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Father Bwalya challenges HH to be honest on load shedding

General News Father Bwalya challenges HH to be honest on load shedding

Father Bwalya at PF rally
Father Bwalya at PF rally

PF member Father Frank Bwalya has challenged the UPND- to be honest and consistent as they provide checks and balances to Government.

Father Bwalya says it is surprising that UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema can say that the current load-shedding being experienced is due to corruption and mismanagement at ZESCO.

He says such kind of dishonesty and inconsistency is regrettable.

Father Bwalya reminded the UPND leader of how he pre-emptied a statement from Zambezi River Authority warning of massive load-shedding due to low electricity generation as a result of poor rainfall experienced.

And Father Bwalya says statements being made by the UPND on the acquittal of former president Rupiah Banda are expected.

He says he will not be surprised if the UPND u-turns and opposes the restoration of Mr. Banda’s immunity.

Father Bwalya is hopeful that the matter will be taken back to parliament so that Mr. Banda’s immunity is restored.

He was speaking in an interview with ZNBC News in Lusaka.


    • Father Bwalya is a clown. If HH preempted a statement months ago, why didn’t President Lungu and his incompetent govt do a lots of things they could have done to mitigate the load shedding in the short-term. This Bwalya was Board Chairman at ZESCO. This is the calibre of people the Power Failure (PF) govt is entrusting strategic industries in. Just do an inventory and see who is heading what in Zambia and you will get to only one conclusion; catastrophe in the making.

    • HH suffers from analysis paralysis…..we have not forgotten how he used to show solidarity with RB by accompanying him to his court cases and today the UPND is saying something else…I guess old age is catching up with him….kikiki

    • I am wondering why Catholics cant disown this lunatic. He is embarrassing them by using the title of Father when he is in fact not. This man is hungry and can say anything to please his bosses. No wonder he was baptized in chibuku lol.

    • On what capacity does this guy talk ZNBC please stop joking it is tax money we are talking about please give us news worth news not this junk

  1. Father of arts but master of none, be it religious, political or otherwise. Thats how desperate one can be if he lacks principles. Licking the masters! Pathetic to say the least.

  2. HH is right. The current load shedding is due to incompetence and mismanagement at ZESCO. Each time there has been a change of Managing Director, the experienced and competent Directors and Senior Managers have been fired as well. Chitundu started it and Mundende has continued with this wreck less behavior. Competence is not respected at ZESCO. What is respected is being a stooge. If Bwalya thinks we do not know about the happenings at ZESCO, he should think again. It is Bwalya who is lying. HH and Prof. Saasa are right on this.

  3. A humanoid without any moral principles who has sold to darkness his fellow Citizens for few silver plated coins has a courage to call others liars?
    Can you go and hang yourself Bwalya and make Nation happy.

  4. Farter Bwalya likes farting. But it is true that that is what hunger can do to a dishonest man. He has disowned his heavenly father and hh his earthly father.
    His chibuku baptism is working wonders now.
    The chap is too drunk to look up to the source of all earthly wealth.
    It is chibuku baptism working. He will always be in a drunken state. Can’t think and can’t see properly.
    This is the ungrateful farter Bwalya. Who can listen or trust him in pf?
    Pf failure + zesco failure = eternal loadshedding.
    Pf has rebased everything. It is loadsheding rebased now.
    Pa Fipuba(pf) govt yena yilebombesha ukupesha ifipuba mu Zambia. Ukutasha ifipuba kufipela amachushi ukutila filuke.
    To thank the fool is to punish him/her. And the pfool govt is doing the same.
    What can farTer bWalya tell…

  5. Ask any ZESCO employee,ZamTel,ZamPost,Zambia Railway employees,…all government parastatals:are now unviable,unefficient,uneffective,unproductive & mismanaged due to either cadreism or bembalisation under Sata! Ask this very mad ‘Father’ Bwalya was once ati ZESCO board chairperson-without any managerial traceable credentials & one expect firms to thrive sustainably? Zambia under PF now is a Failed State! All parastatal firms are full of cadres,unqualified: bembas/ngonis, girlfriends & their cronies!These are the results now,& as HH had put it,these problems in these firms will take time to stabilise to normal!Moreover,let Zambians enjoy their choice-PF & no one should complain as all is well in Zambia according to PF unwashed masses!

