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Bishop Imakando challenges Christians to give generously

General News Bishop Imakando challenges Christians to give generously

Bread of Life Church Overseer Bishop Joe Imakando has challenged christians to be united and generously give to the church as such acts portray a strong faith in God.

Bishop Imakando says it is important for individuals to bless others because God has done so to them in various ways.

Bishop Imakando was speaking last evening when he officiated at the fundraising dinner for the Pilgrim Wesleyan Church at the Intercontinental Hotel in Lusaka.

The Church is seeking to raise K500,000.00 to construct a new headquarters in Lusaka which will all ministries as part of celebrations to mark its 85 years of existence.

Bishop Imakando challenged the Pilgrim Wesleyan Church that it did not have to wait for the 85th anniversary celebrations of the church but rather could have done this at the 50th anniversary to build the new structure.

Bishop Imakando further added that the church has been faithful in the past 85 years hence the need to remain united.

And Pilgrim Wesleyan Presiding Bishop Alfred Kalembo said the church is targeting to raise K500,000.00 to construct the offices adding that it will celebrate its 85th anniversary on 23 August 2015.

Bishop Kalembo said the church headquarters were in Choma at its birth but was relocated to Lusaka in 1995.

He said the new offices will house different ministries as part of celebrations marking 85 years of God’s faithfulness in ministry and service.


  1. why some people get so brain washed at the mention of the term….’God shall bless you when you give to church’…I fail to understand….

    • You miss the point; every single nation of the world turns on the wheels of philantropy or simply giving and receiving. Giving to God brings with it a supernatural dimension, which is an undeniable fact–whether you like it or not. Thank you

    • Molu…
      …its actually people like u I fail to understand…concocted with fear of the unknown and unsubstantiated beliefs….it is human nature to help and give when you have in excess…but what matters is who you help and to who you give….
      ….Nubian Princess below has put it bluntly and next to the truth…hammered straight onto the head of a nail…..if you are a priest, you shall deliberately choose to refuse to agree with Princess…open your eyes and engage your brain….

  2. Give to your family, protect your children’s future and help the needy in society. Do not give money to a pastor!

    • did you check what the fundraiser was for? how many of us benefit everyday from missionary hospitals, schools and the list goes on. giving is a gift that gives back; whether to an institution or individual.Our families, children and the needy benefit tremendously from the work of the church.

  3. Giving is always good. Lt you forgot to tell us how much the Bishop personally gave to the Pilgrim.

    • One of the most important advantages of being a polytheist is to be able to unfriend a nasty god, who’s “agents” are only interseted in MONEY!!!

  4. Remember, it’s one thing to give alms as a sacrifice when we pray for our needs, such as when we light a candle along with a prayer, but God never makes the payment of money a condition upon which He will answer prayer!

  5. Joe Imakando is just feeling the effects of the economic meltdown. Tithe is no longer flowing in the desired quantities. I have no problem praising real men of God but I have serious issues with fake ones such as this one. Some of the shortcomings he has are:-
    -ATM at a church…I dont need to explain any further why this is so wrong !
    -A man of God who has a body guard ! What has he got to fear is he has been empowered to step on serpents and scorpions ?
    -This man doesnt keep a single dependant ! He only stays in that mansion with his wife….the Lozi style waumfwa ?
    -How do you have a man of gold driving motoka yama ‘Yo. A hummer bought by Tithe
    -The church doesnt have a single programme that assists the poor and vulnerable children yet this man is always milking innocent people…

    • @anointed conman….
      …im glad that there are people like you who see almost what I see….today is sunday and as we ‘speak’…there are some ‘poor’ characters who are just from dropping a few pennies in that ‘give to God’ basket in Imakando’s church…meanwhile at their homes they can’t even manage three square proper meals a day…. for years…for as long as they have been members of Imakando’s church….

  6. Yes we should give but better to give directly to the underprivileged in society like beggars, orphans, the disabled rather than adding to the already fat coffers of the likes of Imakando and other greedy false prophets who I can guarantee you in accordance with the bible will not set a foot in heaven. “Easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to enter the kingdom of Heaven”

  7. Man of gold encouraging you to give generously 😀 ! Does he himself give generously to the poor and the needy in society? It is high time these so called pastors and whatever they prefer to be called changed their lifestyles. They pretend to emulate Jesus who never lived in mansions, drove hammers etc, or is it a new culture to live in luxury if you are a pastor? I just hate these men for their pretence and cheating their flocks. People must be encouraged to work hard and not give to the churches. These churches will bankrupt you if you are not careful while the owners are busy getting rich and comfortable.

  8. Why should Pastor Joe keep or leave with a dependent? That is Zambian poverty thinking man!
    Him and his wife have empowered their relatives they don’t have to stay with dependents.
    By the way his wife is not lozi

  9. As long as many Zambians believe these men of Gold called; pastors, Bishops, prophets, etc. the country will remain poor. So much money and time is wasted on these crooks who are mainly failures in life hiding in the religion. The truth is all religions are fake, created for specific reasons and people. Non were created for Africa or Africans. So belive the at your own peril.

    • i wish we had thousands who think like u in zambia….. our people have been brain washed by these stupid religions!!! how stupid can one be not to know that religion was a tool used by slave masters and colonialists to oppress the negro…. do u think your enemy can give u a book to empower you???

  10. I feel for all of us with negative postings on giving. To me giving is equal to leaving. Why do I say this it’s because “try to eat for the whole week and refuse to respond to the call of nature” your answer is as good as mine. Simply when you receive you have to give. True you give when you have something to give. The problem is do not just listen to what Pastors or whoever says about you giving. The spirit in you should instruct you to give. If your spirit is quite don’t give because you will be wasting your giving. The Bible says “my people perish for lack of knowledge”. My own experience is that I have to know why God, not man, wants me to give. Your giving in church should not be to man but to God. If the Pastor misuses your giving, God will deal with them. Ours is to get…

    • Try eating less (being poor) and go to the toilet frequently(giving to your pastors)..you will end up downloading your intestines (be miserable in life). You see the analog? These Imakandos are milking the poor. When you go in shopping malls you will find them pushing big trolleys full of stuff meanwhile the poor followers cant even afford a loaf of bread. Why havent they been blessed just like he preached?

  11. These con-men preachers travel the world in private jets, drive in fully air conditioned cars, send their children to the best schools and have the best of everything.

  12. The annoying thing is that both educated and rich people fall for this 21st century scam. Its even more heartbreaking for the poor who are constantly been ripped off and will never enjoy the rewards of their tithes by affording the universities or fly the planes bought for “pastoral activities” or arms smuggling which their tithes helped build or buy respectively.

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