA Radio Thursday, the opposition leader said the country is facing increased load shedding due to the ineptitude of the current leadership in government.

She explained that the lowest levels of water in the Kariba was in 1994 but the country did not have such an increase in load shedding.

“By the way this story that there is no water in the Kariba is just a story because I was Minister of Energy and I must remind people that in 1994 we had no rains for two consecutive years and we didn’t have this nonsense. The problem that we have now is that this government has made ZESCO a cash till were they walk in and collect money to pay government salaries and therefore when ZESCO needs cash to buy transformers and repairs have to be done they have no cash.”

And the opposition leader says it is “nonsensical” for the minister of finance to tell NAPSA to buy shares in ZCCM using pensioners money.

“It is nonsensical for the Minister of Finance and I want to be very strong here, for him to ask NAPSA to buy shares in ZCCM using pensioners money which money we know that when they receive, ZCCM is just a conduit of getting money from NAPSA back to the Ministry of Finance,” she noted.

And the opposition leader has advised government to listen to the advise from out going World Bank country rep on the economic outlook of the nation.

“I urge the PF Government to listen to the out going World Bank country rep’s last words, they may not listen to Edith Nawakwi, I plead with you my brothers and sisters in PF, I plead with you the Minister of Defence honorable Edgar Lungu read and understand the statement from the former resident rep of the world bank.”

Meanwhile, Speaker of National Assembly Patrick Matibini on Tuesday told Parliament that Minister of Mines, Energy and Water Development Christopher Yaluma will this week issue a ministerial statement on the ongoing countrywide load shedding of power.

Dr Matibini said this after Chadiza member of Parliament Allan Mbewe (MMD) raised a point of order on whether Government was in order to keep quiet while there is massive load shedding.
“Why is the minister quiet when load shedding has gone to the worst?” Mr Mbewe asked.

In response, Dr Matibini said the minister has been communicating with his office over the matter.

“According to our business, I’m expecting a statement either tomorrow [today] or at the very latest Friday. So it is a matter that is receiving attention,” Dr Matibini said.


  1. Our lost PF ruling party,
    Who art in control
    Loser be thy name
    May thy freefall be done
    Thy weakdom come again
    Your free education be done by MMD
    As it is in your promise
    Give us this day our rationed maize
    As we forgive your incompetence
    And lead us not into power blackouts
    But deliver us from your lazy appointees
    For thine is your habit
    Thy arrogance is your name
    For every and every 5years,Amen.

    • What Ms.Nawakwi is saying makes a lot of sense. The increased load shading lies squarely on Edgar Lungu and PF. Who appointed that clown Father Frbk Bwalya as Board Chair at ZESCO. What strategic decisions can Frank preside over. There is more to this load shading than meets the eye. Why has this incompetent Edgar led PF done nothing to mitigate the Power Failure (PF) when warning bells of impending ZESCO catastrophe were rang by HH several months ago?

    • All you dulll chaps above. Don’t just support foolishh statements. Analyse we hear your analysis. Was the population in 1994 same as today, 21 years later…simple logic. Previous governments have not expanded power generation to correspond to population increase. At least PF is expanding the kariba north bank. So don’t just support this bitter, dull and pompous for nothing vuvuzela of an economist.

    • Ms Nawakwi is at best lost in time or at worst incapable to dymanic analysis of events. She seems fond of reminding everyone about her time in government but does not appear to remember what she was doing. She is comparing two very different times in the economy of Zambia; In 1994, Zambia was facing its worst economic phase in recent history with industries closing every day. Today the economic activity is vibrant and demand for electricity has grown substantially without a corresponding increase in supply. In a nutshell that is why there is loadshedding. It has nothing to do with Fr Bwalya, Nawakwi not being a minister anymore or the ZESCO CEO.

    • Sometimes i think Edith says the truth but the problem is she like talking even if it is not the right time but she is better than alot of opposition leaders and i think she can be an asset in any Government ,please PF look at this woman and give her a job i know how African politics work Edith will never say no to a job.

