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Don’t politicize General Kanene’s pardoning-CCO

General News Don’t politicize General Kanene’s pardoning-CCO

The Christian Coalition Organisation (CCO) has appealed to the public not to politicize President Edgar Lungu’s pardoning of musician Clifford Dimba commonly known as General Kanene.

Secretary General for the Coalition John Mwendapole said people must accept the pardoning of general Kanene and not politicizing the issue.

Rev. Mwendapole said President Lungu’s decision to pardon General Kanene is aimed at making him useful to the society instead of being in prison.

He said despite General Kanene being behind bars, the musician composed songs that informed the public about his experience in prison and preached messages against vices in society.

Rev. Mwendapole said it was unfortunate that after a week of being pardoned, General Kanene allegedly battered his third wife over a marital dispute.

He has since urged non-governmental organisations (NGOs) to help in counseling the prisoners physically, emotionally and spiritually as soon as they are released from prison.

Rev. Mwendapole noted that when prisoners are exposed to a lot of things that can be a danger to the society hence counseling can help to protect the people.

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  1. Hard headed Revered, don’t you understand that E Mwamba orchestrated the pardoning of the criminal? and this was after he had composed a song praising Lungu.

    A parole should have a condition, one of them being not to commit a similar offense within a specified period of time otherwise it’s back to prison. This criminal took only three days to break the parole condition and yet some fools are defending him.

  2. Rev. Mwendapole, you are a disgrace to all Christians. In case you have been living under a hole, Emmanuel Mwamba, a politician, recommended the pardon for Kanene to president Lungu who is also a politician. The recommendation did not come from the prison services. Hence your statement is redundant. This just reminds me of why I never go to church. I can’t deal with the morally and financially corrupt Pharisees.

    • Stop trivilising the issue of Kanene. This was a clear mistake by the president it is an affront to good citizenship values. Lets detest from the silly habit of kowtowing to Lungu.
      You the clergy must help build good values in society by condemning these wrong actions by not bahaving in a mawkish manner.

  3. Rev. Mwendapole, this criminal was released for being politically connected not because he had reformed. He is there to fun hate inthe country through music such as Satana takateke po, refering to some politicians that you rev refer to as devils when demons rule in your own parties, with boko haram interesting taking lead also. There are better reformed people in prison than some one who rapes a kid, sings a song about a kid and then is convicted of the crime, and poltically bribes his way out. I suggest your organisation becomes professional more Christ like than political and misinforming the public to justify wrongs. I hope I am ok!

  4. One thing that is confusing in all this fuss about General Kanene is that so far only the third party seems concerned about the whole issue. Neither General Kanene nor Sharon herself has said anything why are people so involved in other people’s bedroom disputes? I am not implying that battering one’s Mrs is acceptable but it appears that people have gotten too involved on this one. Is it because of the Presidential pardoning of General Kanene?

    • You answered yourself! Zambian jails are full of thousands of criminals but none has such political clout as Kanene who has laundered his talents for the benefit of Lungu and earned himself a presidential pardon within a year of an 18 year jail term. This case proves the selfishness and folly of Lungu’s obsession with retaining power at any cost.

  5. ati don’t politicize. ka Lungu politicized that rapist’s business the moment he decided to jump into the heap of manure, head first.

    • ha! very funny ba Chanda. It would be even funnier had the mere reality of ka Lungu’s status in Zambia not been such a tragedy.

  6. Sorry Rev. But Lungu politicised the pardon when he made Kanene Ambassador of GBV, the role he did not fulfil.

  7. Who makes these guys reverend?
    God come quickly to sort out this mess. Don’t make the mistake of sending your son again, because what’s happening here is no child’s play.

  8. To be very honest, kanene’s behaviour at this time does not deserve all these headlines when as a Nation we have a lot of very critical issues that need to be resolved, can newspapers be more responsible and report about things that are affecting the masses instead of kanene and his concubine. Don’t distract people with pet issues.

    • It is our mediocre journalists to blame! The important issues facing this country are too complicated for them to handle! Their competences revolve around issues of low level souls such as general kanene, Kambwili, Mumbi phiri, Davies chama, etc.

    • Iwe ka Mwendapole and ka Nakulu, this issue is as political as things get. The president is involved and the Ambassador to RSA is involved. It brings into question procedures of governance in Zambia with respect to the running of prisons and terms of granting pardons to inmates. Let a Lungu pardon deserving indivinduals. Somthing is rotten here. The issue of reformation never came up in Kanene’s release. A Lungu promised Kanene freedom if only he (Kanene) could sing him (a Lungu) recordable praises. Kanene shook a Lungu’s hands and said, “done deal!” This brings EL’s judgement as president into disrepute. This is corruption at it’s best.
      Moreover, Kanene is a victim of the president and his ambassador Mwamba. They took advantage of Kanene’s talent and vulnerability as…

  9. John Mwendapole is exhibiting serious ignorance. What is his background? He is not competent to be a Secretary General.

    • Mwendapole is just another tribal monkey supporting wako-ni-wako regardless of the stoopidity of Lungu’s pardon of Kanene.

  10. As a Christian, I think some of our fellow believers have limited reasoning. God’s people perish due to lack of Knowledge. Reverend Mwandapole should go sit some where and reflect about the nonsense that general kanene has unleashed in the last five days.

  11. Because our hopeless NGOs are ideally political parties, they can’t engage in counselling or constructive criticisms. It is an opportunity to bash the president. It’s the gotcha culture.

  12. I think pardoned prisoners must be subjected to some form of restriction/observation/supervision till society is satisfied they really reformed. Political interference is the root cause of the problems we’re seeing.

  13. Dear Rev

    When General Kanene was in prison, he composed compelling ditties to guide others.

    However when he got home, he battered his ‘concubine’ over an apparent confused and contorted issue of immorality.

    Looks like he does better behind bars. He contributes in a more meaningful way to society. But yes…spiritual guidance and parole officer monitoring of pardoned criminals is always advisable. But it looks like we are trying to shut the stable doors after the horse has bolted!

    We do feel sorry for his predicament but he made his choices…..and he is an adult, we can’t provide him an enabled environment to continue with his bad choices.

    • I agree that “.we can’t provide him an enabled environment to continue with his bad choices…”, but H.E. Humble, Intelligent and Visionary Lungu has provided him with that “enabling environment”.

      What a bunch of degenerate pillocks!!!

  14. Whoever made you Rev is a foo.l. This issue became political the moment he was pardoned after spending like what, two days in jail? This is a criminal out in society. First beating his wife, next it will be a fight with a neighbour followed by other criminal behaviour. Send him back to jail where all criminals belong.

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