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Clement Tembo files court injunction to block construction of a shopping mall on Libala land

Economy Clement Tembo files court injunction to block construction of a shopping mall...

Clement Tembo
Clement Tembo

Kabwata Constituency aspiring Member of Parliament Clement Tembo has filed an injunction in the Lusaka High Court to restrain the new owners of the controversial looters land from developing a shopping mall.

Mr. Tembo said an injunction was successfully filed in to restrain the Chinese investor from developing the 5 hectares land where the Looters Basketball and Tennis Courts are situated.

He contended that there is need for Kabwata residents to have a stake in the proposed investment before the construction of the mall commences.

“As residents of Kabwata, we not sit idle and watch this type of looting and plunder of land which is our inheritance. We have managed to file in an injunction to push that this development of the mall is stopped until the residents are offered a stake,” Mr Tembo said.

He added, “Even if it is five percent. We want the residents to have a say. We are hoping the courts will help us to have a say in the construction of the new mall. We will stand with the people of Kabwata until this is done.”

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  1. I have hope when i listen to this guy…. you are probably one of the few Zambians in Zambia with some brain matter between your ears.

    • Waste of space power hungry chap. Find a hungry constituency befitting you, Lubinda has done an amazing job in Kabwata, just because you need to fulfill your life goal doesn’t mean you must fail to acknowledge.

      Stop your desperation!!!
      Council has already reversed that deal you mangwam

    • WTF……..?? what is the business of malls everywhere. Damn it, you are just creating problems with these damn malls.
      How many do you need? ninshi ku zambia development is shopping? the more money we give away to these foreign shops, the better we feel ourselves as developing?
      This is why i detest the western education system, it does nothing for the african except turn him/her into a copycat stooge. We are sick in the head seriously, we need healing. And this healing is not to be found in the white man’s religion of christianity and the likes.
      The healing comes from inside, lets go back to our roots, our traditions, our culture, our political systems, governance, social structures.
      This white mans way is turning us into modern slaves, free in flesh but enslaved on the mind.

  2. I thought PF cadres already have a stake in the chinese mall! Councillors and probably a minister too.

  3. A Zambian with a vision for his people and nation. I would like him defeat the minister of Agriculture in next year’s parliamentary elections.

  4. The for Given to has come. Kabwata residents make sure you get rid of Given in 2016. I never understood why the late MCS fired him but it’s all clear. The Guy is only in it for his pocket and not the people of Kabwata. Hopefully he stands on UPND.

  5. Thats the way to go.what zambian politicians can learn from the Greek referedum is.
    1.govts shoudnt agree to terms and conditions which dim to enslave us minus consulting the voters .
    2.Referedum can be held in the midsit of crisis as long as their is political will.

  6. Mr tempo, petition the residents to have the sale reversed, put up a buissiness plan for commercial and residential development, any bank will give you the manee. Keep the land and development for the residents.

  7. Why all the time building vima shopping Malls…?? how far is Libala from Woodlands, DownTown or Levy Malls…

    Why can’t we replace the old Libala tennis/basketball courts area with a state of the art sports facility and a few convenient stores + other amenities surrounding it?? Something like that would add value to the community and above all to the healthy status of the entire community…

    Unless the government will now start giving coups to the local peoples to go and shop there, yes the Chinese can build another Lusaka shopping mall.

    Ati malabishi bati, Where is LCC in all of this sure???

    • LCC have had their pockets lined, that is why the so called development is taking place.

      Young man, you have my vote. I never go to the shopping malls as I cannot afford. Kabwata market satisfies all my needs. Why not give these investors tenders to develop markets? LCC has failed to maintain anything.

  8. Which ever angle you look at it creating malls in suburbs help decongest the cbd. While I appreciate his point he is not sugesting anything regarding how he wants to see kabwata developed. These are the people who just sit idle only to wait for who to oppose. What is he doing for kabwata which is bringing sanity.

  9. You can’t have shopping malls every 10 meters owned by foreigners selling foreign products.

  10. If you know how many zambians commute to south Africa daily just to go and shop you wouldn’t argue the reason why malls are mushrooming in the country. While you are busy cheating yourselves that people are broke the majority fly everyday to do shopping. With malls coming near them would serve the nation of forex.

  11. Now that is good news, but what is this with shopping malls in Zambia? Is this the only type of investment or structures that can be built really? How do you erase a sports field and put up a mall. That land is specifically meant for sports activities and hence any development must be sports oriented on that land. Just imagine the whole of that Kabwata and Libala area no sports field whatsoever and we wonder why people just spend their free time in bars!

  12. Mr Tembo has a point. But why was he idle all this time looking at that land till the Chinese bought it?

    Anyway, nevertheless there is still time to argue or I suggest put an injunction.

    2016, Mr Tembo you have my vote still more.

  13. Typical of Zambians reactive you mean you prefer that bush the way it is and saying sand and blocks. I am always surprised why we hate development and prefer poverty. Which is better a shopping mall or street vending, the land to remain the way it is or having a Mall. Ba aspiring what do you suggest the council does with that land.

    • Instead of selling, get a loan from ADB and build something that will remain council to get real revenues instead of relying on rates. This is the same council crying they dont have property for revenue generation

  14. This is typical of reactionaries. The land has always been there, most likely only piles and piles of rubbish had characterized the site. Now that some one has seen value into it we begin to have ideas. Look at Kabwata, a once thriving clean residential area is sorry site, rubble and rubbish is all you see when you pass by.

  15. By the way who says a shopping mall area can’t have a sports complex cinema etc like arcades

  16. I agree with Kolwe, our education makes fools of us.
    If the city “fathers” of Lusaka think a mall is development why not build it themselves. Why sell the land to Chinese.
    Miles Sampa once talked of a “eurobond” for the City.
    For as long as we have dunderheads for leaders we will be getting dandruff for development.
    You should have seen them arguing over that money in their full council meeting.
    They looked like kids who have just picked up spinners biscuits.

  17. Zambian politics!let’s close the mines and we start exporting electricity says a presidential candidate. Well let’s have something as zambians but lets also develop the land we have look at tabo mbeki road most of the properties don’t belong to zambians but taxes payers money did the road.

  18. I always wonder if zambia has town planers or who appoints town clerks in councils? Honestly all they think of is saling land even play parks. What a shame!!!

  19. why do we hate development kanshi ? U are busy calling it a tennis court my foot ? when was the last time a game was played there? Fifteen years ago ka, that place is a sorry site which is simply going to waste its only a sports place by name , lets be real here if someone has the bucks to develop it let him do so, so that some of our young ones can get employment rather than scrounge for beer the whole day ata .Lets just have the deal details made public this negativity also made the woodlands deal collapse becoz of not seeing beyond the nose , am sick and tired of this attitude fusike ata!

  20. People lets be serious, I grew up in Libala and I know that area very well. Lets build a shopping mall on that land before its grabbed by churches. There are three churches next to that land as of now. Lets be serious with development. Sports facilities can be built at woodland stadium which is not far from that land. And it has a huge tract of unused land as well. Maybe as at Mr Tembo puts it, locals should benefit from the deal as well.

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