    • Madam Nawakwi,how many mines were here in 1994?what was the consumption rate of power ?Think twice before you talk.Politics must be constructive not just talk so that you be heard. Am so disappointed

    • What Nawakwi is forgetting is that it has been 21 years since she was minister of energy and a lot has changed since. Investments that demand electricity have come into the country; the number of households connect to electricity has more than tripled, mines are more and add to that, the demand from countries we export to also has also increased. BUT the generation of power has not increased with the same proportion that demand has increased. She can’t claim that the government is lying. She is playing cheap politics.

    • This chi woman is lucky that she went through a classroom, otherwise with those looks she wouldn’t even make a grade in Prostitution! Kuipa!Bwetu bwetu as a vuvuzela for the post and trying so hard to remain relevant in politics atase!

    • Can ZESCO do a conducted tour with reporters to the various electricity generating points to show us how last years rains have affected their power generating capabilities.Madam Nawakwi appears to have a point which ZESCO should respond to with facts as suggested herein.

    • I love it when politicians sound so SANCTIMONIOUS after leaving office. Nawakwi was, as she always likes to brag, a cabinet minister (Finance at that) so why on God’s earth didn’t she do anything to expand ZESCO’s capacity? She surely can’t claim that ZESCO’s problems just cropped up within the four years PF has been in Govt. I remember plenty of load shading during MMD and UNIP era too. The frequency may have been less due to lower demand, but still!

      The MMD she once belonged to spent 20 years in Govt with very little to show for in terms of power generation infrastructure. If she can at least point to projects she helped finance as minister in anticipation for the current electricity demands, SHE MAY BE EXCUSED. But certainly Nawakwi is as guilty as the rest of them.

    • Swine before you insult, look at Nawakwi’s young photos. She has always been a babe, with curves to match. We don’t know what you look like, but from your bitter rant we know you are just average.

    • There is nothing like going back to your land.Houses were sold hence people are building on daily basis.Who wants to be renting for his entire life.Madam don’t show your dullness on something u lack knowledge of.

  2. Iwe muzimai hold your breath. honestly tell the people the truth the whole region is affected. In 1994 what was the population of Lusaka? Zambians travel they know in some countries it’s even worse.

    • Chris,
      You are a nut head. So if other countries in the region are load shedding then Zambia should copy. You are inept in your thinking. Allow independent power producers to sell power to ZESCO’s national grid, while you build new power plants. If you understand why Zambia doesn’t need to have load shedding problems given the number of rivers we have you will realise how incompetent all successive governments after the re-introduction of multi-party politics have been…

    • *****, do you know that Zambia has more water bodies than the rest of the regions for you to compare with them.
      And if we had put right leaders in power we would have been making forex by exporting. We would not even continuously depend on mining companies pay Tax, who are ever stealing us.

    • Chris
      So its ok for your wife to prostitute for cash whenever there is no money in your house just because your neigbour’s wife does the same?
      Go to Kariba and see for yourself if its true the dam has no water. I am sure you are just a .stupid PF carder who does not understand how strategic Zesco is to our economy. For your information, what PF is doing to Zesco is exactly what KK and UNIP did to our mines in the 70s and 80s. Without sufficient energy to feed our industries Zambia can go bankrupt soon and everybody will suffer, especially carders like you.

    • @mangishomaawaya and Mandingo, chill. Relax. mangishomaawaya, what you need to know is that water bodies don’t always tranlate to power.

    • @ Ex-UPND Cadre, I didn’t suggest having rivers means each river can have a dam. There are so many alternatives, solar, wind, coal and even nuclear powered stations. We have several rivers where dams can be built in Zambia but typical to the begging we have been used to, we want some donor country to come and build us another kariba. ZESCO is failing to provide electricity to a country with 13 million people with their electricity coverage probably at 50% of that population is that something you should defend and glorify. In our country we condone incompetence and we will continue to be at the bottom of the poorest countries because we lack visionary leadership in politicsm, business, clergy, socially etc

    • Chris and others . Get you get what Nawakwi is trying to say. Dont just read. Firstly Chris we are not a region but Zambia and so we should look at our issues as such before we include the so called region. What Nawakwi is saying is that the story of water is not on! She has put to you that 1994 was the time we had the lowest water levels and no such levels of load shedding was experienced. Admittedly infrastructure development to increase power output which were started by MMD have been “slow” (due to proper planning) but now enter PF with their uncoordinated development we find ourselves in this situation. This is what NawaKwi is trying to say and challenge the poment should come out with the truth of the matter and explain to the zambians. ZESCO should explain technically not this…

  3. Mum nawaki we have by far increasd in terms for demand for energy. In 1994 people need less energy in there homes, this is the 21st century. By the way is zambia the only country suffering from load sheding. Iwe chi mayo you are slowing ingaging into cheap politics.

