General Kanene beats up wife, four days after release from jail

Sharon Kanene
File : Sharon Kanene

Sharon Kanene
Sharon Kanene

Controversial Zambian musician Clifford Dimba aka General Kanene who was last week pardoned by President Edgar Lungu after he was jailed for having sex with a minor on Sunday savagely beat up one of his three wives after she refused to have sex with him.

Kanene’s third wife identified as Sharon suffered heavy injuries on her face and right eye after she was beaten by General Kanene for refusing to sleep with him.

Close family members narrated the incident in separate interviews that General Kanene took his wife to a named Lodge in Lusaka and demanded that he sleeps with her but she refused because she was having her periods.

This infuriated Kanene who started beating Sharon forcing her to flee the room, a situation that attracted onlookers.

The family this morning tried to persuade Sharon to report the matter to the police but she refused.

Concerned family members have since brought the matter to the attention of President Lungu since the victim is unwilling to lay charges on Kanene.

The family have made their disappointment known to State House that a man President Lungu released from prison recently has beaten up their relative.

They are waiting for President Lungu’s response before taking further action.

President Lungu pardoned General Kanene last week and urged him to be an ambassador in the fight against Child defilement and gender based violence, a move which caused uproar in the women’s movement.


    • This man is a rapist and an abuser of women. In other words, why did President Lungu release such a monster?

      Where is that women’s group who were lauding this criminal’s release?

      Zambians disgust me, period!

    • President Lungu should have made sure this guy and other prisoners are rehabilitated before unleashing them out to the unsuspecting public. If he can easily make such a bad decision I wonder what other bad decisions he has been making in state house.Disgusted!!

    • The bible says the wife has to be submissive.K anene mwandi you did better you wired the ***** so that next she does not refuse. Keep it

    • SMH, what a country! This is now getting beyond ridiculous Zambians, get rid of this drunkard please, we have had enough of this drama! There is really nothing so special about Lungu. Get rid of him, we have far more important issues as a nation, this is too much distraction! Get out of state our now & go back to Chawama! Enough is enough!

    • About 75 of Zambian men beat their wives. Talk of GBM the incoming HH’s deputy about to be promoted for his record on his wife Chama, how many have never done it that we should be involved?

      When did you see GBM get reported to police by his abused wife chama? When did you see him in jail over their domestic violence?

    • We should all remember Lusaka Times has a history of reporting false stories or lies. Remember the Zambian Ambassador to Germany story? This one looks like one – prove me wrong ba LT.

    • Nubian Princess we shall unleash Kanene on you if you don’t stop insulting us as Zambia. Continue at your own peril

    • The ambassador in the fight against gender based violence has just beaten up his wife.
      These are Jamasoni Lungu’s ambassadors. Lungu is a joker indeed. These are the persons entrusted to lead the country and they cant even make sensible decisions.

      What an embarrassment to Lungu!!!

    • Ambassador of defilement promoted with an additional post of ambassador of GBV….. he likes lodges isnt it even the defilement took place in a lodge……. Maybe he should book a room for a meeting with that Womens lobby mouth piece so he can show her why he is ambassador of both defilement and GBV. I am offering to pay for accommodation and hospital costs…..

    • @Sam, it doesn’t matter whether she was distributing or not. If that was the issue Kanene could simply have asked her to leave. This is a major PR disaster for the President. Old habits die hard.

    • Wife or not..if Kanene laid a finger on this lady, it will not surprise me about the lazy bum Lungu and his shameless advisers decision to pardon..i told you so… but it will be more embarrassing for those utterly useless ladies at that organisation of job-seekers called Women’s lobby!!

    • “When ignorance gets started it knows no bounds” Will Rogers
      “The greatest ignorance is to reject something you know nothing about”
      “If you think education is expensive, try ignorance” Derek Bok
      “The recipe for perpetual ignorance is: Be satisfied with your opinions and content with your knowledge.”
      “It is amazing how many people think that they can answer an argument by attributing bad motives to those who disagree with them. Using this kind of reasoning, you can believe or not believe anything about anything, without having to bother to deal with facts or logic.” — Thomas Sowell
      “Never argue with a man whose job depends on not being convinced.” — H.L. Mencken
      “It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.” –…

  1. Nichani uyu Mabala kasi??

    Anyway, Lets wait for the full version of the story… if he ends up in jail again, I bet only one Muyokela can pardon him!!

