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Mumbi Phiri Reacts to Guys Scott’s comment on PF and RB relationship

Headlines Mumbi Phiri Reacts to Guys Scott's comment on PF and RB relationship

Munali Member of Parliament Mumbi Phiri
Mumbi Phiri

The Patriotic Front Deputy Secretary General Mumbi Phiri has said that the party is disheartened by former vice President Guy Scott’s disparaging remarks against the party and its leadership.

The PF Deputy Secretary General said that the party leadership is shocked that Dr Scott is questioning the relationship between the PF and Former President Rupiah Banda.

Ms Phiri told ZNBC in Lusaka that the PF is aware that Dr Scott is being used by enemies of President Lungu.

She said that there are no benefits or favours in the friendship between President Edger Lungu and Rupiah Banda

Ms Phiri said that Dr Scott and his allies should let president Lungu concentrate on working for the nation.

Last week, former Vice President Guy Scott said that the working alliance between the ruling PF and the opposition MMD contradicted late President Michael Sata’s vision.

In a wide ranging interview with Journalists during the commemoration of the United States national Day at the residence of US Ambassador to Zambia Eric Schultz, Dr Scott said there were a number of contradictions about the PF-MMD pact.

Asked whether embracing some former MMD members who were facing corruption charges into the PF, Dr Scott said the pact was hurriedly set up following the death of President Sata and it is bound to have contradictions.

“Some electoral pact with Mr Rupiah Banda was made, some undertakings were made and I was part of that process and I know it took place. The question is how extensive is this new identity between the PF and the MMD?,” Dr Scott questioned.

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  1. Zed,the poor and lost nation where politics is our cornerstone even after 50yrs of stagnation.

    No wonder we’re still poor unlike Singapore whose cornerstones are ideas,strategies and a work ethic.

    • That Mumbi Phiri reminds me the notorious then MMD spokesperson Dora Siliya. So disrespectful.

    • Ati there were no benefits or favours from the RB -Kaminamisa Jamasoni Lungu friendship. Even my 2 year old daughter knows this is not true.

      Everyone knows Lungu and his PF were broke during the elections because Scott did not allow them to use state resources for campaign purposes. It was only when RB came onto the scene and facilitated campaign funds that they could even travel in helicopters for campaigns.

      Shame in you MumBi Phiri, you reason like a grade 2

    • I also wondered why Zambia is now so preoccupied with politics.

      This has made us stop thinking and living like proper humans.

      We have become a country of political mongers.

    • Eric Schultz ( USA Ambassador ) to Zambia has started to make the same mistakes his predecessor Mark Storella was making. Thus by interfering with internal matters.

      Eric Schultz and the cartel are behind this latest rants from Guy Scott. The sooner this Ambassador is recalled the better we remain as United zambia.

      Mark Storella wanted RB out because he thought Sata was going to disband the Chinese influence, which Sata campaigned on. Storella was disappointed to see Sata, enhance the relationship with China after he Sata realised that RB was right on China.

      Schultz is supporting UPND hoping that HH can reduce Chinese influence. This is why Schultz followed HH on his recent trip to the UK, and was in the audience at the Royal African Society.

      Lets get rid of Schultz & Cartel.

    • Where are the wise ones hiding? If these id10ts are the kind of leaders we’re going to have for another 50 years, then Zambia is f***ked for real.

    • You are the one perpetrating poverty. You are busy just complaining and not working. Singaporeans din’t have water they worked to have it. each one of them was working. We have less electricity, each one of you are just complaining and yet where you come from you have cow dung, which you can use to generate electricity without import of anything. That is the difference. People like you just wait for Government to generate electricity for you. So there is a big difference between Singapore and Zambia. In Zambia people have Boma Iyangánepo” “or Ubuteko Ulolekeshepo”mindset while in Singapore people solve the problems!

      So you change first if you want Zambia to be like Singapore!

    • Our eyes are opened indeed. Scott and Sata the other president are the cause of Zambia’s economic woes. So you open your logical processors and think for mother Zambia’s goodness for once.

