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Mumbi Phiri should stop political masturbation – FDD

Headlines Mumbi Phiri should stop political masturbation - FDD

Munali Member of Parliament Mumbi Phiri
Mumbi Phiri

In recent days Mumbi Phiri, the PF Deputy Secretary General has been gorging quite a sludge of Political diatribe against President Edith Nawakwi.

Instead of responding to the specific and critical issues of national importance such as the persistent load shedding, the increase of fuel prices, the wrong crude oil purchases, the high cost of living, the excrutiating debt burden, the depreciation of the Kwacha, the political violence and the general mismanagement of the Zambian economy by the PF Government, issues President Nawakwi has been raising, Mumbi Phiri has opted to engage in Political Masturbation.

Since we are dealing with Mumbi Phiri we have no choice but to define for her what political masturbation is lest she misunderstands us. Political Masturbation is a deliberate act that is meant to divert people’s attention from more important national issues to trivia. The most important things are the economic and governance issues that Madam Nawakwi has been raising. Mumbi Phiri please respond to the specific economic issues that Ms. Nawakwi’s has raised or kindly spare us your political masturbation.

It is preposterous for a charlatan like Mumbi Phiri to attempt to lecture us on a democracy. What democracy can a panga wielding and gun slinging Political Party like PF teach us? Who elected Mumbi as Deputy SG? Why was she recalled as a diplomat?

How can Mumbi Phiri be talking about things beyond her intellectual capacity? Why has she recklessly decided to advertise her ignorance? Doesn’t she know what the Bible states that even a fool can be mistaken for a wise man when he chooses to be quiet?

Mumbi Phiri cannot even pronounce Carlington Maize deal, she says Clinton Maize Deal. Was she watching Hillary Clinton on CNN and she is mistaking her for Edith Nawakwi?

If Mumbi Phiri in her ignorance has evidence of any wrong doing on the part of President Edith Nawakwi with regards to the so called Carlington Maize deal, we challenge her to take our President to Court.

Issued by:

Antonio Mwanza,

FDD Spokesperson.


  1. This is the problem in Zambia now…

    Even people who were selling kapenta and beans at the market are now in charge.

    • Well said. Mumbi and Chishimba Kambwili have problems with pronunciations. Instead of secession, Kambwili says succession, and instead orchestrated he says Ochaa-strated.Anyway, this is the quality Zambians have chose to lead them!

    • “A book is the most effective weapon against intolerance and ignorance.” Lyndon Baines Johnson

      No one gives advice with more enthusiasm and less knowledge than an ignorant person and, too often, an educated person is someone who knows how to be ignorant “intelligently”. It’s all right to be ignorant about some things, but it’s ridiculous to make a career of it. John Rayoa

      “Education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper.” Robert Frost

      “Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.” Thomas Jefferson

    • Yeah. I completely with Mr. Mwanza. Mumbi Phiri is a professional political masturbator. A proven failure (PF) by fact and it is proven in all her responses. She even has the bad manners of insulting Madam Mwanasawa. This woman needs a baboo stick to be taught some manners. Women please, denounce this proven failure (PF) member with her proven failed leader who can even doze while on duty. LUNGU MUST BE RETIRED IN NATIONAL INTEREST.

  2. Mumbi Phiri is indeed very dull! She thinks by commenting on every issue she will get noticed. Empty tins make the most noise. If FDD are not holding elections, what is it to her and her party. Indeed who elected her. Was Lungu’s election an election?

    • Ba fididi on the self destruction mode. Why has everything gone political of late. I think this is a similar mood we experienced when LPM was elected president and everyone was busy calling him cabbage cabbage when he was busy laying the foundation of which the results started showing in his second term. Edgar is on the very same route and he will perform far much better than LPM. Noise will always be there and someone will always portray as a better fit for the presidency just like sata thought he was better than lpm and RB before voted into the office.

    • There you are Mr. Antonio Mwanza! You are defending your president who has been attacked. But when Nawakwi opens her mouth to constantly attack the Pf president you expect his subordinates to defend him. Mumbi Phiri only defends his president just like you are defending your president, so what is wrong with that?

