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Charles Kakoma is not being candid enough in his response-Sunday Chanda

Columns Charles Kakoma is not being candid enough in his response-Sunday Chanda

Sunday Chanda
Sunday Chanda


Lusaka, Zambia, 29th July 2015 – We wish to deal with untruths and sheer propaganda contained in the response to our castigation by Mr. Charles Kakoma on behalf of United Party for National Development (UPND) and his leader Mr. Hakainde Hichilema. We wish to restate the fact that when His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu fell ill, he chose to be admitted at Maina Soko Hospital until the medical personal recommended for specialized treatment.

If UPND was sincere enough, they would agree that evacuation of citizens is not and has never been a preserve of the PF but has been availed to Zambians from different walks of life, including those outside Government. We do not however consider it a worthy cause to catalogue those Zambians who have been evacuated before and who are not PF members because we respect their privacy and do not take pleasure in other people’s health challenges as the case may be. It is in this spirit that PF sends its earnest prayers to newly appointed Secretary General Hon. Stephen Katuka and wish him the quickest recovery. As a matter of principle, PF will not drag Hon. Katuka’s misfortune as a subject for politicking in the manner Mr. Kakoma wishes to do.

PF in Opposition recognized the country’s general infrastructure deficit as it relates to key areas, including the health sector. Upon forming Government, PF has aggressively moved to invest in the country’s infrastructure, including roads, schools and hospitals. It seems only yesterday that the UPND leader castigated PF by insisting that citizens would not eat roads. Today we are proud to report that with the work done so far, citizens can move on good roads, and this includes Mr. Hichilema’s political program, including his investments which are also benefiting from these good roads, a fact they will never acknowledge.

To highlight a few, infrastructure development in the health sector over the past three (3) years has seen the construction of Health facilities in all of Zambia’s ten (10) Provinces, including construction of the new and refurbished Filter Clinic at UTH, which had remained in a deplorable state for years. PF is also on course with the Cancer Hospital and determined to ensure phase two (2) is completed so that phase three (3) can start which will see the Construction of Cancer Hospitals in Provinces. PF in Government will continue to make increased investment in healthcare, such as the construction of 650 health centres across the country.

PF in Government has been implementing the National Health Strategic Plan, 2011-2015, a broader vision about how the public and private sector can work together; a greater emphasis on providing and funding primary-care services; and strategies to ensure that all citizens, including the most impoverished, have reliable and accessible healthcare. PF has been candid enough to acknowledge that there are obstacles on the way and these must be overcome.

The investments into the country’s health sector such as the procurement of CT Scans at Livingstone, Ndola and Kitwe Central Hospitals, the cart laboratory at UTH valued at K6.3 million kwacha for diagnosis of patients with heart problems to decongest the waiting list that would have over 400 heart cases at UTH, among others, is sufficient proof of PF’s rethinking and restructuring of Zambia’s healthcare systems so that they are fit for purpose, making care available to a majority of their citizens, and improving health outcomes.

President Lungu and his PF administration understand that good health is both factor on the demand and supply side of development economics. This is because healthy individuals live longer lives and are more productive and contribute to national income, job creation, and economic development and growth. With this understanding comes hard political choices, as well as an acceptance by government that healthcare represents a critical investment in the country’s population and good for the nation.

Lastly, during The Assignment Programme on Muvi TV, where UPND’s “who is who” ganged up in vain against one President Lungu, Mr. Hichilema asked for 5 years to be able to do what he envisages to be Zambia’s development. We therefore wonder why Mr. Hichilema expects President Lungu to deliver in six (6) months what he wishes to do in 5 years. During the Assignment Programme on Muvi TV, Mr. Hichilema told the nation that he had a dummy budget starched somewhere under lock and key in some briefcase.

Apparently this hidden treasure is supposed to be the miracle budget for Zambia. It is this dummy budget they seek to implement if voted into office next year. The country has heard this before with late Chama Chakomboka who told Zambians that he knew where precious stones, including oil and gold where but kept it as a secret and sadly went with the concealed knowledge to his grave. Zambians also recall that UPND’s original tradition under the late Anderson Kambela Mazoka is to provide alternative and not dummy national budgets.

Mr. Mazoka and team had the intellectual depth to provide alternative budgets to those of late President Levy Mwanawasa’s government. Interestingly, UPND has now migrated from the era of alternative budgets under late Mazoka to that of dummy budgets under Mr. Hichilema. Zambians would have to be wary of what tax this dummy budget promises to do for mining houses reportedly financing UPND campaigns. This is considering that Zambia’s mining sector has been auctioned before for a song and under very reckless and selfish circumstances.

