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PF adopts Anthony Kasandwe for Bangweulu by election

Headlines PF adopts Anthony Kasandwe for Bangweulu by election

THE ruling Patriotic Front (PF) has adopted Mr Anthony Kasandwe as its candidate for Bangweulu parliamentary by elections.
Secretary General Davies Chama said the party had concluded the process and settled on Mr Kasandwe yesterday.

The parliamentary by elections are scheduled to take place on August 6 this year following the death of Mr Chifita Matafwali last month in India.Mr Chama expressed confidence that the ruling
party would scoop the seat without any difficulties.

” We can confirm that we have settled for Mr Kasandwe, he is a known man and as a party we are confident of scooping the seat without any pressure from the opposition,” Mr Chama said in

Mr Matafwali died on May 20 this year in India while undergoing treatment at Jehangir Hospital.He said the party has appointed Home Affairs Minister Davies Mwila as the campaign manager and would be traveling to the constituency anytime from now to start druming up support for Mr Kasandwe.


    • You don’t need the CV. The CV is that Anthony Kasandwe is friend of NOSTRADAMUS.
      Ok briefly he was in-charge of PF’s Ilunda chalo LTD.
      Congratulations my friend Anthony. I will send you campaign T-shirts next week.

  1. Please people develop zambia. There is really nothing in enriching yourselves at an expense of zambians. Death is for all whether rich or poor but please let us just give all to zambia. Mr chifita not sure what development he brought to bangweulu. He is dead and all money meant for constituecy is now in india.

  2. This man is already an MP has nobody can defeat PF in Bangweulu!!!he is a luck man!!God bless Zambia!!!!

    • And that being the case what’s the point wasting money and time?Just to fulfil a constitutional requirement?! by God, laws are meant to serve people and not other way round.For once can’t the ruling party and the opposition come to an agreement and save people from such unnecessary fatigue.One would rather all outstanding by- elections be deferred to 2016 which is just around the corner. Often common sense rules more and better than some of these artificial laws

  3. If the opposition were realistic they would let the man go through unopposed and save our money. But knowing them, they will field their losers and waste money even where everyone knows what the outcome will be.
    Try keeping your cash for next year.

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