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Emmanuel Mwamba breaks his silence on Kasama seat as he takes up SA diplomatic post

General News Emmanuel Mwamba breaks his silence on Kasama seat as he takes up...

Emmanuel Mwamba with Chief Chitimukulu
Emmanuel Mwamba with Chief Chitimukulu

Incoming Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa Emmanuel Mwamba has revealed that he will finally take up his diplomatic posting in Pretoria this week.

In a detailed posting on his Facebook page, Mr Mwamba has also disclosed that he will not be in the running for the Kasama Central parliamentary seat.

He said after wide consultation, he has chosen to honour the appointment by President Edgar Lungu and carry out his diplomatic duties as expected with due diligence and commitment.

Below is Mr Mwamba’s posting.

Shortly after the January 2015 Presidential By-Election, President Edgar Lungu appointed me as Zambia’s High Commissioner to Malaysia.

I promptly accepted my appointment and proceeded to start a 5-week Diplomatic Course.

Many colleagues, some senior members of the party and ministers, and many of our supporters and well-wishers called me to express disquiet proposing that I go back to President Lungu and attempt to persuade him that I be given a local position because they felt that I was probably more useful in the country.

My views were however consistent. “All appointments come from God. It is God who appoints, promotes, and establishes us”.

I insisted that President Edgar Lungu was gracious enough to choose me among many deserving colleagues, patriots and many hard working workers of the party to afford me this opportunity and it was wise that I promptly accepted and took up the position as given”.

For I am frequently guided by Jeremiah 29:11 which reads: “For I know the plans I have for you, plans NOT to harm you, but to prosper you and to give you hope and a future”

Later the PF Media, Publicity Strategic Committee an adhoc committee of the Campaign Committee, to which I was Chairperson conducted a post-mortem and review of the January 2015 Presidential By-Election.

We produced and submitted a Report to President Edgar Lungu. When we presented this Report, President Edgar Lungu used the opportunity to inform us that he had caused a transfer.

He stated that I was now to head Zambia’s Mission in South Africa.

I thanked him for the honour and trust he had shown in me and in my capability to undertake such a senior assignment.

Because of this transfer (from Malaysia to South Africa) and many other factors that have been beyond my control, the time and period to take up my appointment was delayed.

Unfortunately and because of this I was a subject of numerous speculations and malicious innuendoes by online media and social media blogs.

Despite being privy to exact and correct information about my delay, I chose to remain quiet and suffered the humiliating but false reports.


When Former Minister of Defence and Kasama Central Member of Parliament Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba (GBM) opted to render support to the UPND and its leader Hakainde Hichilema, in the Presidential By-Election, many residents there began to call for my name as his suitable replacement.

My name joined the list of other possible aspirants, in Kelvin Sampa (Child Rights activist and businessman), Gabriel Kaunda (former PS), Frederick Chisanga (former PF Provincial Chairperson and Diplomat in China).

Many remembered the work i did, the development initiatives I pushed hard and the open access I gave my office to ordinary people…many said they wanted a leadership that was focused on development, employment creation and empowerment and not hand-outs and donations.

They remembered the issues I used to raise constantly in the media especially on Radio Mano for a University, township roads, water and sanitation, a General Hospital and health centres, issues related to agriculture a developed Kasama City with a shopping mall.

At this stage I informed and shared my aspirations with President Edgar Lungu. My reflections were that GBM would attempt lock the seat in the courts of law until probably 2016.

I told myself that I would take my appointment in South Africa and come and consider running for the seat whenever it was declared vacant.

However, the seat has suddenly become vacant following the decision by GBM to accept the position of Vice-President (Administration) in the UPND.

Following this development the seat became vacant probably faster than we had all anticipated.

I had to make a very hard and difficult decision.

I have spoken to Paramount Chief Chitimukulu Kanyanta Manga II, various members of the party and senior officials and colleagues.

After wide consultation, I have chosen to honour the appointment given to me by President Edgar Lungu and carry out my duties as expected with due diligence and commitment as I have displayed in the past, when I have been given such an opportunity.

I also pledge to support which ever candidate the party will choose to be our candidate for Kasama Central.

I urge such a candidate that the party will give an opportunity to represent us to take up the serious development issues and needs affecting Kasama Central and the country.

This week, I am expected to take up office in Pretoria as Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa and begin another journey.

South Africa nationals, corporate and business entities have invested heavily in our economy.
I hope to organise this important community to help with whatever challenges they face. I also hope to lobby and encourage new investments from South Africa in our country.

I also hope to work and help coordinate with members of the Zambian community in South Africa who have made the strategic decision to settle, work and study in South Africa.

