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Guy Scott says PF Pact with MMD Contradicts Sata’s vision, hints at Wife standing as MP

Headlines Guy Scott says PF Pact with MMD Contradicts Sata's vision, hints at...

Dr Guy Scott
Dr Guy Scott

Former Vice President Guy Scott says the working alliance between the ruling PF and the opposition MMD contradicts late President Michael Sata’s vision.

In a wide ranging interview with Journalists during the commemoration of the United States national Day at the residence of US Ambassador to Zambia Eric Schultz, Dr Scott said there are a number of contradictions about the PF-MMD pact.

Asked whether embracing some former MMD members who were facing corruption charges into the PF, Dr Scott said the pact was hurriedly set up following the death of President Sata and it is bound to have contradictions.

“Some electoral pact with Mr Rupiah Banda was made, some undertakings were made and I was part of that process and I know it took place. The question is how extensive is this new identity between the PF and the MMD?,” Dr Scott questioned.

He added, “So those of us who are not part of the blood stream of this beast are waiting to see, there are bound to be some walking beats on the way, let’s see when we get to a significant point.”

Dr Scott said it is true that some PF MPs are feeling sidelined because of the new alliance with the PF.

“You can’t insist on everything running perfectly and at the same time you can’t tolerate everything going wrongly, there will be some who are not happy with the way things are.”

Dr Scott said some people within the PF are trying to form an accurate assessment of the alliance with the MMD.

The former PF Vice President stated that the PF with the MMD would not have existed if President Sata had not died.

“This pact arose purely out of President Sata’s funeral. Let the MPs complain and when the right time comes for reconciliation or the opposite, it will happen.”

Dr Scott also refused to answer the question about whether the PF has gained popularity or otherwise since Edgar Lungu became President.

“I will give you the answer to that question when the time to answer comes.”

On whether he will stand as MP in 2016 to defend his Lusaka Central Seat as an MP, Dr Scott revealed that his wife Charlotte may stand.

“In 2016, I would stand or my wife will stand. We have invested a lot. I don’t know on which ticket. Nothing is clear or cast in stone,” Dr Scott said.

On his farming activities, Dr Scott said he is enjoying life on farm with his wife and said his farm is doing very well.


  1. Very true Dr Scott, the best president after Dr Mwanawasa.

    PF under visionless Lungu has gone with BANDIT RB!

    The Skeleton Key

    • My Guy is back!

      Zambia under this man would have been a better place – intelligent, humorous, political tactician, integrity in reconciliation and most popular politician in Zambia to-date! He kept his side of the “reconciliation pact” while the other side did not. That speaks volumes of Chawama-style integrity and politics.

      The Chawamanians with a 50 per cent tax income deficit, low foreign investment, free-falling Kwacha, massive electricity cuts (load shedding) needed to have Guy on board to negotiate with the mines, donors and business community.

      Zambia needs Guy Scott more than Guy Scott needs Zambia!

    • With Guy Scott out of the picture, Jamasoni Lungu can now spend government resources on his campaigns. Now it’s free for all wastage at its best. Scott would guard our meagre resources for the benefit of the country and not allow him to do this when he was acting president.

    • My friend Guy Scot is a complete fool.He was the acting president for 90 day but did nothing.Leave Edgar Lungu Alone

    • Would sata rejoice if he arose today to find pf in opposition? Guy Scott shamelessly sold the party to under5 and we nearly lost had it not been for RB and others to come on bold. Leave the marriage of pf and mmd alone. Infact there is no pact but people themselves are willingly joining vibrant united patriotic front. If you don’t like the idea of people joining pf go and hung. Who told you that a party owns people. People came from different parties to form pf and no one was born in pf to call himself a true pf or true green.

    • Muzungu Wopusa – Just pack and go back to your fatherland -Scotland. We dont need trouble making stupid colonialists.

