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Hakainde Hichilema counsels Edgar Lungu against violence

Headlines Hakainde Hichilema counsels Edgar Lungu against violence

A vehicle, owned by PF cadres  that was trailing Mr. Hichilema’s convoy
A vehicle, owned by PF cadres that was trailing Mr. Hichilema’s convoy

Dear President Lungu,

As you approach six months in office I feel compelled to write to you and ask you to urgently address matters of critical importance concerning the fundamental rights of Zambian citizens from every corner of our great nation, regardless of who they support politically.

This letter follows closely a serious attack and attempt on my life and other United Party for National Development supporters in Kitwe earlier this week, and in Mulobezi during the by-elections. I am sure you are already aware of some of the details of the attack so I will not repeat them here, but wish to remind you that this attack is not an isolated instance.

It comes after weeks of intimidation on us by the PF cadres and attempts to restrict our movements and our democratic right to meet and talk with the Zambian people.

Where violence has been the outcome, we strongly feel there has been serious bias in favour of PF cadres in pursuing the perpetrators.

The guilty persons must be held to account regardless of their political affiliation. We cannot pretend to hold our head high as a democracy and beacon of peace and stability in the region while our law is applied so unevenly, and while the freedom of assembly and free speech are so clearly under attack.

Zambian people do not need permission from anyone, let alone a Head of State to express their opinions or assemble. On one hand you preach One Zambia, One Nation and on the other you do not discipline the gun-running PF cadres and the PF Secretary General for his most offensive remarks on other citizens.

Not only do we feel that the failure of Government to publicly acknowledge and condemn the attacks and to call for the fair persecution of PF perpetrators, violates our rights as Zambian citizens, but it also threatens the future stability of our great nation.

Your deafening silence can lead one to believe you are the “Warlord” behind the scenes. At this time Zambia faces a number of challenges as you are aware: the economy is in shambles and debt ridden, whereby our children’s future has been mortgaged, our electricity utility, ZESCO is in crisis and most importantly we have a large youth population who lack the opportunities they deserve to find decent work that can help them cover the ever rising cost of living.

At such a time politicians such as you and I need to inspire trust in the Zambian people – it is when the people lack faith in the ability of their leaders to address the challenges facing them through peaceful means that people will turn to violence, it is when they become frustrated and feel they have nothing to lose by taking this ill-advised route.

It is truly a sad state of affairs if our youths feel that way in 2015, and even sadder if our Government refuses to acknowledge the seriousness of the situation.

As political leaders, and for you as President of our Republic I strongly believe it is up to us to lead by example and condemn every act of violence perpetrated by one Zambian against another. We must also refocus public attention on the issues. Freedom of speech must be protected at all times, but we must take a responsibility for setting the tone by focusing discussions based on the issues and not personal attacks and impressing upon our colleagues the need to do the same.

As President we also ask you to fulfil your responsibility to the Zambian people and oversee equal application of the law to every Zambian regardless of political affiliation, to uphold freedom of speech by not shying away from criticism or seeking to punish those from which it comes but instead to acknowledge and address it with due maturity, and to ensure that the freedom of assembly is re-established for all Zambians through reform, or if needs be, complete overhaul of the Public Order Act.

From here on out let us both publicly declare our commitment to engage on the important issues of the economy, jobs, education, healthcare, high cost of food, and at the same time to always condemn violence and inflammatory action by our members.

Yours sincerely,

Hakainde Hichilema


Issued by: UPND National Campaign Centre, Lusaka

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  1. That is the incoming president. HH makes so much sense. Let us stop the violence. I am happy the Copperbelt Minister Mwenya Musenge has apologized. Politics should be issue based. Edgar Lungu ball is in your court

    • If Mr. Lungu edgar has failed to ran this country, let im resign on moral grounds.

      Zambia is not in short supply of leaders, he should consider himself lack to be there and he should not drive his luck too far.

      We demand that davies chama the saverge be arrested today.

      In 2016, please vote for HH, the man of Peace, Unity, determination and Progress. Simply said the 4 in 1 President.

      2016 for HH.

    • At least the trybal leader has finally acknowledged Edgar as the president. Unfortunately your counsel has come rather too late when the head of state has already gotten to the bottom of the matter through his juniors. Sadly for you CB doesn’t like you whether as a politician or not. Its just nature that cb will find it hard to accept you as a politician.

    • Please HH. How many times are you going to throw your toys out of the pram and still never get a hug from Lungu. Don’t you think its time to change tactics?

    • HH as a Tonga probably grew up on unpasteurized milk, his brain is muddled!

      He needs to take a breather and regroup! He talks too much when does he think?

    • The next thing to happen will be a response from Sunday Chanda and not from the head of state himself. Too scared to address issues.


    • @hilda malama chipuba….what are you demanding everyday. You will demand until the end of time…bitter loser iwe..