  2. You see! Where does that place the Zambia National Women’s Lobby now? Beauty Katebe – your comment please.

    • Women’s Lobby Applauds President Lungu for pardoning General Kanene

      kikikii,kik,,kil,ll,kiikiikkii Lungu..

    • Women like this group is what has encouraged and made some Zambian men mistreating and abusing women and having sex with children under the age. General Kanene should be taken back into prison because he has not reformed.

  3. That is the problem of releasing criminals for political expediency without a clear basis. The chap has not reformed at all!

  4. Pathetic! The leading and the led are equally myopic. Kanene is the defending champion of Zambian bulls. Let details unfold further.

    • Money for a lodge aint a thing to him anymore, remember he is the now ambassador with 2 portfolio’s defilement and GBV

  5. Yeah Beauty Katebe should marry this guy and be abused then she will know how to comment. What a stupid Woman for support the release of this molester and abuser. He should be in Jail.

  6. How an unthinkable president and its bunch of advisors for picking a de filer to be ambassador??? Sinking too low!

  7. But why didn’t Sharon report him to police, something must be hidding some where.
    Why should all eyes be on this fellow , he has repented but he is human like the rest of us .

    • Stop being stupid. This defiler, was released by the president, the “PRESIDENT” then in his home raised wisdom he put his hands on a woman. Are you missing the part were he is supposed to be some form of saint ambassador for peace towards women? He needs to be checked, his mental status is not set to normal.

  8. The guy has three wives (which is equally wrong) how possible is it that they were all not okay at the same time. Then the solution is to beat her up? It does not make sense at all. Worse still in one of his songS there is a sentence “madamu wafaki akalupi fwe”. It looks like this guy lives his songs or may be he was sent to a wrong institution.

  9. I think this is not a true story. No man in his right sense can beat up a woman who is on periods. The true story will come out later. Probably he found out that his wife had a side dish!

  10. This rat should still be behind bars…

    But that aside, the wife should have given in to his demands. Why go to the lodge in the first place with him?

    But that is never an excuse for the assault, as it is ok for her to have changed her mind later.

    Cage the man.

    Then cage he that made his release from prison possible.

  11. If this is true, then this guy is doing so much injustice to himself. I feel sorry for him because I was one of the people.who thought the jail term was too harsh on him.

  12. On a serious note if this guy has indeed done this then hes just hammered the final nail into his coffin. Women’s groups who have been screaming about his release are gonna have a field day. and should he be taken to court his gonna go in for really long

  13. Why would you take a wife to a lodge for sex. It doesn’t make sense.

    I smell a rat here.

    This is not correct. Since when did people start complaining to the President when someone gets beaten. I thought this is a Police matter.

    After a few months in jail he needs sex, but if its true that the wife is on period, would a fight of fierce nature really occur?.

  14. Why is there no mention of this fóol being arrested?

    And to show you how totally ignorant I am, all the while when I read about this numskull’s pardon by our ídiot president, I thought he was an army general.

  15. I thought Kanene was a nick name. Now the wife is Sharon Kanene?

    This girl looks UPND. She just wants Kanene in jail. Maybe she is on the payroll of the Post.

  16. Before you open your yapping machine, kindly check the facts, is it true? Did Kanene beat up that woman? How do you know? Was it a case of mistaken identity? If true, why would Kanene want to have his conjugal rights in a lodge and not his home? Why this of all three wives?
    And other ???????????????????????????????????????

    Otherwise being a firm believer in the rule of law, the President will refer you to the police. Remember that he is the President and not a policeman?

  17. How do you take your wife to a lodge? He didn’t sort out her accommodation before?

    Maybe let’s just call her his girlfriend.

    Am sure there are a lot of details missing in this story

    Zambian’s,You reap what You sow. Visionless Corrupt compromised leader, whos decisions are solely made to keep himself in power, whilst he R@pes our national coffers. Enjoy Lungus reign, full of Pimps, Pirates, R@pists, Panga, & stone weilding Thugs!!
    Zambia in the REAL Africa for real.

  19. Was the picture taken at the lodge?. If what is in the background is the lodge, I will not be going to that lodge.

    That girl looks like a trouble maker.

