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Mulobezi motorists cry for fuel service station


Manjoro Filling Station the only fuel station in Lukulu District in Western Province owned by an individual.
Manjoro Filling Station the only fuel station in Lukulu District in Western Province owned by an individual.

Motorists in Mulobezi district of Western province have bemoaned the lack of a fuel service station in the area.

The motorists said the situation deprives the people of Mulobezi a chance to conduct business properly.

David Swaswa, a motorist operating in the district told ZANIS in an interview that he is forced to travel a long distance of over 200 kilometres to buy fuel for his vehicle.

Mr. Swaswa complained that he is sometimes forced to buy the commodity from the ‘black market’ at an exorbitant price.

He has since appealed to government through the Ministry of Energy and WaterDevelopment and the Energy Regulatory Board (ERB) to consider establishing a filling station in the district to ease the burden of the motorists and other users who use fuel to run generators and kerosene for light in homes.

“Fuel here in Mulobezi district is scarce to find. We buy it from either Livingstone or Sesheke districts and sometimes in neighbouring Namibia when we run out here. The commodity here is only found on the black market as you know we don’t have a filling station here,” he explained.

John Nyambe, a taxi driver said he buys petrol in Sesheke, which is about 150 kilometres away to fetch for the commodity.

Mr. Nyambe said there was need for government to set up a fuel service station in the district.

However, authorities in Mulobezi district have called on the residents to be patient because they were aware of the many challenges the people were facing.

Mulobezi District Council Secretary (CS) Mwananika Kabaso said in a separate interview that plans to set a service station in the area were underway.

Mr. Kabaso has assured that government was in a hurry to develop the district in all sectors of the economy that include energy, education, health and roads.

He said government through the Ministry of Finance has released over K50 million for infrastructure development in Mulobezi district.

Mr. Kabaso said a modern bus station, a council guest house and housing units will be constructed before the end of this year.

He added that the council has received funds from the Local Authority Superannuation Fund for building the council guest house to raise income for the local authority.

Earlier, Mulobezi District Commissioner (DC) Vivian Mubukwanu said government cannot single-handedly resolve all the socio-economic development challenges in the country.

Mr. Mubukwanu explained that the private sector should therefore get involved in finding a viable solution as the country embarks on a path of economic development.
He said government’s vision 2030 of becoming a prosperous middle-income country and to develop the over 30 newly created districts, including Mulobezi, cannot be realised in a short period of time.

“It should be noted that this is not just government’s problem but a corporate governance issue which basically involves balancing the interests of the many stakeholders that include shareholders, management, customers, suppliers, financiers, government and the
community,” Mr. Mubukwanu explained.

He has since appealed to the business community in the district to partner with government and other stakeholders to develop Mulobezi.


  1. Your government will provide for you, you have shown faith in them so now shut up and wait for your “development”.

  2. Cry no more Mulobezi, you have now voted wisELy! No doubt you will reap accordingly. Ifintu ni PamaFi!

  3. Fifty years after so-called Independence and all the do is cast votes for useless representatives, who, after promising things they know they cannot do, end up dozing and farting in parliament. What a wasted nation!

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