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Chuundu Caitwa asks President Lungu to fire Kambwili, Davies Chama and Mumbi Phiri

Headlines Chuundu Caitwa asks President Lungu to fire Kambwili, Davies Chama and Mumbi...

ome delegates at the meeting
Some delegates at the meeting

The much publicised meeting for Tonga speaking people has resolved to demand that President Edgar Lungu should dismiss Information Minister Chishimba Kambwili, PF Secretary General Davies Chama and his deputy Mumbi Phiri over their alleged derogatory remarks.

The meeting which was attended by over 1,000 people held in Monze resolved that President Lungu should fire the trio if Tuesday’s meeting called by President Lungu with traditional leaders from Southern Province.

Reading the resolutions of the meeting, former Justice Minister Vincent Malambo also dismissed reports that the meeting was called to discuss plans to secede from Zambia.

Mr Malambo said there is no way Tongas can secede from Zambia which they consider as their home.

And addressing the gathering, Organising Chairman Edson Hamakowa stated that the meeting was not called to seek an apology from Mr Chama but was meant to show their displeasure about Mr Chama’s utterances.

Mr Hamakowa said the Tonga speaking people have also resolved that President Lungu has failed to provide leadership over the issue of the tribal remarks issued by Mr Chama.

‘Clearly Mr Chama has broken the red line and if you break the red line, you have to step aside,’ Mr Hamakowa said.

He also revealed that the insults levelled on the Tongas by Mr Chama, Mrs Phiri and Mr Kambwili cannot be justified.

Mr Hamakowa stated that Zambia’s core values revolve around national unity and oneness.

‘Once a leader crossed has that line, he or she must no longer be our leader,’ Mr Hamakowa said.

‘After the 2015 presidential election, I came across a text message allegedly sent by Mr Chama which read and i quote, ‘We have hammered the Tongas, the Luvale and the Lozis. They thought they can come together and give us a Tonga President. God is good,’ end of quote. After analysing the events of the past few weeks, i now believe that the text message was sent by Mr Chama.’

The organising Chairman also called on President Lungu to stop using tribal, regional, ethnicity as mere political propaganda.

He said Mr Chama should have been kicked out a long time ago especially that he was not speaking in his personal capacity but as Secretary General of the PF.

Vincent Malambo read out the resolutions of the  meeting
Vincent Malambo read out the resolutions of the meeting


    • i think Tongas are becoming hopeless, cry babies. who started the tribal renarks? did you fools chastise Munkombwe when he openely said its time for tongas to rule? at a campaign rally, a big leader issues tribal remarks and you are quiet but ypu want to force Edgar to fire three important members of his cabinet? you ar as stup!d as Davies Chama!!!!

    • It is probably a fair request, because the trio of them have proved to be a pain in the backside and have no regard for the people in opposition.

      Mumbi and Chama especially, not sure about Kambwili.


    • The trio have powers more than the president how can they be disciplined. They are untouchable but we will face PF in the ballot box.



    • The problem Southern Province has is that politically,they have no influence on PF.What I mean is that if for instance PF does not yield to the demand that Kambwili,Chama and Ms Mumbi be dismissed,there is absolutely no sanctions they can impose on PF as a Party.In the January 2015 Presidential elections,Edgar Lungu was given 20,937 votes against HH’s 272,187 votes.The overall difference between Edgar Lungu’s national total of 807,925 votes as against HH’s 780,168 votes is 27,757 votes.So if you remove all the votes from Southern province which EL got ( 20,937 ),HH still gets hammered by 6,820 votes.The question is how will Southern Province influence PF?

    • Toothless Lungu will not discipline these 3 people. His actions have already proved that he tolerates and supports the tribal remarks made by his PF members

    • Tongas are SLOW, and so annoying, we are getting tired of helping them. they had all opportunities on their disposal, how on earth can they include Kabwili?
      Who can fire Kambwili??

    • And chuundu fellers can ask me to disown my daughter just because he called my neighbour a stoopid father? You can tell your neighbour to divorce his wife just because she accused his house of being infertile? How petty can we be?

    • Unbelievably its a very useless political resolution made. Strangely even my brother Vincent Malambo has chosen to be part of this self confusing circus. Just how many of such resolutions has this legion ever made ordering Zambian political parties to fire their own members?

      What happens if Bembas likewise daily called monkeys and thieving kaponyas by UPND especially under Sata convene and comes up with their own resolution that UPND fire all its leadership?

    • While the remark was in bad taste, there has been en equally over reaction.

      This over dramatization shows their insecurities and opportunistic tendencies.

      Forget this sh!t and move on

    • “A book is the most effective weapon against intolerance and ignorance.” Lyndon Baines Johnson

      No one gives advice with more enthusiasm and less knowledge than an ignorant person and, too often, an educated person is someone who knows how to be ignorant “intelligently”. It’s all right to be ignorant about some things, but it’s ridiculous to make a career of it. John Rayoa

      “No skill is more crucial to the future of a child, or to a democratic and prosperous society, than literacy.” Los Angeles Times

    • Bottomline is Edgar has failed to provide leadership on this subject. In doing so, he has also alienated his VP Inonge Wina and rendered her irrelevant. She had promised the nation in front of TV cameras, a comprehensive report which has never seen the light of day since Edgar returned from abroad

    • When lungu fires the bembas from the party upnd will capitalize and start saying the bembas are being sidelined by RB and insight the bemba clique in pf to revolt against pf hence excite dramas in the party. Tongas go to hell

    • That EC Lungu is the brain child of tribal and regional politicking is evidenced by the incendiary xenophobic apartheid venom by his mouth pieces and agents and his political formation of umodzi-kumawa whereby RB/Siliya has overtaken PF to buttress the fortunes of Chagwa.

      EC Lungu has embraced tribal comments using PF(Lungu) /MMD(RB), umodzi-kumawa formation.