      Viva Jesus.

    • Scott is a gentleman who uses the Queens’ mother tongue of which to most of us is a second language. Hmmmm! A thought crossed my mind as I recalled that the friendship between Sata (MHSRIP) and Scott is beyond the understanding that many of us have or what our eyes saw it was deeper! They could even have shared much more than what the current leadership in PF is/was privy to. Is it not Sata who led from courtship to holy matrimony of Charlotte and Scott? Jean Kapata and Mumbi Phiri could do better being tactful in their attacks against Guy Scott just as one founder member Chishimba Kambwili is holding his horses. (Excuse me for using horses nga nachibomfya ing’ombe nomba nshishibe nga nabakwata ba Kambwili, limbi utubushi.)

  2. BaMumbi lets forgive Guy Scott if RB and siliya can be our friends what of Scott. May HE EC lungu find something for our former first lady Dr kaseba. mwanawasa made vera chiluba deputy minister.

    • Forgiving Scott? What wrong has he done? Just because Mumbi feels like yapping does not mean the man has done anything wrong

  3. Scott held back all means of campaign from Edgar
    . Remember that at one time the campaign even stalled while Edgar was looking for a chopper. Any way this is politics.

  4. Even Majority In Easten Nw Knw Dat Come 2016 Ba President Ni Ba HH CHAPWA BA CHAGWA BAZAGWA NAMA JAMESON AFTER DRINKING A LOT.

  5. The truth pierces PF cadres like a Rabbis syringe. What Scott said is nothing but the truth!! Sunday Chanda and Mumbi are a problem…

  6. It’s this Mumbi again eshii! By the way country men and women did anyone see any advert for the recruitment of men and women in uniform or these guys are just recruiting their caders and relatives?
    The army, the police, ZNS, and all are busy conducting recruitment interviews. Is this normal? Or it is in readiness for next year?

    • Very good question! The opposition should take very keen interest in such happenings. Election rigging begins well long before the actual election. UPND and other opposition parties, investigate please.

  7. Ba PF so what was the point of removing RB’s immunity and grabbing his passport preventing him from travel wasting the country’s money and time with expensive and useless prosecution. Not forgetting all those elections you nullified in the name of corruption and election malpractice. Now Dora and RB are angels and PF bed fellows. Basically you are saying Sata was an *****t since he pursued these people for robbing the Nations coffers? Let’s be consisted for our policies please.

  8. Responding to Mumbi Phiri May reduce you to her level. Remember the physical fight she had with Elizabeth Chitika at parliament, that’s the level

  9. What ever Mumbi can say, that can not counter what Guy said. It as clear as a window screen. Zambians know it all. You cant hide this very fact that it is wako ni wako at play. Mumbi should just keep quite and learn to keep frustrations to herself. the truth pains it is said.

  10. Is this woman a prostitute, she reminds me of Dorica ndaifulila
    Always yapping about everything . Guy Scott never mentioned Lungu at all so where has this come from

    • Your bitterness and frustration is understandable. Kaili all the election losses and the fact that EL is not dying as you sadistically predicted so that you again field your endless loser….sorry

    • @beee, you have no respect all, for the sake of muzungu opusa as portraid by your leader hh, you go to the extent of calling someone’s mother a prostitute? Cursed you are, Mrs Mumbi Phiri is a married lady and old enough to be your mother. Please learn to have respect for once. Your insults ll not take hh to plot 1.

  11. Scott is a problem….he never wanted Lungu to win elections.Who is he to judge the relationship between EL and RB.No one is talking about his relationship with the cartel.Lungu will win even beyond 2016.

    • True and I wonder why PF is still keeping him as an MP. This is the guy who wanted PF to loose the election by all crooked means. He has no heart for PF let alone this country. How do you attend a meeting, make resolutions, and then later say you doubt the relationship. Zambians are really docile because of it were in other countries this guy was not even going to be allowed to act as our President. Our neighbors were actually very upset with us for allowing him to act as president. Last time he was quoted saying he is more comfortable in the company of UPND where HH told him that he was the most useless white person. Oh yah it’s true it’s POLITICS

  12. Each time Guy Scott opens his mouth,UPND two bi adres get excited forgetting that Scott wont win them elections.What wrong has Rupiah Banda done to warrant such attacks? Whether UPND likes it or not, HEECL will win next year’s elections.