    • Spongy…..

      Your opinion of EL vis a vis LPM should consider that:

      Mwanawasa reduced debt from $7 billion to zero.

      Chagwa/PF has increased debt from zero to $6 billion and increasing ….!!

      Guess on exchange rate…..Chagwa from K4 to K8. LPM from K6 to K3.

      LPM fought corruption and Chagwa is wamuvumo corruption baptized.
      Chagwa is opposite of LPM.

    • And instead of “constituency”, PF says “constuency” or instead of “constitution” PF says “constution”…khikikiki…I wonder what Zambians should expect from Kaingu, and Mushanga his deputy. Mushanga just a few years ago was a thief, stealing money from the Kara Counseling branch in Kabwe..what can make him literate and fight illiteracy…???

  3. Choice of words matters if indeed this guy antionio Mwanza had political maturity. He could have found a substitute to the word masturbation.

  4. The way I look at Mumbi Phiri, politics just exposes her dullness. Anyway its ‘sebana wikute in PF’. She suits to work the streets and night clubs as an experienced prostitute, teaching young prostitutes the craft! Think she can do far much better in that trade!

  5. The definition and the word is a miss. IF u look at the pic and the author, u can judge for yoself whose word is full of masturbation!

  6. Childish statement from a person who calls himself as FDD Spokesperson! By the way apart from you and Nawakwi, who else is in FDD? Next time find mature words to use unless you tell us that you are good at mastutbating yourself!

  7. To me Mwanza sounded like it is Mumbi recording and listening to herself. Could have defended madam Nawakwi much better than this response.

  8. As Economic Freedom Fighters Zambia we admire the courage and boldness of FDD spokesperson Antonio Mwanza. He’s an asset to FDD and indeed the nation at large. However, we find his choice of in this statement crude and offensive. If PF are rough in their game, let’s prove to them that we are far above them.

  9. The wrangles between TONGA speaking pipo on one hand and the PF Chama/Phiri on the other is a very sad development in today’s Zambian politics. In the UK and other European countries, Chama though he’s refused to apologise, could have at least resigned. Mumbi Phiri too should have resigned for her ‘Kachema’ comments. TONGAS could have accepted the duo’s stepping down and could have moved on. Unfortunately for Zambian, this is not the spirit because the two guys at the storm of this wrangle have to “eat” and eat they shall do.

    The only Zambian Politician I know who had the guts to step down was no other than Elias Chipimo Sr when he differed with KK. He resigned as Chairman of Standard Chartered bank even though he was not in Politics then. Today’s leaders? ‘useless’ sadly…

  10. This sounds like those days at yunza with Gwata Phiri (now local govt minister) as President-General, Mumba as SG, etc!!

    In those days we would say, Antonio “Hammer!!!”

    By the way am talking of the glorious ’80s.

  11. Clinton Maize deal hahaha Zambia is a failed state how do you have a pre-school teacher like Mumbi to be in charge of a ruling party

  12. CLASSIC UNZA VIVA LANGUAGE. Unza trains us to be intellectuals and i can tell you once we graduate, we leave it there for the next generation of Unza students who are new and in the process of growing and leaning to use, only for the time we are in school. Once out, we are called to speak wisdom, that is for those that understand levels of maturity. You can compare for your self the language of those that graduated from there. I am wondering why our brother Mr Anthonio Mwanza in his capacity as a party spokesperson would issue a letter, signed by Him, representing an organization wishing to form government one day and include such a term. Though common to the world and representing a challenge most people have which needs God’s intervention to overcome it does not befit our (FDD).

  13. by the way? is it antonio mwanza or mandela mwanza please tel the nation your true name. you have mislead pipo by using someone’s name for sometime.

  14. Monk! Tell her, tell her, tell her. Many thanks for giving a precise definition of the term, “political masturbation”, otherwise we not be surprised if you were sued for insulting a senior govt official. kikiki.
    The best response by those in govt to political critics is to simply attend to the concerns raised and not to silence the people because that one is simply not possible in a democracy.

