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Zambia to have elections in 2016 as scheduled-Inonge Wina

Headlines Zambia to have elections in 2016 as scheduled-Inonge Wina

President Edgar Lungu with Vice Presisident Inonge Wina
President Edgar Lungu with Vice President Inonge Wina

Vice President Inonge Wina says government will respect the will of the Zambian people who chose to have presidential elections every five years.

Ms. Wina says President Edgar Lungu is not ready to abuse the Zambian constitution using his status as head of state.

The Vice President told parliament today that President Lungu was ready to go for elections next year, allaying fears that there were plans for him to rule for five years before the next general election is held.
She said the head of state will complete the term of office for late President Michael Sata who died in October last year and then go for elections.

Ms. Wina has since assured the Zambian people that President Lungu was on track developing the country and carrying on the legacy of the late Mr. Sata.

And Ms. Wina has expressed sadness over two Zambians who have sought a court order to stop the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) from holding presidential elections in 2016.

Richard Mumba and Wright Musoma of Chibombo district in Central Province filed in a court petition and argued that President Lungu’s tenure will expire on 20th January 2020 and not next year.

She said the duo was allegedly being used by some people over President Lungu’s term of office.
She explained that even her just heard of the matter on radio and television and read about it in the newspapers.

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  1. Which is which? the president failed to escalpate himself when asked about the same issue. He said its up to the courts of law to judge when he could have simply said what Wina is saying… so this begs the question.. is the president an intrested party?

    • my mother Inonge has spoken, all those with wisdom (clearly not the s.a.tanic party of wanzelu and company) pay attention..
      Ni Kolopa nafuti..we are taking it in style next year..ati HH ni HoooHooo mwebo mwe..

      Nomba ni EL2016

      Unip mu 2026 (under my leadership)

    • She should be retired in the National interest.

      I am for women being in high position, but she is not the right woman, Nkandu, Masebo have done more for Zambian Politics

      Her rise to prominence is being a wife of a Minister albeit a long time ago.

      I respect her, but she rubs me the wrong , more so the way she ascended to the top by siding with lungu and lying through her teeth to Scot and the people that she was ‘neutral’

      She in it, for herself and she offers nothing and takes a lot.

      Simple as that- and I know I am 110% right


    • Inonge will be fired by Edgar just like Guy Scott was fired for sticking to the constitution.
      She can’t just go about telling us that elections will be kept to 2016, when Edgar’s team are busy demanding 3rd term.

    • I we chimbwi the president could not comment on the matter before the court hence his comment .So whether you like it or not Edgar is winning in 2016

    • The strategy failed and hence the new strategy of saying southerners want to secede.

    • The President could be an interested Party…….The only person who can put this issue to bed is ECL. Please ba Changwa……why are you not responding like the Vice President. I smell a rat here!!!! The Chama Saga is a good example on serious national issues which the Vice President handled maturely but ECL came in with his day dreams……..”No, no, the Tongas can not secede because we shall punish them heavily”. ECL was supposed to have repriminded Chama instead of showing that Davies had done nothing wrong because he called the Tongas using their correct name………”They are a polygamous tribe that must first produce a lot of children before they can ascend to the high office……..” Was/Is this part of the one Zambia motto? Ba Chagwa, you are failing mudala!!

    • Is it not contempt of court for Vice-President Inonge Wina to comment and even pass judgement on a matter that is before the courts of law? And how does Wina’s reconcile her expression of ‘sadness’ over Mumba and Musoma’s legal suit against her Boss’s description of the same court action as ‘interesting and worth pursuing’?

  2. we all know that the chibombo duo is being use the rainpour party and the united party for next defeat

    • i meant to say that they are being used by the rain pour party and the united party for next defeat

    • Chagwa sensing defeat in next years elections is busy scheming to defer elections to 2020.Its no doubt that its chagwa and his clnies behind this move.The question I keep asking the pf cadres is, if chagwa is sure of winning years elections why scheming to defer elections?There simply no coordination in this govnment wina says this and chagwa says something else.This is what I mean that chagwa is not in control.Wina is more figurehead than lungu.

    • Iwe chi mbinji don’t be an id!ot, who told you that Edgar Lungu wanted to defer elections? Why are you chaps from United Party for Never-ending Defeat (UPeND) like this? Problem you like feasting on feacal journalism from your HeHimself sponsred ZWD…wooo mwanyala manje Mama Wina has clarified, we are having elections in 2016 and this time your under 5 will just drop dead from shock! Kolopa dot com!

  3. Yes! lets have Elections in 2016 and vote out Lungu (but not PF). I for one am not impressed with his style of management, he is just flowing with events wherever they are regardless and seems to have no convincing and workable programme for poor Zambia.

    Time is running out guys we have to make progress. There’s no more time for POLITICS, lets create and make food available and affordable amid; essentials, Education, more electricity etc., available for every Zambian and the time is NOW!

    • Is it not contempt of court for Vice-President Inonge Wina to comment and even pass judgement on a matter that is before the courts of law? And how does Wina reconcile her expression of ‘sadness’ over Mumba and Musoma’s legal suit against her Boss’s description of the Chibombo duo’s court action as ‘interesting and worth pursuing’?

