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60 percent of HIV/AIDS transmission takes place within marriage – Kampamba

Health 60 percent of HIV/AIDS transmission takes place within marriage - Kampamba

Government says 60 percent of HIV/AIDS transmission takes place within marriages.

Acting Kaputa District Commissioner, Alick Kampamba says it is therefore important for couples to go for Voluntary Counselling and Testing (VCT) to prevent the transmission of the disease.

Mr. Kampamba explained that such statistics have shown that HIV/AIDS is not only for high risk groups but can be found everywhere.

He said knowing one’s HIV/AIDS status will not only help people to stop the spread of the epidemic but also help people to live positive and access care and treatment.

The Acting D.C said this in a speech read on his behalf by Kaputa District Agricultural Coordinator, Innocent Mulauzi at the rescheduled commemoration of the VCT Day in Kaputa, yesterday.

The DC has since encouraged Kaputa residents to go for VCT as it will be one of maintaining the HIV/AIDS prevalence rate.

And Acting Kaputa District Medical Officer, Maximo Chilopa said inconsistent condom use and having multiple partners whose HIV status is unknown are some of the notable drivers of HIV and AIDS in Kaputa.

Mr. Chilopa said his office has noted these drivers and has put interventions which include the ambitious campaign to test people for HIV.

He added that Kaputa district has also developed an effective treatment for HIV and other ways of preventing the transmission of the disease.

Meanwhile, the Network of Zambian Living with HIV/AIDS (NZP+) Kaputa Branch Chairperson, Noah Kaoma has noted with sadness that there are people in Kaputa who are living with the epidemic but have gone a drive to infect others with the disease.

Mr. Kaoma who gave a public testimony of his HIV status warned such persons to desist stating that it is not good to infect others.

This year’s VCT day was held under the theme; Universal Access to HIV to Annual HIV Counselling, Testing, care and support.

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  1. Most Zambian homosexual men are married to women just to hide their true sexual orientation, because of the stigma in Zambia towards gays.

    • This has always been the case. Mistresses are accepted in Zambian marriages. In the meantime, your husband’s mistress also has a boyfriend who has another girlfriend who sleeps with another married man, it is a vicious cycle. More women die from AIDS than men.

  2. So one or both of prospective couples come to consumate their marriage already HIV/AIDS positive?

    That is the implication of the statement.

    • Kaili efyo iya someone plays left right and centre then rushes to church and speaks in tongues iwe ati nyapapene!
      Waupa! Waupile teti waiupa!

  3. This is because marriages are no longer respected adultery is now accepted even women have joined having sex affairs 50 percent of working married women in lusaka including including mrs ……..The minister have boyfriends

  4. So many married men having unprotected sex with their concubines. Even single women abroad such as in the UK date married business men in Zambia. Some men even buy them plane tickets to come to Zambia while staying in lodges. The men claim they are on business trips to their wives. This is a big issue and the reason HIV/AIDS will continue to rise. So much adultery in both men and women these days and both have no shame. Women check your partners bank accounts and see where the money is going. Husbands confirm where your wife is going and whom she’s with. This is a big disgrace. Check those emails and cell phones for clues such as intimate pictures. Was there not a show called Love Games? How soon people forget! Some people have two or three cell phones for secrecy. What a world!

  5. Not to mince words, I got to say that many men’s pursuit of an easy and an unaccountable orgasm has brought so much agony, and devastated so many families and ravaged so many innocent lives.

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