      We demand of Chagwa that he reverses the following:

      …electoral violence
      …PF corruption using Police road blocks to raise party funds
      …massive borrowing (HIPC)
      …devaluation of the Kwacha
      …high fuel, mealie meal, sugar, bread, grocery prices
      …failure of health system
      …wako-ni-wako wamuvumo (EL specialty)
      …freeing corrupt RB
      …corruption in govt offices
      …insulting cultural and economic diversity

    • Why do you fight for just moving on when there are pertinent issues to adress? Y ou are the ones who have brought this issue this far by exhibiting hatred against the tongas, lozis and luvales. Now you are failing to handle the fire that comes out of your negligence.

      Go on tongas… give these guys sleepless nights. They think they can trtample on other tribes without restraint.

    • I have been quite for a long time not that I am not doing anything no. I am very far from Zambia strategizing what to do next to win the 2016 elections. I have seen that blogging alone without action will not help as. HH should win and he will at all cost in 2016.That we shall ensure and it will be done. We need to Reba rate Zambia from primitive politics and economic paralysis. What is happening in southern is serious un like the Lozis who only talk Tonga don’t talk a lot but are very pragmatic God gave them the brains.Watch the space.

    • Are you addressing this comment to the Tongas alone? Thats is how I read you comment and you expect to win by presenting HH as a Tonga candidate instead of a UPND candidate. Forget it. That why we call you pathetic tribalist. Youa cannot think beyond your tribe. That is why your HH continue to lose.

      And you call this tribalism a strategy! you must be out of your mind.

    Should we call the ‘ichibwelamushi’ to ask HH to fire Nkombo?
    Should Sectoral groupings be managing political party compositions? What bullish conclusions!! Ba Chuundu Chaitwa, mwatalika kubauba anwebo! Is that all you can come up with? If PF are rotten because of Kambwili, Champ or Mumbi, the gate is at September 2016. Sha!!!
    You give barren demands as though you are giving Lungu a vote if he fires that trio! Come on!!!!! You have already voted & just wish to weaken your opponent!!

    • “Education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper.” Robert Frost

      “Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.” Thomas Jefferson

    • Let’s get rid of Chiefs to wipe out tribalism.
      I know because I’m a so-called Prince. Only chiefs benefit from maintaining tribal groupings in a modern Zambia.

  2. We are waiting for the day when Lungu will be capable enough to hold a press conference and take questions on the various issues affecting the country.

    Maybe he is waiting for the day he will have answers to all these issues. That day will never come

    Man up for once abena Lungu naimwe!!!!!

    • @Arm chair critic, good point.Lets learn from the late Nyerere of Tanzania, who forsaw this nonsense and Tanzania is now a unitary state than Zambia. Lets introduce Swahili language in Zambia as a second language to English.
      The tribalism nonsense will die a natural death in due course.

  3. Giving a president ultimata is a very good way of making sure that you do not get what you want. You begin by insulting Edgar that he has failed to provide leadership and then command him to do what you want? Get this: he will not do it and you are free to form a political party. If these were the resolutions of this meeting, then I think a lot of people are so disappointed with you guys because I think they expected much more than a tribal gathering. So sad.

    • I do agree with you that it is REALLY sad when head of state do not have balls to discipline his own appointees or to address the Nation.
      Really sad day indeed!!!

  4. Come on brothers and sisters from the south,all those learned minds met for such a period of time only to come up with politically motivated resolutions like these?Am disappointed to say the least,i think there are much more pressing issues than discussing those 3 individuals.

    • This is history lesson for the young ones:

      At one time there were two territories: North Western Rhodesia/Barotseland (current Western, North Western, Copperbelt, Lusaka, Central and Southern Provinces) and North Eastern Rhodesia (Eastern, Northern, Luapula, Muchinga). In the 1911 Order in Council the two were joined to be Northern Rhodesia. NER was the impoverished part of the Union.


      After the 2015 presidential election, I came across a text message allegedly sent by Mr Davies Chama, EC Lungu right handman, which read,

      ‘We have hammered the Tongas, the Luvale and the Lozis. They thought they can come together and give us a Tonga President. God is good.’

  5. Organizing an entire assembly of a tribe to discuss one ‘important issue’ insults of individuals is not wise especially by people regarded to be our elders. what should we expect next? Another leader who speaks of something in a similar manner equally resulting in, the whole eastern province tribes gathering, or those from western later those from northern doing the same? Such retrogressive moves not only show a huge leadership problem from those who utter insults on one hand but those who amplify them to create hate on another. We are supposed to be discussing how to tackle the major problems we are experiencing as a country such as the prideful carders, police force many believe is bias, electricity challenges and the cost of living, debates that will help. let those that pray, pray!

    • The linchpin of regionalism and tribal xenophobic apartheid venom is EC Lungu using the PF(Lungu) /MMD(RB), umodzi-kumawa formation.

      In the ’70s we had the ugly umodzi kumawa which has now been resurrected by RB/EC Lungu.

      Alungu anabwela, please stop the rot of :

      …electoral violence
      …PF corruption using Police road blocks to raise party funds
      …massive borrowing (HIPC)
      …devaluation of the Kwacha
      …high fuel, mealie meal, sugar, bread, grocery prices
      …failure of health system
      …wako-ni-wako wamuvumo (EL specialty)
      …collapse of service delivery in health and education
      …freeing corrupt RB
      …corruption in govt offices
      …insulting cultural and economic diversity
      …power cuts

    • Ba Priority, I think you use your ballers to think. How can you insult the Tongas like that you I’d!!0;t. You think they were not thinking when they called the meeting. You are such a backward person. I don’t know what tribe you are, but your tribe is shooioot!

    • @Priority this is not a mere isolated insult ,but a well calculated and planed agenda by PF with their tribal grouping to treat other tribes in Zambia in a xenophobic manner like in south Africa.We the Tongas we are saying no to this. We have the same rights like a Bemba or Nyanja. .I am both Tonga and Mambwe by birth so I don’t support the Bemba agenda of tribal dominance extending to all work places and general life of citizens .This stinks and it has to stop.

  6. They should be fired without fail. That’s a way to go. Next we should be asking the president to fire non performing ministers.

    • Instead fire HH for being a pathetic tribalist and poiltical liability and failure.

      There is no need to ask other parties to fire their members. You have no right to do that. In fact you must be ashamed of yourselves. How can you be asking the opponents to fire their best team players? You should instead make your party stronger to match the opponents. That is why you guys look crazy. How are you socialised as Tonga people. There is something you are not teaching yourselves in family and community lives. You appear to so disoriented and not thinking straight, especially the men. You look very confused. Even straight forward things confuse you.


