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Road Contractors to be paid-Government


Dr Guy Scott tour New road in Luangwa
New road in Luangwa

GOVERNMENT has said contractors working on different roads in Eastern Province are expected to be paid in a month’s time.

Transport,Works,Supply and Communications Deputy Minister Mutaba Mwali said yesterday that this was because the Government had no authority to source for funds from outside.

Dr Mwali said that this time around Government would be able to source for funds from outside after seeking authority from Parliament.

“In about a month ago,Government had no authority to source for funds from outside but now after seeking authority from Parliament,contractors are expected to be paid in month’s time,”he said.

Dr Mwali said the treasury would be able to release huge sums of money for the payment of contractors.

He explained that the Government was looking at the issue seriously and confident that the treasury would look into the matter in one month’s time.

He commended the contractors and consultants for bearing the concerns of the Government over their payments.

He assured that the contractors would be able to recieve huge amounts of money in orderto complete the road projects.

Dr Mwali said contractors such as China Jiangxi International and China State have understood the position of the Government.

He said the Road Development Agency(RDA) had categorically stated that they would not advertise for the new projects unless the current problem was sorted out.


  1. Things should not end up with roads, roads, roads.. We need a long term plan of how we are going to make use of these roads for viable activities to grow the economic in order to have value for money on this infrastructure. We missed the phase to perform economic feasibility to prioritize which roads to construct. Now we should be thinking of “how best to use the roads to produce wealth to pay for them and maintain them?” Already, a sight in this picture of small passenger vehicles plying the road creates fears that some of the roads may just be used by travelers rather than for moving tourists,agricultural produce or support to important economic activities. Let us come up with a proper master plan on agriculture to use most of these roads in rural areas to a maximum!

    • @Zambia ni yatu
      I concur with you, I feel even financing modalities should have been looked at the planning phase. Some of the roads like Kitwe Chingola dual carriage way, Lusaka Kabwe Dual Carriage way and the Nakonde Mpika via Chinsali (GNR) could have been picked up by private developers through the PPP. These roads have a high turn over and within 3 to 4 years they could have recouped their investments. Savings from the above roads could enabled government do some of the inter district roads that would boost the economy.
      I feel loans should have only been gotten for new roads like Serenje- Chipata, Lufwayama Solwezi and the Ndola Mkushi roads. At the stage we were at, I didnt feel township roads were a priority in certain small towns

  2. Chpata vubwi road is static.Chinese nationals and workers are just loafng and roitering pregnanting foolish girls and women in vubwi.

  3. Why is PF GRZ paying exorbitant prices for these roads so much so they are the most expensive in the world to build?. Any responsible government would refuse to use public money at this cost, the reason is corruption, it is PF officials enriching them them selves that is why this is tolerated. All this money being stolen is borrowed money that zambians will have to pay back. PF don’t care. Chikwanda unwittingly revealed all about the roads being the most expensive in the world after questions were raised about his borrowing. Then you have PF officials boasting about projects. Now we know that is where you steal by inflating prices.

  4. Continued…
    How can any sane government try to hoodwink the pipo by thinking it is borrowed money we are stealing by way over charging for roads and the pipo will not realise until they realise the dept accumilated is chooking the country ?????. I am not UPND but this kind of stealing has to be questioned, again why is GRZ accepting to pay prices that are the most expensive in the world for roads using public funds.?????. The money is not PF’s it is our money.

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