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President Lungu gives Chiefs and Traditional Affairs ministry ultimatum

Rural News President Lungu gives Chiefs and Traditional Affairs ministry ultimatum

resident Edgar Lungu with Pf Candidate Anthony Kasandwe at Chinsaka Primary School In Kapata Ward East one in Bangweulu By Election . Picture by Eddie Mwanaleza/ Statehouse.03-08-2015.
resident Edgar Lungu with Pf Candidate Anthony Kasandwe at Chinsaka Primary School In Kapata Ward East one in Bangweulu By Election . Picture by Eddie Mwanaleza/ Statehouse.03-08-2015.

Republican President Edgar Lungu has given the Ministry of Chiefs and Traditional Affairs a thirty days to resolve the prevailing boundary dispute between Lundas and Luvales in Zambezi district.

President Lungu says if the Ministry fails to find a solution, he will take it upon himself as the chief executive of the country to intervene in the matter.

The president also disclosed that he will consider setting up a committee to enquire into the longstanding boundary wrangle between Lundas and Luvales in Zambezi district but will tale upon himself to find a solution if the matter is not settled within a month.

Speaking when he officiated at the Lunda Lubanza Traditional Ceremony of the Lunda of Senior Chief Ishindi chiefdom of Zambezi, the president said there is need to resolve the matter as quickly as possible in order for the two tribes to co-exist.

He said the nation can only move forward in unity if vices that divide the nation are fought.

Tribalism should have no place in Zambia as everyone is identified as belonging to a tribe called Zambian which is the only way of achieving meaningful development, said the President.

And Mr. Lungu says traditional ceremonies are an effective way of safeguarding the country’s cultural heritage.

He said traditional ceremonies play an important role in promoting the country’s tourism industry for employment and wealth creation.

The president also said traditional ceremonies provide an opportunity for dialogue between government and traditional leadership.

He told the gathering during the ceremony that as custodians of the country’s cultural heritage, traditions leaders have a huge task of promoting the wellbeing of women by fighting traditional practice and culture that demean and hinder women development.

And Senior Chief Ishindi says he appreciates the creation of the Ministry of Chiefs and Traditional Affairs but called for legislation that will enable chiefs play an effective role in the governance and development of the country.

He said the president should count on Lundas for peace building because Lundas were peace loving people.


  1. Please Lundas and Luvales learn to stay in peace. The issue of you fighting will retard the development that you are crying for in Zambezi. Why do you still want to show mother Zambia that you have some elements of colonial mentality which was characterised by a sadistic approach. Wake up Luvales and Lundas and stop tribal remarks, instead divert the energy into producing more food so that it is cheap. Come out of the darkness of underdevelopment and concentrate on productive issues. Instead of the head of state praising you over productive ventures which can raise the welfare of Zambezi district, he starts by mentioning something which cannot bring development. What kink of human beings are you?

  2. There was one Luvale guy in early fifties who worked for lusaka city council cleaning up toilets. His name was Kanyama. When he retired, the council gave him a piece of land in lusaka West. All his relatives whom he lured from Zambezi to work with him cleaning toilets in the city joined him in lusaka West each time they too retired and saying; tuleya kwa kanyama. Today Kanyama is huge shanty town but unfortunately, there are no toilets there, pipo use open spaces to off-load excrement….

  3. Mr President. Giving ultimatums is not the way to go. Sata gave ultimatums and he is gone. You can’t resolve long standing issues in 30 days. Just like Barotseland issue, you can’t give ultimatums

  4. There are no boundary disputes in Zambezi.The real issue is that one cantankerous Chief feels the township is his and the other tribes should not be there.It is foolish for any human being to think like that because the Boma area is for all Zambians.You cant be calling other Zambians as being squatters because every one has a right to live in Zambezi regardless of tribe.
    The problem is this Chief is being appeased by not telling him in his face that he is the cause for all the so called tribal wrangles.Even the appeal for another district is not done in good faith……the motive is evil.
    Africans have a problem of not calling a spade a spade .Do not wait for the situation to escalate or degenerate into bloodshed like it has started.One Luvale head man Mbalakanyi was shot dead recently…

  5. Lusaka times publish all comments because these will help find solutions and create harmony.I have not seen my earlier comment and yet you are quick to publish comments like the meaningless one by Mwape Mondwa above.Please be fair !

  6. There are no boundary disputes in Zambezi.The problem is that one chief who who feels Zambezi township belongs to him only and not other tribes.He should be told openly that the Boma is for all tribes.Even the request for another district is malicious and the motive is evil.The earlier this chief is told the truth the better.The problem in Africa is that you do not call a spade a spade and that’s why you have challenges in resolving disputes.
    Already one Luvale headman called Mbalakanyi was shot dead and we saw pictures on ZWD for him in cold blood and no condemnation so far.What lessons are people learning from such ?

  7. One Zambia One nation.Zambia is for all Zambians just like Zambezi is for all Zambians.If one chief proves to be a threat to peace,the best is to dethrone.Our politicians should live above board and serve mankind without fear or favour even at the expense of loosing ‘bloody’ votes.

    What is difficult to tell a chief that the boma is state land and for every one and not necessarily Lunda and Luvale only ? Demarcate the radius of the township and reprimand who ever will cause tribal politics outside his or her chiefdom.

  8. I agree with the assertion that there are no land disputes in Zambezi.What is there are just petty jealousies.No chief has ever claimed a piece of land belonging to the other.The only problem is the Boma area where one chief thinks its part of his palace.Demarcate the extent of state land and who ever yaps in it should not only be condemned but arrested as well.The killings in cold blood which started with the shooting of Councillor Mbalakanyi should come to an end and all the planners connected to it should be brought to book.

  9. You #Abroad who is the same Jasper and Analyst. The problem is your PF which has created this confusion and division in Zambezi. We never had this problem during KK. And MMD times. You can dethrone a chief but you can not dethrone an institution. Lundas and Luvales have lived with one another for ages but it was your PF that have created problems and not the educated chief Inshindi whom you’re trying to blame.

  10. Mwape mondwa,
    I like the way you have explained about Kanyama compound now, where the name came from.
    Thank you, rich history

  11. What is education if it can not benefit mankind ? Education was supposed to be for development and not to promote tribal hatred.You so called Chambeshi must be an educated savage who does not understand its utility value.How were you going to feel if it was your father or uncle who was killed ? It is people like you who are foolish and want to trivialize important national issues.

  12. Education is for development and not for underdevelopment through disunity.You so called Chambeshi must be an educated savage who does not understand the value or importance of education.Stop yapping like a rabbied dog by blaming PF.You do not understand what you are talking about.

  13. So Kanyama compound was named after a luvale guy so interesting now what about the lunda men who shot a luvale man in Zambezi how far has the case gone and who sent them is it not the same shinde ba LST follow this issue properly we need updates on the death of Mbalakanyi and it is very disappointing that the president did not say anything about it that chief should be arrested as he contributed to the death of Mbalakanyi.

  14. The law will soon catch up with them.The whole Cartel of criminals will be apprehended.There is no secret under the sun and God will expose every one involved.

  15. How can the township be an extension of a Chief’s palace ? This is madness of the highest order if ever that is the position.So here in Lusaka for instance,a Chief can claim ownership of land in Kabulonga,Matero,Northmead,Chawama etc that its his or hers.This dictator need to be caged with immediate effect.

  16. Instead of gaining knowledge,night school is doing more harm to some people.They are using it as a spring board to create anarchy instead of development.This is an acceptable and need to be condemned.


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