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General Kanene’s third wife Sharon Kanene goes missing

General News General Kanene’s third wife Sharon Kanene goes missing

Sharon Kanene
Sharon Kanene

General Kanene’s third wife Sharon who was savagely beaten up by her husband Sunday evening has reportedly gone missing.

And State House sources have disclosed that President Edgar Lungu is considering firing Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa Emmanuel Mwamba who recommended the pardoning of General Kanene.

Close family members revealed that Sharon in the company of her Aunt met Mr Mwamba last evening at named Bar in Chawama who offered beer and money to coerce them not to lay charges.

They say that Sharon later returned home very late and took her clothes and her youngest son without disclosing where she was going.

When family members questioned the Aunt who accompanied Sharon to meet Mr Mwamba, she disclosed that Mr Mwamba offered lots of money and arranged a secret hiding place for Sharon until the story dies down.

And information has emerged that Sharon has two children with Kanene who has been constantly abusing her from the time they got married.

Family sources have said Sharon was once a beautiful young lady before meeting Kanene but has been left with a lot of scars due to constant beatings.

They also dismissed as untrue the statement by Mr Mwamba that one of Kanene’s two other wives might have beaten her up.

Meanwhile, pressure is growing on Mr Mwamba after he was blasted by President Lungu for the latest Kanene scandal.

State House sources have revealed that President Lungu is personally upset with Mr Mwamba because he was the one who engineered Kanene’s release.

They said that President Lungu is now seriously considering firing Mr Mwamba for bringing his name into disrepute.

They added that President Lungu is getting tired of ‘cleaning up’ too many scandals by his close officials and did not want to be embroiled into another scandal since he is still dealing with the Kaizer Zulu and Davies Chama scandals.

And The Zambia National Women’s Lobby Board Chairperson Beauty Katebe who had supported Kanene’s release from jail is disappointed with the singer for violently attacking his wife three days after being released from prison.

Mrs Katebe said that it has become apparent Kanene deceived the correctional service into believing that he had reformed and was ready to contribute to society as a law abiding citizen when in fact not.

“Mr. Dimba’s actions clearly show his lack of respect for women which should be condemned in the strongest terms. Mr Dimba has proved to all Zambians that he was not worthy of the prerogative of mercy extended to him by His Excellence President Edgar Lungu as he has not reformed,” Mrs Katebe said.

She has since urged Sharon to report the matter to police and allow the law to take its course.

“We however remain optimistic that citizens who have been incarcerated can reform and therefore should be given an opportunity to prove themselves.”

And Zambia Civic Education Association Executive Director Judith Mulenga said President Lungu must send Kanene back to prison and look for a worthy praise singer.

“If you are an advocacy organisation like us at Zambia Civic Education Association, we call this boomerang advocacy on the part of the President. He clearly miscalculated on his Theory of Change analysis,” Mrs Mulenga said.

“If you are a poet, you would say this is poetic justice has been served on President Lungu. If you were a cynic you would say the chickens have come home to roost. Need we say more?”

She added, “Mr. President, you blundered, period. And we told you that releasing Kanene and making him an ambassador for GBV is going to haunt your Presidency and the haunting has started even before the ink which you used to sign his release has dried!!!”

“If you had read the case record of Kanene you would have seen that he abducted the girl he defiled around midday and she was coming from school in uniform in the company of her friend and a cousin. During trial he composed akasapato whose lyrics mock the whole concept of sex with a child.”

Mrs Mulenga added, Now if I were the President I would have asked myself these questions:

1. Who looks for sex during lunch time instead of lunch?
2. Who finds a girl in primary school uniform sexually alluring?
3. Does a person who can brazenly compose akasapato appreciate societal values and laws that protect children?
4. Does the person understand the definition of GBV?”


  1. The plot thickens.

    Have you checked all the lodges in Lusaka first?

    This could be made into a blockbuster thriller/drama.

    I hope she is safe at the the boyfriend’s house.

    And she should remain hidden to avoid the pangas and harassment.

    • This is what happens when you owe people favors. To think Lungu is a Lawyer is beyond me. How do you pardon someone on recommendations from a cadre rather than the prison services?

    • Presidential Appointee, Ambassador Clifold Dimba just beat up his wife. The President pardoned from a Maximum security prison just 5 days back. The Presidents’ Judgement on this should be questioned; but Edgar Lungu told us he had no vision, therefore to expect anything sensible from him will be extremely naive

    • Judith Mulenga said President Sara must send Kanene back to prison and look for a worthy praise singer.
      I didn’t know Sara is Lungu’s other name.

    • Of all the presidencies we have had in Zambia, this is the worst.

      In only 6 months, It’s been marred by poor judgment, lack of morals, ethics, corruption, lack or credibility, you name it, it’s all there.