    A normal wife would not rush to the cameras for issues bordering on holy things like sex

  20. And he was acquitted because he had reformed. If this is anything to go by, he has reformed from defiling children to adults. Pathetic.

    • @ man kenya

      He was NOT acquitted. He was pardoned. Pardon cannot make conviction void. He is still convicted criminal.

    • you mean he has migrated from defiling young children to adults. alas, it is time to pray for such pipo, why him alone?, instead of him praising Pilato who is a celeb.

  21. And he was acquitted because he had reformed. If this is anything to go by, he has reformed from defiling children to raping adults. Pathetic.

  22. Ati periods…..She had sp-er-ms from another guy which she didn’t want the General to find out.

    These women have evolved..Especially married ones.

  23. The fact that LT’s reporting is sometimes, nothing to write home about should not diminish the fact that a rapist was cut loose from prison by an idiót president.

    It takes a lot more than a slap on the wrist to reform a sex offender.

  24. If this is true then He Kanene is such a disgrace and deserve to be in jail. However am having difficulties believing this story, it sounds more like political propaganda because of his controversial release from prison last week.

  25. This chap is a demoniac. He needs to rot in prison. This is what happens when you pardon someone before they even serve half of their sentence

  26. I think LT is cooking up emotions……fishy, but if true he MUST be sent back to jail to finish his longer sentence as he would have proved unreformed and a present danger to women.

  27. Leadership with no vision. Misusing presidential powers without wisdom that’s the result. The earlier he is removed from office the better. He has become a anger to our society.

  28. This mother faka needs to be taken back to prison where he belongs. What a shame. This is nonsense.

  29. Is it true people? If it’s true then something is wrong with kanene mwana wakwesu wabanzi?

  30. Where is “a Stupid women’s group” who said General had repented and reformed? Just a group of job seekers or just a group to be known that they exist.

    • Good point, mama See! There are so many issues in Zambia that need the loud voice of a Women’s rights advocacy group. Instead they come out to cheer for a pardoned rapist who doesn’t waste any time to show his true colors as soon as he is out on the street.

      This kind of Women’s group is really urinating all over the Women liberation movement. Pity that.

  31. My friend, go and fight Munyuchi if you think gained too much muscle in prison not a woman later on a wife!

  32. Am told they used to drink together with Lung in chawama. Remember Lungu once said that he doesn’t drink with Scott but with Kanene am sure they are childhood friends.

  33. Leave General Kanene alone, u call yourselves Christians yet u cant rejoice to see some 1 being freed. Some pipo are behind that act, open yo eyes and see.

  34. Ati the family of the lady has asked the president to look into the issue before they report to the police. Looks like our president is just too relaxed. How do you report a minor GBV to the president who is supposed to be sorting out the mess the country. Is he president or village chairman?

  35. That is very sad story, I think he is better off in prison, ninyele yamutundu bwanji that cannot wait a few days really! This is totally unacceptable and he must be sent back where he belongs.

  36. Iwe kanubian pwinceshi,stop posting sily comments about ba zambia.It is such arogance which make men to beat the sheet out of women like you and sharon.Be polite or else we will unlish the thug on you.

  37. The blame is squarely on the one who released him. The court has been vindicated in this matter. Kanene is a criminal who shouldn’t see the corridors of freedom. He needed proper rehabilitation before going to the public. This is what corruption can do. His release in the first place was not genuine but was reliably informed that the chap whilst in prison became a praise singer for PF Edgar Lungu.

    This is a sign that PF members are savages who does not mean well. I further told that he was released to compose songs for Edgar Lungu to be used in 2016 campaigns. What a big shame to PF.

    Please Mr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu take back the guy to prison. He will beat a lot of women and rape minors. Please twapapata bakateka. Icho chipondo mwafunishe.

  38. Too many questions than answers to this story!
    …Sharon ‘Kanene”
    …Having conjugal rights at a lodge and not home!
    …Relatives of Sharon informing the President and not Sharon going to police!
    ….Kanene released last week and with three wives having no sex all this time!

    We wait to hear more!