    • If one compares the late Levy to Lungu, both as lawyers. There is a huge difference to the point were one thinks LAZ and the UNZA lecturer must have accidentally checked off or qualified the wrong Lungu. Lungu has never upheld the rule of law or even ensured discipline. This is why these cadres find it appropriate to behave like they do. Also, we do they keep pardoning criminals without having correctional employment for them? This why we are having these criminals joining parties and been used by savages like Chama. LUNGU MUST GO. A PROVEN FAILURE (PF) LEADING PROVEN FAILURES (PF).

    • HH should not just talk about the violence of PF cadres. If he is indeed a leader, he should also talk about the violence of his own cadres. He can learn quite a lot from late Mandela here.

  2. HH must be very careful & prayerful,these pathetic PF devils are really after his life!Zambia is no longer a safe haven under these diabolical hellish PF morons!We have to support these clarion call from HH on protecting the much needed peace though there’s no peace in Zambia under PF.We really have to work much harder next year to remove these failures from power,but with God so far on our side,its now clear that HH will have it ease as Zambians are now awakening from their comatoses!

    • @the uncivilized Sam
      Zambia is very peaceful and will continue like that. The unfortunate thing about your trybal leader is that he wants to neglect the law of order so that he invites trouble and then throw the blame on the govt. This is his latest strategy to hoodwink people’s sympathy. Sadly his tricks are known are he will fail again.

    • HH find other tricks to get to plot 1. What you re using is outdated the last person to have used these tricks is Sata and he is long gone. Just campaign and well. Embrace all tribes in you party, ditch the ZWD if you will have any chance to winning.

    • sponge bob and kci are two bloggers or maybe the same blogger who fits the have-eyes-but-do-not-see, have-ears-but-do-not-hear, have-a-mouth-but-do-not-speak-truth in relation to anything that is not born of PF. Bottom line zealots

    • FuManchu whatever you call your ugly self, you are much more of a miscreant than sponge bob and kci combined! Why shouldn’t they defend a Party they associate themselves with? Ideot!

  3. So Edga is reading this letter upside down due to two tots of Jermison he had for breakfast. You will soon see him unleash his two attack dogs on his opponents including the unfortunate Tongas. Tongas are the most feared tribe in Zambia. See how the Lozis have been silenced. The KaLubales never even put any resistance. The Bembas are disorganised as one can see when they failed to defend their Chitimukulu. It had to take the likes of GBM to show resistance. Even if people talk of Bantu Botatwe, you never hear a word from Central province. CP has been overrun by monkeys long time ago. Its funny how the easterners are now using the Bembas to fight their battles. I thought Bembas will see through this ploy? As long as Edgar is president, bembas will not see power. I dont see any strongman

  4. Assault of fundamental human rights must be condemned by even die-hard PF thugs. War does not spares its ravages.

    I call on Edgar Lungu to eschew violence despite ascending to office through unbridled intimidation and violence. Lungu must abandon wako-ni-wako tribalism he preached in Malambo and Petauke.

    Edgar, violence will get you to ICC.

    • You seem to be very average to fail to understand what Edgar’s message was in Eastern Province. I wished you had the same vigor in condemning those UPND thugs who attacked Chama in Mulobezi.

  5. I have no doubt that HH is 10 times better than Edgar Lungu the coward. Once Zambia chooses this humble son, its citizens stand to benefit largely.

    Edgar Lungu has failed Zambians except Rupiah Banda and his supporters.

    In 2016, please vote for HH; The Man of Peace, Unity, Love, Care, Determination and Progress.

    HH, the Man whose instinct is that of humbleness and humility to the Zambian People.

    Long live HH, Long live People of Zambia.

    • In your dreams. With all your insults, who will vote fo HH? Upnd cannot attract any new members. I used to be a very ardent supporter of HH. But with cadres like you who insult an elderly person like el everyday….can’t never. The problem with upnd members is that you use same tactics that have failed and you think you can rule…politics of insults and disrespect.

  6. Life is consciousness. It’s the sum total of beliefs held, outpictured or objectified.

    Until the critical mass of Zambians can believe in democracy and prosperity, the hoodlums and mafia like warlords will ride on violence, deception and intimidation to plunder and ride rough on the people.

    If we can have the consciousness of freedom and liberty akin to the Swiss, French, British, Americans that will be the end of despotism, corruption, and violence.

  7. I thought Edgar has said he is meeting with all opposition leaders to discuss all the issues hh is raising and many more. Take this as opportunity and meet him and present your issues then let’s see what Edgar does issuing outmattums to the head of state won’t work. Dialogue dialogue and dialogue is the only solution

  8. The problem with my father Edgar Chagwa Lungu is that he does not fear God like HH does. To him Rupiah Banda is everything and would rather build a sentuary to worship him than to go to church.
    @ HH,

    Well articulated Mr. President. Allow me to comment;

    Please fellow Zambians, don’t vote for my father in 2016, HH is far and far much better than my father.

    Just yesterday, he had a heated argument when my step mother Esther, asked him why he was allowing PF carders to harass HH, and he was futher reminded and warned that Zambians by nature dont like violence and that the possibility of him being rejected in the coming 2016 general elections is high as alot of people are really sympathizing with HH more than him.