  13. You so called Chills must be a problem and stop insulting madam Phiri.Possibly its your mother who is a prostitute.You very well know how Scott mistreated EL and you are there yapping like an empty tin.The best our former Veep could do is to reconcile with EL and make PF even much stronger.The so called Rainball party which cant be seen UNTIL rain season is a non starter and will just mess up his name.

  14. RB is hated by the cartel who are friends of Scott.They will be ashamed because EL will win elections in 2016.By the way these ba UP and DOWN want to capitalize on drinking.What is wrong with drinking once in a while ? are you saying all those who drink are stupid and should not vote for cow dung party ? We have bars,motels and hotels world over with well to do people drinking….so what ? STOP THE NONSENSE OF BEING HYPOCRITICAL.

  15. The famous muzungu opusa is now a hero in opposition, Guy, you have now got it wrong, you are no longer in power and will not bring divisions in the nation. To hell with Scott. I thought muzungu opusa varnished.

  16. These accusations and counteraccusations can go on for ages because the RB/MMD factor determined the outcome of the 2015 presidential election. So everybody is arguing depending on how it affected him/her. If RB stuck to his party, HH could have won. So these emotions must override the debate. Come 2016 PF is banking it’s hope on the pact while UPND wishes the disintegration of the pact to close the 5% margin gap they suffered. So Mumbi’s argument is understandable just as UPND’s argument. Scott elicited a debate which go on for long both offensively and defensively. Whatever the outcome, this has far reaching consequences come next year.

    • RB is what made PF win elections and is why the cartel and upnd hate RB. Sikoti did all he could to make EL loose but the people chose wisely and voted for EL. The cartel and sikoti wopusa knows that 2016 it will not only be KOLOPA but PUKUTA that is why Mmembe is out fishing on anything to dent image of EL. But the people of Zambia are above petty newspaper, hate speech and imposing leadership on them. Mmembe cheats himself that he made MMD and destroyed MMD, that he made PF get power and he can make it lose. PF won because Sata was popular with poulist ideas which unfortunately are no longer salable and is why HH is making a mistake using them this time. Mmembe is finished finito.

  17. Am worried with this white donkey called GAY SCORPION,leave our issues to the natives not half citizens.Let him be reminded that he tried to hijack power and preserve it for his minions but failed.
    YESSSSSSSS leave EL alone.His either working relationship with RB has no thing to do with Scotland.VJ or Munkombwe’s relation with HH is never questioned why?
    Let this white donkey just rest and rot at his farm .He got it wrong when he thought his cartel would win the elections.Zambians show this white donkey that ,you zambians are in control and not him.

  18. Uyu ni muzungu wopusa. Sikoti is lost and does not know where to go. He thinks this is 1940 when his skin sold to poor Zambians. not any more. we know that Sata used him to win hearts of those who still think that muzungu ndye nzelu. Not any more. Sikoti should explain why Sata never allowed him to act even for a second as acting president. It is because Sata knew that he was divisive and useless. Mmembe will not make you popular or Kabimba to win. Infact the more Mmembe writes about you the more you go into oblivion. Mmembe is fishing for anything to discredit EL. unfortunately dr kaseba is being used. She did not learn from her misinformed presidential bid.


  20. I was amazed to read an article from one useless newspaper that roads,schools and clinics do not amount to development ! Some newspapers think they can think for Zambians.Continue supporting Cow dung and the imaginary rain in winter……results will show in 2016.

  21. They can not write about the good govt policy of social cash transfer which has cheered up many vulnerable Zambians.All they know is to criticize and talk about RB all the time…..we are tired of attacks on one individual who seem to be causing sleepless nites to you.