      It shows a clear lack of leadership and experience in a person that wanted to come to power at all costs

      We cannot afford to have Lungu leading this country for another 4 years or else the country will lose its sanity

    • He has probably killed her!

      A.s.shole Kanene is a sociopath, 3 wives, rapist and he is out on the street!

    • I am simply loving the PF comedy-drama “Ifya bukaya”. Lungu has work to Kolopa in PF. He hasn’t even finished agenda for the Tonga chiefs. Kolopa.com, ndekolopa ne mukulu wa nchito.
      Emmanual Mwamba also worked for MMD not so?

    • Could it be that Kanene beat up Sharon after finding out that Mwamba was hammering Sharon while Kanene was composing songs for Lungu in jail? There’s something of a self – justification by Mwamba claiming that Sharon was not a proper wife of Kanene. How would Mwamba know that and for how long has he been close friends with Kanene? Is that the reason why Mwamba has offered Sharon a lot of money and a safe house because he was comforting her while Kanene was in jail?

  2. Leave them alone.you want to be holier than thou.How are many are you who fight in your homes.If the woman does not want to send his husband to jail again leave him.who is going to feed those two children.I don’t support wife battering, but the issue is being politicized.Iam not happy with Kanene but the motive of reporting this to the media is the one that is suspicious.

    • @ Sido Mark; I have no sympathy for wife batterers or rapi$ts for that matter. Kanene needs to go back to jail. Clearly Sharon was moving on without his sorry a$$. It’s reported she is his third wife. The girl probably used to fend for herself even before he went back to jail because I believe she just used her for $ex.
      Only cowards and men with low self esteem and tiny penises beat their wives!

    • Shut up if you have no brains to make any sensible contribution. What politicising are you talking about when Kanenes release was a stupid political move. Those 2 children are probably better off with Kanenes in prison…

  3. Pf circus is just beginning. etc robs his way into presidency; RB exonerated by Ecl thru courts n acquired; RB’s Mmd takey over Pf, Kambwili fixed by Zw; Mumbi Phiri’s ba kachema can’t rule Zambia; Davis Chama’s ridiculing Tongas; load shedding; Given Lubinda’s failure to announce floor price for maize n other crops; fuel increases; Zambia’s debt swells to over $8 billion n 2 more billion to be borrowed thru Euro bond’ s Kaloba; Yaluma makes promise that ZESCO will reduce on load shedding RATSA increases; Knee sings for Ecl n is pardoned from prison. He brutalised his concubine, Emmanuel. Mwomb becomes Kanene’s spokesperson an the queue is endless. That is pf.

    • Lungu has no reputation to worry about. A President who takes advice from an ideeot like Mwamba who probably poisoned the person he was supposed to protect, FTJ, deserves what he gets. A PFool will always surround himself with other PFools for “safety” but live to regret the low level of wisdom around him. Lungu is a fitting Clown Prince of Sata, the king of all clowns in Zambia.

  4. Really Zambians come on! Don’t we have better things to do? Imagine the whole head of state who is supposed to be very busy with more important problems Zambia is facing.
    1. Inadequate power supply
    2. High fuel prices
    3. Stalled road projects
    4. Huge debt
    5. Budget deficit
    6. Street vending
    7. Unemployment
    8. Poverty to mention just but a few
    Do we really have time for this?

    • Unfortunately PF has shown us where their priorities lie and they are not included on your elaborate list. Of what benefit to Zambia was General Kanene’s release yet Lungu found time to seek Emmanuel Mwamba’s counsel to do just that instead of addressing the more serious and pressing issues.It seems Mwamba is holding Lungu on a short leash.Wasn’t he appointed ambassordor to Malaysia at one time and he (mwamba)refused to go.Now he is Ambassador to South africa and he is dragging his feet again….The new cartel

  5. Bachi bululu want to marry this girl to some one else.The girl loves the father of the his children leave them a lone.You thought he will not come out of prison.Chamikalipa ba swine.Hiden agender ya luka.Polygamy is better than being a mistress.why do you want to decide for her leave alone.

  6. It’s about time we became realistic and stop showing our foolishness. So what if Kanene beats up he’s wife who provoked him. Women can be provocative at times and u can loose patience. Is GBV for women only. I repeat, is GBV for women only… a lusaka based man was poured hot poridge on he’s face. how many of you helpless women based organisations condemned that. Grow up n let bedroom issues rain bedroom issues.

    • Monko, i like your line of thoughts, so very true! Unfortunately we have a lot of pretenders here. Another man’s manhood was chopped off in Chongwe, where were the women groups? Everyday women are slapped in their bedrooms, how many come out running to NGOs? I dont support Kanene’s behaviour, I myself, have not laid my hands on my wife of 17 years.