    • So, in Burundi and Congo there is war, does it mean we in Zambia should start starving. if your neighbor neglects his family will your follow his habit? This poverty of thinking characteristic of PF (poor failure) is dangerous. We have 40% of water in the region and our water levels are low! Give me a break.

    • Mr PF carder do you know that the bread you eat comes from wheat and that in Zambian wheat is grown through irrigation because the season runs from May to the end of August when we don’t have rains? Do you know our annual consumption of wheat?

    • at bumble bee
      going by your analysis, if the demand has increased, why did they not plan ahead, simple, no foresight and you seem to be supporting this nonsense. you cannot be partisan about these important issues as it affects everyone.

    • @ Really
      That’s excatly the same question people here have! If she served in the MMD which ruled for 20 years, as Minister of Energy and Finance (very important portofolios), WHAT did she do to help in the mitigation of such future challenges? 3.5 years of PF’s rule should not attract such scathing attacks from a lady who had a chance to do something about it but decided instead not to do anything! To me this is hypocrisy.

  4. Aka nakeve ka mayo ka vuvuzela kaba post. Barking like a rabid dog every phaking day. I live in siavonga. The water levels if you ask any local are very low now. Why can’t she check. Now I kno she is just barking without facts. She needs a veterinary. The population in 1994 and the people connected then cannot be compared to 2015 (21 years later) when the population and people connected have increased without significant expansion of power generation. What kind of economists are these and who makes them kansi. And don’t remind us everyday how you were minister cos ur not on record like magande of having perfomed. You messed up things. Did you build any power station as is currently been done by expanding the north bank power station? Don’t be a loud mouth for nothing.

    • If this is the caliber of thinking of an average Zambian we are in serious trouble!! Shoot the whistle blower!!! How is it that countries like Israel which is mostly desert can grow citrus fruits that require lots of water…no-one these days sits around for rain to fall to function,they innovate.Government has been misusing ZESCO funds thats the take home message here.And that expansion of the North Bank you are singing about was started by the MMD government.Such projects take very long to implement and just because you finally see implementation phase during the PF era doesn’t make it a brain child of PF!!Please Zambians jack up!Stop exposing your ignorance on blogs.

    • Ex-moma, have you ever heard of nuclear power. Israel has that. Does Zambia have the capacity to generate using nuclear energy? You can answer that question.

  5. The problem with some of you bloggers is that you think that when we advise the gove ernment, we are insulting.

    The truth is that our country is going into an economic crisis because of having presidents like Edgar Lungu who are evil minded.

    • In your second paragraph you then go and insult the president. Your first was good, but the second makes you sound bitter.

    • And she thinks ‘evil’ minded people do not need electricity.
      That aside, I believe the thermal gen coming at maamba is a viable alternative. But I still insist that govt zero-rate solar energy gadgets and paraphernalia import duty. It may just put some pressure off of ZESCO

  6. we all blame government like we blame Satan when we sin. Lets change our altitudes and become more proactive in what we do.

    • @ Kays

      Great words from you.

      Can you also change your attitude by saying what, where and how instead of be apologetic for inept and criminal attitude of the elected officials?