  23. No wonder these guys are now shooting their citizens. They believe they have enemies within the country.

  24. Its not a question of having enemies…its about appreciating and encouraging one another.Where things are not ok,genuine and constructive criticism should be given.Yapping about RB,writing about beer which most of us Zambians drink and claiming that good roads/hospitals etc do not constitute development is parochial thinking.

  25. Scott is a liar and he cannot be trusted because he works with Fred chitole Mmembe. Scott is just another imbwa.

  26. I have come to deduce that PF under the leadership of Mr. Lungu has no standards, they clearly have no set goals to drive the nation forward. We as Zambians were unfair to Dr Scott because he was the right man to succeed Mr Sata.
    It’s clearly indicative that the nation is on auto-pilot….
    I’m really thinking about giving HH my vote in 2016.

  27. I wouldn’t compare the two though, if I were to choose between HH and Guy Scott, I would choose the latter to the former…

  28. Our leaders like Mumbi Phiri need serious lessons in meaning of ‘freedom of speech’ and how democratic societies operate.

    For a long time I used to think that those were glasses or specs on Phiri’s face but now I know it is just another optical illusion tattoo!

  29. Problem of Galu scott is that he talks and then thinks otherwise he is the worst politician in history of mother Zambia.Genius politicians like Mumbi phiri are just degrading themselves responding to this unwise former vise president.

    • You are soo right my brother. I wonder why these nincompoomps are voting against you. Chi RB ni chikawalala. Moving in with Lungu means Lungu is also a kawalala a sakalanyongo

  30. RB is what made PF win elections and is why the cartel and upnd hate RB. Sikoti did all he could to make EL loose but the people chose wisely and voted for EL. The cartel and sikoti wopusa knows that 2016 it will not only be KOLOPA but PUKUTA that is why Mmembe is out fishing on anything to dent image of EL. But the people of Zambia are above petty newspaper, hate speech and imposing leadership on them. Mmembe cheats himself that he made MMD and destroyed MMD, that he made PF get power and he can make it lose. PF won because Sata was popular with populist ideas which unfortunately are no longer salable and is why HH is making a mistake using them this time. Mmembe is finished finito.

  31. But who took RB and Dora to courts for corruption?Is it the same PF celebrating their acquittals.And now you are hero worshiping them and even the likes of father Bwalya have the audacity to defend somebody they labeled a thief.

  32. In 2016 it will be 9-1.PF will win in 9 provinces and UPND in 1 as usual.The rest of other small parties will phase out.

    • ..
      .analyser u are an *****, continue dreaming. 2016 z just around the corner. Do u think zambians are fools? *****

  33. Mumbi Phiri after over drinking urine, spews foul rantings all over as if she carries any credibility of any sort.
    Dr Guy Scott’s reasoning is too far complecated for simple minded PF cadres. That is exemplified in Mumbi’s response.

  34. Guy Scot is the Man! Had the constitution allowed him to replace Sata, things would be different for now. Lungu is certainly no Presidential material, just like Goodluck Jonathan was. He is there by accident, just like Goodluck was and how RB was again, all these kind of presidents are non performers. They just get credit from the works of their predicesors

  35. Is it wrong to be friends?SCOTT was misled by the cartel and went to walusungu guest house for convertion.BWANA,u are receiving the results of yo dullnes.PF IS GOING THRU 2016 again. Scott is politically finished.NEXT WE WIL HEAR THAT U ARE BEING HOSPITALISED ABROAD.BWANA,U WIL JUST DEVELOP high BP.FORGET!!

  36. I like how LT like to recycle the same picture of a character for different articles. Just like the articles of this Mumbi chick. The same psychotic pic, over and over again.

  37. Mumbi phiri, was rejected as an ambassador to Kenya, coz she is a preschool teacher, grade 9, what do you expect?

  38. The problem is that Ba Mumbi is a cadre. The level of thinking and consultations with her brains is almost zero. Scot is being honest with the situation and you think he is regrouping with your perceived enemies….Isikulu is important because now you are literally struggling together with the former Priest, Frank Bwalya. It is very easy to make oneself a F00L because everyone is reading through you.

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