  4. Vice President Inonge Wina,

    When will PF release “comprehensive statement” in respect of 1diotic utterances by Chama the One Party Lunatic?

    • You chaps are obsessed with your tribalism. Tonga are playing victim here and yet everyday they insult other tribes. Garry Nkombo insulted other tribes calling them “stupid, foolish”. Did you hear other tribes rise in protest calling for Nkombo’s head? The answer is NO. Tongas are behaving like gay people. Calling for equal rights and yet they don’t want to respect other peoples opinions. To hell you

    • Aleshaday,

      I do agree with ?id!ot! that “your question is water uder the bridge imweeeeee.

  5. Inonge are you part of the inner circle, or as in the Chama statement, are just a figurehead.
    All the same you are still the voice of reason among all those ‘little men’.

  6. Thanks Madam, your mandate is very short. We are ushering in UPND. Power Supply – FAIL, Exchange rate – FAIL,Youth Employment – FAIL, Budget Managemet – FAIL, Over borrowing and taking us 30 years back – Pass, Citizen engagement through Press conferences – FAIL.(Best Six)

  7. THESE chaps have learnt very little from politics. Get the next lot in we not gonna sit here trying to teach the unteacheable. No one has that time.

  8. My auntie Inonge claims, ‘Lungu is on track developing the country and carrying on the legacy of the late Sata’. How possible is it to develop with such erratic supply of electricity, from what we hear most of the population are without electricity for up to 22 hours in a day yet those responsible are not taking the issue seriously. I can’t think of any other country in the world so badly governed like Zambia. The president and his ministers spend and waste more time at airports and functions, dining, wining and making merry. Official opening of shopping malls is the president’s top priority. That is all that is left of Zambia.

    • Well Nigeria is certainly richer than Zambia. There, areas of cities have alternate electricity and drive on alternate days!!

      They however take their lives in their own hands and get generators to ensure they can help themselves.

      Is it not time, those in Cities in Zambia start showing some self-help?? We should investigate, Solar, Windmill(mmm) alternative sources on a small personal supply during outages.

  9. How can the president say one thing and his vice say something else? besides Lungu said there was a debate about whether RB should have served 5 years. He didn’t mention exactly where this debate was taking place it was the first time a lot of us were hearing that there was such a debate. So who do we listen to the president or his vice?

    • When African Presidents dont come out in the open to say “I wont stand” then you are in trouble because they will at the last minute declare they are standing. Nkurunzinza, Chiluba, Museveni are good examples. Kabila wants to follow the well trodden path

  10. This woman always speaks sense. Even on Chama’s foolish statement, she is the only one who showed leadership.. not bene jemerson…

    Anyway she is a product of UPND.Lubinda too is sensible, only if PF could allow him to be President

  11. Imwe ba LT she is Mrs Wina not Ms. Ms is for women who dont want to be known as married especially the unmarried ones. Those who have been married go by Mrs unless they explicitly state that they dont want to be Mrs after the death or divorce of their husbands.

    • No. Ms is for empowered Females who want to stand on their own merit and not as an attachment to a man.

      It’s a will to self determination. Does not mean they love their hubby less!

  12. Richard Mumba and Wright Musoma, nice try dudes. Mischievous rouse, whoever put you up to it!! I think it better to stick to current constitutional requirements. Logic says His Excellency should win again 2016.

    Question was really whether, this 1.5 or so year must count as a whole term and whether His Excellency must be seen as having only 5 years more to go.

    The nation loves him so….and nightmares of his end of term is causing night sweats!

    • Oh, and our Hon. Vice President is as always, honourable showing great wisdom, and Ethics. She saw off substandard Leadership Challenges. She is again steering the PF Boat into the right waters.

      She is a great national asset and great running mate for His Excellency.

      God Bless our Leaders
      Long Live His Excellency President Lungu
      More Power to our honourable First Vice President

  13. Ima! Lwakupa musikakutele ku sainisa mapepa a bo Lungu busihu kwa kuta muka luswabisa kwa sicaba. We want elections in 2016 and vote you out how can people shoot at your relatives and you keep quit. Shame on you .

  14. The Petition has been hatched by enemies of Lungu. Fortunately there is a God on the throne who is in control and who will always expose lies through truth. PF is winning again and again. Opposition have no agenda other than ego to get to State house.

  15. Thank you for the information. Now it needs to be confirmed by The president himself.
    Do not change rules after the game has started. RB already interpreted and followed the constitution which lead to his departure. Do not try to re-read the same constitution differently unless you are trying to steal something.

  16. Though I STRONGLY DISAGREE with the politics with which mama WINA stands for I agree with the assement of her being a woman of principle and intergrity. Unfortunately she is associated with the failures of the PF.. I actually believe that she is sincere in this statement. THE PEOPLE WILL HAVE THEIR FINAL SAY COME 2016 AND THE PF WILL BE JUDGED ON THIER PERFORMANCE. THE NEXT ELECTION WILL BE DEFINED BY POLICY AND NOT PERSONALITIES. THANK YOU FOR YOUR LEADERSHIP MAMA WINA!

  17. Please correct me on the matter… I thought she stated that the president is finishing the late presidents term of office. Understandably, that his term will start counting after next election … So not refuting the posibility of the 3rd term!!!! I will appreciate some clarifications please!!

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