    • lol!!!!!! we like pointing fingers to each other and you Aleshaday when you become a minister, you will just be the same as Kaingu or Chikwanda

    • @Kays, GRZ has to be blamed becoz building a power plant takes time. If ZESCO operated without GRZ interference, they would be in a better position to supply electricity countrywide and by that I mean every household. GRZ milks the monies it brings in without even setting aside capital to build more power plants. Electricity is big business and if we had able leaders, we would be selling to the entire SADC. I blame GRZ. In EU countries, they had similar challenges with power utility firms. They allowed independent power producers to supply and sell their electricity to parastatals [in this case sell to ZESCO] while it builds new power plants. GRZ needs to do that so that in the short term load shedding will disappear and ZESCO can be allowed to building new power plants. Invest, Invest

  7. Where i stay, population of houses has grown 4 or 5 times since 1994. So where there were 1000 houses, there now 4000 or 5000 more houses. The answers here are very clear. Madam Nawakwi, slow down and be wise. What you have articulated is like telling a child to walk to school 6 km from your home because you yourself were walking 10 km to school in 1975. This is not 1994 but 2015. Not only households have increased, but also businesses. Surely look at Manda hill, Arcades, Levy Park, Copperhill and Mukuba Mall in Kitwe and Jacaranda in Ndola to name a few. Madam Nawakwi, did you have these in your 1994? Be wise madam and criticize correctly.

    • It’s seems very easy to convince a Zambian to live in deplorable poor situations,while you steal from them. The population has grown to no surprise of anyone Zesco included.Plans should have been put in place to cater for population growth and erratic rainfall due to climate change.Lets talk about government officials using ZESCO as a cash till now.Is that practice right? Don’t just tackle one point Nawakwi raised talk about the plunder and misuse of YOUR resources by your beloved PF -infintu ni Lungu

    • In a way you agree with Ms Nawakwi that the GRZ’s excuse for the current load-shedding is a mere smoke screen. The real reason is that ZESCO is not proactive hence caught napping this time round. It is wrong, if it is true, to use ZESCO as the GRZ’s milk cow. Incidentally what did the outgoing World Bank country representative say about Zambia? I hope Zambia will not find itself in Greece’s situation.

    • Also when she was in government why didn’t she foresee this and improve Zesco capacity and its sources?

    • Ex-moma, show the evidence of how the state is using ZESCO as a cash till so that we can believe you. If you are just going to speculate, sorry I won’t listen to you. You will just be in the same category as Nawakwi, HH and all the politicians who just speculate. You are actually being more Zambian right now because Zambians LOOOVE speculations and rumor mongering.

    • Its true the number of housing units has increased since 1994 but don’t you think this has translated into more revenue for Zesco?

      Back then Zesco used to supply power first then struggle for months or even years to make collections due from its clients. Now, with the introduction of prepaid metres, there is almost no loss of cash flow. There is zero bad debt because customers pay for electricity before consuming it.

      Zesco has no excuse for failing to plan and invest in various none hydropower electricity generation projects to mitigate the effects of global warming.

  8. Politicians amaze me. The population of consumers has increased 100 times so what happened in 1994 can not be a yard stick. Before one opens her mouth she must exhaust all possibilities. To you have more townships and all these have been supplied with Zesco power. In my town we had only two townships i.e. Mine and Council and less than 10,000 consumers. Today we have four new townships and over 35,000 consumers which means the demand has also increased. What is required here is to find ways to ensure that increased demand does not affect smooth supply. Calling other people nonsensical shows that TA WAFUNDWA.

    • Ba Ndanje Khaks, we have already established, mulichikopo. PF, if they were serious, in the 4 years they have been in power they would have built two Thermal Power stations. It only takes 22months to build a Thermal Power station that would have catered for the increased population. Planning for the future entails considering all variables. But we are dealing with Cimbwi No Plan power failure (PF)

    • Obatara ndiwe chikopo! And why was that not done in the 20 year rule of the MMD? You guys are just bitter that you are not in power! As for Nawakwi, she should not even brag about her previous ministrial positions for she never performed but instead knocked off the government in the Carlington mazie saga…kakawalala kamuzimai!

    • Obatala, why didn’t MMD build 5 thermal power plants. PF has at least built roads, two universities. Say what, say what now?

  9. By the way when Levy was prosecuting Chiluba for plunder, why did let this vixen go scot free on the Carrington Maize scandal?

  10. Failure to admit shortcomings is failure to plan ahead and this has come to light when the President said he has no vision for Zambia.
    Now that we have accused God of poor rains none of the goverment officials has said the way foreward if God denies us rains again this year with the shooting of innocent lives the country will continue on this path way?
    one of the useless Ministers of PF said loadshelding will end in 2014 but to the opposite.
    This is how God punishes the unGodly,he took away the chief tribalist SATA from Zambia to save the country and expect more punishment as a country.
    Thank God as you are best judge and you always punish the wicked.

