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Zambian Actor ‘Onechi Lwenje’ Debuts ‘My Lusaka’ TV Show on US Channel

Headlines Zambian Actor ‘Onechi Lwenje’ Debuts ‘My Lusaka’ TV Show on US Channel


Zambian actor/writer/film maker Onechi Lwenje has just made his Hollywood debut on the U.S. television network, “The Africa Channel”, hosting a show that gives international viewers a feel of life in Zambia’s capital, called “My Lusaka“.  Watch clip here

Onechi is an international actor and writer based in Zambia.
His star has seen steady growth brighter from his television debut in a local community awareness TV commercial about HIV/AIDS in 1999.
He has gone on to appear in numerous prime time commercials for international corporates in the telecom and banking sectors. He has also given his talent toward national causes such by appearing in voter sensitization commercials in the country of Zambia.
His dramatic acting career has seen him performing roles in award winning series and feature films such as Love Games (2014 Africa Magic Viewer’s Choice Awards winner ‘Best Series/Comedy’) and Guilt (2014 Zambia Film Television and Radio Awards winner Best Movie/Best Cinematography/Best Editing).
Onechi is also an accomplished writer who has been Editor of multiple magazines servicing a diverse spectrum of readers.
He commenced features article writing in 2010 for Zambia’s then-flagship magazine, Nkhani Kulture. In 2013 he went on to become Deputy Editor for the in-flight magazine of international airline, Proflight.
He moved on to perform the role of Editor-in-Chief in industry specific publications that focused on the agricultural and mining sectors, such as ‘Agri-Pro’ ‘Agri-Plus’ and ‘Zambian Mining’ respectively, while also being honored with prestigious assignments such as authoring the official biography of the City of Lusaka for its ‘Lusaka 100’ centenary celebrations.
Onechi broke barriers by becoming one of the first Zambians to appear on US network television when he hosted an episode of documentary series ‘My Africa’ on The Africa Channel, entitled ‘My Lusaka’
Onechi also manages to squeeze being a poet into his personal time and is currently preparing to publish his first anthology of compositions.
Driving his personal and professional growth remains the ideal of service to the human family.

“I am always contemplating the state of global unity, particularly what kind of world we are making and leaving for our youth. I hope through my work to be an agent of positive change and inspiration for generations.”


Courtesy of Onechi (dot) net, US Embassy Zambia and The Africa Channel


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  1. Why did this Zambian artist adopt a Nigerian first name? Why can’t he be original? I don’t get some of these young chaps. such dimwits.

    Although to be fair, I cannot discount the possibility that his daddy had sex with a Nigerian woman and he is the result. In which case, all is good.

  2. The motive of the work is good but the climax of the clip is a bit uninspiring ending with ‘a mouth-watering parking successful venture’? Would people want to see more of such achievements? Maybe. Well done Onechi you are a ZAMBIAN treasure.

  3. While we are at it, LT are the names “Onechi Lwenje” screen or pen names for the actor? What are his real names? If they are real names then you need to remove the inverted comas please!

  4. ..I wished he had gone thru Freedom and Lumumba roads….chawama and mandevu township…
    ..Onechi must be cautioned that in Zed…by law he requires to drive around with a seat belt fastened…

  5. Onenji Lwenje is not Nigerian so are his names.
    Onenji Lwenje orinates from Lundazi Chief Phikamalaza (not Nigerian chief) but Tumbuka chief in Lundazi district of Zambia. Viwongo kwa Lenje.

  6. Looking at this clip, I will not be inspired to come to Zambia with those filthy roads. Imagine if our streets were clean? And you are taking this to Hollywood? Maybe be to Filthywood.

  7. It is so dissapointing to see the number of critics we have. If you think Zambia is dirty and the roads need painting, go and do it yourself!!! Who are you to decide his name doesn’t sound Zambian????? We have a crab mentality, one of the reasons I keep to myself. The man has achieved what you never will,trying to promote our country so people who care can travel and generate money for us so we can improve our infrastructure. What have you done apart from thrown groundnut shells and maize husks carelessly on the streets, contributing to the filth? It is obvious the government lacks the resources to keep up with the filth. What happened to our own sense of pride? Before anyone writes another critical thing about anyone or anything pertaining to Zambia, go out and do positive things and…

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