  15. Unfortunate choice of word, masturbation. It shows a kaponya and someone who has no self respect. Honestly, politicians in Zambia need to choose their words wisely. Or is it due to a lack of appropriate vocabulary. He could have used diatribe. Respect yourself if you want respect!
    Chav through and through!

    • Two wrongs do not make a right. Politicians try to outperfom each other when they insult each other. I do not know what outrageous insults mumbi will come up with and the insults go on adninfinitum (wthout end).

  16. Mumba Phiri ka icukelo ka hae kika kaloyawe, wa icuka cukeee mane kuyo siya kwa mukongo wa lyooci ki teleee wa kanjoko ka litungulu! And by the way, do you know the character Ari in the movie Planet of the Apes, was that character derived from Mumba Phiri? The semblance is cunning indeed. These Luos, in whatever form they come e.g. Chibesakunda, Kankasa or Phiris, they just can’t help looking like apes! Look at this one above’s nostrils, is this not a hippopotamus we are looking at here!

  17. The issue FDD is raising is true about mumbi phiri. She, like Kambwili, have inferiority complex against the educated and both do not consider education as a prerequisite to formulating and implementing plans successfully. Indeed a lot of ignorance is exhibited when the two speak their lungs out. A country led by such can not prosper.

  18. I will call her Mbumbi (hot season) is just arrogant. Even her facial expression just show you her sarcasm. She is very fit in PF and call to give PF a face by showing her the door out will definitely fall on deaf ears. That is what they are : insolent, sarcastic , antagonistic, pompous and selfish.

  19. Yeah. I completely with Mr. Mwanza. Mumbi Phiri is a professional political masturbator. A proven failure (PF) by fact and it is proven in all her responses. She even has the bad manners of insulting Madam Mwanasawa. This woman needs a baboo stick to be taught some manners. Women please, denounce this proven failure (PF) member with her proven failed leader who can even doze while on duty. LUNGU MUST BE RETIRED IN NATIONAL INTEREST.

  20. PF post of secretary general should, in my opinion, be scrutinized. Chama and Mumbi spend most of their time and energy shadow-boxing imaginary enemies. They deal with personalities and sections of the country. They should stay in the mainstream, especially now that HH has lined up his marshals? What benefit can you get if each leader unleashes his/her tongue anyhowly and sets the whole country ablaze? Act in a mature manner.

  21. Am sure Mwanza you can do better than this,all what you know is masturbation/ponyoponyo,say something mature.

  22. Political “masturbation”! Is that the language of a politician who aspires to lead this country?
    FDD, FDD, tone down please, there are more civilised ways of making your point. Are you married Mr Antonio Mwanza, and if you are, have you got children? Daughters? But perhaps not surprising, since the tone has been set by the FDD president herself and now the juniors have to outdo each other or outdo their president!

    I like the advice by FDD Spokesperson Mutayachalo on insulting the President, but I must say that I was pleasantly surprised with that coming from HIM?

  23. Granted Mumbi may go down as the worst Deputy Secretary General for PF but that does not make what the FDD spokesperson wrote any better. The write up lays bare a glaring shortage of maturity on Antonio’s part and reveals how he too would be reacting if FDD were to be in power. Other than objectively debunk the alleged statements he frittered away time on frivolities deliberately choosing words that say much about the writer than the person written about.
    Only by writing with the presence of mind shall you prove you are better than the person you are writing about.

  24. It’s inappropriate to use sexual language to abuse your opponent.

    Fact is, it’s more important for Nawakwi to tell the electorate what exactly she will do differently to win our votes.

    Currently, all we can make out is that she IS intelligent, but she is failing to cross over to the Winners chambers with her disrespectful brand of politics that is turning Zambia into ‘Cowboy’ country.

    We can’t have shoot outs to win the votes in our democratic system.

  25. You may be right that Mumbi Phiri doesnt talk about relevant issues but when you start using language like that, you show a lack of maturity.

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