  8. Nonsense to spend the whole day. To discuss the three individuals. Wake up the Presido is not dull he will not respond to you. In january Mweetwa was calling him all sorts of names remember the Ku monze song edgar tarven hh state house, bembas are monkeys. Oldman Mukombwe insults. Garry Nkombo if hh loses I will resign. All these. Have you displined any of these fellas. No because they are Tongas. Have a life and remove your tribal card it won’t win you votes. No president will stoop so low to accept such wild demands. Mumbi Kambwili and Chama are PF and they will remain as such kwasila. Lost cause

  9. EL can do without Tongas. Form your own country if you want, what makes you think you’re so special that the President should listen to your selfish demands. Tongas are too proud for nothing. EL can still win an election without you. We’re not supporting whatever the trio said about your chiefs what we’re saying is, make meaningful demands from the Head of State. We know HH is behind your demands be reasonable guys it’s high time you started thinking independently.

    • Hakainde Banda your suggestion is more than welcome .Actually that’s what we want.Zambia should be divided and a new nation called Zambezi will be born we already Zambezi air line owned by Vincent Malambo.Southern ,Western,Central,parts of CB and Nothwestern provinces has all the worth Zambezi needs while Luapula,Eastern,Nothern and Muchinga are made of hills and poor soils with lazy people they will remain poor for a very long time.Lets not pretend we are not one Zambia but we are two states in one.

    • We are not as poor as you think. Zambia is not what it was before. All areas whether with hill, poor soils or what have been blessed equally by God. You only think like cows. Wealth is not only herding animals. many rich people do not own cattle.

      You are just pathetic tribalists who have failed. I come from Eastern province and very proud to come from there, but I have learnt to live in harmony with other people. i can also tell you we are not a poor people. I have seem many seriously poor people in Southern province. More than I have seem in eastern province.

      We cannot vote for HH simply because he is Tonga. Let him sell himself as a politician. Other tribes have moved into civilisation and you are still in Ing’ombe Ilede. Poor Tongas!!!

    • sido mark you’re wasting your time you will always be employed by the people who come from the provinces you’re looking down on. Malambo was employed by my late elder brother FTJ and so is mukombwe by late MC and a lot other. That’s why Bemba is second language to English in Zambia. Go ahead and form your country with akaso mwakwata we will see where you will end up. Good luck.

  10. Us-less tribe meeting.I have never seen such a meeting like this one.Please this party UPND is a tribe party.Again we say their aim is to make sure Lungu hates bembas so that UPND can get sympathy votes from Bembas.What a strategy from U-s-less tribe party.They started with RB.RB hates bembas and all bembas will be replaced.Pipo UPND can kill bemba speaking pipo bcoz they think bembas make UPND lose elections.I have talked to UPND chaps and 4 them it’s hate against one tribe.How do u form a party based on divide and rule.Please spare us from this non-sense tribe party.This makes other tribes to think indeed UPND has nothing to offer but to bring division in the country.God help us from this tribe party

    • @RB ulichipuba!!!

      you are the type of people that cause tribes to hate each other for no apparent reason.

      Shut up and get a life

    • You are very correct in your assessment of the strategy being adopted by UPND through Zambian Watchdog to bring divisions between Easterners and Northerners. The Watchdog has even done a somersault by which they condemn the replacement by Lungu of the appointments made by the late Sata that they at the time claimed were tribal! They are now portraying Sata as somebody who fought corruption which has somehow been brought back by Lungu and his fellow easterner RB! They condemned the acquittal of RB and yet when his immunity was lifted and he was later charged they claimed that Sata was persecuting him to the extent that HH was attending RB’s court cases. Such opportunism and blatant attempt at divide and rule puts off potential voters.


    • That’s true my brother. Tongas have been fighting for a long time to insight all other tribes against Bembas. They are so obsessed with the Bemba tribe. What have the Bembas done to you. Plz just fight in the economy and political field clean this is a free market economy as well as a democracy.

  11. Tribal kachemas…..even educated ones with phds corrupted by tongalism.This is not good for ka HH. Plz u should know that other tribes dont like such backwardness……

    • Research has shown that Rwanda genocide brought good out comes.What are these?
      1.Rwanda is being called the Wonder of Africa in terms of development.Rwandase now respect each other and are willing to share the national cake equally.
      2.The genocide has taught Rwandase people a sense of valuing peace and respect of each other.The Tutsis no longer fill their special than Hutus.
      We need a kama friendly fight in Zambia then we shall know who is who.Even in the house if you fight at least once a wife will know that my husband does tolaret stupidity.When a wife denies the husband sex the man knows that his wife should not be taken for granted.Mutual respect will florish.Since Bembas feel they are strong lets try a kama friendly fight and see the results.Zambians we have taken each other for…

  12. Chuundu Caitwa sounds like a group of confused group in a sea of intelligent Tongas. The motive of forming this pressure group was to advance their arguments for Southern Province to break away from Zambia.

    For God’s sake, why should Chuundu Caitwa conceive such fears on PF leaders such as Kambwili, Davis Chama and Mumbi Phiri. Certainly, the three PF leaders cannot stop the Tonga from creating their own “Republic’ in Southern Province. Their demand to fire Kambwili, Chama and Mumbi Phiri is a desperate attempt to disorganise the PF. In this regard the Chuundu Caitwa are actually killing HH’s status as a national leader by posturing him as a tribal leader.

    Strangely, we learn that some prominent lawyers as are linked to this confused regional (Tribal) group.

  13. Firing the trio for a mere political statement at a rally and specificaly refering to poligamy as a cultural trend will be unfair

  14. I agree with the resolution. we the people of Southern, WP, NWP, Copperbelt, Central, Luapula Northern and Lusaka have resolved that the trio should be dismissed. But can the Sleeping or Dozing Lungu be able to do so? Time will tell and 2016 will tell.