  39. If anyone knows pls respond. Why don’t we have a parole board instead of vesting all powers in the president (prerogative of mercy) by having a
    Parole board it will be involve all parties before one is granted freedom & when one violets terms of the parole they go straight to jail without questions asked.

    • aMalume,
      I perhaps you are asking the wrong question. Just this month President Obama commuted the sentences of 46 non-violent prisoners in the US. So it’s my guess that this is power vested in a head of state in many democracies. The parole board and all that, that’s the standard procedure for most criminals. But the president can use his discretion in certain circumstances. Of course the hope is that the president has a brain, unlike our president.

    • Bill Clinton is famous and notorious for pardoning a commodity trader called Marc Rich who was a fugitive from the USA for tax reasons. Clinton did this in the last minutes of his presidency before handing over to GW Bush. Marc Rich, who started Glencore, was a significant donor to Clinton’s campaigns, the way Mahtani is in Zambia.

  40. President Lungu,

    Gender-based violence undermines the health, dignity, security and autonomy of its victims, yet it remains shrouded in a culture of silence. Victims of violence can suffer sexual and reproductive health consequences, including forced and unwanted pregnancies, unsafe abortions, traumatic fistula, sexually transmitted infections including HIV, and even death. Violence against women and girls is one of the most prevalent human rights violations in the world. It knows no social, economic or national boundaries. Worldwide, an estimated one in three women will experience physical or sexual abuse in her lifetime. What are we really promoting especially men making comments that women should be beaten. Are we supporting GBV? Promote a live free of violence and abuse Zambia.

  41. bad zohona this man is not holy,how can he do such a thing like this,imagine jst 4 days frm prison again committing another crime,the wife told him her position,the reason why she didn’t want sex wth him ad it was clear ad straight 4ward for him to understand her.more over he is a polygamist why didn’t he go back to the other two wifes who were well and ready for sex,wat an ambasador for GBV and CD.Please rearrest him,so that he finishes the sentence.fake chijubeni chabe.

  42. The release of that pedophile by that man is so wrong and he needs to pay for this. Women need to unite in order to restore what has been taken away from them. Organizations that have championed the rights of women in Zambia must be gutted but if we keep this message alive and educate women around the country about what could possibly be happening to them in the near future if that man is re-elected, they might wake up and vote against such governance. This is a derailment to what has been fought on behalf of those voiceless women in Zambia.

  43. Give a ghetto N.I.G.G.A a title, he will show you how to use the power invested in him! At his age, three wives? nigga please! This sex offender should be in jail!

  44. I do not believe this story. Sorry if I am wrong. There is no evidence. The story was manufactured to make the President ashamed.

  45. I knew what would follow after kanenes’ song praising ba PF or Lungu was his release and that was his plan.Ba lungu should be careful of some decisions he makes.look at this embarrasment now!!!!,elo kanenes’ wives are also stupid,how do they gather themselves on a foolish man as their husband????even if abaume nabacepa sure.let kanene be locked again which i know for sure its now not possible.he is a foolish monkey,selfish and ignorant.i now hate his music.

  46. Cry my beloved country – Dora insults PF next she is a PF MP. Kanene defiles young girls next he is an ambassador against GBV, Davies Chama passess derogatory remarks against another tribe, there is no sanction. Economy is in complete decline, not even a press conference to explain the situation and mitigation measures put in place or being put in place. Even the transition when Guy Scott acted felt there was somebody in charge.

  47. dont blame our beloved president for this incident,its normal to fight in a home,this lady looks to be a whole surely,how do u call your self as third wife when you re a just a whole.Balikuchenjesha uleyangala na ex convict.

  48. Icalo naconaika kuloleshafye sure.Someone who was convicted 4 18yrs now only saved 4 less than a year or so ati fuma.Mamamamama sure now its a shame to the judges who passed the judgement.That is why most judicial nd Police officers resort to corruption instead of taking someone to prison.Kanene is not reformd whatsoever,but a dangerous savage.Cili uko tuya hop he wil just b playing nabo aishiba pantu ine ifyo ningamucita!bulanda bweka naku Police kwanshi?

  49. Why is doing things like a mad personal ,u need to understand if ur fine she have something long,not fase matters at the end is coming up is bad story.

  50. Why he is doing things like a mad personal ,u need to understand if ur wife she have something long,not fase matters at the end is coming up is bad story.

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