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Kabimba is not fit to be President, I am cleaning up the mess he left-Davies Chama

Headlines Kabimba is not fit to be President, I am cleaning up the...

Rainbow Party leader Wynter Kambima
Rainbow Party leader Wynter Kambima

PF Secretary General Davies Chama has charged that Wynter Kabimba is not fit to hold the post of Republican President because he allegedly failed to run the PF Secretariat when served as party Secretary General.

Mr. Chama claimed that Mr Kabimba accrued huge debts and caused chaos in the PF as Secretary General.

He said Mr Kabimba has no moral authority to seek the highest office in the land because he is a failure.

“How come this man now wants to turn around and position himself for the republican Presidency when he lamentably failed to run the secretariat, the party owed a lot of people and companies by the time he was getting fired,” Mr Chama said.

He added, “Mr Kabimba left a lot of debts which I have inherited as new S.G, I have been wondering what kind of a leader is this? A lot of people at the secretariat where not paid during his time and it is really sad to see the chaos he left behind.”

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  1. Why Kabimba apparently failed to pay workers at the PF secretariat is because, then the party and government were separate and the party did not have enough money. Now with Chagwa and RB in control, the government money is freely flowing from the government to the party and everywhere else making the party seem effective. Thieves have taken over the mantle and you Chama and others will scamper in all directions like rats when you lose power. KABIMBA has SATA’s vision and he’ll win to come and deal with you thieves.

    • He was pocketing most of the money with his chola boy whose wife is new ambassador to China check her social record in Germany

    • I will vote for a goat any day. At least a goat cannot masquerade as an economic manager or national leader, the way Lungu and Chama do. If a goat has opinions, it will keep them to himself and not rush to the press every time he wants to fart.

    • I don’t like to agree with you, but one that wrong guy at state house I agree, sometimes I imagine that most voters go drunk to vote. A normal person can’t vote for Edgar.

    • @Nostradamus,,,,,,
      Zambia is a land of state counsels, kabimba is state counsel so is ka lungu,,,,, soon Davis Chama will be one!!!! and maybe Zambian want a state counsel this time

  2. Mwaba ubupuba mu ZAMBIA. Like America where cowboys can be President. The only difference is that America is a more developed setting and ZAMBIA is languishing in the shackles of the greedy never to see meanigful development in our lifetime or ever. Rubbish will not be collected on the backdrop of shopping malls being built.

  3. Why even make this statement in the first place? How does a person with work to do take time out to start talking about someone who is not a factor? Nonsense. Lets just work bane.

  4. Davies Chama needs to sit down and shutup awhile, he is sucking all the wind out of the room. Davies Chama has a sad case of crocodile mouth. .. This what happens when you let a politician grow a big head.

  5. If I were Davies Chama, I would concentrate on trying to survive 2016. Don’t underestimate the Zambian people. We can see how the ‘thieves’ have garthered around PF since Sata died. Maybe that is how you are managing to pay off PF’s debt. We know about the ‘secret’ loans you are getting.

  6. But you didnt take over from Mr kabimba, why cant you ask Lungu the one you took over from or even Atanga and kasolo

  7. Comment:authority is sweet,one tend to brag around knowing that they are protected,let’s not forget,power change hands!

  8. leave kabimba alone he is a man of principles munacamba he is state counsel if u blame him today it mean u insult our late leader

  9. Davies Chama! The minute I see an article by this man I shudder! He spouts trivia! He thinks he is working but not!

  10. Socialism should start at Kambimba school where fees are above the poor average and then we will listen to his socialist ideologies here in lusaka

  11. Comment: Shame Chama with yo lack of analytical skills,kabimba was a generous pf sec gen not you fool who just who speak evil each time you open yo mouth,keep on dreamn rainbow beat you in isoka this justified that muchinga has swaved to rainbow,in kasama upnd beat u,justified the wind of change in northern,mmd beat yu in malambo i still question how yo son shuma won that seat wacth out fo 2016, will either hh or wynter at state house mark my words,u brind fools open yo eyes and see chagwa has reminded yo while at solwezi airport on his way to zambezi that chew pf money and vote yo preferrd candidate, a warnibg to money mongers

  12. Chama, stop barking, go and take a bath, you stick. Don’t blame kabimba blame your government. Ifiko Ba chama, kasambeni, mulenunka

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