  15. So it is true UPND is a tribal party! How can a traditional gathering come up with political resolutions championing the cause of 1 polotical party?
    How many people has HH fired for calling others monkeys or thieves?
    Nkombo called all the millions of people that voted for lungu stup!d after the last by-election. Was he fired? And HH calls PF leaders brainless and chimbwi no plan, should he be fired too?
    These are indeed tribalistic characteristics that should not be entertained by his Exellence ECL. Next I am sure they will ask him to divorce his wife because she equally campaigned against UPND.

  16. Stop exagerating issues….u call others monkeys and they dont react like this.Why this desperation now ?

    • Importer and shameless…and you think people will take your comments seriously. I am a Northerner but unlike you, I know what how to differentiate right from wrong…and Edgar is wrong on this and he just lacks he courage to the right thing….and that make him unfit to be president

    • Tongas on are always calling Bembas thieves and monkeys who has made drama out of it. Tongas plz leave Bembas in peace

    • Neither do we turn into monkeys. I am still the same excutive of the oil company I work for. The statement by Chama and Mumbi Phiri were tasteless, but they don’t deserve the hype they have been accorded.

  17. You are asking the impossible, you think Ka Lungu can discipline Kambwili? He is a scared little man who just shouts, “I FALL YOU THEM LIKE A TON OF BRICKS.” We all saw how Kambwili organised PF leaders according Lungu to follow Scott at his farm.

  18. You are saying the President has failed to provide leader ship on the other hand u want him to act on what u are asking,just forget it.

  19. Just asking,was this a tribal meeting/upnd meeting?Bembas can as well call meetings for calling them monkeys,kaponyas and thieves.Hypocrites get a life.

    • To celebrate an electoral victory Chama style sms of defeating Lozis, Luvales and Tongas (North Western Rhodesia/Barotse) is specialty of h tribal xenophobic apartheid EC Lungu using the PF(Lungu) /MMD(RB), umodzi-kumawa formation.

      Lungu why are you spearheading:

      …electoral violence
      …PF corruption using Police road blocks to raise party funds
      …massive borrowing (HIPC)
      …devaluation of the Kwacha
      …high fuel, mealie meal, sugar, bread, grocery prices
      …failure of health system
      …wako-ni-wako wamuvumo (EL specialty)
      …collapse of service delivery in health and education
      …wamumala appointments in civil and judiciary service
      …corruption in govt offices
      …power cuts
      …grabbing of land by PF cadres
      …stealing of market levies by PF official

  20. It’s Fred mmembe using them. Look at today’s post heading and you will notice the connection. I think this is the beginning of the fall of upnd tonger party.

    • We of the UPND will defend Fred Membe to the hilt.

      We of the UPND abhhor corruption, wamumala wako-ni-wako way of life.

      We of the UPND are resolute and will support any progressive party individual to liberate Zambia from the death bed of PF. We announce that Fred Membe and Wynter Kabimba are our comrades.

      Viva Rainbow, Viva UPND, Viva FDD, Viva Msoni, Viva Mlongoti!!!

    • Fred Membe using them like he did with the Linyungandambo in Western province. They fell for it and voted for PF and then Sata sent soldiers to the province!

  21. Mwanawasa when he was president said that ‘Bembas stink’. Did you hear of any Bemba meeting in Chinsali to discuss those tribal remarks? Grow up people. Thats why Kambwili called you ‘primitive educated people. Ignorance knows no limits’ for sure.

    • If people didn’t see anything wrong with Mwanawasa’s statement, perhaps there was nothing wrong. You can’t talk on behalf of the affected. You should not cry more than the bereaved and you should not decide on how much the bereaved should cry or not cry.

  22. Every situation presents new opportunities. After reading so much about Zambian politics and seeing pictures of the Tonga cultural dance in the Post, a Professor from Austria says he and his friends want to visit Southern Zambia to learn more about Tonga culture. So Chuundu Chaitwa, forget about Chama and focus on how you can diversify the economy of the province away from substance farming to other more lucrative sources of livelihood such as cultural tourism and ranching.

  23. what a waste of time and resources, surely chuundu-chaitwa can come out with such resolutions, i had hope that my colleagues were going to bring out real and pertinent issues such as suggestions on how to mitigate load shedding, exchange rate, federal kind of governance, how to develop Choma as hub of Southern province e.t.c. very disappointed all those brilliant brains to be wasted like that. Now i understand why Zambia is still behind interms of development. ECL just continue with the development programs and see how best the exchange rate can come down,then 2016 is surely yours.

  24. The whole issue is about HH getting to State House. It is like his camping is ordering other provinces to vote for HH or else we leave Zambia. But democracy is about marketing oneself efficiently.

    • Leave Zambia to where? Southwards doesn’t look very promising! Bob would not b e amused if they tried this one after migrating! Kekekekeke! LOL Zambian politics are truly confusing. You call a meeting for such hair brained resolutions?Unbelieveable.


    • Luapulans are called ‘batubulu’ (fishermen) all the time which they are. Have they ever called for a trib.al meeting. Tongas don’t build a mountain out of a mole

  26. I am neither Tonga nor Bemba and neither partisan too. Where tension already exists, one should always refrain from passing comments that will incense the other. Mr Chama, what was the objective of your comments,
    1. To joke?
    2. To annoy the other party?
    3. Said subconciously in the heat of the moment?
    4. Meant it?
    Whatever it is, it has come out that the other party did not like it. And since the other party did not like it, the issue is just to apologise. If i say something to you Mr Chama, and you say look this thing has injured me ,the noble thing i will do is Okay Sorry Mr Chama, but i did not mean it this way and you elaborate and embrace. As leaders from different parties , please show unity even in your diversity.

    • Chama cant apologise coz UPND also call other tribes names and no one in UPND has apologise. Do you get it?

  27. Tonga, Tonga, Tonga, Tonga.

    The only nice thing about this tribe is their women. Nice women. Tender.

    Koma Kaso. Pakuti Mtonga akupaseko Ndalama. Ni Nkhondo.

    But If I were Lungu, I would stick to the Kambwili, Phiri and Chama and get the votes. The problem with the Tongas is that their thinking is glued to tribalism. They wok in a pigeonhole of tribalism.

    Even if you please them, they will still vote for HH or indeed a Tonga.

    So you might as well ignore them.

