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Sylvia Masebo says she is ready to go to Prison, she has served Zambia diligently

General News Sylvia Masebo says she is ready to go to Prison, she...

Chongwe Member of Parliament Sylvia Masebo
Chongwe Member of Parliament Sylvia Masebo

I AM ready to go to prison because prisons are meant for human beings, Chongwe member of Parliament Sylvia Masebo has said.

Speaking when she addressed journalists after her case in which she is charged with abuse of authority of office failed to take off Ms Masebo said she served the Government diligently and for the good of the people when she was Minister of Tourism and Arts.

“I want to say that prisons are for human beings, so I am ready for anything; my conscince is very clear. I have served this country diligently for the good of the Government, for the good of the people of Zambia.

“I have never been corrupt, I have never stolen from anybody and as a child of God, I leave everything in the hands of God,” Ms Masebo, who was flanked by Sinda member of Parliament Levy Ngoma, said.

Ms Masebo, who was besieged by scores of UPND sympathisers, said she expected her prosecution because she was tipped in February that officers from the Anti-Corruption Commission were investigating her. She said her prosecution was politically-motivated after she campaigned for UPND president Hakainde Hichilema in the January 2015 presidential election.

“I am the same today as I was yesterday. I am not intimidated, I will remain strong, but I want to say one thing. This is a country where people who stand for the truth… people who are straight-forward are brought to court. Criminals who are plundering the resources are walking freely in the streets of Zambia.

“I am not surprised; I expected it, in fact, as early as February. I was told that the Anti-Corruption commission was after me after campaigning for HH. All I can say is that everything has time. Every dog has its day for sure. So, this is their day, but our day will come,” she said.

Ms Masebo appealed to people to vote the Patriotic Front out of Government in next year’s general elections. She said the people should stand up and fight injustice in the country through the ballot, adding that they have another chance next year.

“Come next year, you know what to do; I hope that come 2016, Zambia will be a better country for the people of Zambia. Our institutions will not be raped by those that have the power.

Our men and women, our professionals, can work with pride not where they are told what to do and how to do it.”

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  1. Oh ok… Will you help men and women vote out PF.? From where am standing there’s no party that can beat PF till maybe 2021… So dream on…ma’am

    • Worse off, people think Siliya is brainy but from Miss or Mrs Masebo experience, Dora is heading in that direction. All these women are allowed to finish themselves while the top Goons are watching, sad indeed.

  2. This Woman is such a disgrace to Zambian politics and its so hard to trust political prostitutes like her. If I may ask want has she really done that is very important to us Zambians today in her political life ? Without late president Sata’ this Woman can’t even be in parliament today coz we know she lost her seat in general election. Shut the front door lady and just face your corruption case quietly.

  3. The ballot can not, and I say can not, cleanse our country from corruption. We cant afford to fold our arms, watch and wait for five years or until one joins the opposition to free ourselves from corrupt politicians. The institutions should be strengthened to investigate and fight corruption there and then. We are responsible for deterred development in our beloved Zambia.

  4. Masebo mwakapitamo from ZRP,MMD,PF and now UPND awe mayo take it easy you are too proud mam,your hate for edgar was extraodnary hence al this plz dont waffle too much otherwise the same pipo ur talking against may still be in power until 2021 and they wil inflict more pain on you and by 2021 you would have been finished both politicaly and beauty

  5. Another fine example of the consequences when a self-interested questionable inadequate individual worms her way into power. The law should make an example of this disgrace of a woman and put her away for a long time. Am sure she won’t mind since she’s ready to go to prison.

    How can she even claim this case is politically motivated when a tribunal found her with a case to answer last year? The truth is she thought if she backed HH in the January Presidential elections and he won, he would forget about the tribunals findings.

  6. leave this woman alone there are lot of crimninars who are walking freely in Lusaka all the minister has cases wait upnd wins next year there will be arrested.

  7. Clearly she’s been reading Joan of Arc’s story!

    You are not a martyr Silvia Masebo. It’s us the citizens who will go up in flames if politicians of violence are allowed to remain mainstream.

    A little chilling out time in jail will do all of us, including yourself some good.

    Please have a very nice rest (if you do go down) and rethink your mouths emissions.

  8. Just go in Silvia Edgar will pardon you on independence day, and you will again shift your support to Pf.

  9. the lady is simply a hardworker.we know some ministers who never owned a bicycle,but today they’re multi millioniers.dont worry baby girl prison is the home of saints.

  10. “Every dog has its day; so this is their day,” so says Sylvia. They are the dogs and she is the human being. Iye ba Sylvia. Uluse ku kabwa.

  11. Oh please Sylvia gives a break. You just ain’t that important.
    Child of God? really or is this the new rebranded Sylvia not the one from campus???

  12. You cannot compare Sylvia Masebo to Kaizer Zulu, who is so corrupt , but still keep him in the state house, despite what he has been doing, walking freely.

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