    • What did Guy Scott do as acting President apart from pardoning stephen Masumba and George Mpombo? The man was just a place holder who did nothing in 90 days….wait a minute and also fueling trouble in PF.

    • Do not be silly. He was part of the reason Zambia is where it is at the moment. How short sited and inferiority complex infused you are. Let us the visionaries discuss matters with no fear or favor.

    • wabeepa,he was second to Chiluba.be objective.the man introduced the politics of hatred which Rupia fought and brought some calm.b e realistic.
      well commented baGuy,keep a low profile.People have forgotten that you played a role that made the opposition to petition the elections

    • Listen to you my friend.

      There was no way PF was going to lose the January election of President. People at home and abroad campaigned very well.

      So, don’t have a grudge. We all make mistakes, sometimes very serious ones.

    • So you, icipumbu,don’t mind about RB’s plunders and corruption just because you want to remain in government? This pf/mmd alliance is a cancer to Zambia’s economy. 2016 you are out, mwe fikabolala.

    • I meant “made the opposition fail to petitio the results because he insured that transparency prevailed”.Please debate responsibly, no racism.He maintained peace during the January,2015 elections.However I agree with his sentiments-Guy’s,keep it bwana.

  2. It either Me or My wife. I don’t know which party. Mulenga Sata will contest Lusaka Central. Join UPND or Rainbow boss.

  3. This great son of the soil is right. Most members of the PF do not know where this pact came. May the soul of HEMCS rest in peace. MMD is not RB or Dora Siliya. This two are crooks and obviously the pact is based not on sound principles.

  4. Loser, we know which party you belong to. Just say you will stand on Gay Party Ticket. You were fully funded by the cartel to destroy PF and shame you failed. And Dokota Sikoti, you are going nowhere with Kabimba’s gay party. Just retire and enjoy your wife at the farm

  5. Guy Guy is a disgruntled leader who failed to unify the party after the death of Sata. Don’t forget Guy Scott is a member of the Cartel. He is anti-Lungu. He is now a disillusioned leader.

    • He is being used by the Cartel the way Magande was used to discredit RB after the death of Mwanawasa. Where is Magande now? He is of no use to Membe and has been dumped like a used you know what. Sometimes it is almost like people forget that PF was an off-shoot of MMD anyway. The only reason why PF exists is because Sata was pi**ed off that Chiluba picked Mwanawasa to replace him after he(Sata) had made sure that any credible successor to Chiluba had left MMD. And we are truly honest what ‘vision’ did the late Micheal Sata have in reality? As soon as he took over the presidency with his populist ideas the Zambian economy started nose-diving. Guy Scott should be thankful that perhaps the influence of RB might bring back some stability and growth into the ailing Zambian economy.

  6. PF is a break up from MMD Under Sata. Chameleon does not change the skin but colors only. Sata was MMD he just change chitenge from Blu to Green . Be leady to undergo sufferings created by the late Economist Sata. RDA at State house,Zesco Load shading ,Zambia Railways …………………..

  7. It’s not everything sata thought which was good for the country he may have been aganist mmd but he was one of the weast presdents with vision without plans and didn’t care where the meal was coming from as long as there was food hence borrowing to feed his tummy not to create wealth and scot was there without commenting on satas rubbish by now we would have been like zimbabwe if he had lived a little more

  8. This white f00l must just keep quiet!!he tried by all means to hand over power to tribal HH in January failed!!you are a spoiler and your time is up in PF!!nobody will allow you or your wife to stand on PF in Lusaka Central as you are not in good standing with our party!!PLUS WE KNOW VERY WELL THAT CLOSER TO 2016 GENERAL ELECTIONS YOU’LL BE VOCAL AND AGAINST MIGHTY PF,BUT IT WONT HELP YOU BCOZ WE’LL USE NEGA NEGA FORMULA IN FAVOUR OF PF NEXT YEAR!!

    • Interesting how most of us have short memories. Today we are busy insulting Dr Guy Scott. Wasn’t it Micheal Chilufya Sata and Dr Guy Scott who were founder members of the PF?