  28. The Post should stop exaggerating this issue.Some people should not use the SG Chama’s issue to make people hate each other and then make money out of it through sales of a news paper at the expense of unity of this Country.We are fed up !

  29. There is definitely a minimum level of decency expected from people entrusted with leadership positions of a country. Unfortunately, some people in Zambia want to think this does not matter. To allow this decadency to take root is to negate everything the whole normal world stands for. We belong to the UN. We need to be progressive and give each other due respect as each is God’s creation. Who are you to ridicule another person and want to get away with it!

  30. Wise Tonga Chiefs In Support of HH


    Its a calculated move by Tonga chiefs including the shadow Minister of Justice in the picture above

    Its a campaign strategy to strengthen HH in view of 2016 elections

    In mergers and acquisitions its CALLED A POISON PILL

  31. The meeting was inevitable because H.E. President E.C. Lungu admitted Chama was wrong. But he did not provide leadership on mthe issue as he has not taken any action, not even apologizing on chama’s and PF’s behalf about the remarks. So if no apology is made, then what should people think? What’s the agenda?
    The meeting has shamed those lying about secession!

    • EL does not want to fall into the trap set by the Zambian Watchdog – if he sacks Chama they will be the first ones to tell the Bembas that the Easterners have taken over from PF and that RB is the one who is the real leader of the PF. They will then peddle the fallacy that RB hates Bembas despite the fact that his late first wife the mother to Henry was Bemba! Unfortunately for the country, I think the horse has already bolted. This Pandora’s box of ethnicity has been opened and we are now on the road that led to ethnic tensions in Kenya. It is unfortunate that people like Membe are prepared to start this ethnic fire to further their own selfish objectives.

  32. A cow or Chickens for piece will resolve the matter as sign of respect for the chiefs who should show partiality and avoid being marred in politics

    Chiefs are leaders who’s should correct and support their subjects who even when could be right will apologize over the COW OR CHICKENS as show of respect and subjectivity to the loyal but calling for expulsion without forgiveness will be SUSPICIOUS as chiefs often forgive when and require those offended to deliver some restitution NOT the resolutions above inclined to favour HH Its Political and Not right and should be dismissed by well meaning Zambias

  33. That we are cultural diverse is a fact:

    In North Western Province, we cherish the Mukanda tradition (circumcision)
    In Western Province, the Litunga reigns supreme and we still sing the Lozi anthem
    In Southern Province, we Texas style we ranch and of course like other tribes down south (ask Jacob Zuma) we allow people to take more than one wife.

    To disparage cultural and economic diversity is an affront of our fundamental human rights. That other tribes live off short term natural resources of fish, caterpillars, cassava, rodents, monkeys etc is something we think they are entitled to. However, we find NER embrace of corruption, wamumala muvumo nimwana wa nyoko thinking repugnant.

    One Zambia, two cultural and economic regions (NWR/Barotseland and North Eastern Rhodesia)

  34. It’s called politics my dear upnd. You can’t win the game if you are out of aces! Fire them?? Not in African politics, those three are key to the PF winning in 2016. And the president knows that… So for the time being, we are going to continue playing ball!!

  35. @Monk Sq Analysis. I have never seen anyone who smiles when insulted. I do not believe that if it is true that Mwanawasa said those words, the Bembas were happy and congratulated Mwanawasa for his comments. Just sober up, we are one nation as Zambians have married across tribe. I believe you too have Tonga relatives. 2 chiefs in Luapula also have tonga blood.

  36. @Monk Sq Analysis you wrote “Kambwili called you ‘primitive educated people”. I am not surprised because Kambwili has inferiority complex for the educated. Kambwili does not understand that before you put things into practice, you need theory!

  37. This meeting is good for our leadership,it also reminds us to be civil when raising issues against each other or as tribes…..know your tribal cousins because maturity starts from there…..

    • Are Chama and Mumbi in govt? To my knowledge they do not represent govt. What they said should be treated personal just like Nkombo called zambian voter stup!d for not giving HH their votes. Was that UPND or Nkombo.

      And what did Kambwili say to deserve sacking?

  38. Some comments guys ine kulaba utuma moments sometimes i feel ashamed to be Zambian. Some political leaders made tribal remarks, Kubatanfya Fire them immediately no questions asked. They say a wise man learns from a fools mistake weve seen how things can spiral out of control in other african countries and if all of you people call yourselves Zambians and claim to love the country like i do this is something you should always think of. Firing the guys means other politicians will down the tribal rhetoric show them that no one is above the law.

    • @ Augustine
      You have to learn the political gambling my friend… Stop being too emotional here.
      How can the (PF) win the elections next year if they through out their 3 aces (K.C.M)??

      You gatta know how to play the game boy…. Whether you like it or not, NO one one party in Zambia can go to state house without the powerful Northern – Eastern block, and that’s a fact!!

  39. I am shocked that eminent people like Hamakowa, Malambo and Beene can sink so low to hold a tribal meeting.

    • @Ant Tonga you must be shocked indeed.Ask Kaunda who knows who the Tongas are,KK will tell why the Choma declaration was conducted.For what reason?To insult the Tongas is a big mis calculation. Since 1973 Tongas have never convined to such a meeting like the one held in Monze.This should send a sign to you that things are no longer the same. Trivialise the meeting to your own peril.The Tonga tribe is gifted with fine brains. I don’t think these people mate to discuss those things you are reading in papers they are wise and intelligent lets wait and see. Tongas are saying enough is enough.

    • @SIDO MARK, why do you opt to sell yourself as an a$$hole, used for one function only? Indeed, you have stoop!idly used the 1973 gathering to fortify your steep ignorance. Read! Wechikopowe! 1973, KK needed the Nkumbulas to fortify the one-party state. In short, that meeting helped KK to enshrine his wamuyayaya filth. As at now no chuundu, umukowa or clan can usurp National Power on its own. To expect that there is an ace up the sleeve of the Chuundu chaima, sorry, Chaitwa is as base as hoping to milk a stone. Even if the entire Chuundu gave HH 110% vote, nothing will have changed. Western & Northern regions have seen through the HH hoax. A change of power shall come indeed! But I doubt if it is coming thru the divisive ‘Chuundu Chaitwa’ way.

