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Police arrest 5 Kabulonga boys pupils for rape

General News Police arrest 5 Kabulonga boys pupils for rape

Southern Province Commissioner of Police Charity Katanga (left) captured being helped by her staff (right) to pack her belongings at her former office in Livingstone yesterday in readiness for ferrying of her luggage to the new provincial capital in Choma
Charity Katanga (left)

POLICE in Lusaka have arrested five boys aged between 15 and 18 years of Kabulonga boys’ secondary school for allegedly taking turns in defiling a 15-year-old girl of Kabulonga Girls Secondary School.

Lusaka Province commissioner of police Charity Katanga said the incident happened at Kabulonga girls’ secondary school on Saturday around 20:00 hours after attending a party.

Ms Katanga said one of the suspects is believed to be the boyfriend to the victim.

“We have detained five boys for defiling a 15-year-old girl of Kabulonga Girls Secondary School,” she said.
She said the boys are in custody while the girl was issued with a medical report form.


  1. Makes very sad reading indeed. Been one of those that attended the school, i fill disappointed that such would happen. what is at stake now is the dignity and confidence of the precious girl whose pride has been compromised. May those BOYS be taken to court and indeed may the law prevail. What has been done to the young girl if she is not properly guided now might be a root of so many challenges she could have in future. Many girls hate men with everything in them, lose affection for men, become prostitutes and go astray because of such. I pray that this young girl will be handled like an egg by her parents and friends and society and that we will show her genuine love because she needs us now more than ever.
    The Fruit of the Holy spirit is self control. Let those that pray, PRAY.

  2. Lungu, see what you have done now? Lets be realistic, these issues were there before, but your weakness and selfish motives will not help in reducing the number of victims, and you have already given us the formula, the boys just need to form a band and sings praises, then they’ll see society soon. what will you do about kanene beating his wife? koma you have looked f.o.o.lish zo’ona.. i wonder how people are looking at you now

  3. Everything in Zed is caused by the president, Why let a 15 year old girl to be out at that time of the night as a parent??

  4. Good question bayesu! I ve children when they want to go partying we agree drop off and pick up time. Thats what parenting is all about. taking resposibility of the young and fragile until they grow to take care of themselves. Even dogs do this by angrition. blame the parents no bakateka.

    • How do you know that the parents of the girl were not on their way to pick her up? Even when they are infants you cant be with your child 24/7. Why blame the victim and her parents?

  5. Sad affair. Young boys and girls like parties that go into awkward hours and in the process breeds into incidences like the one at Kabulonga girls! It is upon parents to guide their children, especially girl child, to be home when is not yet dark. If you dig deeper you will discover that beer was one of the stuffs that made up the menu at that party!

    • If it is the boy children doing the raping, then maybe it is them that should be locked up by 8 pm and not their victims dont you think?

  6. i think the blame squarely falls on the parent of the girl and the boys, the bible says : Proverb22:6
    Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.
    the story says at 20:00 hours very awkward time for children the parent are to blame
    i suspect there was beer drinking and the children lost there mind.
    the Government can not be blamed for the Mis-behaviour neither the economic situation because partying is sign of plenty.

    • I don’t expect my 19 year God fearing son to rape a girl he meets at an awkward hour. Shame on you to suggest that it was the girls fault. Is this what you are teaching your children to attack women who are out alone?

  7. It seems Zambia is becoming a country of savages. Rapists freed from jail. Young boys taking a cue and raping a young girl. Now all these savages are trying to blame the girl, not the boys.

  8. More and more teens in primary are having sex. These kids are supposed to be taught about sex at home, but how can that happen when their own parents are ignorant foools.
    Some So-called parents are not worthy to be called one… There really need to be a school of parenting where if u d o n t graduate, u would n’t become one.

  9. It’s very sad the victim is being further victimized by such crude comments. Please remember that this is affecting not only her but her friends and family. It can be any one of our children this can happen too. It has nothing to do with parenting but the way boys/men act towards females. 5 boys rape a girl and it becomes a question of parenting? Young girls should be free to enjoy being girls and not because they go out they should be rap-ped. The reason people are shifting this issue on President Lungu is because he pardoned a pedophile and child molester making him an ambassador of GBV. Does this really make sense to give such a position to a person who did not even complete a 10 year jail time so he could reform? Just 4 days out it has come to bite the president you know where.

  10. Have you not seen men prey on girls in Zambia. An innocent girl nicely dressed minding her own business is followed by hooligans. She ignores them they either follow her in their cars or by foot. Some proceed to groping her brea-sts and bum. A young decent girl can probably come from a decent home with good parenting but harassment in Zambia has no limits. Sexual and gender based harassment are kinds of discrimination. This is unacceptable in Zambia especially after 50 years of independence. We even have people of authority rap-ping women in jail or either using sex as a get out of jail card, which is wrong. We need to start respecting women in Zambia and this all starts with the people in power and decision makers. Stop the violence against women starting now. Please defend women!

    • The only problem with firing squad for rapists is, it’s too painless. And here in Zambia we are lucky we have many lions. We can offer the rapists to the lions. We can have a TV spectacle where we see the lions chase down the rapists until they tear him to pieces.

      Ok I admit maybe that’s going a bit too far. No TV spectacle. Just throw the rapist in the lion’s den with no TV cameras.


    • This has a lot to do with us parents. What have we done to stop these vices? Honestly we have failed in this era. First you allow the child to play with the DSTV from as early as 06hrs shame on all the parents reading this.

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