Ex-KK 11 striker Simon Kaodi Kaushi has advised FAZ to look for a coach who understands Zambian football as they search for a new Chipolopolo trainer.

FAZ has announced that it has short-listed five coaches for the position of national team coach.

The national team has never had a permanent coach since the departure of Herve Renard late in 2013.

In an interview in Kitwe, Kaushi, a 1974 Africa Cup star, said the nationality of a coach should not be a factor as FAZ hunts for a trainer.

“Let’s look for a quality coach who understands our game.The colour or race of a coach does not matter,” the ex-Kitwe United and Mufulira Blackpool forward said.

Kaushi said the coach to be engaged must be able to revive the dwindling performance of the national team.

“We want a coach who will help to improve the performance of our team. As you know we are not doing well these days such that we are even struggling to beat Namibia,” he said.

Kaushi added:”The next coach should be independent, choose players for himself and take responsibility.”

FAZ is expected to hire the new Chipolopolo coach before September.

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  1. I was very young. I could listen to a 2band ITT radio Dennis Liwewe exclaiming names;

    1. Simon Kaushi Kaodi ( Mufulira Black Pool
    2. Godfrey Chitalu ( Kabwe warriors
    3. Alex Chola ( Power Dynamos)
    4. Kapela Katumba ( Green Bufaloes
    5. Francis Kajiya Green Bufaloes
    6. Ashious Melu ( Mufuliira wnaderers
    7. Willie Phiri ( Nchanga Rangers)
    8. James Njengela ( Rhokama Utd)
    9. Bernad Chanda ( Rhokana Utd
    10. Brighton Sinyangwe ( Rhokana Utd
    11. Emmauel Mwape ( Rhokana Utd
    12. Peter Kaumba ( Power Dynamos
    13. Edwin Kanyanta ( Power Dynamos
    14. Wisdom Chansa ( Power Dynamos
    15. Staford Muntalama ( Power Dynamos
    16. Kaiser Kalamo ( Ndola United
    17. Moses Simwala ( Rhokana Utd
    18. Jerico Shinde ( Rhokana Utd
    19.Jack Chanda ( Green…


    • So was I … aged 12yrs in rural area of Chaanga. 2 mega wt radio shaking. Those were good matches to be remembered 🙂


    • You forgot:

      Dickson Makwaza
      Dic Chama
      The Nkole brothers
      Bonface Simutowe
      Edward Musonda
      Peter Mhango
      Richard Stevenson
      Jan Simulambo
      Peter Tembo
      Robertson Zulu
      Ement Kapengwe
      Freddy Mwila
      Philip Musonda


  2. Please FAZ make an annual REUNION of past footballers so that we can see them. Something like ANNUAL BALL!


    • Sounds a good idea. At least it can provide that rare opportunity where we can see in person those that charmed us back in the days and how they doing today.Beyond that it would also be a chance for them to say something they feel can be done to better the present status quo, if FAZ can have listening ears that is.


    • We can’t excel in anything because we are not serious.Firstly we can’t train our athletics without an endurance centre?Then we don’t have qualified athletics trainers.
      Just look at the performance of our netballers.They had over 10 months of preparations.They met Uganda in a tournament in South Africa just last month but look at how they were massacred 78-35.How can you describe this?
      How can you explain the excellent performance of Athletes from Botswana with a population of only 2 million?


  3. Hey, ANYONE know the short-listed names for coach? c’mon, no single-sourced coaches anymore unless FAZ will use THEIR own money…let the cat out of the bag…someone tell us 🙂



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