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Husband kills wife’s boyfriend in Chinsali district

Rural News Husband kills wife’s boyfriend in Chinsali district

A Chinsali man has beaten his wife’s lover to death at Chapanga village in Senior Chief Nkula’s area.

And two men in their 60s of Chama district have been caught red-handed defiling a nine year old girl at a named church.

Police Commissioner for Muchinga Auxensio Daka confirmed both incidents to ZANIS in Chinsali today.

Mr Daka said the killing took place around 22 hours on 7th July this year.

Mr Daka says Francis Musonda 38, on the material day caught his wife Precious Mwape with another man having sex on his matrimonial bed.

He explained that the deceased Daniel Machina 34, of Ngosa Village was beaten to death using a stick by the annoyed husband.

Mr Daka adds that the body of Machina is lying in Chinsali District Community Hospital Mortuary awaiting post-mortem.

The Police Commissioner for Muchinga said police have since arrested Musonda and will appear in court soon.

And in Chama District of Muchinga Province two elderly men have been caught defiling a nine year old girl on a church premise.

Grandson Nkata aged, 60, together with a named security guard at Assembles of God church both of Majikatuba village in Chief Tembwe ‘s chiefdom where caught in the act in broad day light by a named pastor of the same church around 12:00 hours in Makeni area of Chama district having carnal knowledge of the juvenile.

Mr Daka said police have arrested the duo and charged them with defilement and that they will appear in court soon.

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    • He should have killed his wife too, she was the one with the disrespect to bring a lover in the matrimonial bed. As for the dead guy, hope he will be more respectable in hell!

    • He can’t be respectable in hell!

      He is a man,…

      He was designed to hammer women!!

      It’s the woman who should have made sure her cherry was closed!! Men always hit on women!!

  1. To all Zambian men out there!

    “A woman knows the face of the man she loves as a sailor knows the open sea.”

    Beatings, threats and other primitive methods will not make a woman LOVE you more or less.

  2. two men in their 60s defiling a nine year old girl at a named church what badness is this? doing evil at the church,two men defiling a nine years girl!where are we going as Christians:is Zambia a Christian Nation?Jesus have mercy.

    • We all know that the bible is full of rápe, murder, genocide, slavery, and every manner of atrocity –

      That’s what real “christians” do!!! By say Zambia is a christian nation

      KAFUPI the GREAT POMPWE, meant just that!

      You are all brainwashed hypocrites!!!!!

  3. Zambian men have been ranked as some of the leading wife beaters in Africa

    followed by Sierra Leone, Ethiopia, Uganda, Lesotho, Kenya, Swaziland, Namibia, Tanzania, Liberia and Nigeria in that order.

  4. Zambian men are “wife beaters” why did he attack the man instead of just divorcing his wife who opened their bedroom door and her legs?

    • I have been married for over “donkey years” and have NEVER been beaten, cheated on or disrespected by my hubby!!

    • Shocking!!

      The real Villain is alive,,……. and he is in jail!!!! LOL!!!!

      People never learn!!!!

  5. Shockingly Pathetic, please arrest those defilers.

    BANDITS destroying everything, what will remain?

    The Skeleton Key

  6. Finding your wife Or husband having sex can be so shocking that you can do anything, at that point you are not yourself. I don’t blame the man but maybe they should have instead arrested the woman. In this case to me she is the guilty one.

    • True!! Perhaps you have a better point!

      It’s better you hear of it, and maybe you may react better,…..!!

      But he should have also thumped his wife,….

  7. Musonda, your wife is a fool with adulterous behaviour! See now she has put you into problems! Women, if you are not ready for marriage and you still feel having sex with a lot of men is a better way to go, then don’t accept any proposal from a man. A lot of married women have that tendency of having an affair with other men, especially drunkards.

  8. It is sad that a life was lost in this manner.

    Sin is sin, and most of us are sinners. But none of us would deserve to go in this way.

    The husband should get charged with manslaughter, with diminished responsibility. But he should do some time.

    As for the rapists, I truly hope they get a taste of their own medicine in prison, where they should spend the remainder of their natural lives.

  9. So,….

    This man doesn’t know that men WILL ALWAYS hit on women whether married or not!?!?!