    Sign; Tasila Chagwa Lungu, Daughter to Edgar Lungu.

    • Are u really his daughter or a person just trying to dissuade people from lungu just so they for HH ? Do you speak the truth ?

  9. True on this one HH. And I pray that let also PF campaign freely in Southern province and all your strong holds. I say this coz always when there is an election in the HH-UPND strong hold there is violence which is does not happen in PF strong holds. Let every political leader in Zambia denounce violence of any kind. Politics should be considered as a game , you win or lose. So Edgar and HH must restrain their cadres from insipid violence.

    Peace and Prosperity to Mother Zambia.

  10. Cry babies always seeking attention even when it is clear someone is not interested in your performances. This man HH creating shows and when Edger Lungu is not interested in his childish approaches, he cries even louder. I am sure HH has never read the story “the boy who cried wolf”. A responsible citizen report to the police with providence all criminal activities irregardless whether he thinks the police will not help. This is why not even the International community does not pay any attentions to this boy.

  11. In think LT should start blocking these UNPD supporters the way they block PF supporters on the ZWD. Like that we will have a fair playing field.

  12. some bloggers use their bums to think
    why attack such a well written piece which calls for everyone to take part.HH hasnt spared himself in his role hence the call for Lungu to play his role as a head of state

  13. Those are nice words from mr HH. If as political leaders you continue attacking each other on personal issues and forgeting the majority of ordinary zambians, how will our nation develop? let me take this chance to ask the opposition to play its role without fear like our late president micheal sata did when he was in opposition. People will judge by electing you into power if only you show them your commitment to beter their living standard.

  14. HH you have to be careful with the way you do your politics.Thugs will continue beating you because of your petty politics.Next time you have to be careful.Stop your nonsense talk.Useless politician.you nincompoop!

  15. We are not dull Bahh. After all, your cadres vote on LT then what?Continue using the same formula .I for one i can’t give one year to one person and five years to another. Desperation is really kill you. Try as you may, you know it won’t work.

  16. When shall these two controversial leaders learn to keep the country off the campaign mood all the year long? You should both learn to address the current economic crisis each in his capacity and leave the people to judge your performance. Public showdowns will not yield anything.

  17. Is Edgar a leader, how sad. PF violence with pangas started with Edgar Lungu in Chawama. The man is clearly struggling to lead

  18. What has happened to us Zambians wherebye we rejoice in seeing others being violated upon because we belong to the ruling party. Shame on you and you call yourselves Christians. If your relative got killed or injured by PF cardes, would you be singing praises to Lungu. Shame on you who call good evil and evil good.

  19. For the first time HH has said something sensible. Dialogue and engagement on solutions is the way to go. Abashed violence! Let’s create the table and platform for competing ideas!

  20. @kci, LT ni website ya anyoko for you to advocate for people to be blocked? You people are used to claiming sites and territories. Right now, some of you think CB and Luapula are no go areas for the opposition. What fickle minded thinking.

  21. Edgar has reduced the presidency to pure rubbish! He was seen at mukobeko joking, hugging and laughing with his convicted murderer lebanese friend whose death sentence he had just reduced to life! Only in Zambia! This is a cheap chawama sheeben boy!

  22. No matter what kachema says,come 2016 we will vote for PF in large numbers!!A DEVIL YOU KNOW IS BETTER THAN AN ANGEL YOU DONT KNOW!!SO ITS BETTER TO STICK TO PF THAN TRYING UNDER 5 HH IN 2016!!

    • Well, those of you eating with them can protect them in protecting your bellies. Those of us in small business enterprises are feeling the pinch economically. The mad exchange rate, load-shedding tefyakulanda tuloleshyafye, come voting time, we shall definitely vote wisely.

  23. If one compares the late Levy to Lungu, both as lawyers. There is a huge difference to the point were one thinks LAZ and the UNZA lecturer must have accidentally checked off or qualified the wrong Lungu. Lungu has never upheld the rule of law or even ensured discipline. This is why these cadres find it appropriate to behave like they do. Also, we do they keep pardoning criminals without having correctional employment for them? This why we are having these criminals joining parties and been used by savages like Chama. LUNGU MUST GO. A PROVEN FAILURE (PF) LEADING PROVEN FAILURES (PF).

  24. Ba wise commentator – You are very shallow, you are yet to be taught a lesson next year. Just wait. As at now Edgar has done very well. Just join one of the noisy NGOs and make it your point to bash Edgar through and through.

    • Cadre is a cadre! Remember even under Levy cadres beat up Sata at radio ichengelo. We need civil education

  25. Mr president Continue telling them the truth it’s only that Zambia has never experienced any civil war no wonder they are chasing their friends with stones and pangas like that. it,s really sad and shame upon them.

  26. HH is a loser and always will be a loser. I feel sorry for his blog supporters. All of them losers because their voice is based on bitterness, anger, jealousy and vindictivieness. Now HH has resorted to shameless propaganda to show he is perfect unfortunately the whole country knows who he is. He is figting a lost cause. It is time to hang his gloves.

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