  9. This chap should just keep quiet! He almost sunk the Great Tatanic due to his disloyalty! Infact uyu ni Muzungu Opusa!

  10. Let him stand on his defunct Lima Party. I would feel so so sorry to see ka cute Charlotte being thrown into the fray. Charity work suits her best.

  11. Dr. Sikoti, You are the reason why Lungu had to contact RB for funds.

    You were ready for PF to go out of Power because you did not like Lungu.

    Are you confirming that Sata’s heart was unforgiving by saying the MMD-PF pact wouldn’t have existed if Sata was alive?.

    What you need are numbers. PF has got more members under Lungu than it had under Sata.

    Whether you are standing or not, the name of the party you are standing on is not PF

  12. ” Legal Brain” I can’t agree with you more on Guy Scott. It’s a pity this man will never have a chance to lead Zambia. Scott and Simuusa are the only people I respect in the current PF.

  13. You failed to unity the party because of your hatred for Edgar Lungu and now you are just yapping with your cartel. Ati its i either stand or my wife stand because we have invested a lot ni ndrama za nyoko or ni za boma!!!!!!!!

    • Shut up your unclean mouth. Edgar is a failed project as he has crushed the economy in just about 6 months. I now believe that pf is a party of illiterates who hardly think properly and have no concern for Zambia’s economic demise.

  14. Well said my leader!I always miss you.Sir why can’t you just form your own political party,the well meaning Zambians will support you.We are tired with the corrupt leaders, we have at the moment am talking about the PF of today after the demise of our great leader and this is no other than Micheal Chilufya Sata may his soul rest in internal peace.Our economy is bad,unemployment level is very high,everything is bad.Please Sir do something about it.We saw the way you wanted to protect our tax payers money during your learn,you have the heart for this land we know you can deliver.

  15. It’s a pity Zambian politics are dominated by hyenas and mafias. They dominate and bully descent people

  16. he made himself irrelevant. sata never trusted you. I don’t know why you keep calling on his name. guy you have invested a lot with your wife. so it is either you or your wife until you recoup your investment tefyo? Ulisaka sana.

  17. Clearly a man in a deep political wilderness….he doesn’t know if he’s coming or going….he was part of the PF team who forged the pact with MMD and he regrets the political errors he made during the transition. If he is man enough he should simply resign and leave the PF.

  18. We can do a fact-check on Dr Scotts statement. Is it true that there’s a PF-MMD pact. The answer is clearly ‘no’. How else does he explain Nevers wanting to expel the MMD MP’s who campaigned for PF. Not only that, Nevers has said there is no pact – why would Scott try to force a pact where there’s none. If he said there’s a pact between PF and RB, there would be more sense in that.

    • The issue is that there are two MMD factions – RB and Mumba. RB appears to have serious clout in the MMD than the moribund Mumba. PF does have a pact with the all powerful RB pact which is now delivering seat after seat in parliament. Now we will see who gets MMD ‘s Solwezi West seat after the death of MP Humphrey Mwanza. If PF gets it UPND must start the clock for its own and HH’s political demise in 2016.

    • Please don’t try to be smart with words ba bobby. ati there is no pact??? which planet are you on boss?

  19. I we chi scot tondolo musuma wamona wailetelela fye ifimasele tomba noko. PF under your 90 days acting presidency almost went into oblivion. You can stand in 2016 on the cartel SAME SEX PARTY.

  20. Scott, Sata and his vision are dead and buried. Wake up and come up with a vision or support others with one. Stop mourning about Sata.

  21. To demonise Guy Scot would not be the best thing to do for now. What Dr. Guy Scot should do is take the back seat and ask if he could be allowed to offer advise (again which I doubt very much if the other guys would be willing to take!) where he deems fit. Nothing can be taken away from him, he helped HMCS to grow the PF. Manje naimwe bambo you made a mistake by showing openly that you never wanted Edgar to be President. Mama Inonge helped put the party together otherwise, sembe ni history!