    He hasn’t solved the problem,…..!! He has just eliminated one out of the possible Billions who will sleep with his wife!!!

    The problem remains the woman who took the man to her home, opened her legs and let that chap hammer her!!!

    Now he is in Jail, when he could have been having a beer with his two side chicks!!!

  10. Crimes of passion can be tricky moral dilemmas. Unless of course, it turns out that the husband himself was an adulterous, stinking son of a bit?h.

  11. Unless you are a Hindu like me.
    We view the woman’s body as an outer garment.
    It is the soul that matters.
    What she does with her body, does not concern us.
    That was my experience when my wife Bhartee and I lived in Kolwezi in DR Congo.
    We are back in India now, our marriage is as strong as ever.
    We go on holidays every year, this year we are in France, living in the African neighbourhood with Senegalese, Malian, Chadian, Togolese as our friends and neighbours.

  12. Brother Gopalram,
    Would you please care to clarify because I’m not familiar with the Hindu philosophy you alluded to. Are you saying that per Hindu school of thought, buggery and the lifestyle of a whóre are perfectly acceptable as long as the “soul” is deemed unsoiled??

  13. Ji ha Nyau,
    We believe in the following:
    1) Doing good to other human beings, despite their race
    2) Eating vegetarian food
    3) Praying (chanting) on our beads 108 times in a day
    4) Reading our scriptures daily, and
    5) Telling someone about our philosophy daily
    That way, we can come as a better person in our next life. Or, we can break this cycle of life and death completely, and take birth in a higher planet.
    So if my wife uses her friendship with black brothers to achieve this, she could cover items 1 and 5 easily
    For us, that is more important than anything else in life, irrespective of age

  14. Brother Gopalram, Im not very sure what you are talking about here, you mean to say youll allow your wife to sleep with other men and be ok with it as long as all those prayers take place?!! What are you saying please! ill kill any man who touches my wife any day, i dont care if you were designed to “hammer” women, i was designed to be jealaous to the point of violence over , i was designed to view my wife as “my property” .

  15. Sorry,
    Our philosophy is different. That was the “outer garment” I spoke about earlier today. We use LinkedIn as a means of cultivating that friendship. When we lived in Chililabombwe in the 1980’s, before the internet, we used schoolboys to build that network. Every Sunday, schoolboys visited us. After they came out of the bedroom, we gave:
    A ballpoint pen, and
    An exercise book
    The following week, they brought more friends, to do the same job

  16. Bother Gopalram,
    Please forgive me but I will go out on a limb and declare that you are fabricating a tall tale here, perhaps for your own amusement or perhaps to bring shame upon the real Hindus.

    Please allow me to expand my theory even further by alleging that perhaps you are a member of rival group to the Hindus so you figured you go on LT and talk a whole lot of trash about them Hindus so they can become a laughing stock in Zambia. yes?

  17. Well brother Gopalram, I’m glad I did not have to tell you any further that bad-mouthing the Hindus like that is not morally right. Please allow the Hindus to live in dignity, not painting them as uncouth, perverted séx orgy practitioners.

  18. Bloggers, you have commented on the death of a lover. These are adults. Yet a nine year old child was defiled by two dirty old men, paedophiles. That child’s life is ruined. This to me is worse than the other issue in the article. More punishment should be meted out to child molesters, paedophiles these monsters with warped desires.
    I cry for that poor child! These sick men took a nine year old and defiled her in a church. Can anything be more warped than this?

    • ba Professional,
      You are absolutely right. The child deserves our attention more than the adulterous and murderous adults.

      I’m sort of new to this kind of journalism where the headline highlights one crime and the story intertwines two unrelated stories. I was going more by the story reflected in the headline.

      I’m not religious so what offends me is not what those buggers did in a church. What offends me is what they did to an innocent child. And if I were chief executive and top judge, those two men would not see the next sunrise. No questions asked.

  19. What has he solved? He will go to jail leaving her free for more men. When a wife does such a thing just kick her out of your life and find another one period.

  20. Proverbs 6:34

    Warnings against Adultery

    …33Wounds and disgrace he will find, And his reproach will not be blotted out. 34For jealousy enrages a man, And he will not spare in the day of vengeance. 35He will not accept any ransom, Nor will he be satisfied though you give many gifts.

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