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Veep challenges opposition insinuating corruption in PF Government

General News Veep challenges opposition insinuating corruption in PF Government

Vice President Inonge Wina Showing PF candidate Anthony Kasandwe to the people of Katanshya Ward in Bangweulu Constituency in Samfya during the campaign rally
Vice President Inonge Wina Showing PF candidate Anthony Kasandwe to the people of Katanshya Ward in Bangweulu Constituency in Samfya during the campaign rally

Vice President Inonge Wina has challenged the opposition political parties in the country alleging that there is corruption under the leadership of President Lungu and his government to bring forward evidence for possible prosecution.

The Vice President challenged the opposition political party leaders at a public rally held at Kasomabangweulu Primary School in Bangweulu Constituency in Samfya District.

Ms. Wina said there has been a lot of negative media reports on corruption in government which had no basis due to lack of evidence.

She said if anyone has evidence, they should report the matter to the police and the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) for possible prosecution.

Ms Wina said such negative reports only scare away investors who should partner with government to develop the country.

She called for a stop to the practice because it is detrimental to the developmental agenda of Zambia.

The Vice President warned that the singers of alleged high levels of corruption in government should first check themselves because it might be themselves who were corrupt and thought everybody was like them.

Ms. Wina said there is no corruption in the way the PF is running government and President Lungu is a clean person who will not tolerate corruption in his government.

She appealed to opposition political leaders to tell the people the truth in their campaign messages because misinformation is a recipe for underdevelopment for a country like Zambia.

The Vice President reminded the people that government will take development to every part of the country because resources for development were public funds and should be used to develop the country.

And speaking earlier, Patriotic Front Deputy Secretary General Mumbi Phiri said President Lungu was not tribal because there is only one Cabinet Minister from Eastern Province in his Cabinet, John Phiri.

She said other ministers are from other provinces among which four are from Luapula namely; Emerine Kabanshi at Community Development, Davies Mwila at Home Affairs, Harry Kalaba at Foreign Affairs and Yamfwa Mukanga at Works and Supply.

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  1. “One minister from the east?” This is a misleading statement, what about Vincent Mwale and Margaret Mhango?

    • The ACC and Police Force are organs of PF that protect the PFoolish culprits. Madam Wina what has the $25m payment for KKIA project done despite being made three years ago? This year another $108m was drawn from Exim Bank of China. Yet, there’s not a single new trench or brick at KKIA. Where has the money gone? What are you doing about it?

    • I have evidence, Maddam Veep, Silvia Masebo is defending herself in court, Dora Siliya’ cases are not closed yet

  2. Mulenga sata one of the richest pipo = corruption
    Airport $25 M missing = corruption
    $113 M overcharge of oil = corruption
    Kambwilli stealing council land = corruption
    willi nsanda found with billions at his house = corruption.
    Building zambian roads the most expensive in the world = corruption
    citizens empowerment loans taken up by wealthy PF pipo = corruption

    Madam the list goes on, and the burden to provide proof is not on the citizens, tell ACC to investigate or tell someone from PF to comment on these allegation. When you keep quiet it insinuates guilt.

    • @ patrick

      It will be enlightening if VP can clarify why GRZ and particularly AG Chambers are NOT complying with mandatory provisions of UN Convention Against Corruption (2003) which was ratified way back in 2007?
      Maybe she is afraid that there will no be suitable candidates in PF to fill Ministerial Positions?

    • Imwe Ba Koswe…u are the ones she is referring to….go report ku ACC with all u evidence…and not feed us with hearsay and stupidity without evident!! Go provide ur list of alleged corruption ku ACC….if u failing to progress, change ur strategies ba Koswe…and mislead pipo ati corruption

  3. Madam Wina is just a wooly brained old woman. She is the only senior PFool who is not stealing and she believes that the others are just as clean as her!

  4. Zambians need to be serious about what they report , we need serious minds with proper evidence . Don’t just talk prove it people want such kind of reporting or else just shut up

    • I do have evidence. But, if I bring that evidence to the Court, I will be arrested because in possession of Government documents.

      It is shameful fact of life that AG Chambers spends million of Kwacha protecting the INSTITUTIONALIZED CORRUPTION.

  5. Obama addressing the Kenyans on corruption said Africans don’t question when their leaders and their relatives all of a sudden acquire wealth i.e. start driving big cars which they never had before being elected

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