  40. To my own analysis those chiefs ,theire plan Is to desmantle the pf so That hh Can stand better chance to win 2016 ,noway Just forget.

    • @Kakolwe lol my comment has really touched so as insult me.I like it you now feel our weight.Wait for time and watch the space.As iam wrinting this i am very far from Zambia seeping Chinese tea and planning how we can change tables in Zambia and bring real economic development in Zambia.Personaly I am comfortable.

    • You call tribalism and regionalism as development. You continue to seep you tea. It is your tea. What has it do with development in zambia. You are a villager in diaspora. You can leave the village but no one cam remove the village from your head. How unfortunate.

  41. VP Inonge Wina promised the nation in front of TV cameras that a comprehensive report would be made but, alas, since Edgar returned from abroad, no such report or statement has been issued. What a shame…!

    • Ba Wina was also in a hurry – she is trying to play the sober one, this is politics baba – the first words are subject to scrutiny when the ramifications and truth come to fore.

  42. Indeed its immoral to continue making headlines on an issue with the potential to divide this country.Whether some people think Zambians will hate PF and opt for their small parties they are trying to promote,it wont work.They are able to read in between the lines and come 2016 the most popular Party among many Zambians PF will still win elections.

  43. Most of the bloggers here are PF sympathisers. What Mr Chama did was unacceptable. You cannot let the person Scott free after making such utterances. What Chama should have done was to render unreserved apology and we shouldn’t have reached this far. Take it or leave it this will decampaign PF again in those three regions. The President Mr. Lungu should intelligently preside over this issue. Let him quickly meet with chiefs and apologise.

    • @ngalande lukuku

      Was What Mukombwe did acceptable ??? Why does it have to be ok when uttered by the upnd…??

    • Rubbish rant, does UPND apologize when they call others names? Let them (UPND) start first. shame on you , you think you Tongas are so special than others. shaa.








    • @USALABLE CANDIDATE we are not fools we know your agenda and your un written oath.In USA the ANGLO Saxons always believed a Black will never rule America.In Zambia Bembas believe a Tonga,Luvale,Lozi or Kaonde will never rule Zambia.Thats what Chama said.IN 2016 with the first pass the post HH will win the election like Obama did.What God has ordained will come out Victorious.Please don’t cheat us that you are the majority.your language might be widely spoken but you are not the Majority.This will prove next year.

    • Stop wasting your time attacking the Bembas. yes they are not the majority, bu you are not too. The Bembas could be goo at making friends with other people but you want to fight everybody.

      You create your own problem and want ot blame others. You started these attacks against the Bembas and other tribes. If you live in a glass house do not throw stones.

      All you need is civility. We cannot change change how you are brought up. It is how your socialised that makes you behave like you do. You lack proper life guidance.

    • @SIDO MARK Which Luvales, Lozis, Kaondes, Lambas, Mbundas, Swakas ATTENDED the stinking CHUUNDU CAITWA?? That is what you do. You call up silly & childish meetings on your own and you choose to include noble people whom you NEVER even consulted nor invited?? How callous can you be? North-Western & Western have seen through you ruse! They cannot be deceived NO MORE!!

  45. Us TONGAS are very slow in thinking. Lets just concentrate on following our cattle behind. We can not much with the fast thinkers like the BEMBAS and people from the Eastern province. Maybe after 100 years.

  46. Fundamentalists like to decree and insult but get very upset when the same is directed at them, thrashing about and doing extreme things and pronouncements. This appears to be the case. Because Bembas know they do not stink automatically because they are Bemba, or are not thieves automatically because they are Bemba, or are Monkeys because they are Bemba – they ignore those disparaging remarks. Alas, those that have been outed as cattle herders and polygamous have taken offense on behalf of those who know they are not despite being Tonga. Go figure…

  47. It is time politicians tone down their language. Insults of any tribe has no place in Zambian politics. Zambians are intermarried and we are one. We should try to isolate anyone who wants to divide us especially by insulting each other or looking down on other tribes. Zambia after all is a christian nation and we are all equal. Any one bringing divisions should be isolated.

  48. Your meeting was a flop.You Tongas dogs.If you continue to be petty like the way you conduct yourselves you Tongas you never rule this country.Mabvalo acabe-cabe.Tongas are useless don’t even admire them.Tribal!

    • History lesson for the young ones:

      At one time there were two territories: North Western Rhodesia/Barotseland (current Western, North Western, Copperbelt, Lusaka, Central and Southern Provinces) and North Eastern Rhodesia (Eastern, Northern, Luapula, Muchinga). In the 1911 Order in Council the two were joined to be Northern Rhodesia. NER was the impoverished part of the Union.


      After the 2015 presidential election, I came across a text message allegedly sent by Mr Davies Chama, EC Lungu right handman, which read,

      ‘We have hammered the Tongas, the Luvale and the Lozis. They thought they can come together and give us a Tonga President. God is good.’

    • Your ethno-centricism is alarmingly childish. I wonder how some of you guys were socialised. There seems to be something seriously in your world outlook. You cannot look or think beyond being Tonga. Work up and become civilised. you are not a special species than other tribes in Zambia. Why should you always think your are the most educated, and intelligent tribe.

      If you have travelled you find that eastern, Luapula and Northern province are well developing. Development is not static. Some nations which were poor yesterday are rich today. Your warped reasoning is archaic.

      Are you not ashamed that you continue to cry like babies. You are making yourselves unpopular. How do you expect HH to win an election with such attitude from his tribes mates. Forget him ever winning.

  49. HH is the one cause of Tribalism and should be isolated like it is observed by his MPS who do not even speak for him a word because they have identified the root of the problem


    • This statement adds nothing to meaningful and intellectual discourses which Zambians so desperately need. The social and economic fortunes of Zambia will not be improved one bit even if no Tonga, Lozi, Kaonde, Luvale or Soli were to become President in the next 100 years. The destiny of all tribes including yours are inextricably bound together. Insulting one Tonga, Nsenga or Bemba created in the image of God is, in effect, insulting the Almighty God!

    • That is Rwandan hatred 1994 language! Stop trying to bring a curse of tribalism on this country you nincompoop! Very very silly Fenwick!