We also called on Mr. Hichilema’s philanthropic initiatives to become more visible as could have been expected by the patients he visited at UTH. Zambians could have also noted that it is in the best interest of UPND to kill the privatization story around its leader Mr. Hichilema. Zambians would be glad to put the matter to its finality if the UPND leader could answer the questions he intelligently avoided during the SABC interview and in making this demanding, we are not asking for too much.

If Mr. Kakoma believes his leader did justice to the matter, we challenge UPND with its financial muscle to air the SABC interview on both ZNBC and Muvi TV for Zambians to judge on their own. If they are not ready, the PF Media and Publicity Committee will be more than glad to air Mr. Hichilema’s interview for the benefit of Zambians.

Issued By: Sunday Chanda, Vice Chairperson, PF Media and Publicity Committee


  1. you sound like a mental patient. You want HH to replace government exoenditur which you are busy plundering? Sunday, please be real and grow up. If you saw infrastructural deficit, why do you have to demolish parts of UTH instead of just building new structures? Why is your government planning to destroy cabinet office when you could give it to a collage for offices etc and build new ones else where? I suppose your reasoning is dumb here! Grow up guys stop politicking like u are in opposition!

    • Why are you Mr Chanda beating about the bush. Tell us what you know about HH and his wealth. You have state machinery behind you for support. Tell us!!!! One thing for sure is HH will not tell us.


      Sunday Chanda please stop your verbal diarrhoea other wise LUNGU will trash you for damaging his reputation.

      There is nothing that a person can get out of your personal hate for HH because he refused to make you somebody in the party. Even Lungu has some how side lined you thats why you are trying hard to remain relevant to PF by attacking each and every positive move HH makes.

      Even lungu knows that there is absolutely nothing wrong with opposition leaders visiting public institutions to familiarise them selves with the challenges those institutions are facing so that they can provide checks and balance to the government and provide solutions.

      HH and his team are making you loose sleep thats why you always rant to please Lungu to find you a post…

    • Thank you Sunday Chanda for campaigning for HH and UPND using reverse psychology.

      Only a f00l thinks that Sunday is de-campaigning HH.

      Reverse psychology at play here!!!!!

      What ever Sunday says about HH, will just raise people’s interest in HH find out if his allegations against HH are true or not. If the people discover that is all hot air and usual PF lies, they will love HH even more .

      Love him hate him, HH is the only man to restore Zambia’s fortunes and give every Zambian an opportunity to succeed.

      Viva UPND and the HH team.

    • @Wanzelu?
      “HH is the ONLY man to develop Zambia!?…..??!
      There and then ends the story of HH’s hope of ever rising to power!
      Talk of ‘reverse psychology’!!!
      Any person who reads this sentence will automatically have a dislike for HH!! Even Cornellius Mweetwa, if he read such a statement would cringe in horror: “Does it mean ifwe bonse we are dummies for this $#??&%?” Rephrase your praise for HH, it is injurious to him.

    • D!ck heads like Davies Chama and Sunday Chanda should be nowhere near politics in a normal society.
      Sunday your rhetoric is not progressive nor developmental, as should be expected from ruling party officials.
      You are wasting time typing trivial matters when you should explaining your party of fuuls(PF) agenda or policies.
      For once Sunday and Davies you will need to start being relevant by addressing issues affecting society and how your party of fuuls (PF)is going to deliver its promises if any.
      You won’t fuul anyone but yourselves with these immature press statements you have resorted to sh!tting here.

  2. This Sunday Chanda is busy with ping pong, the economy is gone. Instead of spending time trying to revive it, he is typing

  3. I am sorry, but Sunday Chanda is being snobbish. I do not know whether or not he is a politician but if politically insane individuals like Chishimba Kambwili can tell him off, I wonder why he is elevating his opinions to this level of amateurishness. I read Kakoma’s arguments and were well reasoned out. What is there to defend about his call to invest more in UTH rather than flying people out of the country for treatment. It does not matter whether those being evacuated are PF or not but we have many Zambians deserving attention at UTH and the K500 million so far spent on by-elections plus the private kickbacks PF has earned from Barclays bank on Eurobond arrangement fees can do the magic. Do you understand these issues Chanda or you are deliberately kept in the dark by your sponsors?

