A CHINESE delegation, comprising energy experts, will next month visit Zambia to share their expertise in diversifying the energy sector.

China says, besides hydro-power, Zambia has great potential in other energy sources like renewable ones on solar and wind power to boost national electricity supply.

Chinese embassy political and media officer Wang Meng said that China was committed in fostering more socio-economic development in Zambia’s energy sector.

Mr Wang said the delegation would meet with their Zambians counterparts to exchange knowledge and expertise on energy sector development.

“To further explore the potential and diversify the energy development in Zambia, many Chinese companies are now conducting relevant feasibility studies and exploring the business opportunities in Zambia,” he said yesterday in response to a press query on energy development cooperation between the two countries.

He said the embassy would continue to encourage more reputable and competent Chinese enterprises to explore and invest in the various energy sectors in Zambia.

He said, in the energy development on renewable and clean energy, his government recently donated 480 solar power home systems.

The facilities were installed in public institutions confronting with power shortages like schools, health centres and Government departments in Luapula Province.

“Besides, under the cooperation with the UNDP, the Administrative Center for China’s Agenda 21 (ACCA21) under the Ministry of Technology of China is working with their Zambian colleagues for South-South Cooperation to facilitate transfer of technology and experience on energy and power development from China to Zambia,” he said.

China’s cooperation with Zambia was thriving citing the Lusiwasi and Lunzua hydro-power stations project, and the Kariba North to Kafue Gorge west transmission line project with preferential loans from China.

He said Chinese companies were undertaking many other energy projects in Zambia, such as the Maamba Thermal Power Station and the Itezhi-tezhi hydro power station.

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  1. Be wary when dealings with China. Their economy is in trouble because development has been extremely rapid in the last 15 years. From being a major importer it has grown into a major producer in almost every single petrochemical you can think of today. The real problem is China is huge on cutting corners, we are all victims of it’s cheap products. It does not follow protocols nor regulations. In places like Canada, USA, you can’t go far unless environmental regulations have been met and approved. We just witnessed the explosion at paraxylene factory in Zhangzhou, which is near a residential area. If Zambia is to allow the Chinese to help, it needs to look into safety, regulations and implementations of that regulation, and training for all involved.



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