Outgoing Swedish Ambassador to Zambia, Lena Nordstrom has reiterated her country’s continued support towards the agriculture sector.

Ms Nordstrom said the agriculture sector is one important area that the embassy will continue supporting as it is a catalyst to job creation in the country.

She said this during her farewell cocktail organised by the Zambia National farmers Union (ZNFU), Indaba Agricultural Policy Research Institute (IAPRI) and MUSIKA Limited.

Ms Nordstrom also thanked the Zambian government and other stakeholders for the good support rendered to her during her tenure in the country.

And speaking earlier, ZNFU President Evelyn Nguleka said her organisation has worked closely with the outgoing Ambassador and her efforts in boosting the agricultural sector greatly benefited the farmers especially women.

And IAPRI was represented by Finance and Administration Director Bruno Mweemba while MUSIKA was represented by the Managing Director Reuben Banda.

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  1. I buy sliced and sun-dried mangoes, pineapples, bananas, etc… from super markets here in UK i.e. TESCO, Sansbury, Morrison, Lidl, concer grocery stores etc. Nicely packaged in small transparent packs the size of a mans fist, retail price about £2 each. In small print on each of them is written “Processed and packaged in Tanzania, or in Kenya, or in South Africa etc..” with a FairTrade logo them. I think of jobs they’ve created back at source in those Countries, and the positive knock-on effect.
    But no Zambia appears. So we are missing out big time. And I ask myself why oh why is my Country Zambia so invisible in this? Why are we failing? It is NOT due to initial capital because Countries like Sweden, Japan etc… have been waiting with a plate of cash each, for us to …


    • Cont’d …. to approach them. So what is it? Answer:- PLAN.

      To Fail To Plan Is To Plan To Fail.



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