  22. “Id!ot”, you really have a corrupt mind. Do I need to prove to you I am Bemba? All Bembas should support PF and demonise UPND according to your shallow thinking? We are not in the stone age where tribe was maybe the only identification. The country is sinking because of people like you


  24. Chi Lungu is a big dissapointment. I agree Sata wouldn’t have embraced Rupiah Banda the thief or even Dora Siliya. Please HH work on these PF weaknesses and we shall be in power next year

  25. scott ur stupid u wanted to hand power to UPND who does nt know?yr choice failed to win zambians heart lusaka central is for mulenga sata.

  26. Scot# cartel. Lungu could have won. Won hands. Hands down if this muzungu was. Not in the picture!

  27. Foget about sata, he sowed a lot of hatred in the country. tribalism is rife due to Sata, Nepotism is at its highest, Corruption is a daily thinbg in every ministry especially gvt officils. ministers are now useless and voiceless. The country is drained of everything. Zambia is a walking corpse due to the exorbitant debt and everyuthing is still getting worse.Our grandchildren have a doomed future

  28. Guy Scott has a heart for the people and is a man of integrity unlike the lazy one in State House…this guy has nothing to lose so why lie!!

  29. Scott Is not a god so why pin your hopes on him. Even Sata went into a pact with Upnd at one time.

  30. The pact was a result of Guy’s st0pidity for wanting to impose a candidate when the majority of members clearly wanted Lungu. If he was a good leader he could have allowed the will of the people and avoid this pact.
    Thanks to RB, PF would have been in the opposition now. Clearly Guy was not happy because after failing to impose his candidate he wanted UPND to win. If he was clever he would just keep quite now. It is known he is part of the cartel and are hoping Rainball will grow, for sure one day but not before 2025.

  31. PIPO forget not that this white donkey called GAY SCORPION (GUY SCOT) will never say anything good about EL BECAUSE he the scorpion hijacked the powers by collecting the instruments of powers unceremoniously.Later alone,the stone that he abused (ECL) became the corner stone.Let this fool leave zambia to indiginous .let the pipo make their own decision based on the season.who doesnt know that one day UPND will rule this country.PF was not in the picture but today here it is.
    We had water pollution on the copperbelt during the time this white donkey was acting and no serious attention was given to the locals.He still stood by his fellow white investors.
    The white donkey would even love to see war in zambia as he has scotland.

  32. Anyone reading what some people write on here would wonder what sort of people we have in Zambia. It’s embarrasing.Does everything need to be so politicised?
    And why can we not have mature debate without things degenerating into personal insults/attacks? It’s very child – like.
    Whether you agree with him or not he is trying to make a valid point and I would like to think he has.Obviously he can’t say everything on his mind or he will be accused of sour grapes.
    In the end the man and his father before that contributed to the liberation struggle and has done more good than most. Put politics aside, at least the man has values which is more than can be said for most our so called politicians. Ultimately he is Zambian. Let’s have a mature debate. Nothing to do with a complex.

    • Zambia is going nowhere because most of it’s citizens are mentally deranged, as can be seen from the contributions here.

  33. There is a party whose cadres said in January that they have a credible prophesy that Lungu will die after 8 months in office. Bane it’s now 7 months and the guy looks more healthy. What are you saying as usual sadists who derive pleasure and opportunism in others deaths.

  34. Shut up you stupid ***** ka guy scott!u be hounded out of the party in 2016.u are reberous member of PF

  35. Politically, Guy Scott is trying to get out of the dustbin like a cockroach that is sleeping upside down on the floor.

  36. Scott, is the man, our former veep, tell them, they are busy attending national celebration from Malawi, no power whatsoever,

  37. Zambia is going nowhere because most of it’s citizens are mentally deranged, as can be seen from the contributions here.

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