    • Please qualify it by saying….. “let all those Zambians whose choice was PF enjoy their choice & not complain as all is well for them in Zambia!” Meanwhile allow me to complain for my choice was not PF though I ended in the third grouping and I’m hurt because my tax is being used willy nilly!


    • Do you REALLY think that CNN has fallen so low to ZNBC standards and allow intellectual non-entity like jerk Bwalya to spread falsity?

  7. ”Father” Bwalya you r not even ashamed of yourself, during r red card campaign u said RB was corrupt and u strongly advocated for the removal of his immunity but what has changed now? Go and ascertain the water levels and you will be shocked to find out that mama Nawakwi and HH are giving a true picture. Ala imwe mutubepe. I would also suggest for Nawakwi, HH, Kabimba and Erick Chanda to come together and kick the PF out, we cant continue like this, where r the gallant men and women of this village?

  8. Look at what is happening at ministry of finance,being the hub of the nation,in planning & let alone financing developmental national programmes,then you have people like Chikwanda & Kandeta at the helm,ooo my God! Why not bring back or beg Magande,Hobby Simuchile & or Situmbeko to assist-pride will never help Zambian presidents to have a resilient sustained economy in their era! You can not put a tribesmen or cousinship in strategic positions of the economy for appeasements or trying to sideline other tribes from contributing radically to a sustained national development agenda!This episode of corrupt pathetic PF regime is really ever on hanged mood with power & jameson-its really a flea circus video now in Zambia,we need to either secede Zambia into two independent countries as Bembas &…

    • @ civilized sam, you articulate your point, however, you digress into tribalism. I am almost certain that as a civilized person, you clearly understand that you cannot crucify all Bembas for the wrongs of one or, a group for that matter. Also you cannot be ignorant of the many intertribal marriages. To be Bemba or otherwise is not necessarily homogenous. I’d take your comment seriously if you’d focus on the issue. I am Bemba and do not necessarily agree with the way the country is being run and would gladly vote for anyone with a better vision for Zambia. Collectively we can make a difference. better to move away from tribalistic tendencies.

  9. Slaughtered a chicken and flashed red cards.Who is he fooling?Politics of the belly.Even RB does not believe what he is hearing from this clergy.

  10. Father Bwalya, Unless you maintain your clerical element steadfast, you will always be engaging yourself in many unyielding activities especially in the political field. You have chosen to involve yourself more on the political field at the expense of clerical activities and you will always find yourself on wrong course. Its embarassing for a cleric to play biased politics to please a certain class as opposed to a neutral political engagement. Be ready for the possible consequences, God is watching.

  11. Give him a job please. Too much noise from this ideot. Unfortunately the only qualification that he has is talking too much. Typical of a tribe up there

  12. My tribesmen the Easterners have joined thieves from the north. Even in colonial times, the loyal Easterners were given houseboy jobs while the dodgy bembas were not trusted in the house and were made to be garden boys, but they still managed to steal by corrupting the loyal houseboy. This is happening today.

  13. this bwalya of yours has a serious problem where reasoning is concerned. what does he want? he seems to be monitoring hh alone of all the politicians on earth. this is being unfair & he doesnt even know that no one supports his uncorth vomits. people are surely not interested in him, then why wasting his oxygen on silly things? this man will die of his escarating jealous as if he is not a jesuit sure. no, this man needs to change his BCP mwe.

  14. forget about that ***** who is looking for a job. he has forgotten already how he used to slaughter innocent chickens criticising the same man he is now praising. what a fool. he can only fool his fellow *****s not some of us

  15. And Bwalya actually knows better? Please he needs to sit down and shut the hell up, actually he needs to take several seats!!

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