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Sylvia Masebo arrested

Headlines Sylvia Masebo arrested

Tourism and Arts Minister Sylvia Masebo
Former Tourism and Arts Minister Sylvia Masebo
The Anti Corruption Commission of Zambia has today arrested Chongwe Member of Parliament Sylvia Masebo for abuse of office authority.

Mrs Masebo was arrested today after she was questioned by ACC officers for more than two hours.

The arrest is in connection with the ?cancellation of a tender for hunting ?concessions when she served as Tourism and Arts Minister.

The Chongwe MP was also arrested for the alleged abuse of abuse during her time as Minister.

She was due for questioning on Wednesday but she asked to be excused ?because she was moving a motion in Parliament on the carrying of firearms

And addressing Journalists after she was arrested, Mrs Masebo said her arrest is part of President Edgar Lungu’s plans to silence all his perceived political enemies.

She has since been released on bond.

She is expected to appear in court on 30th July 2015.


  1. That’s it bloggers; Masebo arrested but bonded fast/fast and that’s the last we shall here about it. We have become a laughing stock indeed and if what Nawakwi has revealed about Indeni fuel Depot is anything to go-by.

    Lungu and his team have failed lamentably. Let’s boot them out next year otherwise, Zambia as a wealth country will go to the Dogs and/or the Dogs will come to Zambia…

    • Nawakwi has yet explained the Ari Ben-Menashe saga, but the again who does she owe an explanation. Zed for you

    • Leave Lungu out of this drama………Masebo was found to have abused her authority by the tribunal which was set by SATA and thats why she was fired from her ministerial position.

    • Sometimes it’s just best to look at the merits of the case rather than politicize everything and anything.

      Masebo should just fight it out in court than involve Lungu.

      It’s putting politics to everything that has caused this country so dearly

    • You are right Nkompe sinyenga. PF should be booted out by Zambians who reason properly, These guys are a let down to mankind.

  2. it’s RB who is Engineering this. Remember Masebo was not in good boots with Ruphia Banda in 2011. She left MMD and joined MR SATA’S
    PF which later formed Government and MR SATA Appointed her Minister. Again she did not support this called Lungu to be President of this Country, she endorsed HH as her favourite Candidate in those Presidential Bye elections. So this fix is from both RB and your ECL.

    • Zambian politics of comedy! This one calls that one bitter yet bitterness is all around, pot being more black than the kettle, hippo is worst than the crocodile, camp determines extent of corruption, praise singing even of the indefensible attracts rewards, prosecution and persecution selectivity, equality before the law is suspect, one can go on and on! However get blinded in the obsolete One Zambia One Nation rhetoric resurrection when it had served its original purpose under those who initially coined it. Lead people to believe praying will move Zambia out of this quagmire!

      Masebo is being sacrificed for not choosing to grovel and now that the person she’d have probably embarrassed is no more the ACC have come out of slumber! Grab your popcorn show is about to begin! Masebo loses…

    • Haaa … You are surprised when you voted RB incognito EL…. Zambians, even with the mediocre education doesn’t wake you people up

  3. Masebo said her arrest is part of President Edgar Lungu’s plans to silence all his perceived political enemies. Masebe what silencing you fo.ol? When you are guilty just go and answer the charges you are not immortal Kolwe.. why is it that every you are arrested as a politician you want to politicize the issues. Be reminded that you are not above the law CHIMBWI IWE

  4. What has this lady done this time around…Zambian political setup keeps getting pathetic! Why not just expelling someone if he/she’s not needed in the party unlike persecuting someone? I can no longer understand this.

  5. The question is, did you abuse your office or not?

    What if you are also using that accusation of Lungu persecuting percieved enemies syndrome to get some sympathy???

    Wait for the courts to determine your case and then make them comments as you see fit iwe

    • The cases which Dora Siliya Banda wako ni wako committed are more serious compared to those for Masebo. PF government be reasonable. The same will happen to you next year when you will be Voted out for gross mismanaging Zambia which was once rich under the late Levy Mwanawasa, the best President Zambia will ever have.

