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UPND president Hakainde Hichilema urges government to stop politicizing issuance of the NRC

Headlines UPND president Hakainde Hichilema urges government to stop politicizing issuance of the...

UPND president Hakainde Hichilema talks to an elderly woman in Mulobezi
UPND president Hakainde Hichilema talks to an elderly woman in Mulobezi

UPND president Hakainde Hichilema has called on government to for once care more about fixing economic policies that create job opportunities for the Zambian people than trying to fix o their political competitors and fortunes for short term political gains at the expense of the country at large.

The UPND has been receiving several concerns regarding the ongoing NRC issuance exercise around the country. Mr.Hichilema said the UPND have argued before that part of our leadership defiance challenges facing our country is wanting to politicise everything.

‘We are always thinking about how to fix our dwindling political fortunes instead of thinking about fixing our economic downturn like now,’he said.

Mr.Hichilema said the NRC document MUST be given equitably to all deserving Zambian citizens without any political or electoral considerations. Having an NRC,he said ,is not a political privilege but a right to any Zambian citizen as a legal requirement and as an ongoing exercise throughout the country.

He said this is a primary document in Zambia we all need in our daily life opportunities. Our youths need this document to get into local and international schools, colleges and universities. Our women, youths, civil servants, farmers, and citizens in general need this NRC document for employment opportunities, apply for small loans, get passports and driving licences, buy items on credit, etc.

‘Elections only come once in five years. Why should citizens in an entire constituency or ward in Kaputa, Kasama, Mkushi, Serenje, Kasempa, Katuba, Chingola, Kanyama, etc be denied such a vital document for life opportunities because of the manner they may have exercised their democratic right of voting,’Mr Hichilema asked.

‘We have been touring various parts of the country and no areas should be considered as favouring any political party any more and be used as a consideration for issuance of NRCs.

It’s the issues and viable economic policies that we offer citizens that we should care more for public service and political office,’the UPND president said.


  1. HH we are now talking about solutions to load shedding and other important things. Go count some cows or something!

    • He talks sense at times.

      These constituency see the same false prophets within theui vicinity every five years and promise much only to deliver little.

      I do not like UPND what they stand for, but we cant do wrong than giving HH a try, I don’t think he can do anything worse than what Lungu is doing.

      Mr. Lungu doesnt have a legacy and is not showing anything remotely to suggests he is the man to take us beyond 2016. he is out of his depth. I find him to be best suited as a Yes man.

      The man is scared to even fire people that have infuriated the nation only because they supported him before elections.

      He is a political mistake. He should be rid of, simple as


    • Nubian whatever, i think you have a few misplaced screws in your head, you can’t even comprehend simple matters.

    • Edgar announced 500,000 jobs for youths in next 90 days. But do they have NRC’s or they will be PF ghost workers?


    SURE UYU MUNYAMATA CHILEMA POLITICALLY….He cries for everything. If ichi chilema were a president…he would be saying everything. As president talk less we ka muntu please. Stop crying all the days, hours and minutes. Mathata keng?


  3. Politics aside; this guy is right, isn’t he? We all deserve a form of National Identity just as we do birth Certificates. In fact it should be shameful for political parties including the one in power to go our campaigning for votes from people that are not able to vote – how f00lish!

  4. HH you are wasting your time you will never rule this country Galu iwe.why are you wasting your money on politics.My advice to you is that just start NGO otherwise politics has failed you

  5. I have never been a fan of politicians using ordinary people’s miseries to score political points. That photo-op with that poor old lady stinks to high heaven.

  6. HH was given to sell the mines and he sold them at an under value.So giving him result into him selling all our assets.

  7. HH is right. I was disappointed with H.E. E.C. Lungu when he said people should get NRCs so that they will vote next year. H.E. E.C. Lungu politicised the issuance of NRCs. As an ordinary citizen, I know that the NRC is more important for you to get a job, a cell phone, bank account, passport, etc than voting. Literally without it you can do nothing. You can choose to vote or not but the other things are necessities of life. H.E. E.C. Lungu should be focussed on delivering to the Zambians. Unbelievable, 45% of under fives in Zambia are stunted i.e., their brain has little or no capacity to succeed in life. This is a serious time bomb?

  8. simply get someone who qualifies to have an NRC and have been denied to prove an political inclinations in the exercise! Talking from speculations all the time makes you look immature all the time except to your stooges of course!

  9. And he is doing exactly what in the same breath he is demonising others for. What a bowl of contradictions this HH is! Maybe I am wrong but isn’t HH ever in campaign mood? Ever trying to make political capital out of all unsuitable occasions?
    Anyway good to see him back, last time I saw him he was in a minibus going to mandevu or something like that. Looked lost for a president, the things he has to pretend!

  10. Bravo to all who use space to comment to stimulate discussion and share opinion and woe befall all who use the space to post unpalatable commentary especially insults. We can all try to be civil and try convincing each other with dignity.

  11. If you force yourself to be a leader of people who dont want you to be there leader. The next thing that will follow is death. EL be careful God is great.

    Do you really feel for UPND members or you are just a spy on other people’s issues? What do you think HH can do which he never did before to make us have victory in 2016? Do you know what it feels like to hear people go on talking about PF and HH without driving home strategies that will ensure we form government in 2016? Do you know how many times Anderson’s soul is groaning with pain and he turns to look at the messed up legacy for his vision for Zambia? Do you know how many UPND members have their hearts bleeding to see the party continuously being thrown into political stagnation with imported thieves and non performers from “crank” parties? I am saddened by your uncaring attitude towards UPND because you seem to enjoy seeing us suffer under your HH man! BB…

  13. Comment:Ppf is full of fools including lungu who is visionless. Who told them that luapula,nothern muchinga will him win. All commenting on HH will never get close to what he owns not even jamason kabotolo. Is going for ceremnies be considered as working visit? Tell chakolwa chakwe to stop wasting our tax fools

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