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Police arrest Fred Mmembe

Headlines Police arrest Fred Mmembe

Fred Mmembe with Reporter Mukosha Funga at Woodlands Police Station
Fred Mmembe with Reporter Mukosha Funga at Woodlands Police Station

Police in Lusaka have formally charged and arrested Post Newspaper Proprietor Fred Mmembe and Reporter Funga Mukosha for the offence of publication of classified information under the State Security Act.

This is in connection with an article that appeared in the Post Newspaper on 17th April 2015 which stated that the Anti Corruption Commission Director General had written to President Lungu informing him that ACC was investigating Mr. Kaizer Zulu for having solicited US$ 1 million from a Chinese contractor in order to fix an appointment for him with the President.

The duo denied the charge and are scheduled to appear in court today.

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  1. This PF government never learns; another waste of resources directed at what will not even materialise. Vote wisely come 2016

    • Looks more like chosa chisote iwe! Chosa beluti anso na nsapato uchose. Lemba zina lako apa naiwe ndiwe mkazi wake?
      Ni ku Limba chabe

    • C ycle Mata, you are exhibiting shallow thinking. How can they arrest someone they don’t know? Joirnalists rarely reveal their soueces, and there is a law to protect that, so if government does not know the leaker, how can they arrest that one? Besides, leaking information is a different case from “publishing classified information”…. You want to sound smart, so talk smart…

    • @ Monkey Banana

      And in your “smart” opinion, how the “classified information” regarding public official alleged criminality can be kept secret from the public.
      Indeed, think smart.
      After all, laws are written in English and shall be interpreted in English and not “Zamglish”.

    • Mmembe is capable of causing genocide in the country. This ***** should be caged soon before Blind Tongas and Bembas and allied tribes kill each other like in Rwanda. The chap is a chairman of fountain of evil in Zambia. Only people who do not analyse issues properly follow blindly what he writes in his past news paper. I was shocked to see a very disturbing comment from Lupando Mwape in the post I could not believe it. Lupando was VP and he should know that Mmembe is evil who deserve not to be given any interview because the chap twists what some body has said to suit his devilish agenda.
      He is so evil follow him blindly at your risk. Ask one of his workers and you will be shocked the suffering they go through under this man. When they enter Bwinjimfumu it is hell.

    • My thinking exactly. This is just a waste of time.Why not fix their own ‘house’ by identifying the person who leaked the data?

  2. Just look at the way the so called Police station looks like, you’d think it’s perhaps one of those Security companies in some shanty township and owned by a retired Police constable called PHIRI! Twasebana ….

  3. Who do you think you are fred m’membe?You fool!You have always been talking ill of the government because of your own selfish egos.You *****!In fact the police must not release you.You must be prosecuted.Your post News paper has become a mouth piece for foolish things.Kawalala iwe!Chi imbwa chi m’membe

  4. If I were Kaizer Zulu I’d be worried. This might be our opportunity to know wht actually happened. But then we will be denied the opportunity because of someone called nolle.

  5. Kaizer Zulu is a criminal. Instead of arresting criminals, the police are instead arresting those that are exposing the criminals. Zambia is warped indeed. The police have now changed the law. They arrest the victims and not the perpetrators of crimes.

  6. The police have not arrested the thugs who caused violence with an intention to harm HH and his team. Shame. God hates unfairness. Mark my words some people will soon get Gods judgement.

    • UPND do not cheat your selves Mmembe will never support HH because he has Kabimba already. Just think of how much damage he has caused to your party, the tribal tag it is now very difficult to erase it.

  7. Lungu has wrong advises why fight with someone who has nothing to loose BUT Everything gain Even Enjoy The Fight when you have everything to loose.even funny sata knew that fighting the media is foolish

  8. Well done. This guy thinks Zambia is his alone. Leave Pilato alone after all he just plagiarized that song by Pichen. Maybe you can charge him for that.

  9. Zambian police are f.o.o.l-i-sh PF force. I don’t support M’Membe but why arrest him instead of arresting Kaizer, the corrupt. Now we know that Lungu had a cut from the over $200K that Kaizer had got. Lungu’s days in office are numbered.

    • Don’t hide behind a false name. If you have facts come out in the open and tell the nation all you know. Otherwise Lungu will win again in2016 and you will remain with your insults.

  10. Waste of time. Africans no wonder its the dark continent. M’membe is not my favourite human being but if your enemy has done nothing wrong why wish him harm. Another waste of time. PF supporters you still don’t get why you have to be civilised its a shame. We told MMD the same they were just as arrogant now their party is in the dust bin of history. If you have ears, listen!!!

    • @ Mwe bantu
      PF folks are just lucky that the average Zambian mindset is that of do-gooder-easy-smile cowardice. They think that PF will last for ever. The same force that destroyed Babylon and Belshazzar, Alexander the great and Greece, Kaunda and UNIP and Mumba and MMD will visit them. If they heeded advice I would tell them to be humble and tread softly. Not that Mmembe is any better BUT in this particular episode and on this occasion, he stands on firm ground. He was a PF bedfellow during Sata and treated Hakainde with so much hatred BUT that was his right and I refuse to wish him ill will.

  11. Whom among you, really, really cares about this chaps ‘bad day.’

    This is like…..’ thanks to God it’s Friday’ type of news come a day early!!!

    We ain’t bored. Keep it coming. Politics can never bore!

  12. It serves the bastard right. And Tongas wake up this guy you are idolising today is the one who had put that tribal tag on your party UPND. It meant well but Mmembe and his Post tarnished it with Bantubotatwe ink. Today Mmembe is pitying the Bembas against the Tongas so that Winter Kabimba can win in 2016. Mmembe is a schemer who wants his battles to be fought by others and he gets the benefits thereafter. To me the Tongas and Bembas are political cousins but they wedge that mmembe wants to bring between the two may have dire consequences. Let our motto be “One Zambia, One Nation, One Tribe Abash Mmembe.I pity the Bembas when they read the rubbish from Mmembe’s Post they charge against the Tongas and the vice versa.

  13. Mmembe arrested, what is the big deal about that? We all get arrested and made to remove our shoes don’t we? Can we please stop glorifying that creep please?

    Under Sata, some journalist at Evelyn hone college named Hamasaaka something was arrested and harassed by police, to my knowledge he even lost his job and the case had absolutely no evidence that I remember. I don’t recall Mmembe putting in a comment, or defending his fellow journalist, or condemning Sata for that. So why should I blink or lose sleep over Mmembe being arrested for a case in which the law has evidence, right or wrong? Let them keep Mmembe busy in the cells.
    And while Mmembe is busy in the cells or preparing his defense, can we proceed with the Tribunal without distraction please??

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