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President Lungu commended for visiting Kafue Gorge/Kariba power stations


Presisent Lungu tour Kariba dam wall at zesco kariba north bank
President Lungu tour Kariba dam wall at zesco kariba north bank

The ruling Patriotic Front-PF in Southern province has commended President Edgar Lungu for visiting and inspecting the Kafue gorge and Kariba North Power Stations.

This was on a fact finding mission of the water levels which has resulted in load shedding currently faced by the country.

PF Siavonga District Chairman Elijah Chitalu says President Lungu has shown leadership by taking off his busy schedule to visit the two power stations.

And Mr. Chitalu has assured the Head of State of massive votes from Siavonga in 2016.

ZANIS reports that Mr. Chitalu said this in an interview.

“I want to thank President Lungu for coming here to inspect the ZESCO operations resulting in electricity deficit the country is experiencing. That’s how leadership should be,” he said.

At the weekend, President Edgar Lungu inspected and toured the Kafue Gorge and Kariba North Bank power stations on a fact finding mission where he directed ZESCO to distribute electricity equitably in view of electricity blues due to the reduced water levels at the two power plants.

President Lungu, who was accompanied by Energy Minister Chris Yaluma, senior ZESCO and government officials, learnt that the maximum power deficit Zambia faces is estimated at 560MW.

ZESCO Limited has embarked on a countrywide power rationing mechanism in order to preserve the limited water available for power generation until the next rainy season.

And PF Chirundu District Chairman Brian Champo disclosed that the ruling party has regenerated itself after the party organs were restructured.

Mr. Champo claimed that the entire Chirundu district has rallied behind the good leadership style of President Lungu.

He disclosed that the ruling party was receiving defectors on a daily basis to guarantee the PF victory in next year’s poll.


  1. Surely LT a PF District Chairman commended his boss and you put this a news….let’s be serious…pull up your socks and look for news worthy of posting!!

    • What is there to praise? In Mexico, a dangerous prisoner escaped and the President was on TV reassuring the nation with hours. Here our president was forced to go out after days of darkness, and his solution to the problem-he asked the speaker to send MPs to see the dam. What kind of president is this? The man never says anything on the economy because he knows nothing! Power Failure (PF)!

    • What! Don’t kid me. Is this news. Were we not advised just a while ago not to dwell on trivialities, and LT have elected not to help.

    • @jay jay not only that if Lungu was an electrical engineer or even technically competent in hydro engineering, l could understand and appreciate his visa like dear comrade. In the interest of getting down to the nitty gritty, he should have sent the minister first to brief him not compile a report (as that would then require another technically competent process engineer to break down into a language EL would understand. However, if another report says it’s the weather- he would have to call in a weather expert to give him a run down of weather patterns for the last one year (ie if the predecessor had left hand over notes. If no notes then the flow chart would refer him back to the previous predecessor who is RB. Wait a minute, l thought RB was running the show in the background?

  2. That is part of his job, in such circumstances of national emergencies; what did these cadres expect? They do not even know the job parameters of thier own employee! Sad.

  3. This is the only thing this drunk shit can do!! Inspecting stuff and travelling on taxpayers money! Zambia is doomed!!!

  4. So what did he do there worth commending? Looking at the water & listening to fellow (non proactive) reactive managers? Make a call on parliament to spend more money by going to watch the water and the turbines instead of calling them to debate solutions & thinking bat the vast water/sun resource Zambia has?

    No we don’t praise re-active leaders, we praise pro-active ones!

  5. Useless, so visiting the power stations will restore the water level and give people power? What is there to commend anyway. Zambians really lack seriousness, EL is taking you for a ride and you are buying it really!

  6. The Zambian Presidency is one of the easiest jobs in the world. The last headline on LT news was ” Lungu, praised for noticing nepotism”,,,,really is that praiseworthy? In the US, a president grows grey/white hair within one year of his presidency whilst in Zambia, their skin wrinkles and white hair disappear!!

  7. That is NOT the work of the president.. Where are his ministers??? He appointed the minister of energy, Is that not the minister supposed to over see this matter???

  8. That is a very dull chairman. The president was on the national duty, not the party duty. I do not expect the chairman to be talking about votes.

  9. It was a waste of time for President Lungu visiting Kafue Gorge/Kariba stations to go and see low water levels. That was expected and is the truth. We are having load shed because of poor planning, mismanagement and failure to re-invest. Zesco & the government have known weather pattern for a long time that’s why they should have fully developed lower Kafue gorge and installed generators in zones, that is downstream and upstream, using the same amount of water passing each turbine rather than feeding water into 6 parallel turbines which requires 6 times of water when turbines are installed in series. With the current low water, series-parallel installation, we could have been producing 3400MW instead of about 1700MW available under the current load shed. We could have avoided load shed.

  10. I am quite nervous at the fast increase in levels of mediocrity in the country. It is not funny anymore. I am on a visit and apart from the haphazard but courteous driving behaviors everything else seems to dystopia in the making. The mansions in the dust continue, the lies by politicians about load shedding have only got polished and leadership has resorted to threats at any pretext. Thankfully I jet out tomorrow morning…

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