  11. They need good and sharp brains in the field of planning and management.What kind of economists/Financial analysts do they have????
    ZESCO employ me as your economist and planner.

    • They only employ relatives and tribesmen/women in Zesco. As a result they cannot think out out of the box. Good luck! But I doubt if they will employ you going by your name.

  12. She is Saying,”In 1994 we had no rains for two consecutive years and we didn’t have this nonsense”. Now is she telling me that the power usage in 1994 is equal to that of today???

  13. How was the demand of electricity that tym in 1994 wen u were a Minister and now 2015 wen ur in opposition does it justify your comment.

  14. Ms Nawakwi….

    1994 was 21 years ago the dinamics in Zambia have changed….
    Lusaka has grown triple the size it was then…. the mines are in full operation now as then the where not. Industry has increased by 400%.
    most houses in high density areas have electricity more house holds have sttoves fridges other electrical appliances so really

    As a former minister and opp leader talk sence not just bla bla bla…

    • In 21 years electricity generating equipment has increased in efficiency a million fold. President Nawakwi has a point.

  15. Ba Nawakwi bushe ubu ule bwenu bukamifisha kwi everyone knows that there was no enough rains even the kafue river us no enough water and U want to take us back to Carrington maize

  16. The dynamics of the city of Lusaka have changed since 1994.

    Industries have grown,

    Mines have grown/expanded, with new ones opened.

    More Rural areas have been electrified.

    This is why amawomen, sometimes te sana.

  17. I would like to believe the govt. But they have deceived on too many occasions. You busy arguing, yet you dont even know the difference in water levels at this time and last year.

  18. Generally, I notice bloggers sympathizing with years of incompetence and poor planning. Populations in well organized countries increase with proportionate increase in infrastructure and service capacity. We have had agreements signed for all sorts of expansion and improvements to our facilities but these have, in reality, turned out to be maintenance projects of existing, often inadequate facilities. It is time we put our foot down and demand real action from our government instead of allowing them to be incompetent while we applaud their mindless actions!

    • At least the PF government are trying their best to respond to modern challenges of population dynamics. Yes they are overborrowing but we are seeing where that money goes. Who wouldn’t want to drive his car on a good road! In MMD times it was a nightmare for car owners to drive on Zambian roads! We are seeing them trying hard to expand power generating stations.


    • It takes 22 months to build a thermal plant. So what are you saying? PF has been in power for 4 years and for a period they had Frank Bwalya as Board Chairman, do u believe he made decisions in your interest? They also have Bishop Chomba as Chairman at the Water Authority, another disaster in the making ( and it is ok because our neighboring countries are also suffering) . I have never heard people in Botswana wanting to import our poverty

  19. What stops people from investing in power generation? Just like we’re having billionaires from the private sector coming after our abundant raw materials for cement making and the minerals, why don’t we have others coming after our power generating resources? Why don’t we have more companies like Ndola Energy coming up? Is GRZ frustrating such investments or is the citizenry too lazy or too dependent on GRZ to partner with financial institutions to build companies like Ndola Energy?

    • Those are some the very pertinent questions we expect those in opposition to be asking Government Pembamoto,but instead they are preoccupied with Nega Nega formula! Why should allow the Chinese to invest in logging and not energy sector? Sad but true when one bloger said OPPOSITION died with Sata’s ascendancy to Presidency. All the rest are just jokers!

  20. Nawakwi is right. Given her background, its very obvious to anyone with average IQ that she making her comparison of 1994 and 2015 in proportionate terms.

