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Rupiah Banda to attend East African leadership conference

General News Rupiah Banda to attend East African leadership conference

President Rupiah Banda at Statehouse
President Rupiah Banda at Statehouse

Former President Rupiah Banda is today expected to leave for Zanzibar to attend the East African Global Peace Leadership Conference.

President Banda will join other former African presidents and heads of government including His Excellency Amani AbeidKarume, former President of Zanzibar, and His Excellency Olusegun Obasanjo, former President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Others expected to attend the four-day conference beginning on 21st July, 2015 are His Excellency GirmaWolde-Giorgis, former President of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, His Excellency Sir James Mancham, founding President of the Republic of Seychelles, and Mr Raila Odinga, former Prime Minister of the Republic of Kenya.

President Banda has also been invited to serve as a charter member of the Africa Leadership Mission on Peace-building, Young Leadership and Service (Africa Presidential Mission).

He will be accompanied to Zanzibar by his administrative assistant Mikatazo Wakumelo.


    • Which country is RB a president of. Why lt reporters repeatedly referring to him as president Banda. Such reporting brings strife in the nation. The constitution only allows for one legitimately elected president and today lt is telling us of the second president . If your media is meant to report confusion better say so . We only know of one stewpid zwd which reports crap and you are joining them . Lt if not careful will be defunct and rendered useless like zwd if you go their way of reporting. Fi kala fwenu.

  1. I once had a good spot in my heart for RB but no more. any way, let me go and enjoy. he is a former head of state. maybe he can learn some few good things from his fellow heads of state.

  2. “A book is the most effective weapon against intolerance and ignorance.” Lyndon Baines Johnson

    No one gives advice with more enthusiasm and less knowledge than an ignorant person and, too often, an educated person is someone who knows how to be ignorant “intelligently”. It’s all right to be ignorant about some things, but it’s ridiculous to make a career of it. John Rayoa

    “No skill is more crucial to the future of a child, or to a democratic and prosperous society, than literacy.” Los Angeles Times

  3. Awe but chi Rupiah used to look presidential despite everything. Not the jokers that came after in the name of Sata and the ka current clown called Lungu.

    • Sponge bob buddy,
      in nyanja we say “ndalama” not “ndrama”

      I just thought I give you a free nyanja lesson before all the nyanjas here start rolling on the floor laughing at your broken nyanja.


  4. Bof…!

    He is a charter member of the Africa Leadership Mission on Peace-building, erm…Young Leadership??

    Old Man Banda, does NOT want to give up the challenge for Youthful Leaders to emerge!

    Please, pull the other one!!

    • I hear you, Sponge bob boi. Either way, it is never pronounced “ndrama” Perhaps it’s pronounced that way by the Makorekore.

  5. Why is the j-e-r-k going? Does he have anything to do with the government of Zambia? What position does he have other than a thief. The Nigerians want back their money. They will voo-doo his be*hind if he is not careful. Not sure why we even allow old people with no brains to do what they want, when they want. Where is the monkey from State House? It sure knows what to do with him just like when he sat under the tree. Even the monkey knows a bull*shitter but at least it pee*s on people who steal government revenue while others watch helplessly and are controlled by an old fat man.

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