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Bangweulu victory confirms PF as Zambia’s Party of Choice-Sunday Chanda

General News Bangweulu victory confirms PF as Zambia's Party of Choice-Sunday Chanda

PF candidate Anthony Kasandwe celebrates after successfully filing nominations as aspiring candidate for Bangweulu constituency, in Samfya. Celebrating with him is Home affairs Minister Davis Mwila and Community Development minister EmerineKabanshi.
PF candidate Anthony Kasandwe celebrates after successfully filing nominations as aspiring candidate for Bangweulu constituency, in Samfya. Celebrating with him is Home affairs Minister Davis Mwila and Community Development minister Emerine Kabanshi.


Lusaka, Zambia, 7th August 2015 – The Bangweulu victory is yet another endorsement of the Patriotic Front (PF) and His Excellency Mr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu, President of the Republic of Zambia to continue running the affairs of the nation.

It is not coincidence that PF has registered seven (7) Parliamentary victories over the last seven months of President Lungu’s leadership. To crown it all, these victories have been registered in different regions of the country, to re-affirm PF’s national appeal.

While congratulating all players in the just-ended by-elections, it is important to dispel the notion that there is an improvement for the UPND. With FDD coming a distant second in Bangweulu beating UPND, which can never be an improvement by UPND. They lost by a margin of 9:1 same as in Petauke. They have lost by a margin of 8:1 in Chiba Ward.

There is justification for UPND’s jubilation over Bululu ward in Kasama Central considering the electoral dry-spell the party has been in over the past seven months. This is far from being an entry into PF’s strongholds because Chiba Ward in the same Kasama Central gives a totally different picture with a huge margin.

The results in Bululu Ward are too close to call and PF will turn the tide in that ward in 2016.This is the beauty of democracy that each competitor, including Rainbow and FDD, share in electoral spoils and should not come from the process empty handed. These electoral benefits must accrue to participants in the electoral process.

Lastly, PF is leaving no stone unturned in ensuring that we retain and expand on our electoral map. In this regard, PF does not take this victory for granted.

There is a clarion call for all members across the country to roll-up their sleeves and get to work, to explain to our people what our great party stands for and the works we are doing.

It is incumbent upon all the members to listen to the people’s concerns and ensure there is feedback because PF remains a listening Government. Even where there are challenges and obstacles, Zambians deserve to know that their Government, of the people and for the people, means well.

We have no doubt that Zambians in Kasama Central and Lubansenshi will resonate with our message of unity and transforming our country’s landscape for the better.

Issued by: Sunday Chanda, Vice Chairperson, PF Media and Publicity Committee


    • Dream on Sunday and your Pathetic Fellow! Rainball has won in Isoka, UPND in Kasama….as bad as the loss for UPND was in Bangweulu, they got over a 1000 votes compare that to 1700 UPND got in the entire Luapula in 2011. PF id going next year and Edgar will go down in history as a man that was President for only 18 months

    • These results don’t mean anything! PF can only win through manipulation. PF cadres were caught distributing huge sums of money and manipulating rural voters grading of roads just to win elections! Those gimmicks may work in a bye-election, but will PF manage to buy all the 5 million + registered voters and take graders to all the wards and constituencies of Zambia before the 2016 elections?

      The writing is on the wall, PF popularity is fast dropping in their so called strongholds – they just lost the Kasama and Isoka bye elections to UPND and Rainbow and are now resorting to intimidating opposition leaders.

  1. The winning and losing percentages should tell you a story that upnd is far from winning elections in the next 50years or more. Congrats Pf for the landslide wins.

    • sorry upnd can only produce a president 100 years from now elyo nao uyu president akaba mu Goba by tribe not tonga. Ba S.G Chama balicita prophesise akale.

  2. Nonsense ur talking about poverty what do you do to av food work hard instead of waiting for up and down party to come and change things the same way u waited fo PF, get out from slumba.

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