    Whatever the cause, this load shedding in our Country is not going away anytime soon. So, additionally we definitely need to look at ENERGY STORAGE as we go into the future. Put simply, just as we collect water in containers and put up water Tanks when there is water rationing, and just as we dig wells or sink boreholes to get water, or collect rain water via roof tops, we can do the same with energy. This involves every one of us with property in Zambia. This can obviously be at homestead level, community level, company level, and National level. Nothing new in this as some already know and have made inroads already, because…

    • Cont’d …because its being done in other Countries, like here in UK. So no need to re-invent the wheel. The good news is, with advancement in technology, we can now ‘collect’ energy from ZESCO ,(or from solar panels) in appropriate containers. E.g. a household can do with a 10kWh flat wall mounted lithium ion pack (Costs approx K30,000 ex-works, 10 year warranty, just over half the height of a door and as wide, 100kg, throw in an inverter and you are good to go.). A couple of these will do for a small factory. Can do three-phase of course.

      As a matter of fact you could treat this load shedding as an incentive to go into this sort of business.

    • And your IQ is too low to realise that if she was proactive at the time she was energy minister these problems would not be there today. How many power stations did your **** build when she was minister? Go and ask her!

  21. Even the increase in the retirement age is just a way of government trying to use pensioners, money for their benefits. It does not make sense for one to work for up to 60 years…why? When does one plan? After working for so long one has to retire at least at 55 years except for professionals like Doctors, Lawyers and probably the Teaching staff…..though the later should also leave room for new ideas even them needs to our children. Guys work up and fight this other wise the children will ever be on the streets. They are trying to change the age so that they run away from paying NAPSA and the likes… this is hurting every time i think about it asssh…

    • Dr FINSHI! Some growing up won’t do you any harm. Stop arguing from without. Ifya retirement age forget. At the point you talk about ‘planning’ is where you lose it all. Planning after retirement? Then you are just like Lady Nawakwi: thinking about alternative power generation 21years after leaving office. Zambians, plz, let us go solar. If Chikwanda can lift all duty from solar power gadgets, pressure can be put off of Zesco.

  22. Anybody who believes that the World Bank is all knowing andhas the interest of the nation at heart and, should be listened to is a real 1diot. Search the web and listen to confessions of the World Banks Economic Hitmen.

    Nawakwi’s remarks in the statement above confirm to me that she is not fit to be President. If she has information that ZESCO is shedding load due to plant breakdown, then let her reveal the details. This would be perjury and sufficient grounds to dismiss ZESCO’s management team immediately.

    • True if she knows something lets get the details. As the World Bank, those people in business to make money.

  23. Stop supporting this gvt f00lishly. They are making huge and expensive mistakes and we all need to remind them of their mistakes. Stop yapping anyhow supporting load shedding at your own peril. Zesco received huge investment just two years ago to solve load shedding issues, is this the investment we were looking for?
    There are a lot of thieves in this gvt.Big thieves

  24. “Politics is the only art whose artists regularly disown their masterpieces.” ? Raheel Farooq

    Ms Nawakwi you are part of this problem! What did you do when you were Minister of Energy to avert this crisis? Nothing! You could not see beyond your nose and now you want to sound clever.

    What a buffoon this woman is

  25. Madam naimwe, i thought you are an economist. We had lower demand of power in your era hence load shedding was manageable during the two drought years. There are many structures now that are connected than during your years. Kambakoni vinangu. Yes PF has lamentably failed but convince us with logic

  26. Nawakwi is wrong and no need to waste time with this prostitute of the Past. I live in Ndola. In 1994, we did not have Pamozdi extension, Hilcrest extension, Twapia extension, Kansenshi extension, Nkwazi extension, Ndeke extension, Ndola Commando extension.
    This township expansion is taking place nearly in all towns in Zambia.
    Then we talk of mines, How many new mines have come on board. In Ndola we have 3 big cement companies. Ask Nawakwi how many mines were in Solwezi when she was minister. This woman is leaking with gonorrhea. please keep your akalindi. we fed up. If this is the opposition, i would rather consider hypnotized hyena if not may be mulliokela

    • In fact even Kansanshi Mine was mothballed at that time. Simply there was no operating mine then.

  27. Zambia should listen to what Edith is saying she means well the problem we have is that we have a government which believes in cadres. Cadres are corrupt and believe in eat while the sun shines cadres are not interested in anyone except themselves. There saying is what do i get out of this. That is why the district commissioners will never perform because the are cadres the must behave like the party in power. Levy tried to distance himself from cadres Edgar has embraced them with his heart. let us wait and see, Zambia will still vote with the cadres as winners because the rest are reactive rather than proactive your ego will note vote go and vote for a better Zambia. Otherwise cadres will rule.