  7. Of course Mwamba;’s stance should not come as a surprise, I mean, is this not the character that was last seen the FTJ Chiluba just a few hours before the stinking former president was brought in dead at UTH? He was also the one who advised FTK’s children against an autopsy, threatening abena Castro and Micko that, and quote: “Nga ba balepaula bawiso ifyo mukaya sanga mukati mulya bushe kuti mwa fichita handle imwa abana?” That is how FTJ was buried without an autopsy! Whether he died of an overdose of Viagra or Mwamba’s Poloniun 210, we shall never know!

  8. Ba Zambia finshi mulefwaya natwishiba fwe bene eeeeh Lungu eeeh Lungu eeeh Lungu eo tulefwaya x2 via singing kansi ni malabishi yeka yeka

  9. Surely the lady was having her pees and this Kanene chap wanted to rape her mmmmmm he is a sadist for sure. He must be caged for assault and GBV. Be it wife or girl friend thats not the way to plead for sex. NGOs where are take this thing back to where it belong……….I mean JAIL THE BUNKUM!

  10. Uwakalema takaleka…! Sad that ECL was sucked into this by one EM (if at all it is true that the fake gen was pardoned following EM’s recommendation). Decisive action by ECL should follow with immediate effect!

  11. That Beauty Katebe woman must be the epitome of stupidity. she was all over praising the release of this same guy and without shame or even an apology, she wants to sound like she is holier that thou. I hope NGOCC will discipline her for going against their position.

    • Beauty Katebe looks like one of those horny biatches who needs some serious dicking down to calm her nerves. She is clearly on heat! That’s why she can’t keep her hot, slippery mouth shut.

  12. I mean, what did Lungu expect from releasing a rabid dog that is perpetually hooked to being on heat? How I wish Kanene landed on Dorah Siliya’s “bokosi” and oiled it with “shoot”, thoroughly!

  13. @SIDO MARK clearly you need an education on gender based violence. And if truly your identity is in the USA you will be in jail so fast for laying a finger on a lady as far as even slapping her. This is the reason most men especially from Africa when they go abroad quickly land themselves in jail because of such mentality. In North America and Europe there is this thing called “NO MEANS NO.” You buy a lady a drink in the bar and take her home without her consenting to sex, you go to jail because that is rape. You go to the lodge with a lady, buy her a meal and a couple of drinks and expects sex and she says no and you force yourself on her lands you in jail. It is not because a man wants sex that a lady has to say yes. Even married men or couples a man can go to jail is she says no.

  14. imwe bantu, instead of the government working on how to reduce the escalating economic problem the country is facing, its attention is now a relationship of Dimba Kanene and Sharon. why the concern? please let the families involved resolve this problem and if anything comes up, the law will be applied. why waste so much resources on a simple person like General Kanene? surely this government has no vision.

  15. What is Emmanuel Mwamba still doing in Zambia when he is supposed to be in South Africa!? Ba president, fire that young man before he disgraces you further. Why has he taken a centre stage in the matter of Kanene, any relations with Kanene or the wife? If no relation to either, does he want to marry Kanene’s wife? No wonder Mr. Sata fired him. Ukukana tekanya!
    Mwaice Kanene, you are a disgrace to yourself. Ba president send him back to the gallows, not fit for the assignment you gave him! Three wives, what are they for? Bana mayo, you should be extra careful the way you accept advances that lead into unstable marriages. Is it desperation?

  16. This Lungu guy thinks Zambians are dull who can’t analyse what is happening! He was telling the media before departure to livingstone that those who are criticizing him are just power hungry. He said there is development everywhere! Is borrowing for consumption development? Fuel hike, closure of universities, bloated cabinet, load shedding, increasing taxes, stalled road projects, unemployment, budget deficit, increase in price of all commodities- is that development! To this visionless lazy drunkard that is development he is seeing! Instead waiting for him to die which might be a long time coming, can someone put a bullet in his directionless brain!

  17. The Zambia National Women’s Lobby Board Chairperson Beauty Katebe should be fired. She’s despicable, irresponsible and a shame to all Zambian women especially children. This is what happens when you’re an a*s*s* li-ker. You come up with praise because you live in poverty and trying to get as much notice from ba kateka but unfortunately with no vision or leadership skills you two just added to something that was a small fire turned into a wild fire. Both of you should be ashamed of yourselves. I feel sorry for President Lungu since he seems to be told what to do. He seems to be in the passenger seat and not the driver. This is so embarrassing for him especially with Kambwili and Davies Chama on his team. 50 years of independence yet we have stone age mentality due to bad leadership.

  18. As to Mrs Mulenga’s questions I would answer as follows:

    1. Who looks for sex during lunch time instead of lunch?

    Ans: Every hot blooded man. And not just lunch time – a time of day is party time when it comes to sex.