  50. Those who thought that the Chuundu Chaitwa meeting would churn out secessionist declarations are very disappointed. The likes of Chishimba Kambwili and his type who had prophesied doom have been shamed because the meeting was peaceful and yielded very reasonable pronouncements. Far from justifying their fears of secession, the Chuundu Chaitwa has endorsed Zambia’s unitary statehood and demanded respect for the humble Tonga speaking people of our ethnically diverse country. Freedom of assembly, association and expression has carried the day!!!

  51. I do not understand how this gathering could make recommendations of dismissal of the Ministers. Mob psychology at play!

    These capable organisers and sponsors could have sent a small capable delegation to meet the people concerned, Kambwili, Chama & Mumbi, (KCM) in their respective offices.

    Gathering 1,000 people to discus statements made by KCM is a waste of energy and time. Many productive working hours have been lost.

    My dear Cousins, thanks for having an outing together for once.

    • On the contrary, tribal insults from the likes of Davies Chama and Chishimba Kambwili must be dealt with in this manner to ensure that tribal stereotypes against the Tongas and other so-called minorities are not allowed to take root.

  52. 49 NGALANDE LUKUKU. Really from where I stand, I do not think most of us bloggers are PF sympathisers. Bembas have been called names.
    The have been insulted left, right and centre, throughout, but they are too proud to go to such an extent. These people are just showing us how desperate
    they are. They’re attention seekers. But I can assure you that they are not decampaigning ECL. They’re actually decampaigning HH. Have you
    forgotten the voting pattern at the last elections? Mind you, people have not forgotten.

    What is good for the goose is good for the gander. Let them just insult the bembas back. FINISH. Not the path they have taken.

    • If only they can see what their voting pattern in last year’s showed… I bet next year, it will be a landslide for the (PF) as the NEGA-NEGA formula will be replicated in other provinces in the country. I hate to say this, but I think we are looking at 9 & half provinces for PF and 1 & half for UPND during the vote tallying next year.

    • Clearly, most bloggers are just PF cadres who want to water down the impact of the Chuundu Chaitwa! The Davies Chama tribal insults can not be wished away. They are indelibly itched in the minds of Zambians and will go down as the worst genocide inciting remarks ever uttered by a prominent leader of a ruling party. The question now remains what this seemingly insignificant Tonga indaba portends for the future of Zambia.

  53. The impact of that gathering will only be felt in years to come, and does not bode well for unity. First, it proved that tribal mobilisation is possible. Second, it demonstrates tribal unity. There was representation from all chiefs. Thirdly, while secession was, for purely legal reasons, was not overtly discussed, the seed i has been planted. Make no mistake about it, depending on how things develop, that meeting in Monze might turn out to be a watershed moment in the history. Also bear in mind that the restrained outcome is in part due to legal issues but also in part of not wanting to damage HH’s chances in 2016. If and when HH loses, all bets are off.

    • SO IT IS AT ALL COST A TONGA MUST RULE? This does not auger well for democracy. Imagine Power Dynamos say if they fail to the league this they will pull out of FAZ- so you have to let us win all the games.

  54. The meeting was simply a UPND rally meant to strategise how they can win sympathy and win elections in 2016.Stop being petty !

  55. Most of the commentaries on this issue are clearly prejudiced against the Tongas and show that the commentators do not appreciate the irreparable damage which has been caused by the reckless remarks of Davies Chama and Chishimba Kambwili. Therefore, no amount of sensible discourse can persuade people who are jaundiced against other tribes. What the Chuundu Chaitwa meeting achieved to do was to bring to the fore, in a non-violent manner, the tribal stereotypes and labels which have been foist on the Tongas and other so-called ‘minority tribes’ by those who think themselves to be ethnically superior. By not repudiating Chama’s remarks, the PF party (the majority of whose leadership is made up non-Tongas) has endorsed the Anti-Tonga policy. This really is the heart of the matter.

    • Rubbish Rants. So its ok for Tongas to insults other tribes than them being insulted? Please spear us from this tribal thinking? How special are the Tongas ?

  56. The organizers of this gathering in Monze know that the strength of the PF lies in the unity of the Northern and Eastern regions of this country. If this bloc remains united, it is virtually impossible for HH to win the 2016 elections. Their strategy therefore is to break the Northern and Eastern solidarity by cajoling EL to get rid of prominent Northerners like Chama, Kambwili, and Mumbi from the top PF hierarchy. Once this happens, they expect widespread disaffection and anger among Northerners which could lead to the breakup of the Eastern and Northern solidarity. This they believe would then increase the chances of HH scooping the 2016 elections.

    • So you are now confirming to us that the PF is nothing but an exclusive club of Easterners and Bemba speaking people! If that’s the case, then would it be right to assume that the Davies Chama’s tribal remarks should then be imputed to the principal tribal sponsors of the PF?

  57. “Tribalism is the refuge of a scoundrel” . Who said this?
    Some people cannot see beyond their tribe.
    It is a pity KK is old now and can’t return as leader.
    He foresaw all this.
    If I had my way I would consign all chiefs to museums so that we could truly attain
    One Zambia One Nation. What benefit is there from tribalism?

    • Chiefs, in my view, are not the problem but reckless politicians like Davies Chama and his handlers who turn to the tribal card whenever they are confronted with political challenges.

  58. Chuundu Caitwa has delt a heavy blow that will break up the political fortunes of HH’s ascendancy to Republican Presidency. How will HH interact with the voters of other provinces other than Southern Province if his UPND can entertain the over-reactions from the organisers of Chuundu Caitwa?

    HH supporters are effectively constructing a tight barbed wire fence around him whose only get opens up toward Southern Province route.

    We had respect for Nkumbula, for Anderson Mazoka, and recently stage we invested some hope in the youthful HH as one of the potential President. But these reactions make us think twice to ever include HH as a future President.

    Someone (among the Tongas) should gather some courage to stop this madness.