  6. I can`t wait to see an ACC that is going to act, arrest and charge even when the officer is still active in the govt.

    The trend in Zambia now is that you have to be out of office or talk bad about the rulling class for them (ACC) to see or find cases on people. SHAME. CHANGE.

  7. when Masebo was in good terms with the PF there was nothing of this kind. Now that they are in bad terms she has been arrested . What a worste of Government resourse.

  8. Sad development. I like Silvia, but there is this instability in her. She has had tiffs with the presidents since 1991. Maybe a self re examination can help.

    • All voters should ask themselves this question. Criminals are only seen when they leave the ruling party ka?

    • Beacause your immunity is removed when out of Government. Remember when SATA warned the ACC not to prosecute his ministers without his acknowledgement??? That ruling, though biased, still stands.

    • It shows that the party is corrupt. one is only prosecuted if he or she leave the party. Kambwili has not been prosecuted for stealing golf Coast land in Luanshya. Dora is now a darling for PF yet she was being prosecuted by the same PF.

  9. ZESCO, can you as a matter of urgency restore supply to all areas which were expecting power at 14, how come all the areas are still off.

    • This is a witch hunt which has RBs signature written all over it. This begs the question as to whether RB is running government in Zambia. Are these guys now saying that Sata was incompetent when he decided not to take this matter to the ACC? As a matter of principle Lungu was still minister in Sata’s government and could have influenced such a move. What has changed or hasn’t changed now?

    I am aware Masebo is not an angel, & is as Corrupt as 95% of P.F Government officials.
    We all know this compromised P.F, rubber stamp known as A.C.C, would throw out all it’s allegations if Masebo announces she’s defecting to P.F, & begins singing praise songs to the King of Jameson Whisky.
    DISBAND THIS USELESS CADRE GRAVY TRAIN!! It’s Not fit for purpose!!

  11. No one is a sacred cow.Law is applied to those that behave in a strange way and are corrupt .You stupid masebo !Galu iwe.prisoner.You have disappointed the people of this country.You have failed in your constituency.Hule iwe!

  12. RB Lungu is at work. Seleni abombeko. I bet Mumbi Phiri is enjoying this since she is also Masebo’s enemy. Lol.

  13. viva GBM and UPND.The Pf is trying by all means to bring war between the bembas and the tongas creating an impression that bembas and tongas can never work together.This is a very wrong impression ,we as tongas will work with the bembas cause we are all suffering.Viva Tongas and bembas working relationship.

  14. Sorry but i have no sympathy for this whore. she’s a political prostitute with no morals whatsoever. Surely time catches up with all of us.

  15. @ finshi,why are you seemingly trying to attack other people’s comments instead of putting out your opinions before us? What really ails you whenever you read contradictory sentiments? I would advice you to adopt some realism in the way you’ve opted to blog instead of faggotism! A word is enough for the wise,don’t provide anyone unnecessarily.take heed.

  16. Characteristics of Zambian governments: Crooks are only arrested when they no longer belong to the ruling party.
    Meaning there are a lot of crooks right now in cabinet.
    If we want to get them arrested for their crimes we have to change government.
    Lets do it next year.

  17. Whatever nonsense any politically inclined so called learned foolish Zambian is talking about, some not even related to the case at hand is bull********t. Only the court will have a final say, that is, if you
    believe in the independence of the Judiciary. Whether Masebo is
    innocent or guilty only the truth will set her free. Who is Masebo anyway? She is just one of us like Nawakwi.


  18. Released on bond. Disappointing! First thing she does is run her mouth off on His a Excellency.

    So…..let’s see….if we just stitched her lips together, it might work? No….she might start making signed language signals!

    Oh, darn, what to do with the problem that is Masebo! LT’s faux pas is actually more like an Fruedian Slip! We really just hope she’s arrested for ‘abuse of abuse’ in office!! Anything, rustle it up……quick!

  19. Abuse office, embezzle public resources, beat up women, molest children- your excuse??- this is politically motivated! Bogus dishonourable thieves!


  21. Leave Lungu alone. If he was behind this, the arrest would have taken place by the first week of his presidency. Ba lady ulemu weve palibe.

  22. ACC is an institute of oppression it is very clear only when you leave power the follow you. How come no Minister has ever been investigated for corruption.

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