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Diaspora concerned about development back home

Economy Diaspora concerned about development back home

Chibwe Henry at DfAD Roundtable 2014 Report Launch
Chibwe Henry at DfAD Roundtable 2014 Report Launch

Diaspora for African Development (DfAD), a Zambian Diaspora led non-profit organisation based in the United Kingdom (UK) is today holding a conference themed, Southern African Diaspora Communities in the UK Conference: Fostering Regional Solutions for the Post 2015 Sustainable Development Goals Agenda.

This is part of the European Year of Development targeted at the Southern African diaspora communities in the UK on the 14th August 2015 in London.

The conference will provide these diaspora communities with an opportunity to engage in development focused dialogue that will enhance their understanding of the post 2015 development agenda processes and the European Union development cooperation and facilitate their participation in the wider discussion.

The event is designed to create a space for sharing best practice and new innovative ways of working that will promote a Southern African diaspora regional focused dialogue, thus enabling the formulation of diaspora-led Southern African regional focused solutions in advancing the Post 2015 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) agenda.

DfAD Founder and Chief Executive Officer Mrs Chibwe Masabo Henry said given that 2015 is a critical year for international development, it is vital that African Diaspora have opportunities to engage in the broader post 2015 development conversations.

“As most Diaspora organisations have strategically positioned themselves to facilitate the process of transnational activities and networks and to act as development bridge-builders between the host and home countries, this year, we would like DfAD to discuss and raise awareness on the significant impact that the post 2015 sustainable development goals processes will have on the continent for the next 15 years,” Mrs Masabo Henry said.

She said the event will therefore be looking at, inter alia, the way forward for the Southern African Diaspora in the new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) landscape and their contribution in fostering Development Cooperation and how they can advance the regional Nutrition Agenda through cohesive efforts that could enhance the fight against malnutrition in Southern Africa.

“Hence, DfAD is pleased to have the Civil Society Scaling Up Nutrition (CSO-SUN) from Zambia be part of this event. We note that when almost 40% of all children are stunted in Southern Africa, the problem of malnutrition becomes invisible to the population, because it becomes the norm,” Mrs Masabo Henry said.

She said Malnutrition can also be invisible to those who make policies, which affect young children, because policymakers are not exposed to the realities of malnutrition day-to-day.
Mrs Masabo Henry said this lack of awareness of the extent of child malnutrition, of its consequences, and of what can be done to address it, is limiting action to resolve it.

“As a Diaspora community we have a role we can play in Zambia and Southern Africa as a whole by participating in helping to build different sectors including the Food and Nutrition Sectors. Thus, CSO-SUN Zambia is a key collaborating partner going forward as they bring on board their extensive expertise and regional networks,” she said.

Mrs Masabo Henry said DfAD cannot fathom the full extent of the impact of malnutrition in Zambia or the region.

“We therefore see our role as that of ‘value addition’ to the efforts that civil society organisations such as CSO-SUN Zambia and its partners are making on the ground. We are determined as DfAD to work collaboratively with all stakeholders in different countries to address the challenge of Nutrition.”

She announced that a DfAD led ‘Southern African Diaspora Communities International Development Forum (SADCidf)’ platform will be launched at the conference, a platform which CSO-SUN Zambia is poised to play a pivotal role in as the Nutrition agenda link into Zambia and Southern Africa.

Mrs Masabo Henry said SADCidf is designed to enable continued SDGs dialogue beyond the conference.


  1. We are not concerned, far from our views , we will keep watching from the terraces

    Interview one disgruntled person doesn’t represent the masses of all of us.

    Please name poor Chibwe, I don’t know her and do not associate me with her.

    The reporting is shady and a joke.


    • This lady is highly articulate and very intelligent she presents well researched papers osati mbuzi zabantu zinangu pano! zingo bwebweta bwebweta chabe!

  2. What Most not all want is dual citizenship, nothing else and far from what this poor chibwe is saying


  3. I would love to come back home and assist in developing the nation. There is a “but”, however. Our people dont care about the rule of law. This is disturbing. Too much injustices and hooliganism. I can only come back home to kick out the PF from power as we vote for a new government that will bring sanity to the nation.

    • Where were you when MMD was being kicked out? If you want to come when PF is kicked out, then you will have many years to wait because for now many voters see sense in most of their actions. Of course they do make their own errors, but they are far less that the booted out MMD.
      Other parties trying to kick PF out are far from doing so because they just politick without offering solutions or hope. They blame PF for the poor rains that affected the entire southern Africa. For your information there are only three countries in Southern Africa, including Zambia that have adequate food.
      Unless you leave in America or UK, you will realise the US Dollar has gained value against other currencies. To our politicians it is because of PF. The South African Rand, Botswana Pular, Kenyan…

  4. This is a highly focused organisation. I live in London and have attended a number of events hosted by them and I find them to be not only informative but also very relevant. The initiative on diaspora engagement which has been initiated by the ministry of foreign affairs can only succeed if such organisations are able to carry on with such corroborative programmes. Well-done Mrs Henry and your organisation. Some will like your work others won’t so what? Just don’t lose focus of your good work.

  5. We need to take care of this “dual citizenship” issue.The major issue is that there are Zambians who left home & are “citizens” in those countries where they are domociled; & have children etc.These surely can hold Zambian passports without question.Then there those who have “settled” in Zambia of foreign descent;these we can give “permanent residence” status without any fuss.Educate me you the experts.

    • @Kazeya, us experts can educate you. The woman above in picture is Zambian, her name is Chibwe Masebo. Some “idyyiots” are calling her Mrs. Henry because she married wrongly to a whiteman for her to to obtain a different citizenship. She can denounce her own father a Zambian Chibwe, and adopt her HENRY.
      So if she goes with her foreign passport to Zambia with her name Chibwe Masebo in it, in which language will a Zambian language will an immigration officer ask her to say “… Imwe mayo muli chipuba, why change green passport?”

  6. I have met Chibwe a few times, I applaud her efforts and would have been happy to engage with her initiatives as Food Science is my expertise and has a lot of knowledge to offer in the area of Nutrition.
    I have found Chibwe to be engaging and her passion for Zambia is unquestionable and we need to support her in these initiatives because I know what she is doing is not for self glory but wanting a better life for the average Zambian

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