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Police Should Allow MPS to hold meetings in their Constituencies

General News Police Should Allow MPS to hold meetings in their Constituencies

Speaker of the National Assembly Patrick Matibini
Speaker of the National Assembly Patrick Matibini

Speaker of the National Assembly, Patrick Matibini says Police should allow Members of Parliament to hold meetings in their constituencies.

Dr. Matibini says the Parliamentarians do not require a Police Permit but should notify the Police of their presence.

He said this in his ruling on the point of order raised by Mwinilunga MP, Stephen Katuka against Home Affairs Minister Davis Mwila following the Police move to obstruct him from holding meetings in his constituency.

Dr. Matibini said the Police were in breach of privilege accorded to Parliamentarians to visit their constituencies.

He said Parliament is concerned to learn that Mr. Katuka was hindered from addressing his constituents on account that he did not give the police seven days notice.

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  1. I hope the *****.s will heed the speaker’s advice. The problem is that they are ordered by the idio.t at state house who is afraid of his shadow.

  2. Common sense always eludes the PF. Why don’t we reform archaic colonial laws? This country would be such a better place if we just did the basics. Now PF also want to demolish Cabinet House and the wanted to call Heroes Stadium , “The Gabon Disaster Stadium”. Our friends in England are looking to rehabilitate the house of parliament and we want to demolish even when we have so much land. We demolished Dag Hammersjold in Ndola 20 years ago and failed to build a new stadium till Mwanawasa went to beg for one from China

  3. How can an employee of the pipo seek permission to carry out what he was employed to do.And we call ourselves twalisambilila!!!!!

  4. @Questioner.
    As usual the UPND way, nothing to say, resort to insults! Hate in politics is a luxury to be avoided at all costs.

    • @illsawhatiwant……

      You must be a mental patient. Are bloggers like Gen., haleisahal!, Ndate kalks, munyelo pwete, dalitso, chief cadre, x factor, kadobi, etc UPND? You really must be sick.

  5. I am speechless.

    How does Zambia Police become PF Police. Yesterday it was called MMD Police. What’s up in Zambia?

    Zambia Police is separate from any political party, and needs to reform. It was not enough for MMD to merely change Police designation to Zambia Police Service from Zambia Police Force. This was a surface and cosmetic change.

    Zambia Police needs a deeper transformation to become the respectable and professional department of our government. We need meaningful accountabilities that will bind Police officers to their responsibilities without functioning arbitrarily.

    The deep transformation will also need to deal with indiscipline of officers.

    This is true of central and local government. The collapse and corruption of the government departments has destroyed…

  6. What a country! People can’t have a meeting without the police poking their noses in it. Zambia is not free from colonial type of administration, it just changed the color of the oppressor.

  7. Dr Matibini, laws are made in parliament, in your house.is the government going to continue losing revenues through bribes people pay to traffic officers. It has become normal now. If government reduced these fines, they will rake in the lost revenue. For now, you can cheaply pay to a traffic officer or pay more expensive to government

  8. MPs should not face restrictions whatsoever. They are representatives of the people. They should be able to meet people wherever is convenient. Abash police state!!!!

  9. The Speaker finally woke up from his deep sleep. I have a feeling the President prompted him to wake-up. The Executive is in full control of the Legislature. That is how bad things have gone.

  10. I am shocked to hear the learned speaker complaining about innocent police who are merely enforcing a bad law which was made in his house! Parliamentarians are the law makers and if there is something wrong with the law, the sensible thing is to repeal it. Otherwise advising the MP’s to inform the police when one is meeting his constituents is not the answer! How do we expect to develop the country if everytime someone wants to meet the people we have to line up at the police? Next we will hear that the chief should get the police permit to meet his subjects!

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