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Renown urologist Dr.Francis Manda dies

General News Renown urologist Dr.Francis Manda dies

Doctor Francis Manda
Doctor Francis Manda

One of Zambia’s most prominent medical practitioners Dr. Francis Manda has died.

The renowned Urologist died in the early hours of the morning at the University Teaching Hospital in Lusaka.

Dr Manda will be remembered for his Manzi therapy radio programmes which promoted health and encouraged the public to have faith in public hospitals.

Outspoken and charismatic, he would occasionally court controversy with his take on numerous social and political subjects.


    • Phoolish Mushota. The man was great. I never missed his programme on Radio 4 on Saturdays. I could easily identify some ailments by simply referring to his broadcasted advice.

    • Our collective sense of loss and anguish cannot be sullied by the likes of Mushota, whose contribution to the well being of (wo)mankind is doubtful, if not extremely insignificant/non-existent! Zambia mourns one of her great sons. Go well Doc! We miss you!

    • What killed him. How old was he. Did he have any family. What was the depth of his career.

      A little background will help people who were not familiar with Dr. Manda empathize.

    • What a f?%&kin’ country! On the same day I read about the deaths of two important people! What’s wrong with us? Am in America and people don’t die like this!
      And LT your report is pathetic. Tell us about the man’s life, his work, his education, his contribution to Zambia. We want to know about the man. Do your St.upid jobs! Am just so pissed off right now. We need to do something about this. People can not be dying like this!

    • @Nubian Princess thank you for asking unlike that selfish c–t mushota with a pushi for a brain!
      Dr Manda was married to Professor Nkandu Luo and he had a wry sense of humour and known for blunt comments! He was a reknowned urologist and very specialised at that! I think he trained in former USSR (where he met wifey)! He was opposite of wifey as she reformed prostitutes but he ‘kalampered’ them! On the whole he rates 9 out of 10 for me! MHSRIP

  1. I heard him last week on Manzi Therapy programme. He was clearly not himself. He said he had just had lumber puncture. He encouraged pipo to have faith in lumber puncture and now he is gone. And you wonder why pipo fear lumber puncture?

    • True just hearing lumber puncture sends shivers through ones’ body! I have not heard of any recoveries after lumber puncture in Zambia!

      Really Dr Manda (MHSRIP) was a breath of freshness with his fearlessness and since his time to respond to the call of the Creator can not be traded let his life live in the memories we’ll carry. He indeed had love for his profession and was an accomplished hygiene advisor!

  2. Dr Manda RIP, you ran your race. Will be missed by all of us. You were a great man, rest in Jesus’s peace.

  3. RIP doctor. You lived your purpose on earth. We shall meet again. I hear he was once married to Nkandu Luo? How true is it?

  4. My deepest condolences to the Dr, he helped a lot of people. Thanks Doc for the service rendered to this country.MHSRIP

  5. Like most people I got his number on air but called him off air. He was the only Doc whose number I had.

    The Jubilee Doctors we have can never offer free help or avail their personal phone numbers.

    Truely sad this lumber puncture failure rate. This death even worsens our fears of this procedure.

    Go well aManda. Till we meet on the other side.

  6. My deepest condolences to the Dr, he helped a lot of people. Thanks Doc for the service rendered to this country.MHSRIP

  7. What a news these ar the people that society would wish they lived to contribute to the well being of zambians,thankyou doc wil mis you

  8. Tomorrow is Saturday but my program wont be the usual one. I switch on Radio 4 as I drive from work just to share Manzi Wisdom. Go well Mudala to join your young brothe Phil Manda

  9. At least tell us what caused death. What was the illness.
    How old was he, his career history? Why is he in the news if there is no background?

  10. I have received this news with great shock, listened to his manzi program on radio 4 every Saturday. Dr. Manda we will miss you, may your soul find favor with God. A national mourning for him is in order, he contributed a lot to this nation and saved a lot of lives.RIP

  11. Sincere condolences to the entire family & friends, he was indeed a man of the people. To Herbert Mutabi (Dj Dazzle) you combined very well when presenting the manzi therapy programme with the Doctor and i urge you together with the entire Manda family to seek God’s solace during this period.May the soul of the Doctor rest in peace.

  12. To be honest this man was a very bad surgeon. He caused a lot deaths due to his carelessness. He was very unethical. He only survived because of association with politicians if he practiced his medicine in countries where accountability matters he would have died in jail today.

  13. I remembr when he was interviewd after he conducted an autopsy on the “bolhole” victims in Lusaka, he said I would like people to remembr HIM as some one who contrbutd to the medcal profetn prostvly. HE did an autopsy and the asalants convicted. When asked about his mariage break down with prof luo, he said even if Luo would refer to his new wife as a markteer, Maketeer looked after him beter tha prof. On high flying of prof Luo he said, He was a higher flyer 2. The only difrece was Dr workd for UTH and Luo for UNZA and that’s where one can be elvated to Prof. Infact he pased the level of Dr to Mr cause of his intellectual prowes. He had a humble begining. disciplne determination coupld with socialst ideology of KK he went to Germany where he STUDIED ON A BUSSARY (FREE EDUCATION). MHSRP

  14. Go well Doctor!!! You ran your race. It’s only that you had to go first. We shall definitely join at some point in time. “Mupumule mu Mtendere wa ambuye”. Tidzakupezani!!!! MYSRIP

  15. Let me join all Zambians to condole the bereaved family. Though I never knew him, the blogs above speak volumes about him. MHSRIP. Mushota should learn to distinguish moods and events before blogging only to ashame her mother who it seems never taught her discipline/manners. Style

  16. Yes, he ran his race. I listened to his program last week, its sad that this man is no more. My condolences to the family we will really miss his voice and the wise advise that came from him. RIP DOCTOR

  17. MYSRIP Dr. Manda. You were a selfless man and you taught us a lot on your Manzi program. You really loved your job and your country otherwise with your expertise you could have gone for greener pastures. You will be greatly missed. May Almighty God receive you.

  18. A gallant man who enjoyed his work and was passionate for national development. He never feared to address issues regardless who it affected.we will Greatly miss his voice,free advices above all his service. Go well son of the zambian soil my tribesman

  19. Well done LT for removing HATE comments why didnt they tell us when he was with us besides wrong timing and forum

  20. This is a man who deserves a state funeral. Brilliant man of science,compassionate doctor and skilled surgeon. He used his intelligence to provide excellent medical care to Zambians. He excelled and was recognized by top academics in the world. Sadly the cohort of brilliant graduates from this generation are dying.

  21. Sad news indeed. He must have been a very principled man who never succumed to be under pittcot govt.Some women if they have top Jobs they want to be respected by there husbands when they come to there household and leave simple house chores to maids…They should learn to distiguish secular honor from there Marriage. This must might just be one of the reason why Nkandu Luo divorced with late Dr Manda.There many other so called high profile women out there who are still disrespecting there husband and when they have been slapped they cry foul of gender violence.

    • It is better not to write anything than to show your ignorance. You do not need to beat your wife just because you are stronger.

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