    2. Who finds a girl in primary school uniform sexually alluring?

    Ans: A lot of men have a fetish for school uniformed girls over the age of consent.

    3. Does a person who can brazenly compose akasapato appreciate societal values and laws that protect children?

    Ans: Social commentary and freedom of speech. This is the general trend of all Zambian musicians.

    4. Does the person understand the definition of GBV?”

    Ans: Maybe maybe not. Understanding the definition of an acronym is not an antidote to inherent violent behaviour. Ask GBM and 50-60% of…

  19. the whole truth of the story is still unknown,lets wait for the truth,and thats wen we can comment over this isuue.

  20. Pf cadres sang praise for pardoning kanene.where are u now?we questioned this move and u called us haters,power hungry.to ecl utilize mrs wina for advice ,she got wisdom.

  21. If it’s really true that Kanene battered his wife then I just don’t know what has gotten into his head. If his third wife denied him sex,is that really a reason for wife battery? Why didn’t he go to his other two wives? And besides, lot of nasty things happen there in prisons. Kanene should have taken time to ‘cleanse’ himself before resuming his conjugal duties with his wives

  22. How can a lawyer and president pardon someone on the recommendation of someone like Mwamba? Firstly, ELshould as a lawyer carried out some investigations through the Prison Services. Secondly, EL should realise that he is forever cleaning up after his officials because he has surrounded himself with the wrong people altogether. He needs to clean up. Kanene, a thug with 3 wives. Honestly it is clear that he has no respect for women. Esther maybe you can advise EL. Women wake up! Why would three of you get married to Kanene.

    • I would suggest Lungu should leave Esther to counsel Kanene for a whole weekend at a named lodge! That will teach Lungu a lesson. Esther could bring along her daughter for a threesome with Kanene.

  23. Let’s not talk ignorance over this issue and let’s not interfere in these issues cause we know nothing about it. Umuntu onse alafulwa tamwishibe efyo balufyenye aba kashi couse 18 years yalikula and teti ushipe. Tabacetekele ati kuti afuma bwangu limbi bali sangako New Kanene.

  24. Ba Beauty Katebe, in your position you should analyze issues before applauding some of these steps taken by political leaders. You commended EL for pardoning Kanene. Egg is on your face now. This man actually has 3 wives. He beats up one. From the article he beats the wives regularly. Does Kanene seem to you like someone who can reform? He has no respect for women madam. You should apologize to Zambian women for being so hasty in your comments! Shameful indeed! It is sad that most of you women who should be helping fellow women are still under thumbs of men. In fact you don’t qualify to be leading a women’s organisation truth be told!

  25. <This country never misses a chance to shock me. An entire president pardoning a convicted rapist and child molester within less than a year of theirc conviction… wow only in Zambia.

    In other civilised societies, a convicted child molester and rapist would never be pardoned. They would serve time in full and when they are released, they to be registered on a child molester register; given an electronic tracking device to monitor their every move and will never be allowed to come within 500 metres of a child. Even their own children would be taken away from them and put into a foster home. And any community they areresettled in, people will protest. All these could be happening even after they have serveds 20 yrs. In prison they are despised by fellow inmates. Not in Zambia!

    • That is right, in Zambia you get a Job from the President! It is beyond shocking, what have we done to deserve this?

  26. Look if this story is true then Kanene has proved he did not have God’s pardoning and that we are to let him serve his full term for the original crime AND a new sentence for GBV to run consecutively with NO pardon/parole. It is a lost soul that could behave in this way after such a public pardon from no other than the Head of State. It’s a derelict individual that can demonstrate such disregard for society rules.

    Maximum damages should be awarded to his wife for this terrible abuse.

    The President is not at fault. He pardons as part of his duties. Mwamba must be left in place, perhaps recalled at the end of his current posting unless he…..dare I say it, reforms!

    Sometimes in life we can only wring our hands; there are some things that defeat us no matter how we hard we…

    • Sometimes in life we can only wring our hands; there are some things that defeat us, no matter how hard we try.

  27. We advised president Lungu to send Mwamba to Mongolia or Bolivia for his international mission. Did we not my friends from the FDD and UPND? We surely did.

    In fact President Lungu should have sent the Sata clique to Asian Missions, far east Asia, not even India. Bangladesh maybe and Nepal.

  28. Well, we have heard and seen. Cannot the President revoke his pardon and send this guy back to prison to serve the remainder of his term? I believe that presidential pardons come with conditions such as not commit another offence within six months? What do the lawyers say?

  29. Lungu himself was convicted and his practicing license was revoked. He was as well just pardoned by Sata to get his license back. He’s also an ambassador of Sata.On this one Mmembe warned us. Just thinking loud!

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