  28. What Nawikwi is saying about Zesco being a GRZ cash machine is true but what she is not telling us is when did Zesco start being a cash machine. Nawakwi has first hand information because when she was in GRZ 20 years ago she was part of the system that withdrew money from Zesco and this trend has continued. She must start by admitting this fact first. If Zesco was left to operate profitably by UNIP, MMD and now PF we would not be having these issues. All these three governments have used Zesco and other parastatal companies as a ATM machine, to employ relative and cadres. They are all guilty and are still guilty by sugar quoting the truth. Comparing 1994 to 2015 is also insane an hypocritical on the part of Edith but aren’t all politicians in Zambia the same?

  29. People here are just dull or is it PF Cadres!! Botswana is half desert there is no load shedding, Zambia has 40% of the water in SADC and shouldn’t have this problem. Saudi Arabia is mostly desert there is no load shedding. In a normal country this shouldn’t be happening and there are no excuses that explain it. You who think the explanation makes sense are the reason why Africa is so backward. You like dodging school that’s the problem. Those who say even South Africa its happening read up don’t just parrot government propaganda, the reason is mismanagement and lack of investment.

  30. Some people don’t understand why we elect leaders. Let me spell it out. It is to plan and manage the affairs of the country. The economy is one of them and this same economy depends on electricity. electricity DEMANDS HAVE INCREASED YES! But isn’t that why we have a govt in place to plan for expansions and other sources of electricity? It is not Edgar Lungu and his PF leading the country into a ditch, IT IS THE USELESS PEOPLE WHO VOTED FOR THEM, EVEN WHEN EL (bless him for his frankness) SAID ” I HAVE NO VISION FOR THIS COUNTRY” I hope I have communicated.

    • Please just give suggestions instead of insulting voters. If you belong to any of the opposition parties, I am sorry you have lost my vote.

    • The people that have resorted to insults are UPND because of frustration and bitterness. Insults do not win elections.

  31. For me really, I think this is just the work of the Almighty. Those saying the PF Govt has some hidden agenda are actually doubting that God works in mysterious ways.
    Low water levels is a clear sign of the existence of God the Father Almighty. God the Father Almighty did not send enough rains for a reason. PF does not manufacture
    rain. The best we can do is get down on our knees and pray that it rains. Otherwise to prove that he is there, God will leave us in the dark

  32. Is Ms Nawakwi still an Economist or she is now a farmer cum politician? If I did not know her, I would not believe that she is an Economist. The increase in national power demand have been well articulated by other bloggers. I just want to add that:
    1. the demand for power in 2015 is double what it was in 1994 when Edith was minister of energy
    2. In 1994 Zambia imported power from the region in order to meet the deficit; this is not possible now because everyone in the region has deficit
    3. what is required is to build more power stations, can Edith tell us what power stations she added during her time in government? Or she should tell us what plans she left in place to build more power stations?

    What kind of economist is she who cannot understand basic things like growth,…

    • Only someone who has a deliberate agenda can contradict what you are saying. Without defending the current government it is only fair to remember that we have had 6 presidents and therefore we should find out why such suggestions could not be implemented. Currently roads are being improved by using borrowed money and there is this outcry against nkongole. So should we assume that these improvements were shunned for fear of nkongole or just shear laziness on part of Zesco management/GRZ? We have learnt a lesson from which those in charge can pick a leaf or two.

    • As your family grows its a must that you consider alternative means to grow your income also so at to adequately carter for your family’s growing needs.

  33. … economist who has never heard of basic theory like population growth, economic growth, supply and demand etc? And she wants to lead this country my gosh! Thank you God for rejecting these charlatans whose only interest is to get into power……it should now be clear to doubting Thomas why God gave us Edgar Chagwa Lungu, and not those charlatans and pretenders whose names appeared on the ballot papers!

  34. Its not about political parties, its about making leaders accountable for what they said they would do once elected. The problem in Zambia is cadres want to treat leaders as if they’re the almighty who should be worshiped. Honestly, do you want your children to grow up in this kind of mess just because you like the people in power even when they’re not doing much??Ms Nawakwi is right!