  4. Kakoma and UPND are not happy with the good roads PF is doing cos in his former constituency in Zambezi he failed to do even a single road or a clinic.Seleni tubombeko !

    • @ Anayst

      I am not member of UPND and definitely my name is not Kakoma.

      Hawing said that, I am at loss to understand how anybody with functional brain can justify, never mind actively support this bunch of failed demagogues, tribalists and crooks which have hijacked the Country and are insisting to destroying the economy.

      How anybody can justify current situation in UTH and ZESCO, never-mind unemployment, rampant corruption, destitution and hunger when likes of this Chanda and his bosses are enjoying luxurious life paid by the sweat of tax-payers and constant borrowing which is puting future generations in to bondage?

      Mr. Chanda, you are a PILLOCK and anybody who is supporting you is a certified 1mbecile.

      Do a Country big favor, hang yourself!!!

    • What an ignorant analyst! It is the duty of GRZ to construct roads and clinics. It is NEVER the duty of MPs. GRZ, especially under the tribalist former president could not support development in opposition constituencies, especially in the three provinces of North-Western, Southern and Western (Barotseland).

  5. @4 Anayst (you mean Analyst)

    HH is not in government to build roads, schools, clinics,
    etc. Responsible tasks for HH is visit public institutions like UTH, colleges, schools, roads etc and highlight to government how poorly managed these isntitutions are, urge those in power to jack up and deliver proper services which Zambians deserve. If PF has workable strategies let it demonstrate it can solve these problems and take on board ideas offered free by HH. If PF is un able to manage the country Zambians will vote them out and give HH an opportunity to turn round the economy in Zambia for the benefit of all.




  7. Sunday Chanda find something better to tolk about your brain seem to be failing you, tell us how your Government intends to deal with the loadsheding, Economy of country, fuel increses and poor health facilities and how you want to defer the 2016 general elections.

  8. Seleni tubombeko na njala. muyenda wether you so desire or not. Its beyond you now. Your friends left mealie meal at K30, not long ago

  9. Sunday, we know you are trying hard to be noticed by the powers that be, but in my opinion, you are just confirming to all and sundry that you are ‘scopo less’. Better to keep quiet so that people do not confirm your stupidity. You are baffled why HH is asking for 5 years to develop the country and wonder why he expects ECL to do the same in 6 moths? When someone is treading a path using good policies and going in the right direction, it will show. Similarly, when someone is leading us to the ditch with their inconsistent policies, it will equally show even if it is 6 months. We have been living in this country for some time now and can tell that the path we are taking will lead us to perish. After all, this ties up very well with what someone repeatedly said about being vision less, no?

  10. Sunday Chanda, this is good! Charles Kakoma is a very dull Spokesperson. I ask the question: Why does UPND want to bury the privatization story so much?

    • Honestly is that all the corrupt PF kaponyas have on HH some 20 yrs later,

      ”…want to bury the privatization story …”

      Pleas, spare us the nausea, and take the man to court.

    • @ Kuli-bajane you are among the coconut heads on the boring privatization issue which is being yapped about blindly with no one offering solid proof of wrong doing! UPND does not want to bury the privatization story as there is nothing on their part to bury! However you and Sunday Chanda and those of your like mindedness have been challenged many times to provide proof of what you know so the law can play its role! Sunday Chanda is advised that since he is privileged to have government machinery on his beck and call let him use it to tell all that which HH is not telling us about the privatization saga. Francis Kaunda who was the boss of it all can be conscripted to assist with details. However if any lash back, Sunday Chanda should be ready to be man enough for any arising consequences!

  11. Zambian rich men are very suspicious and maybe its because they are crooks or bent rules to get rich…I have read Bill Gates and how he made his fortune…In Zambia, ask HH and how he made his money, the details are never told…ask him how much he got from privatization of public parastatals, he gets upset….I actually watched the SABC interview and it was very embarrassing for a man wishing to become President. I got a feeling he was hiding something from the general public.

  12. Ba Charles Kakoma was Hakainde’s classmate and no wonder he has kept him even when he has no value. Kakoma must grow up! Why is he scared of the privatization story? sUNDAY cHANDA, faka Pressure mudala!!

  13. Nice one Sunday! UPND has been dared to air the SABC interview, what are you saying? Politics are getting more and more interesting…Ka Sunday Kapilipili mwe…If you hate him, you hate him passionately…if you love him, you love him passionately…there is no place in between!!!