  60. I must admit here that Tongas are a very tribal people. I have Tonga friends, Tonga workmates, Tonga neighbors and I know what I am talking about. When there are two Tongas in a group, the speak in their language irrespective of others not understanding the language. Its very unfair

  61. We Zambians have mixed enough to have relatives from all tribes. Those who condemn tongas for the meeting are being tribalistic because not all tongas (e.g. PF Wibur Simuusa) attended the meeting but part of the tongas did. So why label the whole tribe?

  62. THE much anticipated “Chuundu Chaitwa” meeting of the Tonga people in Monze yesterday ended in confusion after fights erupted among the delegates.
    Tempers flared after a representative of Senior Chief Monze asked the gathering to wait for the meeting between the chiefs and President Lungu before coming up with resolutions.
    This angered the youths who accused the chiefs of being bought by the Patriotic Front (PF) against the interests of their own people.
    According to impeccable witnesses at the scene, the youths were further incensed after the organisers refused to give them a chance to address the gathering.

  63. What a painful still birth of an impotent resolution! It’s more a characteristic of infants to play such politics of appeasement.

  64. I think these mates have completely lost it. Don’t they honestly realize that they are the ones who are trying to be heard as a clique of one grouping?
    I mean, going the recent 20 January 2015 presidential elections in which they lamentably failed to dislodge the PF in the midst of all that turbulence, and with their CLEARLY tribally inclined results voting pattern that Zambia witnessed, isn’t it obvious of their agenda?

    Who has misled these people that the next President of Zambia after 20 years of Mr. Lungu will be one of them? Over rating oneself in the midst of competition very dangerous because every competitor has the chance to get the medal provided they have prepared enough beyond doubt.

    What I see in UPND is total mess and associating with it is at one’s PERIL….

  65. Catch 22 yaoneka iyo! I would hate to be in Lungu’s shoes. Fire the trio or not, he is damned! It’s just a matter of time before Zambia falls apart. It’s wholly foolish of anybody to think that the Western half of Zambia will continue tolerating all this mediocre leadership much longer. It’s so clear that people from the North-West, Central, Western and Southern cannot stomach the stinking nonsense from the North and East any longer, this country is falling apart whether Chimbwili Kashimba or ciMumba like it or not.

  66. I would fire them if I was the President or vary the advice by transferring Kambwili to a suitable ministry where he was less audible.

    • You confused tribalist. No one is stopping Tongs from joining PF. On your own choice you made UPND tribal.

      How can all the chiefs and SP be beaten by on person, Chama. How do you expect to run a country if just a small man scares the hell out of you that the entire province convenes a conference for Chama?

      You must be ashamed of your party and tribal leaders for being such cowards. How many times have you insulted other tribes? have you seen them behaving in an unreasonable manner lkike yourselves. This is really pathetic.

      Now you have confirmed that UPND is not able to run he country beyond tribal and regional grounds.

      You have made yourselves into total laughing stokes!!!!

  67. Neither an apology nor firing of the trio is necessary. Tongas have often labelled Bembas as monkeys and thieving kaponyas.

  68. The sooner this club called UPND realises that they dont have a selleable and popular leader in their midst, the better for them. People are very tired of HH and UPND because in all truth there is nothing new that the so called HH has brought in the Zambian politics.

    Which f00l can honestly believe this kachema that he can transform Luapula Province in one year? Does he know the extent and vastness of Luapula Province? Is he suggesting that us the natives of this wonderful and golden land have no plans for it? First, let him reduce the price of beef which he boasts of daily and in his own Province. Most of the villagers in his village are very poor and yet he says he wants to transform Luapula Province, what about other Provinces, don’t they matter? Indeed he is a true Under 5!!!!!

  69. Just rename UPND to Chuundu Caitwa Tribal Pigeonhole “CCTP”.

    Maybe it can have better luck under the leadership of Vincent Malambo.

  70. Just imagine the mineral belt was located in the Southern part of our country, could we have been drinking water? Lesa mukulu and he levels the play ground.

    Zambia has never known tribe until the so called HH came on the political scene. I am Bemba and respected Mazoka not because he was the most intelligent man from around but because he embraced everyone. H.E. Mr. Lung is doing the same and some few failed elements in the name of Malambo Vincent and the like are trying to distract him, but tabakawine!

    Seleniko ba Lungu babombele ichalo. ONE ZAMBIA ONE NATION FOREVER!!! Come 2016 ni pa Bwatooooo fye epela 9

  71. l think Tonga you are becoming very stupid when nkombo insulted Kambwila in parliament no one say any thing. so if you want Lungu to fire Chishimba kambwili , chama and phiri ok you should replace HH give back to the founder of UPND part to Mr sakwiba sikota, Kapita.

  72. Mmmm zoona icuundu ici tachunfwa ayini. After refusing to vote for the man now they want to start firing orders at him? The ordinary human in me thinks if I were Edgar I’d look the other way….Not that its the right thing to do but……

  73. But……if we did sack them…would the political arena not become terribly boring?

    I mean you need some counter individuals to beat HH at his own Craziness.

    Seriously, can any intelligent leader sack his staff by recommendation of an illegal secession faction?

  74. HH and his tribe mates are unnecessarily stirring tribal tensions in the country through their useless demands. UPND will never ascend to power because its leaders have always pursued “politics of ethnicity”.

  75. What is happening is surely shameful. Zambia is bigger than these guys meeting to propagate tribalism.

    How on earth can you surely tell your opposing team to remove some of its players before the game or during the game. These are party politics. UPND people has simply run out of ideas.

    Other Zambians are looking and saying “shame, shame , shame, shame of you tribalist.”

    You are going nowhere but shaming yourselves. Shame on you!!!!

    How many times have the Tongas insulted other tribes including their leaders? Never have they responded with such childish nonsense. Nonsense, nonsense, nonsense that is what is happening!!!! Do you guys have a paramount chief to bring sanity? I see only confused reasoning.

  76. But sure these Tongas are useless. What a dull strategy from the self made educated people in Zambia? Who can not see through this dull strategy of Lungu firing Bembas so that Bembas can rise against Lungu? Rubbish of these Tongas cry babes. Shame on them all all shaa.

  77. Personally edgar. Lungu not be cheated,let him spare the trio who will stand with him come 2016. These tongas will never support lungu so don’t listen to what they say. Should lungu act in their affirmative,he will have short in his own foot

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