Rabies has broken out in Monze district leaving about eight people infected.

District Veterinary Officer Alex Hachangu told ZANIS in an interview today that the disease has broken out in Njola, Kayuni and Chisekese areas.

Dr Hachangu added that the eight people who were bitten by the rabid dogs have since received treatment.

“We first received reports of people bitten by a suspected rabid dog last month and we took blood samples for tests to Mazabuka where the results were positive for rabies,” said Dr. Hachangu.

“ I can also confirm that no death has been recorded as those who were infected were given rabies post exposure prophylaxis,” he added.

Dr Hachangu said the Department of Veterinary has since requested for K32,000 from government to vaccinate 2, 247dogs in the entire district in a bid to curb the spread of the disease.

Dr Hachangu further said the vaccination exercise will target areas such Njola, Kayuni and Chisekese where the rabid dogs has been reported.

“We intend to carry out massive dog vaccination against rabies in the district once government gives us funds especially in areas such as Njola, Chikuni, and Chisekese where we have received reports of suspected rabid dogs,” Dr Hachangu said.

Dr Hachangu further advised dog owners to keep dogs in their yards even when they are vaccinated adding that any dog found roaming the street during the vaccinations will be killed so as to keep the lives of people safe.

Meanwhile, Dr Hachangu said 10,000 herds of cattle have been vaccinated against Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) since the exercise started last month.

He said the department is expected to vaccinate more than 10,000 cattle during the exercise following the release of K132, 000 and more vaccines from government.

Monze District has a cattle population of more than 140,000 and mostly owned by small scale farmers.

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  1. I am sure it’s already in monze town. There are too many dogs roaming around especially Showgrounds area. Please do something about. Or we shall start killing them



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