    Sunday should have also given a dead line failure to which PF must find a way to show it to Zambians….Ok ba UPND kaja ka interview, HH anaitaya!!

    • @Chishimba Wambwili

      Why didn’t they air the interview on ZNBC? Did HH protest that his SABC interview should not be aired? BIG NO.

      Now ask Lungu and his PF conterparts where they got millions from in just very short time? These are stealing Zambian people’s money from the government in broad day light.

      On the contrary HH got his from working for a respected international organisation in the private sector which was engaged by MMD government to carry out privatisation process with Sata and the entire MMD’s blessing. HH’s company told the government the fees it charges for undertaking such a task. There fore it is was upto MMD government to sign or not sign the contract.

      HH’s role was to provide an honest evaluation of failing parastatal companies and let MMD decide what…

  14. @ Patrick, Its understandable because at the time that was happening, you had not been born…you were busy scratching some niggar’s scrotum…you wish you had popped out earlier!

    • nosiku Moma!,
      can you then tell us why HH is not being arrested ? is this because there is no accountability in this PF GRZ ? or is it because they investigative wings have tried and found the man done nothing wrong..

    • @ Patrick it all has to do with simple way of thinking among some sectors of Zambian society. I can tell you from experience my encounters with Zambian technocrats when there are serious negotiations over some investments or other. I have been in employment for fifteen years with an international organization my experience has been when Zambians are engaged in negotiations they want to believe that I should be negotiating on their behalf or tipping them off once it is established I am Zambian they forget that I have my employers’ interests to safeguard. Thus without offering any tangible facts on HH and his wealth they will keep repeating their accusations like a broken vinyl record! Its all hate and envy for lack of acumen to build their own riches.

  15. HH and UPND should dare the ACC and all investigative wings to arrest HH,
    On PF , can we have audits of how we are $6 Billion in the red and where the money was used ??? PF dont want to hear about this, they are all corrupt. That is why EL and his ministers do nothing about allegations of massive corruption, they are afraid of spilling the beans. The casualty is accountability. even the Indeni saga of contaminated fuels will not be investigated in case lower officers reveal all the plunder to the nation.

  16. I have heard about this SABC interview of HH. Can someone please find a way of airing it on ZNBC so that we can all have the opportunity to evaluate it for ourselves?

    • @Maikalange

      PF is afraid to air that interview. Otherwise they would air an edited version to suit their political agenda.

      HH gave all the answers about how he made his money. But asking him how much he is worth was a bit too to rich. Even Lungu the PF leader would not answer that question.

      Its just that PF numbskulls like Sunday Chanda think by banging on the privatisation issue which has now bored the people to death will destroy HH ‘s political fortunes. They are just kidding themselves but instead they making HH stay on people ‘s minds and make him even more popular.

      Sata and his entire PF was challenged to prosecute HH on privatisation if indeed they had any proof . The whole late PF president failed. So what can a ka beggar like Sunday Chanda do.

      Viva UPND and HH…


  18. The earlier UPND admitted that Sunday is better than your spokesperson,the better. Please give us the SABC interview….Umulandu taubola! Let HH explain his metamorphosis, from rags to riches…from a train to an aeroplane…We want to know so that naise tilemeleko!

  19. Sunday, aren’t you becoming too monotonous? You have become so boring. May be KISS will help you!

  20. Sunday Chanda, you have really touched a raw nerve here. This is judging by how the UPND cadres have come out from their holes with knives aimed at you. But you have really made me burst out laughing with your comparison between HH’s claim that he has a dummy budget hidden in a briefcase somewhere and late Chamachakomboka’s claim that he knew where the country’s precious stones, gold, diamonds and oil were. Surely, the UPND national budget should be made public. We are not talking about witchcraft here!!!

    • zedoch
      Not all of us are UPND supporters but we are critics of this corrupt GRZ who can not formulate or follow national policy.
      And all we are seeing on HH is same privatisation story from more than 20yrs ago, pleas PF corrupt supporters, go and dig something other than this story about HH. If that is all you have on him, we are beginning to see that the man is good and is serious presidential material a real alternative to this corruption pledged gang, no blemishes on him other then the ”privatisation illusion”

  21. Kwa Malende, when you look at the rich pick list in Zambia, HH is not even in the top 5. Ask others how they got rich and do it nicely while you are at it. Do not demand like you are entitled to know. After all, you are the one who is poor. May be if you go down on your knees and beg, these gentlemen may, perhaps let slip one or two secrets on how they made it to the top of the money lead wagons.

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