  35. Nawakwi and other leaders must learn to talk with numbers at that level and not talk like cadres!! what was the load vs Generation (power usage based on industrial activities) compared to now. where is the evidence the government is paying workers from Zesco?

  36. Ms Naomi, there are two aspects to my comment: the power issue and the political issue. The power issue are facts, whereas we can play around with the political issues if you like.
    Facts are facts, whether or not you think that I am a graduate of Chawama primary school or not. Lay down your facts if you have any.

  37. Stanley

    I call you a little liar. There is no country in the SADC region that is not load shedding. Botswana has load shedding just as South Africa. You bloggers seem to have not travelled about the SADC region. Electricity is just not enough in this region to share as required. hence the massive investments by nearly all the countries in the region. Zambia imports and exports power to and from Congo, Botswana and even South Africa, Zimbabwe and Botswana.

  38. But zesco has money why dont Zesco buy tankers so that these can be used in times of natural crisis?For example tankers can be used to draw water from oceans and supply this water to zesco reseviors hence electricity generation continues otherwise we have no option.This is july what more when there will be too much sun when the water will be drying up examples of months like september,October and November.

    • Kekekekekekekekeeeeeeeeee but Kalulu walipena iwe yaaaaa…you have made my day!…what substance are you abusing yaa awe mwee!

  39. Nawakwi is full of envy for EL……She better tone down because the way you offer criticism matters.

  40. Ms Nawakwi was not just a Minister of Finance and Energy in MMD, she was an economist in Ministry of Energy before joining politics. In 1990s Zambia should have invested in alternative sources such as coal and others but did not. She failed? Today she is talking foolishness and yet that is part of her “foolishness” for failing to have foresight regarding impact of liberalization and privatization.

    Nawakwi new only how to privatize companies but not how to plan for power for the companies that is why now the opened up economy is faced with huge power shortage.

    Now I have also noted the debate here is just ZESCO none of the debate is talking of inviting other investors to set up generation facilities surely the power deficit cannot be bridged by ZESCO alone

  41. Indeed the population of Zambia is not the same as in 1994 just as consumption has greatly jumped. Nawakwi was content in 1994 because the current decaying ZESCO generating power plants managed to cope and as a result, Nawakwi and her colleagues did not even think of expanding the then existing power generating infrastructure – unable to see beyond her nose.

    Initially, when Nawakwi started (although a husband grabber), I thought she would make a difference, but her hate and envy speeches have put me off. No wonder most FDD die-hard supporters are silent because their torch-bearer is a disappointment.

    If you think that your hate and envy speeches will propel you to Plot 1, forget it Iwe Pimpula of a University Graduate.

    Of-course the Imperialists will put food on your table.

  42. Nawakwi is intelligent and is right.The problem we have is that most Zambians are used to poor standards and accept any lies and INEFFICIENCIES.Yes there ARE more industries and population has increased so is the income foR Zesco to improve and increase the source of power but the poverty minded Zambians accept lies,When Sata was alive this nosense load shedding was reduced so much but now all money we pay Zesco is not being invested in Zesco because a big brother some where is grabbing Zesco money hence the excessive load shedding.

  43. i remember we had drought in 1992 (remember yellow maize)and there was load shedding. 23 years later, more economic activities and low rainfall, dont you expect load shedding

  44. She could be right but the main reason is that the cracking wall at Kariba dam can not hold so much pressure hence they have to release quiet a lot of water to manage the pressure. I hope they could just tel the truth unlike treating us like kids.

  45. Honestly am disappointed in the way we pass comments what surprises me even those from diaspora are commenting like villagers. We are not supporting a football club here, but your life and your children’s future life, mind the way you comment. What matters is not what some one side or did or what someone did not do, but what we can do to prevent what is happening. In order to prevent what is happening we have to find what caused it and why did we let this to happen and who is responsible for the happenings. So Ms. Nawakwi has started the ball rolling. Let not blame her but there is nothing wrong with questioning someone even the court does that. Let the government answer. It is poor one to suffer not her she is rich. So let comment wisely otherwise I ma hate at the way we comment.

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