Amb. Emmanuel Mwamba

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  1. Mr Mwamba you are a weapon and an asset to the party. Go well but come back next year in September we need your input once more. Emmanuel Mwamba the true Bemba warrior.

  2. It’s all about me every bloody single day. Mwamba chakuti, Mwamba ninebo. Eeh fade up of this empty dimwit. Lucky Lungu is not Sata with principles. This dimwit would’ve been fired long time ago. Wasting space and oxygen for real.

    • i dislike this clown even more,what kind of public servant spends most of his time on FB ?? and you have hit the nail on it’s head,this ***** would have been fired a long time ago by the late MCS.let him go and earn his salary for once.we wake up daily and spend less than 1hr on FB per day and get way less than this clown.Bombeni nomba ba Mwamba,you have not been adopted and now you are busy propagating lies all over the place.


  4. Mr Mwamba you have realised that you wont make it for the KASAMA seat. You really wanted the KASAMA seat to the extent that you started malisiuosly damaging the name and reputation of Kelvin Sampa. God has shown you that you cant win fame by destroying other people’s names. may you die in South Africa.
    Zambia Reports your propaganda news site has not done you justice despite you spending a lot of money to bribe them.

  5. Mwamba you are a very hard working man, go and continue working even harder in SA and come back next year to contest in Kasama central and i will also try to apply for Malole constituency coz ba YARUMA ku waya wayafye he is not doing much especially in chambeshi area where i come from. keep it up big bro.

  6. Whilst I support current opposition to PF administration Emmanuel Mwamba is a weapon I would want on my side and not against me. Admittedly a hard worker with an open door policy.

  7. The truth is that you have done very well to honour ECL’s appointment my brother. @016 is very close and this will give you an opportunity to reposition yourself for higher positions. God is great and God’s time is the best. Go well and you must be a good ambassador out there.


  9. I am anti PF because I have less money in my pocket despite the promise that I would have more but I think Emmanuel Mwamba worked so hard in his assignments in various provinces as PS. He was very visible, energetic and very compassionate and involved in everything. He demonstrated a lot of leadership, I must say. Strangely, I have never liked the guy but to be fair, he did push in some development work that was very visible. He was also not discriminatory, a versatile guy fitting in eveywhere

  10. Surely why should he reveal all this information? The information or rumours we have been getting that he refused to take up those position are true. At least this is coming from his mouth.

    This is also an indication that he has control over Egar Lungu. The revelation he has made is so worrying about the weaknesses of Lungu. Surely you appoint some one and he comes to you and say no, no there are important issues I should handle in the country than outside the country?

  11. Why does this Bemba chief look like General Olusegun Obasanjo of Nigeria? And Sata himself looked like Ukwa, an Igbo from Eastern Nigeria. Maybe there is a link between Bembas and Nigerians because look at the cunning semblance between Nkandu Luo and kaNgozi Okonjo-Iweala? Apuu, kusabizezwa kwa mileko lipombwe zateni za swabisa.

  12. Two people looked outside through the same window. One saw mud and the other saw the clouds. Those that saw bad in you have their own reasons and ECL who saw”GOOD” in you is one man who understands that no man is perfect. Go to SA and prove them critics wrong.

  13. Our country needs to get back to principles. This man is supposed to be a civil servant, and no etiquette in his support for PF. Even if we know your inclination, begin to behave as is expected of the office. Why is our President allowing all this nonsense? Anyway, let me leave it there.

  14. After dilidarling at last waya.
    Any way you have shown Lungu & pf followers that you are a boss on your own.
    You are untouchable & that Lungu ows you something which you wanted to spew or spill but have decided to hold your breath.

  15. The gentleman was calculative and probably already knew the gains of sticking in the country than in some distant assigned posting. As an MP and say in “good” books with Edgar Lungu, Mwamba could have raised easily chances of landing a ministerial appointment. Now as it is seriously if the administration system was working in Zambian governance, Emmanuel Mwamba as ambassador is supposed to be reporting to PS Foreign Affairs. Take a minute to think it over, isn’t this ambassador position a veiled demotion? Maybe Lungu saw the dangers of keeping “hard working and ambitious” Mwamba around as a threat of some sort. Anyway we can all speculate on ECL and EM but as a duck glides gracefully on the pond in view of our eyes, only it knows how busy its legs are paddling under the water surface.

  16. Why are you explaining too much? You really overate your self. It seems he was reliably informed that he cant get it period. Actually the President is just assisting you get some job. YOU DON’T DESERVE IT!!

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